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Did Robinhood remove their auto generated option spreads because that one kid killed himself?

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pls go up

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Where are we going tomorrow lads?

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For the people too lazy to read the presentation files, just look at this single slide in DPHC's presentation where it shows how far along SHLL is compared to even itself.

With NKLA out of the picture, SHLL's the next non-TSLA that you can get. SHLL's aiming for a market that TSLA won't be able to break into for at least a decade outside of some ridiculous science magic.

I'm not trying to shill SHLL (I have only 5 shares), but SHLL >>>>> DPHC.

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>option spreads
Is that the thing where you can buy options contracts without actually owning the stock?

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lmao what? what's the story behind this one?

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Buying $2000 of 0.01c TQQQ puts tomorrow at open

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I forgot about that. Wasn't his account okay but he got so spoked that he an hero'd?

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This fucking retard killed himself because of a Robinhood glitch saying he owed 700k (btw, don't use Robinhood). Good Riddance, he looked like a fag.

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Sad tale of a robinhood kiddie

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Digits intrigue me. What strike and date?

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It's part of the AgendA?

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link to sauce/story?

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Am curious as well.

I'm doing the wheel on an extremely risky stock, Tesla. Worst part was that I saw it at a good price but decided to wait....only for it to pump harder shortly after

If my cost basis was the price it was then I wouldn't be riddled with this anxiety ive been having the last 3 or so days.

Wouldnt mind doing that but ive been rejected from supermarkets before. Might have to omit my college degree at this point.

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Futures bleeding

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Stay froggy GME bros. We are at least hitting $15/share guaranteed.

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Explain how you know a mere mention is not enough for me to cash put everything and dump my money on it.

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>(btw, don't use Robinhood)
Give me one broker with better margin rates without commissions.

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*calls down a list of brokers*
*hangs up*

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hhewhehehehehe you id am "Gay"
hahahahah gay boi

me guess will put in NQ order @ 11000 o_o

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No idea honestly. But since I bought some stuff on Friday Im worried itll, go down.

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You don't need to own the stock to trade options. You can still open option spreads on Robinhood but it used to automatically generate some with pretty graphics showing break even points etc. pic related for the graphic

A kid had an option get exercised and he didn't wait for everything to settle before killing himself.


Where else can I trade options for free?

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>holding SHLL and GME
is there anything more comfy?

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In anticipation of Q3 earnings report, late October. Will cause a frenzy and skyrocketing of stock. Only risk with amazon stock at this point is regulatory and political retribution.

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Just imagine he does it again.

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Kneepad just called you gay and has proof. There isn't anything gayer than that.

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>tfw got paid a $164 tip to buy SHLL at the last second before the moon mission
god bless selling puts

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But isnt bezos the kinda guy who doesnt do that (share splits)

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>Where else can I trade options for free?
You get what you pay for. I've lost thousands thanks to RH "being down" at crucial times. It's worth the .65 I pay to Fidelity to have a platform that works.

No way.

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>wheeling tesla

Honestly you're better making big plays on tesla instead of scraping the barrel for premiums. Also I'm kind of on the same boat with you, but ended up pigeonholing myself in wealth management so it's either compliance or sales which are both great but dead end careers I'm not either interested. So basically overqualified for desk monkey jobs, but underqualified for anything else.

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pls die QQQ
if my 2021 put LEAPs get killed i will be financially ruined

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hahahahahahaha holy fuck why didn't he just wait for his long options to settle before offing himself? I presume it was over the weekend so he must've thought that was his permanent actual balance?

What a fucking retard. rip zoomzoom.

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please tell me you didnt buy bearish leaps

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That would make a split even more impactful on the valuation.

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>put leaps
>on qqq
It's bad enough you're a tripfag already

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just reread it. jesus christ bro. well, youll probably still end green but sell that on the next dip, just stay short term for index puts

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Is that bagel? Wtf bros I thought he was cool.

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i thought it was ron weasley..

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i've been planning to sell the dip.

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Isnt that per contract? Some stocks have terrible volume and id likely have to get 1 option at a time, .65 completely btfos profit margins.

No pigeonholing here, more so almost no one wants to interview yet there's girls from college getting high titled jobs at places like google and apple likely with little to no experience and here i am not even able to get a bottom of the barrel desk job. Was really hoping id get rich off stocks so i wouldnt have to worry about this or ever go back. Doesnt seem like it.

Now it seems i only have no choices

Intially the illusion that it was
>get a good paying job
>get rich off stocks

Now its
>try really hard to get a retail job but likely not get a response at all
>one of those job agencies where they would likely disrespect me and have nothing for me

At least my parents still let me live there, otherwise id have no way to trade stocks and id have to use my life savings. Probably 2 years worth at best (im a shut in so i dont really spend a lot thus making it easy to save money) at the time i went unemployed.

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Idk ill just wait. If he announces a split ill likely go all in at that point and just hold as itll likely just go up over the time period before the split. Ill miss out on gains but it beats being in the position of people who bought amazon at $3500 a while back.

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@ anon talking about calendars on VIX earlier, this actually does seem super free.

What's the catch?

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at&t is the lowest it's been in like 5 years.

