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Are you still here?

CORE 10k is coming soon

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I'm ready

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Worth buying 1 now to swing?

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I already dumped

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i'd swing at 10k if thats what you want its been following the same pattern since it listed so if it stays that way the next dip will be at $10k

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How did you dump? Thought initial investment is locked forever.

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What does this coin do?

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You buy low, then sell high and it makes you money. Functionally it has the same agenda as any other coin.

>But in all seriousness does it need to do anything except have hype and the ability to make you money

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>But in all seriousness does it need to do anything except have hype and the ability to make you money
yes, as one is not possible without the other, since there are now 6 million coins and tokens and other gay shit

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What? Core is different from anything on the market right now.

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is it gonna go up or what?

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This coin doesnt need hype, it will come naturally as its very function and tokenomics will increase the price.

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Did you missed $yfbeta $YFFII $sushi $YFL $YFV $YFFII , Do not miss the hottest $Defi project Pre sale of @timersnetwork with high Rewards.


1150 IPM = 1 ETH (save up to 65%)

Where to buy: https://tokensale.timers.network

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it lets you play minesweeper in a sweet windows 98 aesthetic

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discounted lp tokens CHECK THE CONTRACT
selling for a discount to lock in some profit. 900% apy is comfy af.

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Don't invest in this coin, retard. Some whale will dump on you (like they've been doing the past day), the price will collapse and you'll be stuck holding a 3100 dollar bag. Then you'll come to /biz/ like all the other people who got fucked by the COREjeets and say "WHAT THE FUCK" to which these people (who in this thread are shilling this coin at you) will say "lol u shouldnt have invested at 3100". It's a scam, it's a scam and it's a scam that pretends it wasn't trying to scam you even as these faggots post "buy at 3k, receive 10k" threads.

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You telin me this shits goin from 3k to 10k no pit stops?

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It is the furthest thing from a scam my guy. Don't get salty because you are too poor to buy even one token.

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with pit stops, but yea, its goin to 10k no issue. The tokenomics alone almost make it a certainty.

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