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Why aren't millennials buying houses?

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>tfw early zoomer
>tfw I’m planning on buying my first house early 2021

It seems like Millennials are more interested in renting shitty, overpriced apartments in the inner-city desu, my sister and her husband didn’t buy their first house until they were nearly 30

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Because they wanna live in da city wit da negros, not with white Christians

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it could be free and I wouldn't take it.

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looks like shit

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>672 sq feet
>Minneapolis where they have race riots daily and just decided to disband their police
>this thread again
>people not options fielding


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Because nobody wants to buy boomer bags in the economy that they broke.

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Not everyone is a hillbilly

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How is there any value left in that shithole?

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these threads are funny but housing sales are on fire and millennials are the primary buyers.

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all cities have nice areas and some nice surrounding suburbs

cmon... think a little.

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I actually just got a townhouse in Eagan, MN not too long ago with twice that area and for 50k less.

Never understood the need for living close to the cities. I can easily get everything I need right where I'm at.

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people live near their job

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Want to, but I have to move 4289 km away to afford a home. Otherwise standard wage it'll take 40 years to pay off a home.

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thats a fucking trailer

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wow, it's a nice suburb!? suddenly I want to pay 300k for SIX HUNDRED SQUARE FEET. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO 6 MONTHS OF WINTER!

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Because they all want to live in SanFran and Manhattan.

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Living 30 minutes away from whatever city is just fine, allows for a reasonably quick commute to a wealth of job opportunities.

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Kek, dude really was keen on leaving that piece out.

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LOL. Is that literally the starting home from The Sims?

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we're waiting for the correction after boomers die off

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Stay oblivious to the power of Western Iowa. Better real estate pricing for when I make it in 2022

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Sorry, I should have specified in the cities. I'm actually about 20 minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Expected from normies, however, here in UK our generation is the highest "living with parents" generation since well, since ever lol.

Even with my higher income salary I'm still with my parents because its so ridculous.

People with IQ above 90 or maybe 100 figure out that economically wise to stay with mummy and daddy for as long as possible to build a capital backing before going into super debt/have zero money then having no money when your 30 (other than your "house" doesn't seem to help my parents pay for food with their non-existent pension though)

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I'm not knocking Iowa. I'm knocking the fact that your first example was a trailer park house.

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Because they're a garbage, illiquid investment that requires constant maintenance. The stock market outpaces housing and crypto will vastly exceed both over this decade at the least.

Only reason to buy a house is if you're settling down and starting a family or you plan to rent it out and become a landlord. Otherwise your capital is better off elsewhere. If you really want hassle-free exposure to real estate, buy a REIT ETF and using the divis to pay your rent.

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Man..... that is so cheap.....

Standard price around me in Aus averages $450'000 for a shitbox.....

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more immigrants a year than houses built a year was probably a mistake lol

also yeah its always technically financially wise to live at home. but thats not really living and many people move for work.

next youll figure out you can live at home and wait for your parents to die and you can just get the house lol. genius.

but yeah housing/rent isnt as fucked here in the US and i make 145k a year.

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Lmao exactly, these threads make me laugh Americans have no idea how bad things really are.

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>western Iowa
I'm so sorry, anon.

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This is just the beginning

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I want land more than a house, I live in a 11x9x8 room sleep on the floor (futton) and I don’t have any furniture other than a pantry rack, a chair and a table.

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Gotta pay for that "free" healthcare somehow!

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Nothing wrong with knocking Iowa, fren.

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Why aren't houses cheaper?

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dude this thread gets posted like once a week, with the exact same picture and title, shut the fuck up already

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You'll never experience the advent of internet in your formative years. Wouldn't trade it for anything, early internet and fourchannel were incredible. Your dating scene is fucked too. Enjoy the house

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That has nothing to do with it. All these chinks and poojet fucks coming in are what is driving up prices to the moon.

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Of course not. The welfare state funds itself, right?

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>Ida Grove population: 2,000
I don't need to live in a big city, but this is just too small

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