Give me one reason I shouldn't put my entire emergency fund into it rather than DIV

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Do gold miners stonks go up when everything is mooning but gold is crabbing?

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>Isnt that per contract?
Yeah. Like I said it's only a matter of time before RH is "down" at an absolutely critical time for you. With Fidelity I pay a little now so I don't lose much more later.

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Itt was 26 usd on corona fran

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at&t moved $35 dolla plan to 45 dolla w/o asking me -_-;

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Hell yeah brother

>> No.22875150

No, stay the fuck away from that garbage.

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Robinhood lets you do spreads like selling SPY $329c and buying SPY $330c in the same order even though you can't afford 100 shares of SPY because your theoretical max loss is $1 per share. For 100 contracts x 100 shares that'd be a $10k max loss. Robinhood will hold your max loss as collateral; if (buying power) + (premium received from trade) < (max loss of trade) it won't even let you submit the trade.

If your short leg expires ITM and is assigned, you'll wake up Saturday morning to seeing a balance of -$3,290,000. Depending on whether your long leg was OTM or ITM, Robinhood will buy shares or exercise the option on your behalf to immediately sell to make the trade net (at worst) -$10,000 by the time it's all settled.

It's pretty hard to get into this situation because on the afternoon of expiration Robinhood risk management algorithms will try to close your spread automatically if it's at risk of being ITM, but I've gotten around it by staring at my phone constantly and cancelling the buy-to-close order whenever it came up so I could close it myself at 3:59 PM.

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Use any other broker. You can't even trade Pre-post market like other brokers. It glitches at the worst possible time like in the March Crash. Also, you cant find some stocks like warrants for SPAC's.

Go with decent brokers, TDAmeritrade, Webull (Chinese, so expect info to be taken) & Fidelity.

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Who else here /gme theta gang/?

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Do you people just mindlessly spam this?

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>betting against the Buffett

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i think the catch is the next months contract has to be trading higher than the previous month, and you kinda have to hunt down which contracts will work together. im testing it out this week to see how it goes

>> No.22875211

Not him but I used webull for a while, I love their platform, but there were multiple occasions where I got fucked because a ticker would change or something and they wouldn’t let it trade for like 24 hours while it was trading on every other platform, OSTK was an example a while ago. Also their customer service takes over a week to respond if you’re lucky and are unreachable by phone, kind of a sketchy company and their platform is Chinese.

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I have a simple saying I made called the 3 Ns. Nepotism, networking, and numbers. Have any of the three you got a job, have all three and you got a career, have none of the three and you're out of luck. Honestly getting a gig in this year is going to suck, and will just get worse when the job market unfucks itself since you're seen as "old stuff" when the new batch of graduates are going for every position available like a game of hungry hungry hippos. So for the time being try to grab the low hanging fruit job however shit it is and just grit your teeth until you dig a way out of the shit you got yourself into.

>> No.22875237

LMAO...except this year.

Here's some of Buffet's mistakes this year.

1) Sold Airlines @ the worst time...One month later it rose 50% (june 8)

2) Buys Gold...at 2000....could of bought at 1900 a month later.

He's a dumb fuck for an "Elite" investor. Robinhood fags did better than he did this year. He can't find good value picks and stays away from tech. No one should follow this old fucks advice.

>> No.22875239

What exactly do warrants do. Have seen them a bit and seem to be better than stocks from what i can tell.

>> No.22875244

>asks a retarded question
>sucks old boomer cock

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actually click on it and see the down trending lines


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>I've gotten around it by staring at my phone constantly and cancelling the buy-to-close order whenever it came up so I could close it myself at 3:59 PM.
Pretty annyoing desu. So if i stare at it constantly can i make it so it doesnt try to close it at all?

>> No.22875263

Valid reasons but none of those brokers offer better margin rates than Robinhood.

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my diagonals are scooping up that sweet theta

>> No.22875272

Every broker has their issues, but Robinhood is far worse...I don't want my broker to fuck up at the worst possible timing. If I held TQQQ during the March crash and Robinhood wouldn't let me sell, because of technical glitches, I would have to do some violent things.

Webull lets you trade premarket-postmarket. Probably the best broker for that. 4am EST is fantastic.

>> No.22875282

That's exactly why I'm necking. It should be red

>> No.22875288

>stays away from tech
didnt he finally buy apple last year?

>> No.22875292

I cant even get one....and i graduates years ago

>> No.22875294

Investors aren’t really focused on short holds you fucking fool

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It lets the warrant holder buy a particular stock at a particular price.


SHLL+ is the warrant for SHLL

It costs $23 for a warrant, but I get to cash it in for $10 at a certain timeframe. It tends to rise and fall quickly by how the stock is doing.

SHLL goes up 15%, SHLL+ goes up 30%.
SHLL falls 20%, SHLL+ falls 40%.

>> No.22875323

I use TD Ameritrade, can trade just as much as webull except you actually have customer service and don’t get fucked up the ass.

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Buffett sucks, an old fucking boomer that got his ass handed to him by Robinhood fags and normies this year.

But if he get's into Hyliion (SHLL), he'll be back into my good graces.

