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Fuck it, I'm done.

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It has support at $4.50 so maybe don't buy the bottom but who goddamn knows

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all the other coins booming
while you waiting to save your money they going sky high
you are missing the boat...

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Good thread.

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Worst coin. Dump all.

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V3 isnt even out yet.
I’m gonna wait until V3 drops, determine whether its just a temporary pump and sell if it is, or if the gains are more long term and hodl.

Until then I hodl though, no point in selling when I’m still well in a profit margin.

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Unicorns are kind of bull-ish I suppose. I mean, they both have horns

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Damn you faggots mustve really been hurting when we hit 3.50. Ahem... I AM NOT SELLING YOU FILTHY BIG NOSED BEASTS. I WILL SELL FOR $10 per UNI, just one though so you think you will get more. Bitch

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he didn't sell

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fud hahahhah can't wait till it hits 30$

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I can wait for $300

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Got 2.5k in ETH, was thinking about buying in to add to my 400.

My thing about this is UniSwap isn't going away, it's not a pump and dump scam. Am I wrong for thinking this? Is there any actual reason why this would fail?

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>Is there any actual reason why this would fail?
chinknance buying up all the tokens (they are the biggest holder) and thus controlling their competition...

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its over charlie, no candy mountain

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You think so? Do you think Uniswap will be gobbled up by chinknance, along with uni?

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Could happen. Probably bullish.

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Its a relatively fair launch. A real working product. But god damn the retard power of normies is strong "i got this for free so it isn't valuable"

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Uniswap should freeze their tokens for being greedy chinks and ruining the fun

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There are no normies using uniswap. Just retards.

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who the fuck is still dumping?

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the crypto world unironically needs their own version of the SEC to stop this shit
decentralized currency being monopolized by dexes that are basically operating as their own fed

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the rewards are still going on for another 40 hours or so

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I just want to throw my ETH into something, but every recent token is scam tier or yf clones, uni seems to be the only token with real credibility.

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someone said it was another 40 days in the last thread

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>expecting to make it from a free drop
should have sold and bought that ps5

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idk about that. The timer on Uni says another 40 hours.

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oh nvm, its another 49 DAYS LOL HAHAHAHAHAH

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So is this a sell signal bros?

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There is simly nobody who would like to buy this thing as of right now, but wait WAIT UNTIL THEY ALLOW FUTURES TRADING WITH LEVERAGE AND ACTIVATE THE FEES. oh boy

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There is a proposal discussed at the Uniswap forums to implement futures and options trading on Uniswap along with leverage. These would generate insane fees for Uni holders once the fee switch is turned on.

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god I'm glad I sold at 7

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Buy towards the end. Tokens will be at a premium by then and once V3 drops and limits/stops are available, I honestly wouldn't be surprised for a 2x on the token if only temporary.

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Im frinancIly ruin

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but wouldnt the coins be more expensive near the end?

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marginally at best
if its still hovering around the 4.50 ~ 5.50 mark id say its a safe buy

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Just say to CZ, "prease pamp UNI" and you're all set.

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Somebody needs to pump this hard. Volume is basically non existant. We need to start UNI Marines movement lads.

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If governance does nothing, depends on when you bought. $4-$5 is a sure thing at the moment, if you want to long UNI, don't swing. However, Oct 16th or 17th, governance will unlock and proposals will be allowed. Consider the following:
>Beginning of week 3, the rumor mill has been in full swing for several days now
>Andrecronje building his YFI UNI governance delegation tools as promised
>MOST IMPORTANTLY, airdrop redemption is slowing to a crawl, just check the etherscan recent transfers
We're slowly beginning to simmer anon. Wild governance proposals could create some serious hype.
>FYI, I'm a bag holder

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what kind of proposals though?

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I do want to get in on a share of the trading fees when that starts.

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>Beginning of week 3
Meant to say roughly 2 1/2 weeks, whoops. Anyways, to >>22886138 's point, I'd start shilling with the airdrop redemption slowing up and governance coming in the next 2-3 weeks.

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Imagine if Uniswap does 5 billion dollars in volume daily.

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What price are we realistically looking at?

