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NEM is next.

Currently resting above 8k sats, a support line which has been tested many times and hasn't broken except for the day of the BTC crash.

#4 on CMC and has been in an accumulation channel since the BTC crash. Cheapest coin in Top 10 apart from cRipple, with a fraction of the supply.

The price won't go any lower from here, so it's time to buy.

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nice tripple bottom we've got here

throwing my xrp bags away for this one

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Am... am I actually in early this time? Please let this moon guys.

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I couldn't find the whitepaper or the team that is developing this.

I also don't know what the fuck its purpose is.

Try to shill me on it

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most likely, it's top fucking 5 on coinmarketcap, it's likely to rebounce soon

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Here's the ANN:


Here's the whitepaper:


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This...actually seems like solid biz advice.

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It's waking up. If it pops, first target is 10k, second target is 13k. ATH is 14k which was reached on May 19 and May 22.

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NEM has solid tech, new code, scalable and fast as fuck. PROOF OF IMPORTANCE staking method, which is innovative and efficient.

It ticks all the boxes except marketing. It looks shit and is confusing, but once you get into it, it is actually really comfy. I also love their new web based wallet.

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I'm all in on this bitch, bought at 9k

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Somebody smart tell me if this is a meme or not

I read the white page, why should I invest?

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This is the dip. Anywhere below 9k is a good buy. When it sold into 8k a couple hours ago it was instantly bought back to 8300.

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NEM is waaay underrated. or what they call it :The sleeping Giant"

This coin needs to moon!

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This price is really a good deal. NEM has a god technology

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Yea, but aimed to the wrong crowd. This won't give huge ROI over short periods.

This is the sort of thing you slowly filter some of your profits into for a reliable long hold.

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try to google you fucking pleb.

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I'm concerned about this launch being delayed due to shitcoin frenzy.

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alright kamal

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Bought in XEM and GNT anticipating correction. Is this a good idea?

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NEM is a thousand times better than bitcoin and Ethereum combined, seriously wouldn't be surprised if it ends up number 1, it doesn't require mining but harvesting, which can be done on a rasberry pie, it consumes maybe 0.00001 percent compared to bitcoin mining, or something like that, it also has two aspects; private chain and public chain, these get interlinked with Catapult (next update in a few months from now), besides that they have the best coders in the world who themselves own a large stash themselves and haven't sold any yet, plus they have tons of projects and NDA stuff going on behind the scene etc. I am just scratching the surface here but of all projects out there, I think this is a winner and XEM can become a very popular currency in Japan and perhaps the rest of the world

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All I can say with conviction is that XEM won't go below 8k unless BTC dumps hard again.

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Is it going to dip soon so I can buy, or just buy now?

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We're at 8350 and the support is 8000. This is the dip.

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Where 2 cop lad

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Polo or Bittrex. Polo leads the market.

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Last call.

Congrats to anyone who sold DGB above 2200.

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