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Guys everyone saying the UNI fork is going to pump this very shortly. The charts for UNI are dumping and FTM is bullish as fuck.

Should I trade some/all UNI for FTM? Does this acutally have a chance or is it just another meme?

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You should fuck off filthy trading scum

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Yes put money on this scam my goy.

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DYOR and read up on the fantom fork. People are delusional if they think this is will replace Uniswap in any capacity.

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If you are a trader, why wouldn't you hold Fantom until the DeFi platform is fully rolled out? With the Uniswap fork, and fSwap, you will be able to save a fuck ton of time and money using Fantom Finance than you will using Uniswap/exchanges to trade.
Hello dumb nigger.

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>DYOR and read up on the fantom fork.
I just did. Their website and PWA wallet are seriously impressive. Also a clear roadmap ahead.

Think I'm gonna buy a 100k bag frens.

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Already got 50k bag yesterday , its the only money im willing to loseso fuck it. Holding till christmas

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Yep, just secured 100k. I'm fucking bullish fren. We gonna make it.

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Consider that money lost since this is a scam.

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150k Fantomchad reporting for duty

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>t. 50 IQ niglet.

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I bought at 0.04 kek but I've got 100k am feeling very comfy.

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