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Listen here Fantom bag holders. These next few weeks will be critical in rallying FTM to great gains. Cronje is working with uniswap for fantom, and this is huge, and lendswap will be coming very shortly in the next week or two. The biggest thing you can do is just mint fantom or stake. we’re pushing up against the markets right now, and that’s big news for us. We also have an ama tomorrow, so we will be updated some more on what’s going on.

I believe in us all, from the <10000 peasants all the way to the >1mil emperors. We’re all in this together, and I encourage those who don’t have any to stock up on some now and look into defi. You won’t regret it

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can you post the rankings? both versions? new laptop

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Godspeed to you too, anon. We will all make it.

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>These next few weeks will be critical in rallying FTM to great gains.
100b tokens atm

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CORRECTION: only 2b tokens currently

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Godspeed based anon.
Should I buy now or wait for any more dips? The chart is looking bullish as fuck right now.

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Token supply has absolutely no relevance to the conversation right now

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It’s going up either way right

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ty bro

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Bruh. Coderfags will know the hint on pic. This is fucking big.

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Explain plz mr. Computerwizard fren

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In short, yfi+uni=fantomfinance. Figure the rest yourself.

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>double top on 4H chart
The next eight minutes are crucial for FTM.

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>Attempting to apply TA to crypto
There's your first mistake
>Using a 4H chart on a coin that's been around for years
Second mistake
>Thinking there will be a possibility that this may crash or fail
Third mistake

Three strikes yer out FUDanon

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whats fantom about shill me please

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I am not fudding. I'm just scared that there might be evil thinking before the AMA, fren.
Simply put:
Do you like paying gas fees?
Yes? Then nothing of your interest.
No? Fantom.

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How do I increase my delegated fantoms to the same validator I’m already using? I ending up unstaking what I had on the fantom go validator so I could get them all in one stack to restake them but now I’ve apparently got to wait a week to withdrawal and restake them. I didn’t see any kind of increase delegation button. Am I doing this wrong?

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nice like 0 gas fees or just very very low?

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Very low.

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This and its ability for high TPS rate. I think its somewhere around 300k TPS.

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perfect. by the time im awake i can stack another 50k

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sounds really cool, is it working yet or still in dev

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You have to claim and restake my friend

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I just started staking and now I’m paranoid I’ll fuck it up and lose it trying to take it out because I’m retarded

I use erc20 right?

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staking is done only on opera

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Mainnet is live

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It says I have to wait 7 days. Why?

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Yeah but if I use eth as the sending method I use erc20 right? I sent it from my binance wallet using erc20 and staking it now.

So if I want to withdrawal I just click the Ethereum option and send to my erc20 wallet on binance right?

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what does that mean? im a newfag to crpyto i come from a stock background
can people make dapps for fantom now?

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stake stake stake === $$$ free money. I make $25 a day just staking my fanties. Ez life!!

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i've seen the calculator, looks like i have to invest 200k to make 1k a month
i feel like staking is just a nice side effect and not really anything important if you arent a millionaire

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Do i have to lock it to start staking? How long should I lock it does it matter?

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1k a year**

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no lock = 4% APR
1 year lock = 14% APR

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Think of when it goes up in price tho

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>not really anything important
It secures the network so actually anon, its very important. The more people who stake, the more this pumps. its that simple.

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Holy fuck stop saying 300k tps when Andre himself called it bullshit. Stop misleading people.

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I’m guessing locking it a month at a time gives shit rewards right. How long did you lock yours?

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Minting seems pretty low too, at the moment. Not sure which one is the best.

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good point, lets say the mc increased to 1.7b which I think could be plausible if eos and tron is anything to go by
the price would be $0.8
that's just 1900% not a lot of you ask me, but, lets say i buy 50000 with 2k, that would only give me $6068 per year.
total profit would be 46k which is fine but not enough to make it


no i mean money wise important, of course the system in itself is important, please don't twist my words

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Just stake a couple thousand or something and check it out

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1 year for my main stack
keeping a side stack to lend when the rest of FF is live

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elaborate? i dont get what you mean anon

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You feel safe doing a year?

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Just got in with a measly 45k stack (thanks UNI) is it worth staking and if so how?

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Absolutely, a lot of their partnerships are long term projects. I see steady growth over the next year.

IMO, 30-40c EOY2020, $1-2 EOY2021

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Yeah it’s worth staking cause it’s free ftm. Just do short term stakes or something no harm in it

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I’m just gonna do short term cause im new to everything and scared of everything. If it’s gonna blow up free money is free money

I wish 20k was a make it stack but let’s be realistic

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im starting to feel uneasy, people who got in super early could make 40k a year of this, they are incentivized to shill and are probably delusional because it could make them rich
but for us who are "late" its not enough to warrant even investing in, and i think that scares them
am i wrong bros?

also someone give me more thoughts on this >>22722459

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It’s not going to make you insanely rich just putting in $300 but you’re definitely making it if you buy a fat stack

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Maybe you should read the instructions on the official fantom website. It's all laid out very clear.

