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The market is shit, everyone is selling their grandma kidneys to buy their onions green, raiders are scouring the neighborhood, i even saw one guy holding a cup of fresh water last day, crazy stuff.

Wait, not anymore?

ETH is going back up the bear trap, neets have magic uni money, stimulus check 2 is coming. It means one thing:

You are going consider investing in some altcoins, low marketcap ones mostly. Did i said Momentum had a dynamic burn punishing whales destabilizing the price? https://medium.com/@xmm.momentum/momentum-explained-fece28e55d17


Successfully audited, listed Coingecko, listed coinmarketcap, yield coming before december & partnerships in progress.

Locked liquidity:

Initially provided Uniswap v2 liquidity (70M / 77M) is locked until 12/21/2021

Where to buy:









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STONKs 2.0, dead shitcoin with no direction abandoning their original idea to chase the latest fad.

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Why do you care? Enough to post in some coin you didn't invested it? No way. You just want better prices or have really nothing better to do.

I followed this one for a bit. Waited for a bigger dump. Finally bought yesterday. I'm comfy

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This project also has some upcoming partnerships with some other defi tokens so itll be interesting to see how it plays out. I could see some money being being made on this in the near future

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You missed the "hurrrduuur this is a sta clone" while blissfully ignoring BOMB was another deflationary coin before STA.

And ignoring the whole variable burn "momentum" mechanism, or the roadmap announcing yield

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Infographic for anyone that wants to get a better understanding of xmm

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Holy hell is this normal that I feel like an idiot reading that?

Props to the dev this is an innovative way to look at deflation.

Grab a bag now or wait? Any tool to calculate the projected burn for a trade? Thx.

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In the picture: outdated mockup for the website.

They indeed had the idea to have a tool for that (and a ice/fire theme switcher)

Don't know when it lands, maybe before the yield integration, or after. Confident that they will deliver something of quality anyways.

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XMM has been shilled a bunch of times on biz at the worst possible times, eth crash then doomsday September.

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inflation/deflation doesn't matter when your token is worthless, this isn't 2017

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I'd say watch it for a day and grab your bags then. You might be able to get more for a bit less. But once you have some you should sit on it for a while. This will be a long term hodl
Or the best of times if you're not a dumbass and you realize you can get a shitload for cheap and make gainz by having iron hands for a while

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Quote me a token with actual live utility that is sucessful on biz. Not even Chainlink have one.

This is an experiment, a game with rules, mechanisms, up to you to make the best of it.

If you haven't understood that by now you have no business in DeFi.

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Bitch this token is less defi than bitcoin. I'll grant most tokens don't have current uses, but the successful ones at least have the promise of future utility. Pieces of shit like this have no current and no future uses, therefore no value.

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Foodcoins go to pluto
This motherfucker doesn't recognize how the whole of crypto is a profitable meme for biztards

Not gonna make it

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He's mad
Good boy

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>implying biz has any influence on the market.
foodtokens were about farming = some utility.
Already made it with bitcoin in 2017. Seriously anons, you'll do better just playing the market of qasi-legit coins, no need for this scam shit, it's not worth the effort.

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Stimulus check number 2 isn't confirmed yet. But you are right that the whole eth situation was a bear trap. Defi is gonna recover and better hop in alts now.

Lemme get some profits in my folio and I take some XMM

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I don't even like yield farming that much but you are gonna be pumped.... XMM is gonna do yield too. Look at the roadmap. Also why the fuck would you waste your time on biz if you "already made it". Nice try, bog.

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cope bagholders

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because autistic retards who go on 4chan are still autistic retards after getting rich. Sorry if that bursts anyone's bubble.

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Yes https://youtu.be/wbuIfSyUvTs

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Coping sta holder

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>stimulus check 2 is coming

Congress says not until December, so no.

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I'm in the TG and haven't seen anything like that mentioned lol

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Almost forgot, if transactions are stuck think of increasing the slippage on uniswap (up to 5% is comfy enough), also high gas always helps

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Roadmap, also a core amount of people collaborate with the dev so things don't really leak but people talk

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This isnt defi though. Its centralized.

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Just bought 6 ETH. Pomp harder if you want a spot mate

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What did XMM meant with this?