>> No.22875330

i don't want the markets to open i don't want to lose more money bros

>> No.22875352

look up diagonal spreads

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This is bagel. Maybe it has been 10 years and that’s him now idk but I know this was bagel at one time

>> No.22875365

It's ok fren we all have bad days

>> No.22875370

The GME play is going to be /smg/‘s version of the “COMEX will default in September “ cringe lol.

>> No.22875391


That wasn't his call but his partner's Charlie(?), forgot the name. Warren is really anti-tech, anti-gold, guy is an industrialist that goes for a holistic investing approach. If he was starting out in this era he'll fuck up big time, but since he's so big already he can afford said fuck ups on top of buying in his stuff at deep discounts.


It's a numbers game anon, I kind of get it since it's practically sales but you're selling your abilities as the product and how you're better than the dozen other losers wanting the spot. Just got to push onwards if you want a non-shit job, otherwise start hitting the books while your parents are still willing to wipe your ass and find another way out. I already did, so it shouldn't be hard for you either.

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Sounds leveraged

>Pic related

>> No.22875410

FUCK only 30% of robinhood analysts say to buy AT&T, what should I do?

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-WKHS will never go anywhere (goes to $30)

Yeah well that won't happen with G-
(gme goes from $5 to $10)
Yeah well it's totally peaked bro haha
God damn brainlets

>> No.22875432


Whatever amount you were intending to buy T with, only buy only 30% of that amount.

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pretty based, if you ask me

>> No.22875439

Is BRK.A a good investment?

>> No.22875452

Big week ahead for CLIS, app launch is wednesday, many catalysts, don't be left behind

>> No.22875458

You could huy during the time? Could always buy puts or sqqq

>> No.22875464

not gonna lie, I feel bad about WKHS right now I dont mean in a good way either, Im holding 75 shares

>> No.22875476

I bought a few thousand shares for the fuck of it, but it seems like they’ve been attempting to pump it with news every day for a while. Fortunately there’s basically no risk holding it at like 7 cents a share, imagine if it went to even $0.50 or hell, $1+

>> No.22875483

Sell that shit and buy PM instead. Literally no reason to buy AT&T other than muh divies which suck anyways.

>> No.22875502

It's been underperforming the S&P for some time now.

>> No.22875509

just buy GME and SHLL

>> No.22875516

The general concencus is .3 short term and >.5 mid to long term

>> No.22875526

Futures say month is Dec 20. What does that mean? These are index levels traders think they will be in December? So up 200 points? Not bullish.

>> No.22875529
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I even started lying on my resume, no interviews still. Just dead silence. 1 interview against 40+ people....for an entry level position that likely had people with decades of experience or nepotism.

I think its financially over for me.

>> No.22875534

This company puts its own stock ticker at the top of its livestreams.
Can you imagine Disney doing that? Just a fat $DIS marquee on top of the screen?

>> No.22875543

So? They're new, I think it's retarded but so what. They don't do it for the app.

>> No.22875551

Be a truck driver.

>> No.22875563

You need to make sure your resume never sees the HR stack of purgatory and broken dreams. You need to give your resume to someone who works there. Either management or a senior employee.
HR are retards, this is universal.

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late night /smg/ am I gonna make it? I'm so tired of wage cucking

>> No.22875591

Unironically this. It's tough work though and the people you hang out with are retards.

>> No.22875594

Actually one of the better portfolios I’ve seen on here, not that that’s a very high bar to hit

>> No.22875617
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reminder that XOM's annual div yield is 10% meaning you have guaranteed 10% gainz

>> No.22875628

futures still green?

>> No.22875633

SWBI is going to go back to $10 or so. It's like NAT in a sense that they've had the BEST 2-3 quarters in company history...but it's unlikely to see people buying guns like that ever gain.

>> No.22875644

Probably time to sell for other stuff. Smith n wesson for example

>> No.22875647

i'm bullish on human skulls based on the grave robbing thread

>> No.22875649

are you like 75% amazon kek

>> No.22875664

You underestimate gunboomers ability to piss away savings on more guns than they will ever use.
Literally boomer Funko Pops

>> No.22875672

nvm im a dumbass and read it wrong

>> No.22875674
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>> No.22875677

I bought SWBI in a hungover panic last week when the market was down 3% and I will be selling SWBI when my option expires

18.25% kek

>> No.22875683

>Reminder: Divvies

Heard that from the Tanker bro's....how did that go again?

Truck driver is literally the only male non-college educated job that provides a middle class income. I don't know why more guys don't do it. It's just like a car, but longer. Do it for 10-15 years and you never have to work again if you invest smart.

>> No.22875685

>207% payout ratio

>> No.22875690


>> No.22875693

>up on TSLA
I'd start exiting out of that position desu

>> No.22875694

Would absolutely use it if those faggots would let me own fractional shares already. I'm a poorfag and can't be buying whole shares of HD at once, man.

Is there a better broker with a good phone app that has options, minimal/no fees, and allows fractional shares?

>> No.22875701

It only ran up that high because of BLM & Pandemic Panic in March. It's never going to be $25 again.

