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Didnt check

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he zoolt? uni.

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300k is fud

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what in the fuck are you talking about?

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Holy fuuuck
When do we hit $100?

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fake and gay

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t. tranny

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Made me look

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last week, we're hitting the 1400 resistance sell wall tho

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coin is pink, destined for pain

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I really thought, time to hang

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>it's dumping

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My hands are sweaty bros

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Nah we're chillin.

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Kys we goin to 0

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But I bought back in at 4.95

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Then you dun fucked up

Bought back in at 4.69 we hold

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>1400 resistance sell wall
sell wall is bullish

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I'm out at 4.40

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Uniswap wanted us to quickly cash out and buy PS5s all along? They should send a new message if this one was incorrectly received.

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We're hovering around 4.50. It's either up or down from here.

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>wait until Monday
>$10 is fud

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The only thing that can save us now is the mutts

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Just get liquidated mine initial 100$ investment that i did back in blessed 2017, i have no money left but a lot of feelings though, and good memories

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Asking at $3 Bobo do me a solid

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If we hit 4 I'm selling. I'm not holding to PS5 levels.

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I could have cashed out at $7.

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Uni needs fucking life alert jesus christ

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wtf even happened?

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Fck u seriously....

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>Fellow Binancians,
>Binance has enabled Cross Margin trading for the following asset and trading pairs:
>New Cross Margin Assets: UNI
>New Cross Margin Pairs: UNI/BTC, UNI/USDT
>We are also excited to announce a zero-interest promotion for borrowing UNI from 2020/09/27 9:00 AM (UTC) to 2020/10/04 08:59 AM (UTC).
>Thanks for your support!
>Binance Team

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CZ stop! that's not safu AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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hehe I checked xD

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Why is this allowed

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Yeah, actually what the fuck?

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This is bullish short-term isn't it?

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why does he fuck everything up

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go fuck yourself op

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1 hour chart you tell me

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if he expects it to moon and stay there so the shorts lose

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>CZ lends UNI interest free to shorters
>tempts them in with painted chart
>UNI shorts at all time high
>Huge scam green dildo
>fuk u roundeye

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Reminder that UNI total supply marketcap put it in the top 9 already, Reminder that you can't escape total valuation and will get burned despite what scammers will tell to low IQ noobs like people in this thread, Reminder that if you don't think UNI should be a top 10 coin you should dump it asap as it probably reached the top according to the premise above (that it shouldn't be a top 10 coin).

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So this is why there's a big dat red candle just now

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This news is 22 hours old. If anything that pump to $5.15 was probably caused by this.

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Agreed. Time to dump UNI, buy BIDN

Bidencoin (BIDN)



Bidencoin (BIDN) is a cryptocurrency that incentivizes intellectual and evidence based political discussion by rewarding instances of fact-checking within online discussion platforms, working to promote a scientifically minded and democratic ideology.

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Shush pajeet

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The next coin I buy after UNI will probably be Bitcoin.

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>BTC pumps
>UNI dumps


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>good memories

I wish I still had my money.

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not going under $4 it seems

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>bought back at 5$ and missed pump to 5.5$ to sell
>now 4.5$
buy high sell low here we go again

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It was under 4 the last time BTC took a dump like 6 days ago, just need one good BTC movement and the bottom will fall out. Then people will FOMO back in when they announce V3, like the morons they are.

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so whens v3

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thanks CZ for finally dumping this shit, i almost thought it wouldn't happen anymore

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I went all in at $8.50. Imagine you're me, a complete retard, you're already down ~50%. Would you be waiting it out and just focusing on getting more money? Or panic sell into tether?

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Why the fuck did you buy when the market cap was nearing to 1 billion.
Next time just plain ignore shit that's already up 15% or more. Yes something you will lose super moons, but that's a small price than remaining with heavy bags.

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Don't punish me further, anon... What can I do now to fix this shituation?

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I was scalping during the mega pump and got caught out by the 15% insta dump. I didn't even have a chance to put in a stop loss it happened too fast. I insta market sold and just accepted my failure. Riding a sinking ship will not get you a memorial anywhere for heroism.

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Either the bots and whales are trolling before a surprise pump or that's the most textbook bear flag I've seen all week.

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depends if you afford to lose more than 50% but the chances are it will take months to reach $8 or maybe never who knows

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Girl same
I saw it at $5.30 as it was coming on and was like “I can do better”

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Yeah, lets face it. Uni will be 40 dollars once the reward programme ends.

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well it's crypto so it might be an inverse bart. But it's probably a bear flag yeah.

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Rewards are still running for another 49 hours.

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its 49 days anon

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Am I really about to sell at $4.50 after buying in at $8.50 because of a bear flag on a mongolean basket weaving forum? jesus... better just holding to $0 rather than locking in a loss like a bitch

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that actually does look super bearish although im bullish

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It's going to $6 because next time it goes to $5, I'm selling.

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What the actual fuck is this shitcoin doing. Damnit yo

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Wait a bit longer until it's at $4, buy a new stack and wait until the end of the week.

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Is it going to go lower? Yes. Will it go back up once I've sold and cut my losses? Also yes.

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1 Token not needed, exchange worked fine for months without it.

2 You invested in something people got for free

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>You invested in something people got for free

What is your point? That doesn't mean it can't appreciate in value.

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Swung back in at $4.8 but it bit me in the ass

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I swung back in at $4.59 expecting it to begin recovery like it always has. Looks like Bobo is having the last laugh.

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Everything may get worse forever because that's usually my experience.

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It means it's only downhill from here. The initial pump and excitement is over. People are gonna look to invest their free money elsewhere in addition to more tokens coming in circulation driving the price down

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nah this is just the first wave of hype for a governance token that only existed for 11 days i think what's doing this wavy pattern is uncertainty from elsewhere in these crazy times

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hoping that was the reversal just now
it's been following dot reasonably closely which just jumped 5% in 10 mins

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>he fell for the governance token meme

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I will untie the rope with cautious optimism

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Unicoin will go to 10$ in the long run

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i think finally most pajeets and faggots dumped their 400. good time to stock up and wait for it to appreciate, which is bound to happen eventually with a governance token of such an important exchange

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Saving my suicide note as a draft.

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it would be really surprising if it doesn't retest the support at $4 right now, but maybe (whale induced) FOMO will kick in earlier.

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Retard here, why is this a bad thing exactly?

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Absolutely. It's a dump of many retards throwing away something that will appreciate in value because they have the minds of children. I plan on accumulating more in a couple days. (Don't have the cash right now for reasons.)

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I'd be surprised
Maybe in a day or two after a slow sliding crab party

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Always though this unicorn shit is trippy now unifags are actually hallucinating kek

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>Always though this unicorn shit is trippy

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buying 100 uni just in case

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worst coin in crypto.

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go little green candle, you can do it

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>worst coin in crypto
We're talking about Uniswap, not: