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I am 22 applying to med school. I also want to retire early. Is it dumb to invest in med school but want to retire by 50? I do want to have one child and I am a woman so obviously I would take off for a year or two but 20 years working isn’t dumb despite the 8 year education and 4 yr residency, right?

Potential loan total would be 200k if I get into my state uni.

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definitely go into med school if you want to work for the rest of your life

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>I am a woman
First, you have to ask yourself "Am I LARPing?"

Then, you have to followup and ask yourself if you're in it for the money or for the actual work+lifestyle.

There are better options for making money these days.

For comparison, retiring in your 40s in software engineering is basically a given for a normal stint in the industry where you are prioritizing money.

You can be a millionaire in your 30s from SWE, with no high risk investments, because you can start as young as 18 (self study) or at least early 20s with a BS. Starting early + low/no debt is a huge advantage over medicine.

Also take into account things like "how do I work from home as a doctor?" I'm sure there's some medical doctors doing that, but most are showing up to their hospital or practice, especially if they are actively working on or examining someone's body

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>I want to retire early so I chose a degree that takes 12 years to even get started in the field
>Retire by 50 is early
Jesus fuck anon, you could work at a gas station, live with your parents and put all your money into Crypto and Stonks and have enough to retire when you're 30, but instead you will be $200k in debt and not be able to really save until you're 40 where the oppurtunity is massively reduced because of how interest compounds the 20 year old with no debt will end up far outcompeting you financially despite your wages since you don't get rich renting your time out in that manner.

>I am a woman
Well there is your problem.
>I want one child
You will need to do so while you're still in school which will make studies difficult and you'll need to bet on a man who has barely even begun his life.

There are 3 things you can work on in life, Self, Love, and Money. You can only do 2 at a time. You want a career? Why? For money or because you enjoy the work. These are decisions that are difficult to make when you've never done anything, but unfortunately ones you have to make. Your best bet would just be to marry a rich man and then do what you want with your life.

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> I am a woman

Serious question, why do women always feel a need to tell us that they are women on an anonymous board? Also, why is it only women in crypto who post selfies and actual real life photos of themselves on twitter?

Is it all attention seeking, if so, are u as a collective all that severely mentally ill?



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Healthcare consultant here. If you want a job in big Pharma that pays $175K/year, all you need is a 4 year pharmacy degree (pharmacist license - MPH) + MBA. Companies now are searching for people with scientific and business acumen.

Generics companies are eating up more and more market share from big Pharma, and big Pharma is dumping boatloads of money into discovering/incubating new innovative drugs and pipeline to counter this (because generics only in-license old drugs), so they want a business savvy pharmacist to lead them to new money.

Eli Lilly, Novartis, Merck, etc are all fighting over talent that have both. Eli Lilly will wait at your MBA graduation ceremony to recruit you at the door for fuck sake.

It’s cheaper than spending 8+ years in Med school just to work at some shit hospital and make no difference. You’ll make more connections in the corporate world anyway - and actually make a bigger impact to patients in the grand scheme of things.

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>Become Big Pharma corporate monkey instead of working in hospital
Again decide why you're doing any of this, if it is to have money you're a dumb fucking retard since there are many other easier ways to have infinite money without selling your soul the Dr. Shekelberg and his cronies.

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Can you share some of these ways?

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There are much worse programs to take on 200k of debt for. But find out if your loans will start compounding interest immediately, or after graduation. If so, beware

Med school students are also some of the most mentally broken, depressed, suicidal people out there. If you can’t imagine associating with this crowd or could see yourself becoming a part of it yourself, pick a different path.

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show your titties

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A PharmD/MPH is 5 years. With a MBA that’s 6. Why collect so many degrees for 1 job?
Med school plus residency is 9 years and with a good specialty, you can make 250k+

Which sounds better to u, honestly?

The only reason I care about money so much is because I don’t want to work for my whole life and I want to be proud of myself for achieving something difficult.

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Do all women make a point and then rub it in with a snarky question?

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Pride will be the death of you

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The most difficult and meaningful thing you will ever achieve is raising your children and having a family, but women seem to have forgotten the joy of life.

Having a job that makes half as much with less time investment will result in much more money over the course of your life since it will begin compounding earlier, and you won't have as much debts. And it will be less stressful not requiring enormous amounts of work, someone making $250k a year in a hospital is doing a lot more than 40hours of work in a week and it spills into every aspect of your life. How you expect to be involved in a 4 year olds life while you're working a high stress position is a pipedream and that intelligent women are doing this bullshit instead of having and caring for their children is partially why society is so dysgenic. You will need a nanny, but who cares since you make so much money. That kid doesn't matter.

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Get a MBA and go into banking/consulting if you just want to stack, faster and simpler

>t 30yo boomer MBA in fintech, 170k annual 20% bonus target

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> applying to med school


Watch this 10 times in a row. Get back when you get smarter. Med-s are gonna be top-tier wagie-cagie soon.

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There is only one thing more miserable in an hospital than a male doctor and it's a female doctor. I don't think I know a woman doc at the hospital that isn't a bitter hag by the time she reaches 45.
Back when I was a student and even resident the bipolar among seniors were at 80% women.

Otherwise going into med school to make money is always a terrible idea, it's just not worth it.
If I was a young woman I would rather try to marry a med student.

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Great question.

My advice would be to think out of the box on that. What do you define as difficult? “Salary” can be a byproduct of your aptitude and qualifications - it will come naturally with whichever route you take.

However there a plenty of doctors already. The people who are impacting healthcare on a high level are people who went a different path - doctors/pharmacists who went in-house to big Pharma or to strategic consulting.

They look past the relatively few patients they would see at a hospital or private practice and take that knowledge to help a big group of patients with unmet needs. They advise huge organizations on how to use their vast resources to penetrate a new therapeutic area.

You may be working for a company or firm, but hey, you can always dump your excess cash flow into shitcoins to make it if you wanted. Up to you.

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if you're into math i'd recommend learning to code instead but since you're 22 it's probably too late to get a degree which is super helpful for actually getting a job, especially since lately on this board a bunch of CSfags have been crying about not being able to get a job

graduated with no debt and a sick ass job, shit is cash

>t. 300k/y, faang

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>want to retire by 50

That's great, because you're going to be "retiring" by the age of 35 and working part time in Walmart

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>you could work at a gas station, live with your parents and put all your money into Crypto and Stonks and have enough to retire when you're 3
>being this delusional

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hicks really think like this

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7+ years and massive debt?

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Don't forget medical practice insurance which is about 100k a year and taxes

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I’ll look into the possibility.
I hate math and programming. Seems ver dry and boring. I’ve always preferred social sciences and biological sciences but thanks for the recommendation.

You’re never too old to go back to school btw

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>You’re never too old to go back to school btw
i disagree, this is a meme unless you got a degree initially that was cheap and total shit and you can get a cheap degree for CS, etc. especially in cs if you're good and can self-study and grind you don't necessarily need a degree but it's much harder

i went to school for free thanks to growing up poor so i can't really relate

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But what does that have to do with age?

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>these exist
>school is worthwhile for CS
4 years of CS does not teach you any of the relevant skills needed to actually be involved with pioneering technological innovation.

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If you want to get into medical school, you should say that you're a tranny. That's more important than doing well on the MCAT.

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i imagine you have much less access to scholarships and need based finaid if you're entering undergrad after few years of working/being in industry

i'm not saying this is absolute. it is much better to get another degree if you want in your 20s/30s than when you're 50+ (i'd argue it's retarded to go to college past this age unless you're rich or just want to learn and pass time in some other hobby)

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Depends entirely on your specialty.

I work in physician staffing. I met tons of doctors who went 450k into debt just to make 160-180k/year in family med or primary care and barely keep their heads above water. They’ll be working well into their 60’s

If you do any cutting like in cardio-thoracic, ENT, uro, gs, etc then you should be fine. Finding a job that pays 450k+/year (some cardio-thoracics I work with make 1 mil+) will be easy. Many of them are retiring super early.

But are you willing to work for it? PC and family med is the easy way out with 3 years of residency. You may as we just go to PA school and make slightly less but for half the schooling/training. But for those cutting jobs specialties I talked about, you're looking at a brutal and very competitive residency field (lasting 5-7 years) with an even more cutthroat fellowship training (1-2 years) after that. So assuming you manage to get into med school at 24, you aren’t seeing any good money until your mid to late 30s. Your cutting residencies will pay just enough to survive—something like 45-55k/year. And god knows what kind of interest will have accrued on your loans by the time you can try paying them off

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i mean yeah, but i think my degree helped me understand deeper concepts in CS that overall made me a better engineer. sure i didn't have more project-based classes until junior year but by that time i had a good understanding of how a computer works, how algorithms work, how to prove correctness, etc.

though i agree, you can def become competent and get a job with just free resources, i just think it's harder unless you're really motivated. you can find all the stuff i mentioned anyway online for free too, MIT and Stanford have free online classes as do many top tier schools

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also on my first point, it's much harder to get into 'good' undergrad programs if you're older, and those are typically the ones with more money to give for finaid. you could go to a state school/CC for another degree, but imo what's the point if your degree won't give you much more pull for getting interviews, at the end of the day if your school isn't impressive you need to be impressive with side-projects, experience, etc.

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If I was to go for a second Bachelors at my old school, it wouldn’t be expensive because the school was never that expensive to begin with... stop discouraging ppl from going to school in adulthood

Honestly I know nothing about CS. I thought people could get decent jobs in it with a degree from anywhere, even without a degree supposedly. If there’s such a barrier to entry, why bring it up in the first place?

Why are people 450k in debt wtfff
The universities around here are like 250k max
I would never go into family medicine. If I did, I would become a PA. I want to be a derm though.

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The idea that you need $200k a year to sustain yourself is ludicrous and anti-zen pilled.
With 10k chainlink you will have plenty of money to never work a day in your life and is easy to have accumulated if you browsed this board daily and worked at Mcdonalds putting your money into crypto over the last 3 years.

Now consider doing this for 7 years and you easily have plenty of money for a family, house, car, and pleasure. Abstract numbers like future earnings are irrelevant as the economy will be vastly different then anyway.

