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What did CZ mean by that? Sold my entire stack tonight.

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Good job selling your coins retards

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Hopefully ftm can be used to swap on uni

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they got bought out ahahahhaha

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>Hopefully ftm can be used to swap on uni

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I recommend panic selling before binance submits a proposal to disband uniswap

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No other exchange will want to let them have it cheap lol

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>he doesn't know

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It's over

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lolol dex meme

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I told you fucking retards that the coin could have been going for tens and hundreds of dollars and these fucks would have still been buying them but you just had to sell it dirt cheap to buy a PS5 didn’t you?

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it means no other address holds 1% of the supply yet

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Fuck me in the ass

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The FUD is real. Poor OP if he actually panic sold LMAO

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FUD me harder Daddy

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> let's distribute tokens to the users!
> binance gets most of them because short sighted users dumped
> binance now has majority control
kek decentralization is a myth

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But its true, the chink owns a lot of the supply

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Low volume green dildos on the hourly are followed by multiple red hourly dildos. I sold at the top of this green dildo around 4.92

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So is this bullish or bearish?

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Based CZ

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governance hasn't even started yet and you didn't read the whitepaper if you think no one else will hold 1%

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Tokens should have come with a warning label saying ”DON’T SELL” maybe then the dumbasses would get it

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I told you guys that Uniswap tricked Binance and Coinbase into giving Uniswap users a shit-ton of money

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in the end they are just helping uniswap.
There will be way more drops.

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Watch binance propose to burn the supply

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> governance hasn't started yet
> free and currently useless tokens mass dumped onto market
or maybe they should have drummed up excitement for participating in governance and made it viable and functional then released the tokens. you can't incentivize in crypto anymore on a future maybe

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Who would have thought!

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fuck cz fuck binance never selling my uni tokens and never using binance

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Yup. V3 isn’t even out yet, but people start getting weak hands.

Ever wonder why rags to riches stories are a thing? In reality, the poor stay poor.

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Maybe now you will understand that what we’ve been calling a ”golden ticket” all this time wasn’t a meme baka

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That post.....those digits.....

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No wonder it pumps during Chinese hours

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So should I put 1k link into uni?

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Nice check, nice get. UNI @ 13.33 EOM.

Israel has no right to exist, chinks manufactured Wu flu in a lab, fuck CZ.

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> trips
> v3
kek blessed a gay furry token? Interdasting

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who are you checking newfag?

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They aren't buying it so they can sabotage it....

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Sorry to say it again, told you so
Zhao wins Good bye Gay horses

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> it's useless bro
>Binance will sink it to zero using this non existent function
which is it?

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Binance will cripple it, leave it as a playing field for degenerates, load off possible dangers for their reputation on it and keeps strengthening Bsc.

It will not go to 0, but certainly not to the moon

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are you stupid? I said it's useless now and they released it now before the usefulness is created and wonder why binance now have majority control
binance will not sink but they now control uniswap meaning it is effectively worthless as a dex.
tldr uniswap is now under cz's control. kek

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Well, me...

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fuck guys im really nervous all of a sudden. does this mean i should sell my free bag or what??

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they were free. why sell. Pool your horses for horse shit

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>Nice check, nice get. UNI @ 13.33 EOM.
fuck I might actually dust off my CB pro and throw real world dollars into this now. My 400 freebies seem....inadequate now.

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Sold my stack

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Voting is not useful to me.

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They didn’t account for people being complete dumbasses I guess, like who the fuck in their right mind would sell? Oh right, the same people who sold all their BTC, ETH and LINK. They never fucking learn do they?

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No, it means you should hold because Binance still needs to keep buying to have enough influence to control voting

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The major players in cefi DO NOT want Binance having control over the biggest defi exchange.

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOW STUPID ARE YOU?! Even if it’s not important to you other people who find it important will be paying anything to get their hands on them. Get the fuck off this board.

