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i'm looking to start a side hustle. ideally 1-2 hours a day, but willing to do more upfront if necessary. do you guys have any advice on where i should begin?

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Go buy things at garage sales or thrift stores and sell them online

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that's actually not a bad idea. i'll put that on my list

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>Pnd in Id
start figuring out how to scam noobs into paying you for telling them what to buy

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consider a gambling addiction

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I'm a pretty big reseller. Started with like $100 bucks, now I'm getting mid to high 5 figures doing my side hustle from home.
This is good advice. I'll also add checking out discount outlets, especially for shoes and electronics.

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Don't do this its over saturated and Pajeet tier

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How did you get ungated for shoes?

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>1-2 hours a day

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If you have to ask then you’re probably ngmi

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maybe try and get freelance work through people-per-hour, fiverr etc.
do have any skills that would work?

a few examples: video editing, language translation, photoshop/artwork, music, accounting.

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Does it need to be legal?

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I used to do this with bike parts. By cheap stuff and build it into bikes....its not worth the time. The good deals are so far and few in between. Maybe good for a hobby as I built myself a sick bike for the price but the time I spend finding those parts would outway the benefit if I sold it.

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I don't sell on Amazon so don't have to worry about that. I don't recommend reselling sneakers there either.

What you want to know exactly?

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a decent thread on /biz/ and it's dying
first of all, sauce.
second, what do you sell and where? what kind of volume?

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NOOOOOOOO! The only way to make money is by crypto! You can't just talk about other stuff!

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I do Uber Eats on the side. Its easy to start up and you'll not $16 to $18 per hour.

Also mowing lawns is good

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*net 16 to 18 per hour

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Shoveling snow on your street. Get /fit/, get paid in cash, strengthen community bonds, and old people always hook you up if they like you. Impossible to scale however.

Sell drugs (If you sell niche drugs you'll meet a higher class of drug user)

Monetize any hobbies you already have

I used to know a /k/ommando who would sweep up brass from the range, reload it, and then sell it on for decent profits. The equipment is expensive though and he started doing it for himself because he shot so much.

If you have a lot of space (Farm, big yard, empty garage, etc) then rent out your space for storage. (Boat, car, furniture, etc)

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I used to resell literally anything and everything I could get my hands on. Now I resell
>Hypebeast & Designer clothing(inc. accessories)
>Restoring and reselling pianos and violins gets me a few thousand EACH. Rarely will I sell a violin in the 100s
>Flipping electronics (PCs, laptops, tablets, PS5, Xbox, Switch slots)

Mainly focusing on sneakers and instruments. Ill do electronics when I come across the opportunity.

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after you said that I looked at used pianos on ebay out of curiosity. I doubt I could do the same.

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The concept of side hustle is a fail, anon. You either hustle or you do not. A man cannot serve two masters. You can't keep your slave wagie job and try to hustle on the side. You'll burn out - it's nature telling you to pick a side. be a slave forever or go for it, take a leap of faith and see if you can make it on your own with no boss riding your ass.

Can you, nigger?

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