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now that the dust has settled, what exactly went so wrong with this project?

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>100x in 3 years all while btc takes a shit
whats the problem?

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It was all smoke and mirrors to trap normies, LINK is in a bear market now and the only way to profit on this is by shorting it.

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"I felt the power to fuck an entire community of incels and neckbeards, all at once. It was enough to make them believe that they could have made it, and then dump, dump hard on them"

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Nazi incels hijacked the project. It had so much going for it but had to be scrapped because of all the nazi incels that supported this coin

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they don't have a product yet

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>why is an Ethereum token with no product or potential created by a repeat russian crypto scammer operating out of a stereotypical tax haven in the cayman islands dumping NOOOI

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Sergey never pegged it to $1 so it never had a chance of replacing cash or DAI

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well honestly linkfags are delusional but that period where it kept getting massively pumpe by like 1 doller per day every few days was highly unusual and not organic whatsoever. that started at around 7 dollars. the growth up till 7 did seem mostly organic

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scam with centralized fake tech and 100 fake partnerships.

only users are aave and snx, who don't actually need it, they just use it cause their investors have bags of link. it's a useless centralized product. maker and compound have exposed it many times.

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This is all so fucking bullish.
>t. Doing the opposite of biz

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its called a market cycle. people acting as if its gone to 0 when its still been a great investment unless you fomo'd in at the top.