>> No.22875722

I was a commercial diver and underwater welder for 15 years after I got out of the (((navy))) and I made more than some of my friends with MDs and JDs. Today they are still working while I trade stocks and shitpost on smug

>> No.22875724


It's been an employer's market for years, so for sure they have their pick. You want the path of least resistance you take the job that are revolving door, hire and fire, whatever shit that sticks ones. And for the ones you slightly even want load your resume with key terms and for god sakes, don't bomb the fucking interview and check off their mental requirements. Don't blatantly lie, but you can stretch the truth a bit.

Back when I started in wealth management I just got the job on the spot after the phone screen+first in person interview dressed up looking like a joke with a half blank resume. Had a shit eating grin when I saw 10 other guys waiting outside looking groomed with their plastic bound resumes that are going to be wasting 15 minutes of their lives talking with the hiring manager who's going to shoot them down the next following days. You just need to do what you need to do especially if you live in a high cost shithole that hates poor people.

>> No.22875727
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yep, slightly more green than earlier. Course... all that can change in less than a minute with this clown market...

>> No.22875734

If you're a poor fag, I would wait for big ass correction day, then buy calls....Like on CCL Thursday. Easy money there.

>> No.22875735

>He thinks peaceful protests will run gun stock prices up
watch the news retard

>> No.22875739
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Either start calling up potential employers and shooting the shit a bit before sending in your resume directly to them, so they know you. OR, start yr own biznass!

>> No.22875743

You're living the dream, congrats anon. Shitposting on wagies is my lifegoal...Instead, I'm pissing it away on dumb shit like college girls and married sluts....working on that RN.

>> No.22875753

As boomers age they respond to everything with more rooty tooty point and shooty funko pops.
Especially now that Remington ate shit. Ironically because it was boomer mismanaged.
The goal of every boomer is to die with little savings and in debt. That is the boomer dream. Boomsticks is just one way to do it.

>> No.22875772

Advertising creates demand.
A couple years ago it would have been pretty scummy, I guess in the age of Robinzoomers they have plausible deniability because everyone does stonks.

>> No.22875783

Yes, BLM did cause gun ownership to go up, especially around big city areas like NYC.

Future investors thought there might be civil conflict around elections...then Trump handled the Portland protests in about 2 days....

SWBI is going down, down, down.

>> No.22875791

Lol wtf are you talking about? Truck driver is a miserable life if you want to make real money. What about literally any trade? Plumber? Welder? Electrician? Hell even the military pays good and provides plenty

>> No.22875807

Peaceful protests lol

>> No.22875811

Delayed gratification, my friend. Lived pretty frugally those years and put everything I didn’t spend into the market. Usually around $30-50k a year

>> No.22875816


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Can't tell if retard or fishing for (You)s.

>> No.22875855

>Diversity is universally seen as a good thing in investing
Racists BTFO.

>> No.22875857


>> No.22875861

shill me on SHLL i don't want to buy the top on NKLA/TSLA 2

>> No.22875863


I thought about military but I know my soft ass won't survive basic. A shame though since recruiters here are desperate and offering full packages if you sign on.

>> No.22875864

because it makes it harder for people to form unions

>> No.22875867

i wake up, stare at the ceiling, im alive

>> No.22875879

what did he mean by this

>> No.22875888

>t. GaY

>> No.22875899

Train conductor master race reporting in.

>> No.22875900

this lol^. and unions are a drag on profit margins, so naturally any investor would want to avoid them.

>> No.22875916
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Correct. This is one of the first times I played the news the right way, pic related.
SWBI is still coming down from George Floyd Mountain, anyone who bought to hold because of Louisville is an idiot.

>> No.22875921

Well I meant diversification being a strength in investments, but that makes sense.

>> No.22875926

The only mining stock you should buy is NAK. Anything else is a waste of time.

>> No.22875928

I'm 28 and I'm still a virgin.

>> No.22875941

you might as well wait until 30 just in case you really do gain wizard powers

>> No.22875943

Doubled edged sword though. Better to prevent unions the old fashion way. Adding diversity is cancer, just trading union possibility for guaranteed cancer

>> No.22875947

I was in there too, I really want to try it now

>> No.22875952

>Truck Driver is a miserable life
As compared to what? Nearly 99% of jobs are fucking miserable.

I will with you that Plumber, Welder, Electricians are great alternatives.

Never join the military. Never risk your life for any job unless it pays 1 million+. Excluding the moral reasons like dying for a country that endorses BLM.

Look it up on Hyliion's website in the investor section. Then click the presentation tab. It's filled with neatly filed info on SHLL.

It's not like Tesla, it's WAY better.

NKLA was garbage the moment it filmed a YouTube video vertically.

>> No.22875957

even warren buffet is like 40% AAPL though isn't he.
even our beloved Cohen is 60% AAPL and that saved his ass while he's bagholding WFC on the remaining 40% of his portfolio

>> No.22875966

nah, due to how stupid browns/blacks are, it's easy for the actual decision makers to relegate them to busy work that has no impact on the final product.

>> No.22875967
File: 54 KB, 845x251, 1601256997150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22875968

How long until it moons?

>> No.22875973

Lol, forgot about you Train fags. Lucky bastards have that beautiful Pension.

Union companies are a huge plus...because those jobs will eventually be automated. Lol...but seriously, it'll boost profit margins rapidly...look into union companies with a long term goal in mind. UPS is a good one.