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yeah thats what i was thinking too, but fat stack means 200k

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Yeah dude just buy $3000 worth and chill it’s going up. I’m not making anything if you buy it.

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yes..you have to invest a lot of money (not even a lot, 200k FTM is what, $6k?) to make a lot of money. this is literally simple investing.

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i picked up a 200k stack yesterday, do you guys stake yours or? short term staking or 1 year lock?

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thanks for being the only anon who's even responding btw

no i don't believe that, see there is a coin which i won't name, which will ("will" not "might") give you $29k if you invest 3k, then there is another which might give you $100k if you invest 3k

with fantom it's not only a "might" but also just $60k if you invest 3k
I've read that a lot of original people left the company already.

basically, opportunity cost is too high

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I moved my FTM from metamask to Fantom wallet, not sure what to do next, and I think theres some options to make and i'm not sure which is best

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best validator to stake with? just go with the top?

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I know it's kinda scary because it seems so simple, but that's it

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I went with Connor's node since he works for the company. Don't know if that was a good decision or not though.

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>I've read that a lot of original people left the company already
yes...because they were scammers. look into what happened when the project launched. please DYOR before being a retard. a 6k investment for 200k fantom will feasibly be worth $200k in 9 months.

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how many are you guys staking? locked for a year or no lock?

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listen from 48.55

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45k and I have no fucking clue. could use any tips to figure it out

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Pretty simple desu

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Send to fantom wallet and lock it in

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I locked mine in for a month just seeing what happens. Free ftm is free ftm I’ll probably be buying more when it dips

>> No.22723501

thanks for clearing that up, and 6k is a lot anon
also still a risk since project is not operational

>> No.22723545

6k for 200k you should see what the morons around me spend on cigs and lotto tickets

>> No.22723586

yeah i seem to have he basics of how to do it figured out, just unsure if im choosing the right validator and i havent seen anything about a 1 year lock in the process. also i'm not 100% sure i will have access to any of this anymore after i shut down my computer or close out of my browser so i'm trying to figure out how to back everything up

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any investment is a risk. Fantom Finance is operational and partially launched last week, with the two other pieces, flend and fswap coming soon. Again DYOR into Fantom, who’s behind it, and their partnerships and you’ll see this many of us believe this is the most undervalued coin in crypto.

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Eveyrthing is in their medium anon. Check their twitter.

>> No.22723612

Kind of, they actually hurt themselves by introducing more people to staking since their returns go down. But this project just seems really solid and people are starting to believe in it now after using the platform. The people shilling it who are also locked into staking for x amount of months only really benefit from longterm adoption and usage. If I had more money to invest in a longterm hold I would be way deeper into ftm.

I do think this is a longterm hold though. But the fantom pwa network is slick as fuck

>> No.22723630

you're not fooling me roosh

>> No.22723633

You delegate first, and then get the option to lock your delegation after. Pick goFantom, the largest delegator, if you’re unsure. download your key store in the top right and save it in a safe location. but the wallet should stay open when you close your browser.

>> No.22723669

I staked my whole stack (635k)

>> No.22723683

Do I need the word phrase shit when I withdraw it or just it I need to recover pass?

>> No.22723693

I was thinking about buying this and instead i bought CHART at .12c and then it dumped to .03c .Someone fucking shoot me in the head.

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yeah im reading and figuring it out. i'm pretty sure my wallet is backed up and i'm doing this right. managed to transfer my tokens from metamask without burning them so thats a plus. still dont see anything about locking and most importantly no idea who is the best validator to choose

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based and retardedpilled

>> No.22723767

If you click on certain nodes in the wallet client you'll see they have a good amount of info (if they're decent nodes). A few of the top ones have websites and tons of info in them. Just compare and contrast and DYOR.

As for other info, just head to their github, medium, twitter, and discord for anything you need.

As for your main request: https://fantom.foundation/blog/fluid-staking-is-live/

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How often does the stake rewards update? I got a small reward and seems to just be sitting still now

>> No.22723870

This fluid staking thing seems to be complicating it even more for me. what is the benefit of locking?

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Well well well, is this another breadcrumb on the unicornvampire on todays tweet? (see that UNI logo)

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Higher returns

>> No.22723898

I mean it's all in that article but you get more FTm rewards for staking it for longer periods of time. 1Y being the most.

