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Jews are weak compared to Psychopaths with Northern Asian genes

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Nasty fucking hateful scum bags all of you are. I'm a 56 year old truck driver who is married to a Jewish women who saved my life. You fucking people think the world would be a better place place if she was dead and you disgusting fucking animals deny the historical FACT that 6 million Jews were killed during the holocaust. How fucking dare you, if I met any of you fucking scum bags in real life and you have the balls to spew your hatred in front of me I will sock you so hard in the jaw your grand kids will feel it. This anti semetic crap doesn't have a place in our modern world you horrible fucking offensive dogs.I'm more than happy to be an avid member of the Jewish community of Montreal's events where we share food and dance together with people from all walks of life and different cultures, diversity is beautiful and I have my wife to thank for introducing me to those community events. You're all slime balls, nasty fucking humans, you all should be ashamed of yourselves

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Oy vey

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Stop kvetching schlomo.

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Yes goy... fight for us.. your sacrifice will not be remembered

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Look at those blood stained teeth.

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>I'm a 56 year old truck driver who is married to a Jewish women
[email protected] bro

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a jew marring a truck driver. that's a good one.

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New fags outed.

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>says the tripfagging /pol/tard

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