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>If I was to go for a second Bachelors at my old school, it wouldn’t be expensive because the school was never that expensive to begin with.
if your school is this cheap you should check with their office to see what the hiring rate is for different degrees and if people actually go to good/well-paying companies. like i said, the worse your qualifications (school that granted the degree included) the harder you have to grind to show you're worth it to employers vs ivy league+ CS new grads who may very well have successful side-projects too

>stop discouraging ppl from going to school in adulthood
nigga you're trying to pick up 200k in debt for a field you might not even end up pursuing lmao (as in shit happens, there's no guarantee you finish med school and have a healthy life that enables you to work as a doctor to pay that debt off and save), you tell me what's more destructive to suggest for the average biztard

>I thought people could get decent jobs in it with a degree from anywhere, even without a degree supposedly
read biz as of late, there are tons of retards bitching about not getting hired. i'm guessing the pandemic made all these start-ups and bigger companies running on less runway than needed for a crisis got fucked and had to lay off tons of folks, and now hiring is fucked across the board

the barrier to entry is probably temporary for now given covid

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>Why are people 450k in debt wtfff
Because they take out 6 figure loans and let interest accrue for 10 years

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I would go with cheapest school possible (factoring in fin aide) there is a shortage of md”s so its not like you need to go to a prestigious expensive school to get a good job.

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I can't find the hiring rate but I just looked up the postgrad results and the average CS major makes "77k with an average additional salary of 19k"
is that good for CS?
I mean for people who maybe didn't finish their bachelors or didn't have a plan at 22 but at 25, they are motivated, why not go back?
I feel bad for primary care docs then. it's not worth the schooling. I know a lot of girls who wanted the MD sooo bad but they're in primary care so what's the point? I would ask my cousin about her loans and financial situation but I think its kinda rude since we're not close

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i'm also talking more specifically about getting a job at FAANG, etc. if you want a 90k eng job you can probably find it more easily but these are the types of jobs biztards have been complaining about not landing lately

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Kek another white whore who wants everything but whose eggs will dry up long before she's ready to settle down with a nice guy at 42

Here's my advice to you, white whore, kill yourself

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>I mean for people who maybe didn't finish their bachelors or didn't have a plan at 22 but at 25, they are motivated, why not go back?
yeah i alluded to this in >>22817459, it's not as bad for someone in 20s/30s with a solid plan and drive to succeed, but you need to weigh all options and make sure you know what you're doing before taking on more debt imo. would suck to get a degree, get more debt, go into the field, and realize you hate it

>the average CS major makes "77k with an average additional salary of 19k" is that good for CS?
in general i would think so, but the upper echelon of salaries is retarded. for example a new grad at FAANG can make 170k starting, and the promo after that can be more than 250k after initial stock grant rises. it's a nice life. check out levels.fyi if you're curious for more data on these sorts of companies, but like i said it's really hard to get into them, you almost need luck, skill, and to be in the right place at the right time sometimes to land these.

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yeah I get your point.

I honestly was never geared towards this path or even heard of CS until uni but I guess it's nice! I have a friend at MIT so she'll be outearning me at a good company when she graduates in two years. I'm happy for her.

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I don't even get why they want to help Mr Noseberg so badly. Surely at this point you would expect them to have learned it's all a con?
Yet they keep throwing themselves at Nosebergs feet for the crumbs. Truly a foolish thing to empower women with rights.

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yeah no worries, i hope you succeed anon, it sounds like you know what you want, just make sure to live like a poor and throw as much money at those loans as you can early on, compounding is a bitch when it works against you

and nice, it's possible i went to MIT too ;) assuming she's CS tell her to take Eran Egozy's class on music programming, it's really fun

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You'll work 80 hours a week, staring at a screen and clicking around an EMR, be face-to-face with patients like twenty minutes for every hour of the day. You'll be employed by a health system or owned by a management company directed by a private equity firm, so either a clipboard nurse or dumbass MBA will be critiquing your clinical decision making, chiding your RVU's, nagging you about your MIPS activities, wanting you to do marketing, etc. You will see declining reimbursement from payers who want your profession to go extinct, declining job security from your employed network because admin will hire APP's instead of you at a fraction of the price, and declining take home pay because of increasingly expensive malpractice insurance. Your loans will never be forgiven, even if the entire universe implodes into heat death. Your profession doesn't have anywhere near the respect, admiration, and clout it had decades ago, and fewer and fewer people trust or like physicians, anyway. You will be targeted by financial advisors wanting to scam you out of money (because doctors are shit with finances). Your work life will be interrupted by pharma reps and hospice reps and device reps all day long pretending to be your friend. Nurses will try to baby trap you or openly disrespect you if they feel they can get away with it. And your profession has the highest rate of depression and suicide imaginable. I wouldn't go to medical school for free in 2020, let alone go into 200k+ debt for it.

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Will it perform eye surgery soon? I want to keep my job a bit longer

>> No.22818764

Being a doctor sounded cool and then I grew up. Who the fuck wants to spend their life working in a hospital all day? Seems miserable

>> No.22818811

Brain surgery is first, I would assume eye surgery is soon after since the machines do it many times safer than a surgeon since y'know machines.

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Women dont belong in medicine, women belong in the kitchen and shitting out kids. Find a husband with a 10k link stack and youll be set

>> No.22818858

shut the fuck up with your cope, OP will end up shitting on your salary, stay mad

>> No.22818864

You're talking about a chance to make money. With a med degree you are GUARANTEED to make some nice numbers

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You say first but to me I feel that is a 10-20 years down the road. You can't automate cataract or retinal surgery. I'd take AI for diagnostic purposes though, that would make my life easier

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>9 out of 10 covid intubations died

Hope you enjoy killing people. Nb4 b-b-but not muh specialty

>multiple studies show when doctors strike, don’t work, for whatever reason, less people die

Nb4 b-b-but muh big money

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There is an interesting paper that shows that admitted heart patients fare better in a hospital when a cardiologist is NOT involved in their clinical care.