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The fate of Uniswap is not important to me, I use Mooniswap because it is cheaper and less gay/cooler. If they wanted me to hodl they should have announced features for the coin over the past 7 days to keep the price going up instead of letting whales/their direct competitors manipulate the price downwards. There is no fun in hodling a depreciating asset.

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binance won't dump them or be that blunt with their proposal. hell just by owning 8% of supply they're stunting the growth of uni without doing anything.

at worst they'll recommend governance ideas that make uni a more structured partner with binance - which is bad for crypto as a whole but probably good for liquidity so kind of a wash in absolute terms.

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Whales will mine enough to keep dumping on people. People want to buy at 1 dollar, not 5.

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Oh wow another shitty L1 dex gets fucked in the ass by CZ who could have seen it coming

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>Whales will mine
The tokens are released over 4 years, not mined from what I understand

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the people selling are not the problem.

the people choosing to put their airdropped uni on a cex are the problem. binance has control of so many uni because of their role as a custodian for user funds.

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>control most coins
>vote that all remaining coins be moved to your wallet
>pass the governance resolution
>own 100% supply

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I'm sure your street shitting vantage affords you the most astute perspective, Ranjeet.

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They could just pass a proposal to exclude large exchange wallets from governance... easy

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I can’t think of anything more Pajeet than insinuating that dogshit layer 1 DEX’s are a permanent fixture in crypto and don’t get backed left and right by cex’s because they know they’ll never compete or be a long term solution. CZ already bankrolled serum before this, and that’s not including the official Binance dex.
You are a double digit Indian retard if you don’t understand the incentive CEX’s have to highlight the shittiest, slowest DEX’s imaginable. And those are Layer 1 DEX’s.

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who? are you suggesting binance would exclude themselves from governance rights for their main competitor? nobody else could submit a gov request if they wanted to.

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How? If the big exchange is the one that controls the outcome. Horses got fucked, the kucoin hacked Token are send to uniswap draining your liquidity

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They're putting money in because Uniswap is valuable, not to tank it.

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Binance is better. The fees are lower and the coins tend to more often not be rugpulls. I lose nothing by it being decentralized. Fuck Metamask. Migrate Uniswap to Binance. Then replace Ethereum. Funds are safu.

Look at this and defend Metamask:

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Chinks are subhuman insects. This has been proven. They have brains like spiderwebs.

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Shut the fuck up, newfag.

Who defends centralized exchanges, you chink/retard.

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Metamask is just a wallet. At least learn what you are talking about

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I guess I see the play.
>Have some hacker through proxy fuck Kucoin
>Have the hacker fuck Uniswap
>Vote in some airdrop for the fucked poolers
>Be seen as the honest man in crypto
This isn't the end end for uniswap, but nothing will be as before. Masterfully planned and executed. Big respect to CZ

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If we were able to turn back the clocks, what would have been the proper way to go about distribution?

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based CZ, this chink also controls CuckLink

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Wait, where's the kleros court?

>> No.22828321

There would have been non.
You are playing against a Machiavellian mastermind protecting his turf, and expanding

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same. dumped my stack and just watching the knife fall on on these idiots

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sounds like someone got burned and is mad butthurt

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Binance is buying all the UNI they can and you think there will be a falling knife? lol

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this is bad for defi, but short term this is going to pump UNI

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What the fuck r u talking about

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We hate you

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Token not needed, whales will keep dumping the price down while chinkbots will keep it pegged to BTC. BTC is a safer investment.

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This is bad, yes?

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UNI not pump or dump except when BTC move. UNI not fall to zero, but not moon to 1000 like moonbois said. 4.50 stablecoin.

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Remember Sushi?

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If the chinks get control, just fork it again lmao.