>> No.22875982

2-5 years. More towards the 5 year part. It could moon as soon as it gets permitted tho just from hype

>> No.22875994

Unlike NKLA, they have an actual product (multiple actually). In the short term they offer a hybrid powertrain that can be retrofitted onto existing Class 8 trucks, which results in a 30% decrease in fuel consumption and pays for itself very quickly. These are already in use and certain companies are converting their entire fleet to use this technology (Wegman's is a good example, they just announced a partnership with Hyliion). In 2021 they begin production of the Hypertuck ERX which has better stats than the Tesla semi for long distance hauls and was better than the fictional Nikola product (lmaoooo). The Hypertruck also has net negative carbon emissions, which will look very enticing to companies like Amazon and Walmart who have pledged to achieve zero emissions within the next few decades. Their CEO is young and smart, they have a STACKED board of directors (Andy Card Jr., former US Secretary of Transportation; Robert Knight Jr., former CEO of Schneider National; Howard Jenkins, former CEO of Publix), they have extensive patents for their technology, the list goes on and on. Extremely bullish on this company over the next 5 years or so.

>> No.22876009

Just join the Air Force. They aren’t allowed to do shit anymore. It’s just some dude yelling at you all the time for like 8 weeks. Just make sure you don’t get a shit job.

>> No.22876021

What is it with retards that seem to think the military is only like infantry and combat jobs? Risking your life? Do you know what your chances are of dying in the military compared to anywhere else? I was a jet engine mechanic in the Air Force, I never deployed. When I got out I was making like $52k after tax. When you think about it that’s with healthcare paid for already, retirement, etc. Of course I got tired of the bullshit and got out to go to school though and now regret not just staying in 20 instead of getting out after 8

>> No.22876024

So when should you buy in, is it going to dump when people take profits? I bet many are rushing in and pumping pre-market

>> No.22876041

about fucking time

>> No.22876053

Depends, do you need money soon? If not just do a market order and let it fill and hold for a few years. If you want short term play, go for SBE if you're interested in EV at all. You can technically hold SBE for years too (first in the market).

SBE/SHLL/TSLA are all together. Kinda like APPL with TSM(C).

>> No.22876058

5 years? what kind of price target we looking at?

>> No.22876064

so how fucked is my sqqq 29c going to be tomorrow

>> No.22876080

A lot

>> No.22876092

very by the looks of it

>> No.22876100

I've heard 100x, it's worth putting some money in

>> No.22876112

A trillion bazillion

>> No.22876115

All right, I'm the guy putting most of my emergency fund into SAFE dividend stocks tomorrow. What should I do?

30% AT&T / 70% DIV?

>> No.22876116
File: 13 KB, 426x364, 1386920459353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goodnight GME. See you in the pre-market.

>> No.22876125

Dominion Power and Pembina unironically.

>> No.22876126
File: 103 KB, 773x528, 2lzlh4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It'll pump, then it'll dump, then a week or 2 later when the company announces new contracts with big ass companies, it'll pump again.

When SHLL merges with Hyliion, Hyliion will receive TONS AND TONS of money to rapidly expand and get customers to buy into them.

They're a whole lot different from Tesla and NKLA. They use RNG to power their vehicles. RNG is the cleanest way to operate a semi.

Unlike Tesla, you don't need to use the power of 3000 homes to fully charge a EV Semi.

Unlike NKLA, you don't need to wait for the infrastructure to be built use Hydrogen to fuel your semi.

Natural Gas infrastructure is already here and is an extremely cheap fuel source to use for Semi's.

>> No.22876139


>> No.22876140

I'll hold for a few years. Got 1100 shares. Maybe I'll buy 1000 more

>> No.22876163

that percentage is just daily, so last friday. I'm currently down 7% on that position but overall this year TSLA has been pretty profitable for me. Bought at 1400(pre split) and sold 70%of my shares at 2000.

>> No.22876187

Reminder that Tomorrow is Yom Kippur

>> No.22876190

How do I become one?

>> No.22876200

through lots of training

>> No.22876203

>it's easy for the actual decision makers to relegate them to busy work that has no impact on the final product.
Its not 1990 anymore.
CA is forcing minorities and women on boards. We’ll see the federal govt making it law soon enough. The more you let niggers and women in the more inevitable it becomes. I’ve seen a company hire 1 female hr lady and in only a couple months half the start were nagging women. Complete gender replacement. Seen the same with islander nepotism. You let a few in and they get their whole group and kick the white men out. They have the law on their side now too. That’s why you only hire exactly enough minorities that lied on their applications so you can always have a good reason to fire

>> No.22876205

Fuck jews

>> No.22876215
File: 165 KB, 420x420, 1592835169638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22876223

Oh, we have Mr. ChairForce. Most spoiled branch in the military.

Listen, a blue-collar skill path is still a better alternative.

1) You can establish experience and seniority in the company
2) You won't have to go through rigorous standards via physical, academics or mental.

The transition from military to civilian isn't an easy one. I would suggest that younger anon's go the blue-collar route.

>> No.22876229

Doesn't that mean dump and then buy after?

>> No.22876242

people have been shilling NAK for 3+ years why do you think it's going anywhere?