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Eurofag here, is it to fuck over trump?

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I checked again, it looks like Pelosi wants to do something because moderate Democrats are sending her angry emails over it. So it looks more like it's because the Dems are going to get fucked over if they do nothing.

In other news I got a text from my state government telling me to go and apply for lost wages assistance IF I had been unemployed as a result of "disruptions from covid". I was actually unemployed like a week /before/ the whole covid bananarama started in mid-march, so I would probably be lying if I said I was eligible.

However I went to the state website and there was no option to apply for LWA anyway, so hopefully they're just going to dump 900-1800 dollars in my bank account without asking questions because I have a liberal governor in my state.

If I get my 1200 neetbux and 1800 secondary neetbux then on top of the free UNI I'll be pretty happy (not as happy as I would have been if I had sold my UNI on friday when it was 7.5 dollars a token), but it definitely feels like a lot of small, good things are happening to me lately and I enjoy it.

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I hold sta and xmm. Go ahead, call the police on me

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Thx for the answer, didn't expected to see an actual one

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No problemo broblemo.

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Good selling point I guess

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reddit plebs ITT.

Clover42 is what you should be looking at.

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Based roman pic

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Thefuck are you talking about?

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Considering throwing a bunch of ETH at this, plz dump

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it's literally trading at like 1/10th of that these trannies were shilling it for weeks ago. How much more do you need it to dump?

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Some anons just don't know. Let him

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Same, YOLO.

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Not gonna sell, sorry.

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It obviously is. The democrats are determined to do anything to undermine him. Even at the expense of citizens

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Like letting BLM idiots rampage cities by refusing the national guard help? Yes, saw that... they are insane.

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I hold sta and yes... I am coping hard right now

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We shall make it sexmmachines

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Chimping out all day every day

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Someone dumped a bit, you got what you wanted

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Watch me. I'm going in dry

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comfiest hold so far

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Disgustingly diabetic

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This is me right now

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This is the comfiest hold of my portfolio. I'm not amazing at TA but I've read a little on it, and I would advise buying now. If you look at the Weekly you'll see that a cock and ball is starting to form so it's only up from here.

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Show me your cock ta

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It hurts, right?

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every xmm thread has 20+ replies by the original poster. organic.

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Maybe he just feel like talking

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oh! I have Momentum! I likes the strong hodl power on me but I think I might need some VERASITY too

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At least i'm not a vegan then

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Try me. Price end of year. Go ahead

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It's hard because we've only formed that left nut, and the shaft length isn't correlated to nut size as we all know. I would say 0.25 if we have a good couple of throbbing months, or maybe 0. 10 if we start to see the old bend in the shaft.

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Kek are you really whining about the fact that an OP is active in a thread he made?

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Fascinating analysis

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Hey I try my hardest, just giving my knowledge to those who need it

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Absolutely disgusting

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No news?

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check out XFYI - widely discussed solution. what is valuable here - entirely new technology and prospects. Demand on token is high and CoinCodex has listed XFYI, curious to discuss with u

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Shill somewhere else faggit
We only got news last week, I expect they are channelling that autism into the new website interface though.

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Devs gave us an update on the plan and direction last week now they are working on the plan, give it some time but I expect we will hear something sooner than later

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sloppy job by the high school dropout coin
i see you faggots still havent written a proper whitepaper

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all it does it talk about its own burning. besides that....WHAT'S THE FUCKING USECASE?

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Europoor here where should I be buying crypto bros, I've been using coinbase but you guys say it's shit idrk

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It exists to promote sta. That's usecase

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Lol remember whe they started shilling the sta killer then they were sta friendZ don’t forget medfren pajeet dev and now they say if sta makes it we make it cope lol

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> why even show the actual graph
Shitty fud is your pajeet name

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Mentally retarded

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Calm down medfren I will buy your bag sir good coin sir good project sir smells of copy Statera curry sir

Lol show dev sriller his coins graph instant rage lol

Cope replies in 3 2 1....

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horrible. all he did was add colors and pictures. it's still fucking 2.5 pages of NOTHING.

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Yeah they're going to have a staking pool on DFT
not huge news in th gradnscheme of things, bt somethying nontheless.

>BUY DFT you fools.

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I'm erect

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