>> No.22819015

Denial is but one step of the way to full recovery.

>> No.22819042

Historically if you want to die, the fastest way is to get a doctor to come "save" you. This has not changed just because Modern Medicine made it so that you can kill bacteria and sterilize a wound.

>> No.22819228

Sure thing mate, you really underestimate the complexity of eye surgery. The fucking brain is a mostly still organ. Old people can't stop moving their fucking eyes. Either way I'm probably retiring at that time from my shitcoin gains so I just hope to do ophthalmology a couple hours a week

>> No.22819263

Tits or gtfo

>> No.22819279

You have much more specific knowledge in the field so it is possible that eye surgery is too complex, but I don't see why a machine would not be able to re-calibrate for some old man moving his eye slower than a human could.

>> No.22819281

>med school
>retire early

This is literally why there's a shortage of doctors. Woman goes to medical school, finishes at age 28, has a kid or two at ages 31-33, doesn't work much until 37-38, then retires at 50. Please save medical school spots for autists that will work from age 30-70, thanks.

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>but everyone should have equal opportunity it doesn't matter if she wastes the 12 year education after using it for 8 years at least she had fun

>> No.22819329

Because people assume you're a man unless you say otherwise on 4chan. But there's no point in telling anyone otherwise because they'll just reply "tits or GTFO" or other shit like that. There are 2 types of women who say they're women on 4chan: 1) those who haven't learned know how it will go 2) and those who do and want to post tits. Women who post tits either do it to promote their business or just seek approval generally. All the other women just stay anon because they'd get nothing out of telling people lol

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More like it’s caused my the American Medical Association lobbying the fed to put a cap on residency slots and keeping MD/DO artificially inflated in return.

>> No.22819434

>If you want a job in big Pharma that pays $175K/year, all you need is a 4 year pharmacy degree (pharmacist license - MPH) + MBA
"all you need" is not an appropriate phrase to apply to getting 3 degrees just to get started lmfao.

This is how you end up 28 years old with 200k debt instead of 200k net worth.

Sorry, sounds like trash. Not absolute trash, as there are ways to do way worse on the income side, but this is way too much time and money in school.

>> No.22819685

I'm not saying it isn't, but sometimes "recalibration" means taking the instruments from inside de eye and breathing for a bit. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I feel we will see some form of mixed teamwork between AI and man before some form of true automation takes over.

>> No.22819742

Yes but America's healthcare is already a joke and if we remove the Jewish school boards we're going to end up with a litany of mentally ill alternative medicine people flooding into the system. We're really just doomed, honestly.

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Why do you want to retire? What does retirement represent to you? What does it look like and why can you not have that experience right now, and every day for the rest of your life? Why feel like you need to earn some reward after 3 decades when you can have it right now?

You want a child probably before 30. This means you will have a kid while in school. Not the easiest thing in the world, still a possibility. But having a kid changes your priorities. Why do you want a kid? What role do you want to play in your kid's life? How available will you be for them?

Why do you want to go into the medical profession? What do you hope to accomplish and spend your time doing? What do you want to experience and share with other people? What do you want to bring to the table? Can you do that anywhere, or is it limited to a narrow set of options?

Most doctors I've met, and my three closest friends are doctors (ER surgeon, anaesthesiologist, and some other bullshit), most doctors I've met do not belong where they are, but they signed up for a system years ago that pigeonholed them into a specialization and a field that they don't fit. It pays to give up the fantasy and actually play it out. Sit down for a few days, and do nothing but wrestle with these questions. Be really honest with yourself.

>> No.22820240

Also want to point out that most of the actually high paying medical fields (cardio thoracic, just remembered my other buddy's job) are hyper cutthroat and there are many reasons why males dominate in these fields. Hint: it has very little to do with sexism.

Take a good look in the mirror and let go of your ego for a bit, ask yourself without pride getting in the way or a misplaced desire to show or prove anything to anyone, especially yourself, if you actually want to go into the medical profession. There are significantly more impactful positions and pathways out there where an individual can shine, and very few of those have anything to do with being a worker bee. If you want to actually help people, help fix the system. You don't do that as a technician. You do that as an administrator, as a managerial asset, not as an engineer.

>> No.22820482

Let's do some math.

Assume that you were working at McDonalds and a gas station living with your parents and saved $20k a year investing it into a strategy that gives 8%. This would mean you don't even enter crypto which is dumb but you're a washed up roastie who will be unable to find a valid partner so it makes sense.

At the time of ending residency you have a degree and $200k into debt conservatively, but if you are looking at UNI prices they are rising every year substantially so probably more. We will be conservative here with -$200k.
At this time the part-timer investment junkie has about $455k. If he went into a higher risk strategy such as YFI vaults he could get 40% APR with variance probably closer to 20%. Which gives him $1,222,112 at 20% which would basically just be holding DAI and nothing else.

So the Mcdonalds employee now has a $600k advantage over you and no debt. Now you max out your 401k, but due to the debt payments it will take you at least 3 years to get out of the hole where the McDonalds employee has his entire $455k (or more) still compounding while you have almost nothing to your name. You will not be able to catch up to him until you are in your mid 40s at which point you will be able to earn more, but the McDonald's employee didn't have to go school and now has enough dividends to live on without even working.

Going to school for 12 years in order to make money does not make sense mathematically, but as you said you don't like math. It would be better to just do Psych or something and get a job in HR.