>> No.22876251

Whatever you chose do not go in for a STEM degree

>> No.22876260

I bought 200 shares and im regretting it. Dont do it.

>> No.22876261

Because the mining company without a mine is finally gonna be able to open their mine.

>> No.22876279

>is finally gonna be able to open their mine.

>> No.22876299

my /n/igga

>> No.22876302

I'd be surprised if they had shovels hit the dirt by 2025

>> No.22876314

It's for the long hold dude

>> No.22876315

Final EIS was very positive, said there would be no effect of the mine on local salmon populations. CMP that everyone was celebrating a few weeks ago was just normal procedure and not the death of the mine. Alaska-Alberta railway just got its permit, this railway would be very vital in moving metal and ore from alaska to the lower 48 (going by sea isnt economical since most of alaska's ports are actually closer to Asia than the west cost and metal is...y'know...heavy). Also this is THE largest undeveloped source of copper gold and molybdenum in the world. It's not an if, it's when. Record of decision is due soon, after that all that needs to happen is Alaska to approve it and the governor is pro mining. See you on the moon anon and remember, no salmon.

>> No.22876324

Sell on Rosh Hashanah, buy on Yom Kippur

>> No.22876326


Fuck I haven't even heard of these. Are these safe bets? I'm not looking for huge dividend payouts, safety is more of a priority. Wood a mortgage investment company be safe if we hit a housing bubble? Or a crude oil pipeline company with all of the oil drama going on?

>> No.22876329

There is potential for another burst of bullish price action on the gun stocks. We'll see. I have small position in Ruger started last week.

>> No.22876353
File: 36 KB, 645x773, B973FDD4-3EA9-441B-BCF9-B51F96149D8A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw received EE degree in Dec 2019
>still can’t find job
>have to work minimum wage jobs in the meanwhile

>> No.22876362

Fucking how? isn't engineering especially EE a guarunteed job

>> No.22876367

Dominion power provides electricity to the entire mid-atlantic and provides great dividends as well as having ZERO competition. If the US doesn't collapse D will remain forever. Pembina (PBA) is a very important pipeline in Canada, they give great monthly dividends but are a little more risky than D. If you want safety just go with D, they give great payouts and will not go anywhere.

>> No.22876375

Hardware EE, but most EE grads don't want to do it. So they go into software. Still should be jobs there even if it is job #21433546 with the same description of "Need front end developer for my NEW social media app"

>> No.22876398


>> No.22876415

$ZOM pump this week

>> No.22876418

sell me on wkhs

>> No.22876427

dontt!!! I have 75 shares at 26 and im realizing its not gonna ever moon

>> No.22876447

Buy Oshkosh/Ford instead.

Cheap Call options on both for USPS contract.

>> No.22876453

FUCK now some youtuber is talking about an october crash I JUST WANTED TO BUY TOMORROW

>> No.22876463

all results :

>> No.22876478

WKHS 50 eow

>> No.22876479

ok thanks I'm going to buy zom>>22876415

>> No.22876486

Wtf. You’re fucking stupid. Check the fucking monthly charts faggot

>> No.22876493

Quick question before I go to sleep lads... Is the 25k day trade rule portfolio value or CASH available on your account?

>> No.22876494
File: 10 KB, 192x262, 1592829620381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22876509

You've held for less than a week mate, sure it hit an ath and people took profits but if you sell your tiny bags at break even you are dum dum

>> No.22876514

I got my EECS degree at the same time and I can believe this. Probably no internships tho

>> No.22876528


Portfolio value, but I'd keep a 2-5k cushion since first you're not likely to be approved for PDT just being head over water at 25k flat, and second if your balance goes under 25k your brokerage will pester you to deposit cash/stocks to meet the minimum or you lose PDT status.

>> No.22876553
File: 62 KB, 766x686, hmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22876555

What if wkhs becomes the little stock that could and is worth 500+ by the year 2023.
Sort of like how amd was a obvious buy at 2 dollars in hindsight.

>> No.22876563

Yes, feel the Golden Bulle

>> No.22876580


>> No.22876586

Dominion bought my gas company out here in the west.

>> No.22876590

If they get contract it’s totally possible

>> No.22876599

Checked. Wkhs is good short term to ride the usps contract pump. But long term I’d say dphc is the better bet. Merges with lordstown motors next month already has $2 bil in preorders and their factory is where wkhs will be making the vehicles

>> No.22876600

get fucked bobo

>> No.22876610

Next one is late Oct/early Nov when the election instability becomes insane a few days before, and then goes rampant once Trump or Biden contests it

>> No.22876627
File: 121 KB, 439x651, Screenshot from 2020-09-27 23-42-47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Messing around with more calendar ideas on vxx, found a way where you can hold a position for 5 days and if it stays in a relatively small range you just get a free 3 to 9% gain lmfao
There's gotta be some kind of hidden black swan debuff to this strat because WHY THE FUCK ISN'T ANYONE ELSE DOING THIS?

like yea vxx can swing big out of nowhere but it's not like you couldn't simply stop loss the spread.

>> No.22876629

At that price ford looks tempting but
So I guess I'll stay away. I would also think USPS would go with ford based off of name alone but.