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Well mouth breathers will salivate at anything fee/profits related. That's all I can think of. I can't fathom the possibilities, just know that there's a lot of smart people watching this token.
>Imagine being smart and someone tells you there's a golden chest full of treasure up for grabs, you only need to write an awesome proposal or smart contract to unlock it
This token will not be ignored for long.

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the last 3 times i said this it jumped 20% immediately after i sold. this coin is a fucking comic book movie supervillain

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If hype is involved? I'm just guessing, but I'd think we'd test the ATH.

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So does just owning this token mean i get free gibs on transactions or something i dont get it im retarded

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Giving holders 0.05% of trading fees might be voted in.

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I can't wait for 300 trillion.

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I weep

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>not buying right now

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>bought back at 5$
should I panic sell now?

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woah dat dump

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>(((they))) are listening to this thread

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MFW god foresakes me

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you'll get the chance to at least break even in the next few days im sure. if you HODL long enough you may even see a profit

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Glad I sold at $7.80. I will buy back at 2$

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fucking piece of shit coin

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>bought right before the dump
whew good thing i only bought 100 worth

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>coin does nothing but governance
>binance has enough to be able to run governance on its own
Thanks for making us kneel to CEX’s forever in exchange for thirty pieces of silver.
Fuck everybody in the crypto space that sided with centralization and the kike and chink banks that want to ruin it.

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Y'all niggas freakin out huh? Why don't you cruise the blockchain?

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>/biz/ panic selling
thanks just bought 100k

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ill never swing again please just make this shit go back up

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Thank you bobo, I will buy it all

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Ok I just sold this piece of shit. It's on a slow downtrend and people here will be as insuferable as linkers.

Thanks for the free money UNI but the story ends here.

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>selling sub-5
whats even the point

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>tfw Schizochad
>tfw Unitards are NGMI

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Not selling sub-4

That's the point. I put money in my winners and I don't wait for my losers to magically pump when everything signals they won't

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Swingies get the rope, see you faggots at $20

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it was literally at 5 two days ago and its been crabbing between 4 and 5 for the past weak, you weak handed retard

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should I wait to sell anon

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See you at 3 :^)

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ROT anon

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done about 3 weeks late

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I unironically breath outa my mouth while fucking your mom. She seems to like it.

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If it goes up near 5, I'm selling.

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Green ID says buy ROT and I agree. Just don’t swap your UNIs. Keep those bitches

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If I had my money in FTM or XRP, I'd be doing great right now.

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This is really tiresome and the worst part is that i dont think we are done dumping yet.

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literally what other coin is there to buy? its all scams so i might as well hodl.

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its 40 days....

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Or you sell and buy lower

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Here is why it is selling .... don’t y’all pay attention! Kucoin was hacked and 240 millions dollars of stolen funds is going through Uniswap. Some thing you need to understand...

1. Interpol, regulators, feds will be looking into uniswap because stolen kucoin funds are on their platform

2. Funds are tainted - you may be getting tainted crypto or ETH from the exchange.

3. Exchanges may blacklist tainted funds or return them to rightful owner

4. Uniswap may be forced into a KYC model like IDEX

5. If Uniswap devs do not comply, Coinbase may delist

6. If uniswap complies, it dies and Sushi rises

7. Uniswap Token is in trouble either way, so don’t be betting heavy in it.

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wait for under 4
I fking HOPE!

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bullish just bought 100k

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its bigger than that!.
...its line of code already written that needs to be turned on with voting...theres a lock on turning on the switch..like a time frame but i dont remember.
They take the cut of fees from LPs and give it to uniswap who pumps UNI :D
also....UNI has a 2 percent inflation rate... which isnt fucking bad for investors. DYOR

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No I saw that, I'm just simplifying it. I think it was 100 days or something. That alone makes me not want to sell quite yet.

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bls sir tell me should isell

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sir the uni is not doing good, if village need feed you must sell for better moon tuk tuk

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whewn we hit 4.44 my wife left me
should i sell/?

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Shit bros, I want to sell but it'll moon when I sell. Bears troll me like this all the time.

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Be strategic and never short on impulse. Have a sell price going in.

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anybody who trades with leverage and doesn't know what they're doing deserves what they get desu

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>Is there any actual reason why this would fail?
No, but doesnt mean the token wont lose value. Eth, lost value, BTC lost value, it can all dump to pennies like BZRX did.

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