>> No.22820534

if you invest the same amount in bitcoin by the time you would finish med school already made it.

>> No.22821482

you'll always be a slut who will be used by men for your little stink hole. also, these same men wouldn't think twice about using other sluts' stink holes in place of yours.

>> No.22821571

It's worth it if you can specialize and actually land a job making $200k+. A gamble, really. Otherwise, you will wind up working 60-70 hour weeks like most med grads, a living hell.

>> No.22821907

This sounds like what an old man with long yellow fingernails hanging out in a bus shelter would hiss at passing women lol

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Depends where. I am a resident physician in US, finished med school two years ago. I think Ima be able to retire early purely because I bought 30k Link with med school loans on my OBGYN rotation in late 2017. But otherwise being a physician is a ton of work, shit midlevels constantly trying to replace you, and legislation and hospitals trying to do the same because fuck patient when they can hire a nurse with an fake online degree for 1/3 the price.

I'm in anesthesiology which has much better hours than a lot of specialties. Would recommending anesthesia if you dont end up getting scores good enough for Derm. The ROADs specialties meme still holds true.

If you're willing to go rural you'll make plenty to retire well before 50. Go onto white coat investor and Physician on Fire sites, there an enormous community of doctors trying to be as fiscally savvy as possible for easy retirement and financial freedom. There a lot of other docs on this board actually as well funnily enough, but being balls deep in crypto is definitely not inline with the WCI philosophy, but Im obviously happy I did.

Work itself is actually incredibly rewarding despite all the naysaying. Like everyday I get to use my hand physically fo fun dexterity requiring procedures from intubating to complex lines to ultrasound blocks and so on, but also get to actually use my brain daily and work through challenging but rewarding stuff.

ALso ignore the virgins complaining about you mentioning you are a women as the avg bixtard doesnt know about the complexities of women in medicine (hint you need to freeze your eggs ASAP if you are gonna go to med school)

Overall I would still do it again. Fun job, good money, insane job security, good prestige, and opportunity to transition into almost anything. You will work long hours, and being a doctor is nothing like it used to be, and you will get burned out, but so far I dont regret it.

>> No.22822475

>Hint you must freeze your eggs immediately if you're going to school
Do you honestly believe surrogating and then raising a child 10 years after you're biologically meant to is how a child is meant to be reared? It is a mere step away from full test tube baby. Might as well just adopt and say fuck it on having children.
Do you honestly believe that two people who work 50-90 hour work weeks having a child in this manner will be good for it and not leave it neglected?

>> No.22822566

Time is money, fuck anything over 40 hours

>> No.22822641


I would say that having a kid has maternity leave and other impacts on the career so it is relevant here

>> No.22822732

>30k Link with med school loans on my OBGYN rotation in late 2017
imagine being this based and having testicles this large

good on you anon, you mother fucker

>> No.22822897
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I'm a male, bruh. But yes women who don't freeze their eggs get into their late 30s before they can have a kid when going to med school adn then residency and then fellowship. Adoption an equally and probably more legit option desu. But fuck off back to 1700s virgin. Female docs are generally really smart, but also generally have a lot scrap to them, because medicine in generally is still very unforgiving esp to women. My old female attendings in gen surgery slept in the hallways because there were no Female call rooms back in the day; they're made of different stuff in terms of tenacity and intelligence, and it'd be a shame for their genes and ethics to died off with them because they get too old to have a kid. So any women that makes it through is generally top shelf material, provided they don't come out the other side as a royal bitch (like a 50% chance they will)

I didn't like market buy it all at once, and wasted plenty of loans on shitcoins at that time as well (REQ, SALT, QSP, ARK etc.) just lucked out that I drank the cool aid with the rest of my bizraeli bros and went balls deep into LINK. Average buy in price was probably like 30 cents overall

>> No.22822948

I’m glad you’ll be a doctor, because if you were my wife I’d slap you around daily and make you use your skills to clean up your mess of a face after cooking me some iggs

>> No.22823000

>generally really smart
>Have a lot of scrap to 'em
>Their genes die because they don't have kids
Not smart enough to follow their biology, and too scrappy to breed. What you're saying is the best genetics on the planet are being killed off because all the women are in the work place. How great for society as a whole that we have Women playing doctor.

>> No.22823002
File: 101 KB, 720x533, 956633A6-CBC0-43D7-9203-583BA9F4320B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I want to have one child

Your entire purpose in life is to have children and cook food retard. Modern women are such shit

>> No.22823069

>freezing your eggs

If she’s freezing her eggs she prioritized career over God, country and family...she should never be allowed to pass on her genes and be an old ass 40 yr old mom with a retarded 1 yr old who is turned into a feminist cat lady because her husband is such a worthless faggot

>> No.22823102

your /pol/ is showing you niggers, fuck off unless your networth is at least $150k in crypto minimum. Newfaggotry on this board is less and less inspiring

>> No.22823198
File: 40 KB, 780x439, AFEB2C39-E4AA-4311-B4C6-3A6EAEADD461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No fuck you. Women do not belong in the work force, in the government or in the military. Letting the vote literally destroyed Western Civ. We don’t need any more cool wine aunt cat doctors

>> No.22823206

>I didn't like market buy it all at once, and wasted plenty of loans on shitcoins at that time as well (REQ, SALT, QSP, ARK etc.) just lucked out that I drank the cool aid with the rest of my bizraeli bros and went balls deep into LINK. Average buy in price was probably like 30 cents overall
still very happy for you anon, i have a tenth of your stack because i went harder into REQ and MTH than LINK in 2017 lol :'(

i pray each day i am less retarded than then

>> No.22823280

I have 19k Chainlink and have been here since 2017 you fucking kike. Women should not be in the work place, and they should not be voting. Largely because no one should be in the work place, it isn't that hard to make enough money to be rich enough to afford everything a family needs without Working.