>> No.22876636
File: 73 KB, 925x540, 5C27E516-0204-4C3D-9859-A45BFA8E98C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked and literally being shilled by the Vice President.

>> No.22876642

because it could totally not stay in a relatively small range

>> No.22876644

Wkhs still has 10% stake in lordstown. Buy both.

>> No.22876649
File: 45 KB, 811x612, 1598469023118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wont feel good until we break 11550

>> No.22876659

If anything was ever going to move out from a small range and only in an enormous way it would be VXX

>> No.22876661

Man if that truck had a better front end and got rid of those stupid ass stripes, I would buy one.

I’m hoping atlis EV truck is a scam like nikola. That thing looks sweet.

>> No.22876674

Isn’t a scam


>> No.22876714

Why’s the market pumping, other than possible stimulus?

>> No.22876723

because a healthy and predictable correction just happened. You didn't buy the dip?
Next crash is election time from instability anxiety

>> No.22876729


Could just be a buy the dip day after 4 weeks of red. Either way, I'm holding out until late november to buy

>> No.22876733

Everyone that wanted out of the markets for September and October is out. What is left is low volume traders. Doesn't take much to move the needle.

>> No.22876740
File: 133 KB, 801x645, 2lzlh4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just a heads up, we will crash hard when another economic catastrophe happens. Likely will be the downfall of the US.

Maybe October, maybe when Yellowstone erupts, who knows?

Bobo fucks you, friend.

Buy when it's low, Ford is low...what do you do, friend?

Buy WKHS on any big dip, not a bad time to start positions below 25. Nothing big until they underwhelm with USPS contract.

>> No.22876744
File: 611 KB, 1178x858, BullrunBigBull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22876745

And just like that nasdaq futures will never be below 11200 again!!

>> No.22876760
File: 138 KB, 382x349, 1553636375235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any of you dudes have european stocks?

>> No.22876771

Have you tried the government?

>> No.22876791
File: 32 KB, 615x409, smug_trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If the US collapses but I bought nintendo stock before the dollar became worthless, can I cash out in yen?

>> No.22876799

Up to your broker, I assume.

Buy BitCoin/Gold/Food & Water.

Only 3 Prepper Assets.

>> No.22876807

Wrong. Guns and ammo.

>> No.22876813

Wrong, Stocks

>> No.22876852

It's in my top 10, but I can survive without guns & ammo farther than you can survive without food and water.

>> No.22876859

>robs you
heh, nothing personal kiddo

>> No.22876940

Well, you have to be the one going outside to find me.

Good luck ;).

>> No.22876979

imagine thinking someone isnt just going to take your food and water lol.

>> No.22877005

Food & water
Guns & Ammo

are both handy.

Let's agree with that.

>> No.22877015
File: 239 KB, 529x370, 1599144228631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me all your shit

>> No.22877044
File: 23 KB, 486x438, delet_this3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From where you're kneeling it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck.
Truth is...the GME was rigged from the start.

>> No.22877069
File: 243 KB, 774x885, 532DCBEB-37AE-47B6-A8B9-0C0DB9BB861F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GME bros we made it. Sit comfy.

>> No.22877084

Yeah i have Aurubis.

>> No.22877092

yeah. boring. don't do it

>> No.22877104
File: 66 KB, 1440x1416, 1583301285842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are futures green

>> No.22877114

is it safe to start only buying calls again so I can make quick easy money again?

>> No.22877129

So long as you don't get greedy, it's the perfect time for calls. Take small profits and you'll easily make money from now to mid October.

>> No.22877149


>> No.22877159
File: 481 KB, 963x800, 79dcc0eb6ac7217453a43a1765a2aba2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to complete our monthly crab

>> No.22877166

duality of /smg/

>> No.22877190

If someone buys one share of quite a lot of different penny stocks, can they play the odds of random moons to make money?

>> No.22877201

there are hundreds of baskets to put your eggs in. your gains would be very small

>> No.22877207

I like this crab.

>> No.22877242
File: 545 KB, 320x178, 0E221B17-318E-40BC-9B49-0D42B8FA9B07.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only crabs are in your mothers pants. Bull run imminent

>> No.22877249

I raw dogged my girlfriend when I was 16 and I would do it again.

>> No.22877251
File: 2.85 MB, 960x1200, 1577455818709.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me buying stocks

>> No.22877296

>no one even mentions asian markets
is this whole thread a meme?

>> No.22877307

Most tickers go to zero. Almost all penny tickers are going to zero.

>> No.22877312

Trump gonna win guys? Placed a $1000 bet

>> No.22877316

i dont live there bro

>> No.22877323

ah, right, they don't influence western markets, at all.

>> No.22877328
File: 2.04 MB, 1600x1200, 1597380626161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Notice how shit the board is now? No good link/statera threads since yom kippor began. All the Jews are on holiday fasting. No electricity allowed and that means no shitposting. Now you know who makes this board great.

