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what do you think biz?

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Just a good old tee business in which i sell t-shirts with catchy stupid sentences and good designs.
It requires some market niche study and habits, but it could make me some extra cash.
The only investment required is time and of course designs, maybe some ad too.

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>what do you think biz?
i think you are a darkie retard

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you mean nigger? Is making tees a nigger thing now?

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oversaturated markets are a nigger thing

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so there's not room for another shit-tee biz in your opinion?

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The only way to make money selling t shirts now is to create a personal brand and obtain a ton of followers willing to spend $30 on a t shirt to support you. I recommend becoming a professional wrestler/twitch streamer.

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>I recommend becoming a professional wrestler

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so niggers are not going to buy shirts with nice designs and stupid sentences for cheap prices?

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are you an artist? then just sell your art. if you have a brand, then maybe sell merch

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>sell art
i don't think people is going to buy paints, posters and things like that, they prefer mugs, bags and shit they use

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by selling art, i mean finding employment as an artist/designer. more money. build a portfolio, maybe do a web comic. then, if you have some recognition, you could maybe sell merch

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how about selling t-girls?

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you are telling me that tee is an oversaturated market and so you suggest to enter into another oversaturated market, that is location related, and costs even more effort than putting out some shitty, lazy, derivative but nice design to sell on a $9,99 shirt

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sell custom t-shirts. Buy a printer

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Fuck no. Go look at 6dollarshirts website. There are several other similar sites. You can't compete online.

I'll help you since this is the only business related question on biz I've seen in a week. You're going to have to break some copyright laws. Sports. Normies love spending money on sports and sports team items. Make cool fucking designs of your local college/Pro sports teams and figure out the best way to sell them. Out of your trunk at tailgates, go door to door at campus apartments/dorms, put up flyers around campus.

You will make bank if you have good designs, decent prices, and don't go full retard and you won't get in trouble. Use whatever profits you make and put it all in Link if Link is still under $1000. You're welcome.

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convincing random corp to let you design shit logos should be easier than convincing thousands of people to buy random shirts without any fucking context

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not thousands, hundreds would be enough, and i would work on context and leech from pop culture of course (avoiding to infringe copyrights)

thanks for the advice fren, maybe i can think to something sport related, but i don't want to sell in real life, this is just a side business

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You'll make way more selling vintage T's from goodwill. You'll actually make a living if you wanted. Don't know how long the trend will last though.

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> artisanal, barrel-aged t-shirts