In fact it is more likely that you will get rich being a NEET holding a fat stack of crypto than you will waging your time away.

I did some math earlier in the thread with compounding interests a guy working double shift at Mcdonalds putting $20k a year into Even the most basic boomer stocks will outperform a doctor due to the 12 years in college that you could have been compounding and that isn't even considering that he goes balls deep on chainlink. Now you cheated by taking your loans and investing them, but that is a crime which you'll unfortunately never get arrested for.

>> No.22823336

it's a genuine societal issue. especially considering that intelligence is theorized to be more heavily inheritable from the mother, a >130 IQ woman choosing to have no children contributes directly to ensuring future generations have fewer and fewer people of the intelligence required to even comprehend, let alone attempt to advance, the forefronts of the various fields of study necessary for the advancement of humanity

note that i'm not saying that they shouldn't be allowed to pursue time-consuming careers, just that it puts a major roadblock that there exist few remedies for. things are getting to the point where even a single doctor's salary wouldn't be able to afford an upper-middle class lifestyle, so the father would have to work, and having your kids be raised entirely by nannies is an expedient way to have them grow up maladapted

>> No.22823585

You don't become a doc solely for the purpose of making money you mouth-breathing faggot. Anyone smart enough to get into med school could easily get a job as an investment banker on wallstreet for the same pay and 1/3 the upfront cost and time. It something someone does for the satisfaction of what it entails, and the fulfilling aspect of the job. Otherwise I would just retire after a few millions $ worth, which I have no intention of doing.

Now you need to hurry the fuck up and deliver the pizza I ordered 40min ago, and you can buy some more LINK with the tip I give, Second Lieutenant.

I don't disagree with this. Intelligent women are either bitches or too bogged down by legitiamte and good work to have a kid. And it's a crying shame the latter don't become mummies as that's an entire generation of kiddos missing out.

But stay at home moms are not what they once were. In the olden days of aristocratic Russia and England etc. the stay at home mother was extremely well versed in math, foreign languages, science etc and was tasked with the child's education. Science, medicine, math etc are usually pioneered by men, but it is women taking an interest that keep them alive to be passed on to a new generation

>> No.22823981

>Career woman
Fucking hell I hate feminism
Tits or gtfo

>> No.22824032

Good luck with integrating into society lol

>> No.22824068

If this whore is not doing it for the money then why does she specify the money aspects and that she wants to retire early? If you do the job because you love it so much how come you know so many doctors retiring. How come so many burn out? It seems really weird that people want a "career" that they will exitscam out of after milking it for maternity leave. I am a NEET I do not work you trangender slut because I have bigger dreams than being a wagecuck like you. I would like to have a family and no career brings me closer to that, something that women (yourself included) need to understand.

>> No.22824103

Very true, the loans are for medical school not for gambling on investments

>> No.22824133

>integrate with the poisoned society
This is now how you generate a strong next generation, what we need is men to bring about society not integrate with a bunch of women and children pretending to be politicians, doctors, and lawyers. There was a nation who adapted all these progressive laws that made women citizens and put them into government and military positions, it's name was Persia and it was overtaken by Muslims. This is your fate if you do not start now on improving the next generation instead of joining the mob.

>> No.22824190


>would like to have a family

Nigger, fuck off with you grand society/conspiracy/pseudo political rant to /pol/. No one here is under the age of 18 and certainly not under 16 so no one here finds this shit remotely compelling

The only vag you're gonna get is gonna be used and abused trailer trash. You and every virgin incel that found their way here form /pol/ will never make it; poltards didn't start coming here in massive flux until late 2017 when bullrun already peaked and any nigger who bought anything than LINK is deep in losses rn

>> No.22824211

Also how did you get 19k without wagecucking you lying bitch? Unless you're a spoilt twat you got money to put up for LINK at some point. You're just a LARPING virgin who got lost

>> No.22824224

We don't want to. Society is a fucking mess and so are you sweetie.
The big issue is you DO want to. Yet you are such a dumb cunt you don't realise 8 years of study puts you as a broke 30 ye old. Good luck integrating your pre-wall ass into society then. Where younger cuter nurses get preference and no guy under 40 takes you on a second date.
Then what? Broke, single, lonely dumb as shit doc gets a job at a GP, treating minor wounds and old bags for 20 years. All day, long hours, on call, being a fucking slave.
And you expect to integrate to society? Hahahahahaha
I feel for the sorry ass beta male that will end on up tolerating you.

>> No.22824242


Tits or GTFO.

>> No.22824262

bruh, it's bad enough we have underage stormtrooper here, now we have twitter twatters as well

>> No.22824268
File: 102 KB, 828x514, Nurses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22824346

>Serious question, why do women always feel a need to tell us that they are women on an anonymous board
Because being anonymous makes us equal? Irl girls get preference and treated like princesses. When they say dumb shit, simps cover for them.
When on the internet however, they don't get this luxury. So some useless cunts with air for brains think by tagging that on their irl treatment will pass over. But the irl treatment only exists because the simp is still trying to fuck her. Here, no one will fuck her. But faggots still come from all corners.
They deserve tits or gtfo, because that is what they themself boiled their entire being down to. There is no intellect, no wit, no charm, just a hole and tits.