>> No.22877332

I don't know how to read moonrunes so I can't read nintendo's prospectus.

cringe and spampilled no (you) for (you)

>> No.22877336

Same bro

>> No.22877347

no its more like "I can't read shit"

>> No.22877363
File: 48 KB, 582x264, 1572903518948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, reading charts is too difficult

>> No.22877365
File: 142 KB, 560x693, 2017-01-31-s20_eos_energy_storage_northern_power_grid-scale_batteries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Markets green....you know what's also going to be green?

>> No.22877370
File: 196 KB, 640x460, 89E0C782-6652-4ECA-A74D-1521F4E195C4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he killed himself because of robinhood not because of the lockdown

>> No.22877430

keep seething chang

>> No.22877454

it's 4am where I live
if you fags don't understand why I said this >>22877296 and then posted that pic, then maybe I'm right, this thread is a meme.

>> No.22877460

anyone use M1?

>> No.22877489


RH also jews on the spread and forces 0.05 and 0.10 increments on options, where TDA does not. I have literally watched the two side by side simultaneously, and where an option on RH is getting offered at say, 1.10, I'm getting an offer of 1.05 on TDA. That isn't even considering the 0.05/0.10 increment bullshit that RH forces on you.

Paying 65 cents, or $1.30 roundtrip to save $5-10 per contract on fake spreads and RH's faggy increments pays for itself immediately. You're delusional if you think $1.30 per contract eats into margins.

And as anon above said, RH being unavailable about 10% of the trading days in a year is simply unacceptable. the first 10-15 minutes of the trading day is crucial if you want to make profit off over night long option holds. RH being down for that period and longer makes paying 65 cents per contract absolutely worthwhile.

I make so much money on options that I can't say I even notice the commission. Now, futures, OTOH, will eat into your margins FAST. I quit fucking with those simply due to accumulating a $10,000 commission bill and shit for profits this last year. Equity options are my bread and butter, so I'll gladly pay the small fee though.

>> No.22877559

>RH also jews on the spread and forces 0.05 and 0.10 increments on options
Question: Are you buying literally who shit?

>> No.22877560

What are the odds of something happening to one stock to overcome all the losses of the others if minimal money is put in all of them?

>> No.22877941

le's say you buy ten stocks at 1$ each. 9 slowly crab to zero and then go figure how much the last one needs to pump on order to make profit.
stuff like that happens but it's incerdibly rare.

>> No.22877946

you think you're some kind of hot shit?
you're even more retarded than everyone else here

>> No.22877976
File: 27 KB, 281x778, 05377f5c539d3e99af2a089bf425a0c6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is the market crashing today? I want to un-diversify my portfolio a bit.

>> No.22877981
File: 56 KB, 2200x1700, POLITICO Pro 2020 Congressional Calendar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder: If the House doesn't pass a stimulus by eow....It's going to be a BLOOD RED MONTH.


...House doesn't come back from vacation until the MIDDLE OF FUCKING NOVEMBEr...

>> No.22877993


>> No.22877996

Is that why we're in a rally rn? I guess people want to get in early in case it does pass. If it doesn't pass, we dip. HARD. If it does, moon mission.

>> No.22878003

Next 5 weeks red if odd digits, crab if even, green if dubs

>> No.22878011

My dubs will cancel your red.

>> No.22878016
File: 689 KB, 1024x703, MAGCOCO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If they go on recess without a stimulus, Trump is likely to pass one by executive order and guaranteeing his 2nd term.

Something will pass and will be a bull run desu

Not sure if to buy TQQQ or a different meme stock before that happens

>> No.22878017

thank you based double man

>> No.22878039

Rally? We've been tanked Wednesday & Thursday.

If it passes in the House, the Senate HAS to pass it next week by the 9th...or we're fucked.


Blood Red, stimulus HAS TO PASS by the 9th.

>> No.22878045
File: 227 KB, 502x395, dearliberals.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22878060
File: 153 KB, 1200x890, 1591376550429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22878080

Why would he want a second run? Then he has to be there for the recession

>> No.22878099

>VIX -1.10%

>> No.22878104

Pretty sure the Dems actually want to lock him up unlike he and Hillary.

>> No.22878113

As if they'd lock up someone with three jew married children and only jewish grandchildren

>> No.22878159

I have a conspiracy:

Nancy wants a GIANT stimulus plan to pass.


1) If it passes: She looks good for pressuring Republicans to pass a big stimulus

2) If it fails: Stock market will crash prior to elections. Since that's one of the things Trump runs on, it'll make him look bad.

Win/Win for Crazy Nancy.


>> No.22878162


>> No.22878169
File: 167 KB, 750x985, 953F7C76-D107-4A8D-A05E-A4ECE0B548C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22878207
File: 58 KB, 970x298, quote-the-way-to-make-money-is-to-buy-when-blood-is-running-in-the-streets-john-d-rockefeller-156337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22878353

>Options calculator telling me I just earned a +41% on micron at its current premarket price
Vega gang vega gang where u at?

>> No.22878401

What is this app called?

>> No.22878416
File: 181 KB, 366x437, sharknicecock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's Robinhood

>> No.22878523



>> No.22878563

Yes but it is lose/lose situation
>Biden wins
Starts new regulation making gun sales spike for a bit followed by those regulations making gun sales go down do to the red tape involved
>trump wins
Sales go down just like they did after he was elected due to the lack of panic buyers and scummy scalpers.