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Up to almost 800 people in the tg (500 added over the past 2 days), influencers on board, working with YFMS, open to audits on its Github, and the team is most likely white. How fast is this going to sell out /biz/?

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Once again first reply, I just broke this thread's hymen. Anyone else who posts after me is getting my sloppy seconds, my leftovers.

Just remember that the first reply is the most special reply and you'll never experience this thread the way I did and this thread will never feel the way it felt about me about you.

It's Over , you might as well just go post on Reddit and talk about how much of a "man" you are for replying on a thread that I pump and dumped. Have fun with my scraps, cucks.

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telegram link?

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getting Bethero vibes. I think this will be a rug pull for sure.

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they seem close of YFMS which didnt rug and price went up 6x after listing. Same procedure. They will list at presale price and that will pump the price up. the only thing is, i cant tell if this has more hype or not

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Who really actually cares about the project? all of these shitcoin YFI forks are absolutely insane. This one is probably a scam. I wish someone would post all the scam Y forks which have happened over the last few weeks.

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desperate pajeet

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i was going to buy YF gamma and these guys saved me from buying a scam. So I am gonna use that money for YFMB

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You're gonna get rekdt. After YFBeam happened, nobody is getting near anything remotely like It.

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>Its difficult to sort by creation date and reply fast.

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Literally another Yfbeam scam rugpull.

Raising 1777 Eth? In this market? LOL

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This is exactly why you are NGMI. If your dumbass sheep mind had any capacity for criticla thinking you would realize that if name = connection then YFMOONBEAM is closer to Polkadot's MOONBEAM in name and therefore by your logic they are connected to Polkadot

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