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CORE is a non-inflationary cryptocurrency that is designed to execute profit-generating strategies autonomously with a completely decentralized approach. In existing autonomous strategy-executing platforms a team or single developer is solely responsible for determining how locked funds are used to generate ROI. This is hazardous to the health of the fund as it grows, as it creates flawed incentives, and invites mistakes to be made. CORE does away with this dynamic and instead opts for one with decentralized governance.

CORE tokens holders will be able to provide strategy contracts and vote on what goes live and when, in order to decentralize autonomous strategy execution. 5% of all profits generated from these strategies are used to auto market-buy the CORE token.

Deflationary Farming

Farming tokens have a problem for their owners. To keep users farming, they have to mint ever more coins. This completely destroys the value of the underlying token, due to excessive inflation. It's easy to find examples of this across the DeFi ecosystem.

Our solution is called deflationary farming, and it is quite simple in only two steps:

1. Charge a fee on token transfers
2. Users can earn the fee by farming

This simple process means that those holding tokens are able to farm without infinite inflation.

Keeping Liquidity Liquid

All transfers have to be approved by the CORE Transfers smart contract, which will block all
liquidity withdrawals from Uniswap. This will guarantee a stable market, giving holders and farmers skin in the game.

10000 CORE Forever

Theres absolutely no way to create new CORE tokens. This means the
circulating supply can only ever go down, period.

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I have 1 CORE. Can't help but feel this will be rugged soon.
When to sell?

>Also someone debunk pic related

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you were supposed to sell yesterday anon, the party is over

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>the party is over
Pic related.
Depends how much of a degenerate gambler you are. I've taken my principal and a bit of profit out, and letting half a CORE ride into the sunset. If it moons, that's only 1/4 of the profits I could have had, but I'm sleeping soundly.

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Weird saying that for a token that just broke 3k but you do you bro

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It broke 3k yesterday then whales dumped and killed it for the last 20 hours. You are clearly a shill so I'm only saying this for other anons- this project will dump on you when you think you're 1000 up and then you'll be 1000 down.

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Is there a coingecko link?

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cope lol

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post this on reddit too

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hey found the retard who bought at 4k. Imagine being so fucking stupid you purchase a coin after it goes up 4000% , then say its a dead coin when it retracts. You are literally hopeless.

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no coingecko yet, 1 day old


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supposedly just submitted and should be up within 24 hrs

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Found the jeet trying to get people to buy his dead coin.

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We should not allow this token to make racist neets rich. If there won't be anyone to wagecuck in first world countries, the browning of the population will escalate at an even faster pace.

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Too late, I am a racist and I have made massive profits already

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>Dead coin.
>93m in 1 day volume.
>Literally 3x the volume of the #3 token.
>31% of all volume on uniswap.

Yea, she's dead alright.

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If I bought in at 2.5 do I sell and reinvest or keep it riding

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we are back baby... we are back

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keep riding man. this is going to $10k soon.

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If I can withdraw LP tokens from the contract but can't redeem them to CORE/ETH, what prevents me from selling them OTC to somebody with a discount from market price?

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>what prevents me from selling them OTC to somebody with a discount from market price?
Absolutely nothing. If it gets big enough, there'll be a secondary market for the LP tokens for sure.

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Nothing, there are tokens on Bounce and Airswap now you can buy.

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Am I missing something, why would the LP tokens be worth anything if they cant be redeemed?

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Still upset about that dump, had to sell other tokens to recover my stack because of my panic sell

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Because you could stake them yourself, takes a step out of things in case that is your plan already. And there will always be people trying to stake this as it's deflationary

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Staking rewards, just look at the website ffs

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staking rewards on a token that has nothing backing it up because the CORE/ETH cannot be redeemed? Call me as many names as you want I still dont get what you guys are talking about.

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nice discount but I can't buy for some reason.

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never mind I'm drunk, you're literally just talking about trading your claim to the stake

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>nice discount but I can't buy for some reason.
Time left
0 Days : 0 Hours : 0 Minutes : 0 Seconds
That'll be why.

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It's blowing up again

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you are poor and stupid. Feel sorry for you.

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if you dont buy you deserve to be poor!

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Yeah man same. I got crushed in that dump. I did manage to swing 40% of my losses back, but I mistimed the latest pump and I’m priced out now. Sucks.

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got 11 at 400 usd. nice.

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Same brother. Still intend to hold a job until this hits $100k per $CORE though lol

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you are fucking delusional

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>he doesn't know

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>Cote is a cryptocurrency
>that is actually a meta ponzi

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refer to >>22872498
this will have massive buy pressure at all times going forward. $100k is a $1b mcap, but also remember a good portion will be locked away at any given time, so circ supply mcap could be much lower

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right now 27% is locked at the LP. And this number will probably increase.

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This is a ponzi but very well done. No fucking whale can unstake his stack and market sell it to dump the price to the ground. He can sell his LP at a secondary market, but that doesn't affect the price.

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so you have to stake? Probably if you want the APY right. you can just try to flip the coin though right?

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Sorry, fag, nobody wants your community / hobby dev shitcoin in a true bull run.

xBTC is the future.

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You don’t have to stake but when you stake your funds are locked forever.

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You can't redeem your LP tokens (actually you can but that is very difficult). So it's one way ticket: you convert your CORE/ETH into LP and they are locked in them forever. So it is a self-deflationary token.

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This reminds me of those crypto ponzis back in 2018 where every time someone bought into the contract the price went up a bit and you couldn't sell, but everyone holding made gains from people buying in. Proof of weak hands or some shit it was called, I made a few thousand link from that shit lmao

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I scooped .2 for the hell of it, no clue what it does and didnt read OP

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Chad AF.

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discounted tokens
remember if you buying at 30% discount, ur implied apy is 30% higher. since apy is based on current price of the lp token.


buy discounted tokens 20-30% cheaper then uni price

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Almost all of that volume is just wash trading from automated buybacks. Only the dev can unlock liquidity, lmao have fun.

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Where does one buy this piece of shit coin?
Sounds like a total fucking scam, but idgaf

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You fucking idiot, volume makes money for stakers regardless of who or what's causing it, driving up the value of the token

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It's the coin with the highest volume on Uniswap: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x32ce7e48debdccbfe0cd037cc89526e4382cb81b

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How do I stake it, need to convert my core to "CORE/WETH LP"? Should I even stake?

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imaginw calling a 1-day old coin with 1/3 of Uniswaps total trade Vol dead... JUST GETTING STARTED

Retarded faggot.

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the price isn't really representing that theory, should be like 10k already

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also is there any discord for this?

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Saw this at presale.. didnt buy.. saw this at 300.. didnt buy.. its 2700 now.. FUCK.. I DUNNO ANONS. IMAGINE FOMOING IN 9X

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