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>btc does literally anything
>link goes down
>whales buy link dip
>link suddenly goes up and makes new ath
Rinse and repeat, how have you not fucking noticed this?

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He didn’t say any of that you retard. Just sell lol

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feels heavy holding 1/2 of the money you had last month huh

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How much link do you own, fellow nolinker?

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sell me your bags pleb and i'll give the back to you at $1000

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16k link after my initial swing last month from my 7k

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stay poor fucking pajeet

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guaranteed more money and link than you
i just like making you retards feel bad
and pajeet? lmfao fuck india they couldn't have as much $ as me...

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>I just like making retards feel bad
Tell me how I know you’re miserable and why that makes me happy

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I still only have 7k Link l. I was so close to going all in on UNI at $3.5 but I chickened out. Could of at least doubled up...

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maybe you're projecting that im miserable because it helps you cope

pretty happy rn just online late while coding for fun so fuck you fat faggot lol

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The fact you felt the need to answer me validated the fact you are miserable.

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cope bro, cope

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Literally. Every. Single. Time.

Link leads the rallies and then dies down while bitcoin catches up. Been doing it for unironically 2 years now