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We need flags

Fuck chinks

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It is a governance token, it obviously is needed, and whales are the one's that pumped it in the first place, it is minnows that are dumping

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Told you faggots that this would happen

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kys you dirty chink fuck

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>CZ owns most of uniswap
>he’s going to crash it to zero

Some real big brain moves there

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CZ = cancer

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Binance has incentive to pump the price to raise the barrier of submitting proposals to a competing group. Major bull signal

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Female to male

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Bullish for Binance and UNI. Binance keep controls of the market and CZ will probably introduce a fee with the governance which will have to be paid to UNI holders (himself)

>> No.22828866

But will people want to keep using Uniswap ?

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> uniswap is no longer a dex because it is controlled by binance
I hope they have more tokens in reserve because this literally kills the idea that they are a real dex. This is what cz calls cedefi I guess...

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if L2 solutions can scale uniswap cheaply using arbitrum or optimism or something else then I guess it would still have value (controlled by Chinks still)

>> No.22828934


Good question, I probably will since the trading is still decentralized. If a good business man what to handle the fee's and governance stuff it's fine. He got a shit ton of money to put into UNI to help it become even better if he want.

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I can't wait for CZ to ban burgers from uniswap.

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Very good phrasing.
Their neurons are not wired like aryan humans. Literal insectoid consciousness patterns

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Token not needed, whales dumped coin from 8.5 to 6.9, coin died after then. Uniswap abandoned coin, now they panic that CZ owns them. Stupid people get stupid prizes.

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>a 100% pajeet exchange

What a brilliant idea.

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This just says only CZ can submit proposals so far.
But the community can still vote, right?
I mean they airdropped this shit knowing some whales would be buying up to hit 1% ... and of course Binance has the capital to do that, so they must have figured this was a likely scenario.

Further consolidation by another whale is likely. Always two there are.

But yeah, there was never going to be community-driven proposals if only one percenters can submit proposals, the system is designed to be governed by crypto whales.

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lol you are a dipshit. Stay poor

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I wonder if it will just crab here

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>made it viable and functional then released the tokens
So you think they should have released functional governance tokens before releasing the tokens? Did you even think before you wrote that?

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> jeet reading comprehension level decreases
yes they should have made the tokens have a use at release instead of saying have these tokens they will do cool shit in the future.

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Finna someone that can actually read, every pajeet and tard in this thread acting like CZ now owns uniswap

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buy DEXG, the uniswap killer.

>> No.22830095

Fuck uni, rugpulls and slippage

>> No.22830114

' living IN a SHITCOIN paradise ;_+|)

>> No.22830199

then why not try some VRA anon?

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Chicken and egg situation. You can't have viable governance until the tokens have been distributed. And according to you, you shouldn't distribute the tokens until they can be used to vote.
Read that in the context of this thread and you will understand why uniswap has chosen the best approach here.
>acting like CZ now owns uniswap
Everyone who missed out on the airdrop or sold too early is jumping on any negative uni news. It helps them feel better about missing out or selling too early.

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>We been spending all our ETH swappin' in a shitcoin paradise

>> No.22830250

shut the fuck up new fag. CEXs are why your fucking BTC has been sideways under $10k for longer than it should be.

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If someone successfully proposed that and it looked like it might pass, would whales rush in to buy tokens and vote against it, causing the price to moon?

>> No.22830886

so we just pool for the 1% and propose to fuck over CZ?

>> No.22830893

CZ is the only one who can make proposes
CZ goes to make proposes degens will vote one
Those proposes will overall not be positive for uniswap but for individuals looking for a quick dump
Reputation lose continues for uniswap
Liquidity flowing into uniswap dries up
Liquidity flowing out increases, most probably to Binance
Uniswaps dies a slow painful dead while being cannibalized by Indians and Chinks with 400 dollar a month

>> No.22830900

Say bye bye to UNI ever doing anything. Binance is a death flag.

