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So, I shitposted a lot on reddit in 2017 during the bullrun, I deleted all my posts but the karma remained.

I was awarded 90,000 MOONS, and they now can be exchanged using xmoon.exchange. I am not tech savvy and had to jump through hoops using rinkeby testnet and honeyswap, but I have sold 59,000 MOONS for a total of $6290 and only have 30,000 more MOONS left to sell. This blows UNISWAP airdrop out of the water. I know the prices won't stay inflated right now, but at the moment 1 moon is going for 10 cents. I can't believe I'm going to get almost a full free bitcoin just for shitposting on r/cryptocurrency. AHAHAHAH

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>reddit fags think they can post here with impunity now
how far this place has fallen

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go back to r*ddit

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Are you fucking kidding me? Who the fuck is even buying them and why?!

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I dont fucking know but holy shit LMAO only 23k more to go!!! I am only selling 1k at a time and as soon as it jumps back to 10 cents I'm selling more. I'll have almost a full BTC for free by the time I'm done dumping

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You had to make posts on the leftist circle jerk shithole that is reddit though so the money really isn't worth it.

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YES, and I shitposted a lot before moving to 4chan in 2018. I got so much comment karma just bitching about exchanges and making fun of ARK. It's amazing. I literally made more money shitposting on reddit about ark than I ever made from ARK lmao

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How did you claim moons?

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You're telling me I can monetize my shitposting? How?

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damn too bad all my accounts got banned. I had a few moons

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you use the reddit vault, then send the moons to your metamask on rigby testnet, then use rigby eth to change moons to xmoons and then trade xmoons for xdai on honeyswap then you trade xdai for dai then send dai directly to binance and market buy bitcoin.

I'll post my final haul when I'm done dumping... 21k more to go.

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i shitposted SO MUCH and I've been so butthurt after I lost a full BTC on Bitmex. Karma comes around, I'm about to get it back.

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There were non-stop bitcoin gift threads on /b/ back in 2010 where you got like a hundred if you got trips or other bullshit reasons like making the guy with the 100k stack laugh. They were literally considered spam at one point because it was fucking full of them.
Not our fault that you're a redditnigger. Enjoy your pennies.

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This is true, but 1 BTC = 10700 UNITED STATES DOLLARS.


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Yeah but you're still a redditor.

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it took a lot of karma. one of my posts had over 70k upvotes in 2018... like I said, I deleted all my posts over time, but I'm sure it took a lot of shitposting and Karma

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Wait, you can get moons from karma? You realize you can buy upvotes for Reddit, right? What's the karma to moon ratio?

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>alize you can buy upvotes for Reddit, right? What's the karma to moon ratio

You can buy reddit coins with MOONS and currently the MOON to reddit coin conversion is $0.016... and they're trading for fucking 0.10!!!

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They were trading at 0.38$ at one point WHAT THE FUCK

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Yeah but how many moons you get per karma (i.e., per upvote)?

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Okay thanks now I'm gonna delete this app anyways. Fuck

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I know, I am happy selling them at 0.10 each, FUCK

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Uniswap gives us UNI

Reddit gives us MOON

What will 4chan give us?

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I have like 8 accounts but a few are in the negatives, how can I profit from this? How do I sell them?

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OK, the results are in. I was able to liquidate my 89,000 MOONS for $9100 USD.


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Not selling until $1.

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final haul

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Not even proud to say I know I have been here longer than you faggot

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>This blows UNISWAP airdrop out of the water.
>I can't believe I'm going to get almost a full free bitcoin just for shitposting on r/cryptocurrency.
This wasn't free, you had to be a faggot for many hours of your life.
>I got paid for doing my job
This is how much of a faggot you sound like

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Bro how? One of my accounts I have over 100k karma for shitposting

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I see people with 400k and 300k moons are you kidding me? You’re telling me I could have gotten $100k from shitposting over there all this time instead of doing it for free on /biz/?

Now I know how the jannies feel..

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The karma from r/cryptocurrency is all that counts. Just log into your account and see if you have any moons from r/cryptocurrency comment karma. Currently 400k moons is about 40k USD. I got 9100 USD for my 89k moons.

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Time to take monetise my autism on reddit. Au revoir motherfuckers

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Ehh some of us old timers have been there since the great Digg migration when reddit was still free and organic. Most of us have moved here now since plebbit og creator died and the company sold out

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And yet all this time I couldn't even comment on the cryptocurrency subreddit for not having enough karma.

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Link and >>22847901

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>The karma from r/cryptocurrency is all that counts.
The one place I never comment fml. That sub is so slow on crypto news it was hardly worth going there

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It was bustling with life in 2017-2018. I only really posted for 6 months

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How many moons do you get for one upvote? Also, is it worth it to buy upvotes or they will just ban you?
Congrats bro

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>Find top 100 ambiguous comments that follow Reddit hive Mind
>Create 10 accounts
>Copy paste sections to appease hive mind
Is it really this simple lads?

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Ah shit I see I didn't think that they would airdrop Moon. I thought that It would start now. I guess that my 200$ will turn to 100 by tomorrow uh.

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is this some retarded shitpost to try to get us to instal the app or something? I also wasted time on r/cryptocurrency in 2017...have a fair amount of karma. I just created a vault and checked for a balance....0. what am I missing here?

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