>> No.22824362

>says doctor with no family working 90 hours weeks seething at the NEET menace
There are plenty of women who are willing to become my wife and fulfill my desires of many children and a busy household. I have been in a handful of relationships, but have chosen to delay.
I was given 14.88 ETH when it was valued at around $800 from an anonymous stranger on a forum which I have turned into 19k LINK since then. I have a bachelors in economics. I worked as a substitute teacher before corona for a bit of extra link and to pay for my small amount of expenses, but now I am not in employment.

I am 23.
I am Unemployed.
My mother was 14 when I was born and I am fatherless, so it is difficult to parse which women are good and would not be evil towards me and which women are blood thirsty cunts so I am careful with who I associate.

>> No.22824374
File: 114 KB, 1920x1080, a_ov_Pepe_160928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf is a twitter twitter, I don't use social media shit and this isnt about me. It's about OPs tits.

>> No.22824383

>>integrate with the poisoned society
Sour grapes

>> No.22824395

>I am a woman
you know the rules, and so do I

>> No.22824398

>Come on in the water is fine
Frog being boiled alive.

>> No.22824456

this hits so close to home it hurts

t. miserable med

>> No.22824495

a stranger gave you that much cash on an anonymous forum huh? LARPING teenager. If you're 23 and are seriously revving up your skills in some dank shit, you're scum that needs to die and give your LINK to someone else. Please don't give it all to the first trailer park scum that gets your dick wet, do your fellow man a favor

>> No.22824557

If you don't care about medicine don't go into it for the money, you will be absolutely miserable. If you are actually a woman that is smart enough to get into med school just go into tech and fang will be bending over back to suck your dick for a job that can scale into mid 6 figs as a senior that is a lot less stressful and you don't have to deal with all that school and residency.

>> No.22824571

Yes he gave me that much if you don't believe you don't have to. I have a picture of it saved on another phone. I was speaking to him about my desire for a family and how working was really fucking dumb but I was not sure how I would get money and he asked me if I was into crypto. At the time I had $80 in raiblocks and I told him about that. He sent me 14.88 ETH and told me to hold onto it for a little while and it will go up, but then it only dumped from there lele, but I am rich in chainlink and have the goal of having 10 sons, I do not have much concern for my daughters and am willing to take multiple wives and take government hand outs for each child regardless of how much money I have in crypto. I am also willing to genetically modify any son past the 4th.

>> No.22824593

I do know know what you mean by "revving up your skills in some dank shit" I am assuming this is some retarded facebook humor or something that I am unfamiliar with

>> No.22824613

I'm not OP, genius, but nice seething revenge fantasy. 6/10 lol

>> No.22824716

You are actually a woman aren't you
>Adoption an equally and probably more legit option desu
Nope. But i agree with evertything else. Female med students are the most smart, tolerable and breedable women as long as you pick them up early at 22-25 years of age.

>> No.22824746

Women wanting to become kindergarten teachers are more endearing and will become better mothers

>> No.22824815

>Women wanting to become kindergarten teachers are more endearing and will become better mothers
Those women are emotionally flawed. They need a discharge for their insanity and emotional overload. You have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.22824846

>willing to genetically modify any son past the tenth

what makes you think your genes are worth passing on if you entire success is purely based off the goodwill of some stranger on the net? What evidence do you have that your vision of SocIEtY is better than the current shit one. To me it sounds like something I would have bought into at the age of 14 if i was a bit more depressed and less smart

Keep in mind, in this world, I am your superior as I am a physician connected to an ivy league doing dank AI research in medicine and will make good money etc. In the next world, I am still you superior because I am a captain whrereas you are a second lieutenant in the LINK marines. But you're still high enough that we will likely have to rub shoulders on the yacht parties in 15 years so I will have to tolerate you for decorum's sake. But between now and then, learn some dank shit be it skills or something more interesting and deep to bring to the table. If you managed to migrate here form /pol/ go ahead and keep migrating over to /lit/ for a few years and accumulate some unironically deep perspective and knowledge as you let time grow your LINK into a force to be reckoned with. Wealth alone won't get you a dank chick you want as the motehr to your children

you IM?
Intern year was the worst year of my life, but def made me appreciate my PGY2 in anesthesia

still beats working in finance. I used to think the same until I saw how miserable my finance bros from undergrad on wallstreet are. Work the same hours we work as an intern, except for life, and doing infinitely more banal shit. Last time I was in NYC visiting my bro, he was up until 2 revising a stupid ppt because his superior didnt like the font, and this ppt was for internal presentation to his peers only. he and everyone he workes with all from ivy league mostly wharton and harvard and they are spending 80-90hrs a week editing powerpoints for type A bitches

>> No.22824851

>A woman willingly going into a field that requires 80hour work weeks and 12years of training is less flawed than one who likes children a lot
I don't know please enlighten me senpai, I have not dated a doctor thot, but the education student ones seem fine but lowish IQ

>> No.22824887

>and I am a woman
fuck you nigger, go asking for advice to some nail sjw bitches forum, not here

>> No.22824925

>I am your superior
>I went to Ivy league
>I'm super dank owo
You're a funny guy, you should try stand up.
>everything I don't like is pol
You know why they call all the doctors who marry the doctor women betas? It's because they act like you. I do not browse pol and never have, my vision of society? I have none, I am simply myself and want to have children which is my biological imperative. If I fail I fail, but at the end of the day that is who I am and what I did. I am who I am, and that is more than I can say about you Mr. Ivy League.

