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Tell me why you faggots hate this guy again? Serious answers please this time

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he's gonna put uni above 1k per uni...
and buy out uniswap.

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Hes in control

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Because binance keeps having 'server problems' when btc swings hard. People who trade with leverage on binance regularly get robbed.

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binance owns uniswap,
uni is 1k

Id be ok with this.

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>flooding the market with scams
>partnering with scammers
>price suppression

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Complicit in scams like BAND, cannot be prosecuted because of scummy loopholes he exploits

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So cant that be clearly proved they are manipulating the system so people will trade elsewhere? Thatd be pretty fucking stupid on their part, Binance is literally a cash machine without cheating at all

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No it cannot. They're fucking Chinese, you think their government is going to investigate a complicated slew of algorithms and databases to prevent them from robbing western people?

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lol if it happens enough times users can simply show people they are doing it, and binance will get rekt by no users, at least in margin

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> Billionaire
> Lives in a hotel room
> Works 16 hours a day
> Responds to Twitter baits and pajeets the entire day.
> No family and no gf.
What motivates him bros? Is it the threat from the Chinese Bitcoin mafia?

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He’s not pumping Uni

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class consciousness

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The only thing I admire about him is that he developed a new way to cross his arms

people think he's trustworthy because he doesn't cross his arms - look more closely, it is an illusion

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Still better than Bitfinex though.

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Or even worse Bitmex.

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He's a chink and he keeps suppressing my coins

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because he has a huge annoying ego

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I-i didnt buy shitcoins its bad Binance man supressing the price!!!

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i.e chink

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>worth 100 million
>plays WOW and shitposts on Twitter and 4chan all day
>bronie, multiple bans for bronie posting
Almost like having shitloads of money doesnt change that much and you still do the things you like in yr free time

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Malding chink

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Shit like pic related.

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Based and this

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jesus thank you the only legit response with sauce

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And pic related.

Binance already had a price band policy in place before the Link/USDT pair went live, so only a Binance insider could have placed a Link buy order at 0.0001 USDT.

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And pic related.

Binance already had a price band policy in place before the Link/USDT pair went live, so only a Binance insider could have placed a Link buy order at 0.0001 USDT.

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Hello fellow Link marine

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I responded basically the same thing. The fact that your sub 90 IQ brain cannot grasp things which do not fit into a simple image is your own fault.

And the image posted only shows a very small percentage of times binance fucked over their users. It's just because their average user is a complete retard, such as yourself, that people continue to use it.

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Binance is based in malta and CZ grow up in Canada. he stuied computer sience in montreal u retards.

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+0.15 bnb deposited into your account

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The pic shows a timeframe of 2 month in wich they had problems to handle high volume spikes... cuttet out of 4 years of existence in wich everything works fine.. including 2017 run.

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Protip: you have to make your exchange appear legitimate MOST of the time in order to pull scams SOME of the time.
Go to bed, CZ.

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Is he really 44? I thought younger. I guess it makes sense though, a lot of Gen X'ers are becoming extremely wealthy now

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Absolutely based.

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subhuman chink scammer

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he is based for a gook

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i don't hate him. actually he changed my life with his referral program. thank you based cz.

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what would u use instead to onramp fiat and trade with low fees?
coinbase aka nsa/fbi exchange?
i have nice experience with binance since end 2017...so cant complain.

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He believes that because white men such as myself have slept with so many beautiful asian women, that somehow makes him entitled to desire white women.

That’s why I don’t like him, honestly. No other reason.

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Great man
Funds safu, kills every competition

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he has over 1 billion net worth and his exchange make more money than deutsche bank every year. Also hes canadian.
He can have and threat women as he likes it, everywhere in the world.
And dont give a damn about ur thai whores.

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Please take your hate speech elsewhere.

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ok cz

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Why so salty. Zhao controls the market, he is the most based rice Nigger who ever lived. Hail CZ, his penis is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig

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Its the only exchange with an insurence that allready proofed.
Burgers are only mad cause they cant use it and have to pay mega fees to there coinbase NSA/IRS trap.

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cos SXP that's why

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In all seriousness plebs hate seeing someone like cz succeed so much, with so little, No genetic advantages, makes them hate it cause why can’t they . Bnb raised 10m and produced a few hundred x gains for investors

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>I buy crypto because it's not regulated!

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B-b-but I included the sauce anon! I DID I DID I DID LIKE A BIG BOY

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Awesome counter point....Im convinced CZ hate is CCP bots, rival exchanges, you faggots have produced literally zero convincing evidence and have been deemed utter faggots in Kleros Supreme court.

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Here comes the real answer: he is rich and they are poor.

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Because he is a disgusting chink who suppresses the price of LINK.

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He uses governance tokens on Binance to vote for his own purposes. Look up Steem and how he used other people’s tokens to vote against his own customers interests.
He will kill uniswap by doing the same thing.

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seems pretty based

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My point is that people get away with pulling scams, because retards such as yourself are too lazy to research anything and instead base your entire world view on (funny) easy to grasp images.

It's like watching the movie idiocracy materialize.

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Wait, so all I gotta do is hold and this Chinese guy will make me rich???

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Duh, you are not the fastest?
Hail CZ

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>website awful to navigate
>try to get exchange, end up on some page that look like a wiki list of shitcoins
>exchange page doesnt have button to manually refresh wallet balance?? wtf!? have to refresh whole page to update balance
>profile and wallet dashboard layout is terrible

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Gonna set back crypto 5 years when he's arrested for money laundering.

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You mean sell order