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>make tons of cash
>cash out some of it
>too greedy to spend it
>actually just want more money

Is something wrong with me. Making money feels better than spending it

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I know this feel

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Based. I want to own a home primarily, but once that's taken care of, just more money for me.

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>Making money feels better than spending it
You're gonna make it

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>I want to own a home primarily,
Yes the only thing I would really want is a house. Thought about buying a new pc because my old one is trash. But why should I do that, I only use it for browsing biz, youtube and investing in shitcoins. I wouldnt know how to spend the money

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That's how you know you're going to make it, well played OP.

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Lol I feel same,just making money makes me feel soo good than spending lol