>> No.22830986

checked. No I said you should have hyped up your users to participate in the exchange's governance process by using tokens. Instead they were just airdropped out of the blue and subsequently dumped because no one understood the significance (or maybe they were right and there is no significance?)
> 1200usd or whatever is epic gibs
maybe to third worlders kek
> missing out
classic satsgang shill script kys
> ownership = control
not necessarily but best to keep cex and dex seperate desu

>> No.22831014

Binance has an incentive to kneecap uniswap to remain king (they own Mooniswap so they don't need it). They could also roll Uniswap over to their Binance smart chain and take market share from Ethereum.

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Not selling. $40 EOY.

>> No.22831296

>Israel has no right to exist, chinks manufactured Wu flu in a lab, fuck CZ.
Highly based
UNI holders with strong hands will make it

>> No.22831337

Binance technically can but that uni is mostly owned by traders

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Dead project. Stabbed by CZ, bleeding to 0. Reputation = gone.

>> No.22831503

this is false. you can pool together coins across users tomeet the requirement.

>> No.22831537

I'd vote for that just for their gay unicorn faggot gay faggotry

>> No.22831554


There is no need to, as both binance and uniswap are partners of orion protocol, a liquidity solution. Binance as the primary CEX and Uniswap as the primary swap pool.

They are not in competition right now. Binance is simply being smart with their investments.

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bitcoin is boomer crypto

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Fucking retards who went over to Binance and sold

Do you understand how low IQ you are?

>> No.22831639

Must suck to be you. Opened so many flanks satis, felled to secure cyкa блять

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nice quads anon

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Token not needed.

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dexg will kill uni before CZ does, revolutionary automated market maker with no slippage and an order book on a DEX.

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Quads means it must be true madlad.

>> No.22832253

For the retards that don't understand how the world works: this is how the people who funded uniswap development get their ROI.

>> No.22832311

Glow nigger

>> No.22832319

You can submit whatever you want, doesn't mean it'll get approved.

>> No.22832325

buy low sell high faggots

>> No.22832768

>what are delegates

jesus christ this coin is going to 100 isnt it

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>"Now see, I'm holding the keys to the factory that manufactures the majority of all silicon products. Apple, Intel, Microsoft, AMD, Samsung, Sony et al. wants my share. Hmmmm, maybe if I take the first and lowest bid I'll finally afford dat dere ps5 and some games. Shiiiiieeet I'm finna market sell."

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CZ stands no chance AGAINST THE DEX.

>> No.22832938

gonna reply to previous OPtard because he's point was way more clear
v3 "announcement" was just a fake story made up on discord by some pajeets to feed hopium to idiots
>public release of website should be tied to market fluctuations otherwise it's shit
that's not really related to market at all, who cares about you stupid bagholders who bought in stupid v3 meme?
>now Binance has all the coins
you can delegate votes to anyone to help them get 1%, but I personally don't really believe it gonna change anything, people generally are not interested in voting nor delegating votes, according to snapshot governance website.
But this situation is bullish for both UNI(token) and Binance because CZ, whales and exchanges need to maintain majority and buy more and more because the supply is getting dilluted by LP rewards (market buying is low IQ for them though, they're gonna get UNI by providing liquidity which is a win-win for both). And don't forget about protocol fees that needs to be switched on by vote. Basically they gonna maintain a way higher entrance to buy UNI, raising the bar for anyone else to hold 1%, as a bonus they'll get pretty nice weekly returns from overall tnxs.
Would you, as Uniswap user, be hurt by
>CEX providing more liquidity
>additional half-a-cent transaction fee
Would you? If Uniswap had no CEX at play, pajeets would just propose and vote for more airdrops. Look at proxy airdrop disscussions, pajeets are mad they're not given free UNI for running their scams through proxy contracts. It's really shortsighted desicion but you're probably fine with it.

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History is a circle.

Games of old are new again.

The airdrop was equity akin to having to own land to vote.


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If only there was a second layer solution to bundle peasant votes

>> No.22833582

And you will never understand American history
or the history of the Occident durin’ the past 2000 years unless you look at one or two problems;
namely, sheenies and usury.
One or the other or BOTH. I should say, both.
– Ezra Pound