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Do I bet on the nigger or the juicehead?

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Juicehead. +160. I don’t think adesanya can take those blows.

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its pretty easy to bet on these. Just bet on the guy that has a bigger neck. Hard to get knocked out when your neck is strong.

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I would let Costa violate my asshole, so him.

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nattychad has all the right tools to beat him. After watching the Romero fight I don't think lasagna can finish him, but Costa can absolutely finish the skinny.

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this but I violate his asshole instead

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He is natural, and has never touched roids

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Better odds on favellanigger

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>"Ive never been caught with anything"
tells you all you need to know

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skinny nigger will get rekt desu

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Costa doesn't really look like a juice head desu. Just a guy with a nice physique.

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All in Izzy, Costa will literally not be able to survive past two rounds.

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Where can I watch the fight?

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the nigger is shook from the stare down
bet the house on borrachinha

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Izzy is gay af , he wears ear bells and look like a prison fag, I hope Costa rape his ass hard and steady

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hot ngl

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t. hasn't watched the Romero fights


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Thanks for this

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it's only $90

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