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>Bitcoin goes up
>Uni crabs
>Bitcoin goes down 0,1%
>Uni dumps hard

Why biz, why.

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I bought in a couple days ago when it tanked too. Still haven't figured out whether its good to hold mid-long term yet

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Long term is really bad. I wouldn't hold more than a year.

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I bought in at $8.50. I kid you not, I perfectly timed it. I'm pretty proud of myself actually. I'm the best at being bad. Anyway I'm thinking I'll hold until $0.20 or to $200 at this point

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Swap for hny if you like money

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yeah i guess i was only thinking the next couple months. I cashed out and made 2000$ but bought back in when it went down to 5$. Now just waiting to see what happens

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That’s how pump and dump shitcoins work anon. You just got into crypto?

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I don't know if just one year is newfag.
Is UNI really that much of a shitcoin tho?
I was expecting at least the double marketcap

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I don't think people realize how much inflation UNI is subject to over the first 4 years. If the price holds what it is right now, in 4 years the market cap will be 4.7 billion (5th largest mc, above Chainlink and Polkadot)

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How are you so convinced of this? Genuinely curious for my holdings sake

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yes, same

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I'm worried than Binance has killed it's appeal long-term

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I'm worried than Binance has killed it's appeal long-term. I use Uniswap because I don't want cefi to fuck me.

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uniswap website talks about a release schedule, inflating the supply and potentially diluting the market cap

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so pretty much sell as soon as it starts mooning?

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i have alot of uni and hate it.
uniswap is most expensive exchange to use.
gain or loss.

it will probably be worth 0.50 to 1.25

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I just dropped in to inform you, not for trading advice. I still have 1200 UNI from 3 wallets and I was away from Metamask when it was ~7 or 8. I might just sell now honestly.

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I see a lot of value in UNI simply because it's the governance token for the biggest dex in crypto by far and will likely continue to be the case. Moon soon boys no worries.

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why though if you believe that plan?

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I don't think it's reasonable to doubt the plan, that's right from their website. They are minting a lot more of these tokens meaning that unless they ~7x in the next 4 years, individual tokens should decrease in value.

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because uni is a shitcoin

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Gemini listed this garbage today. And other scams

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how can you be so dense? the market cap in 4 years is irrelevant to the next 6months? why are you desperate to sell lmao. there's a solid year from this point where it could go to $30 before the decline to more stable numbers. what is the rush

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Because its overbought due to hype. Did u niggers really think it was going to 10$? Just take your free gibs already and move on

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Uniswaps are safu

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The hype has died down, I'll buy in cheaper.

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the devs have 1billion of supply to drop it on u.
when price was 8$ the crirc. supply was 70mill
now its 150mill
nobody needs to sell and price will still dump.
this coin need to make 10x in mcap just to hold the price.

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unneeded token

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you paid for a free token, nice!

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Bots are set to dump as soon as BTC does anything, this leads to brainlets dumping when they see bots dumping. It's a bot-brainlet market now.

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Because uni is garbage