>> No.22824950

>Good luck with integrating into society lol
lmao most people i know from finance are literally for a fascist anti-globohomo goverment that doesn't mess with the economy.(At least locally, in english speaking countries things might be different)
poltards created this board you fucking braindead redditor.

>> No.22825011

>I'm speaking for everyone here
>if you're not worth X you're not worth my time
>ick pol tard
Wait a minute... You're from reddit aren't you? You should really go back, or do you get paid a nickle for each post?

>> No.22825070

>how miserable my finance bros from undergrad on wallstreet are
Then maybe they should've invested some money in their early 20s.
That's the point. You must be rich or at least financially stable, so that you can force her to abandon her career, or at least tone it down to where she can be a housewife. She will hate you for it, but she will do it because she loves you. Women don't mind doing that. They're only going down the career path because society told them to.

>> No.22825153

i didn't marry a woman doc. I married a woman who works in IT cybersecurity who is Japanese.Also I didn't go to ivu league; I work at one now in residency, but didnt go to one for undergrad or med school

>should've invested in their 20s
they all live in Manhattan in like the west village so like half their money goes on rent and general living expenses. And most of them are not able to do normal investment outside like buying sticks or index funds due to SEC regulations and the nature of their work. Most of them missed the crypto boat obviously

>> No.22825181

You're approaching it the wrong way. Do you even like the idea of being in healthcare? I have met so many undergrads in their final year that find out they fucking hate the thing they majored in (namely teaching, but the concept still applies here). Does the sight of blood make you squeamish? Do you have empathy? Good communication skills? Does helping people feel better give you meaning in life? Start there, then consider the time constraints involved with school, boards, residence, etc, and then the education costs vs income. If all goes according to plan, you'll be hitting your peak fertility years when you get out, which isn't the ideal time to find a partner, much less have a kid, just when your career is starting. Unless you're ok with risking a downsies kid or some autistic little shit that's gonna shitpost on chan boards, you'll be looking at adopting. Not that it's impossible to do, just really fucking hard to do and to do correctly.

>> No.22825202

>mom I've run out of things to say, should I just use the reddit line again?

>> No.22825265

Ah, but the amount of money necessary to provide for a family can easily be grinded for by being a biz neet and this allows two parents to be fully present during the growth of the child which statistically results in the best lifelong success.

>I'm actually race mixing and my superiority is even less since I'm not an alum just a janny
>Manhattan wagies
Wagies are always wagies and cannot ever get rich off waging. They would have been better financially and likely mentally if they had left the city and been rich on their own, but the people you are talking about are sheep. Just like you, who believe that this herd mentality is how things are meant to be. Tragic.

>> No.22825309

>peak fertility is 33 years old
That's a yikes from me, that is when women's peak has long ended and it is all down hill from there til menopause.
Calling you a Redditor is no different than you calling me a Virgin. It's what god might call accuracy.

>> No.22825592
File: 6 KB, 241x209, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the amount of money necessary to provide for a family can easily be grinded for by being a biz neet

>> No.22825664

It is a very bad deal. Do the math yourself. Make a timeline of every year between 22 and 50 and calculate where your break-even is. You’re much better off going to PA school.

t. RN fag

>> No.22825708

>Ah, but the amount of money necessary to provide for a family can easily be grinded for by being a biz neet
this but unirocally
And yet you came here spouting incel and virgin buzzwords 1st.
>they all live in Manhattan
That's why their miserable then...I'm from a small country so things are a bit different.

>> No.22825737

This is actually incredibly sound advice. The only way to not make your hypothetical education/career pathway anything more than a total financial disaster will be at the cost of your (and your future family’s) happiness and sanity. And even THEN it still won’t be a great financial decision compared to many other options.

>> No.22825805

*only way to make

Pardon my samefagging but I am trying to prevent you from ruining your life. Please talk to some other doctors and get their opinions. I suspect 75%+ will tell you the same thing most people in this thread are telling you. There’s a reason doctors all tell younger people to do PA instead. I suspect the doctors who tell you your plan is a good idea (if any do) are lonely divorced/childless “empowered” career women who secretly cry themselves to sleep at night. Btw this isn’t even a sexism thing. I would tell many males the same thing. Being female just makes it doubly true.

>> No.22825965 [DELETED] 

If she's already going to med, she will need a man to force her into a nice life. She won't make that decision on her own.

>> No.22825986

If she's already going to med, she will need a man to force her into a nice life. She won't make that decision on her own.

>> No.22826009

I saw the numbers in this once, doctor still waxes a professional like an engineer even with a late start. Their ceiling is like 100-150k doctor will start at 250 and you can invest literally all of the excess

>> No.22826149

You become a doctor because you enjoy working with people not for the $. I would suggest doing something out of the norm. Family practice naturalpath you that does house calls. Charge double the rate to do the house calls. Low overhead since you won't have a giant clinic. Naturalpath prescribe a lot of supplements. You can private label your own supplements and sell your own brand while building that brand as a naturalpath. Get away from McDonald's like healthcare where you are just trying to get as many patients as possible. Instead charge more for quality care and sell your brand. You could even write a book after a few years.