If you unlock before the 1Y expires you take a hit on the amount you receive.

>> No.22723912

What's a suicide stack?
I don't believe in this enough for a make it stack

>> No.22723924

just the password. the word phrase is for if you forget your password so save it

>> No.22723927

More returns is the benefit, not being liquid the downside.

Rewards were reduced to reduce inflation. Hence you'll be seeing less rewards but increase in price.

>> No.22723929

20k? Maybe? 65k if not a total poorfag

>> No.22723949

> 3.5k fanties
Come on now. I thought you Pajeets were celebrating in your villages after the Uni drop

>> No.22723979

did you lock it or not? would hate to lock my stack for a year and then see you could make better gains on for example fantom.finance

>> No.22723988

read AMA tweet, they will discuss ”rare animals”

>> No.22723991

>their partnerships
I've seen they work with binanice, i don't like that anon
>most undervalued coin in crypto.
objectively false with a mcap of almost 100m
i didnt know what thanks anon

>> No.22724017

thanks so much for all your help. i think i have it mostly figured out. probably gonna just choose GoFantom as the validator since I don't think i'll be able to figure out who is really the best. gotta forgo locking my liquidity for now at least until the market recovers since i'm stretched kinda thin

>> No.22724084

Dude go buy your “guaranteed 29k” coin then

>> No.22724102

dont know much about cryptos and all I see is DYOR. lol. i've read about this yeah, but my question is that can I just buy this and hold? I keep reading about staking and minting and desu I have no idea (yet) what they mean

>> No.22724118

Staking is just putting in their wallet and you get a small return on it

>> No.22724270

50k suicide stack, 500k make it stack

>> No.22724296

What even is a suicide stack? Like it makes you wish you bought more when it pumps and you wanna kill your self?

>> No.22724383

it’s the minimum amount to own so you don’t kill yourself when it moons

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>> No.22724442

Nice. I’m going for a 100,000-175,000 stack myself. This fucker HAS to hit 1 dollar

>> No.22724462

>This fucker HAS to hit 1 dollar
or else what? you're calling your mom?

>> No.22724535

Yes they can make dapps. In fact any ethereum dapp can be directly ported to FTM since it can run Ethereum Virtual Machine on the FTM Opera mainnet.

Imagine uniswap with sub 1 sec finality and $0.001 in fees

>> No.22724596

>Imagine uniswap with sub 1 sec finality and $0.001 in fees

I did this and now i have thick fluid flowing from my penis

>> No.22724621

Im literally shaking from vizualizing so fucking hard senpai

>> No.22724653

Fuck off eurofag we don’t fucking want you here

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>> No.22724721

Holy shit you absolute mong.

If you cant make it with 20x wtf are you doing here?

Opportunity cost when this is the safest 20x around?? If you play shitcoin roulette with a large stack prepare to an hero yourself within EOY

>> No.22724788

Play the shitcoin roulette and prepare to get burned

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why, the team looks like a bunch of chinese people, they don't have a working product, and they are working with the biggest crypto scam website, pic related
I know "shitcoins" who have a working product and are currently worth 10x less

dont get me wrong im not shitting on fantom, in fact i want it to succeed but until its not vaporware anymore you cant seriously call it safe

>> No.22724985

Fuck guys should I just buy $4000 worth more

>> No.22725205

>no working product

Do you even know what a blockchain is anon?

>> No.22725244


>> No.22725287

Bruh you been in here forever asking lol just buy like $300 worth. It’ll at least 9x

>> No.22725313

You should try to compare Opera to Ethereum

>> No.22725344

Could ftm be used to exchange on uni instead of eth?

>> No.22725370

how are you not asking and questioning everything
dude you need to realize that you cant just invest and throw money into every project
i used to do that in 2017 and lost a bunch of money
now i don't and made 100x of my investment JUST last month. ask questions in biz threads, based on the replies you will see if a project is good or not

whats opera anon? the browser?

>> No.22725453

FTM is implementing uniswap protocol as we speak. Soon you will be able to buy wrapped ETH tokens on FTM Opera chain with sub 1 sec finality and $0.001 fees.

Keep yor fanties ready and wrap all of your ERC20 shitcoins to provide liquidity early. Gains will be astronomical

>> No.22725483

Opera is fantom mainnet

>> No.22725506

if it works, i'll buy

>> No.22725519

I’m only buying ftm nothing else. If fucking pnk can go up 1000% this will at least do that.

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>they don't have a working product,
ok now I know you're fucking retarded

>> No.22725558

If it works it'll be too late.

I'll gladly sell you my fanties for a 40x premium

>> No.22725589

im not going to flat out tell you, but I'd advise you on finding the coins I was talking about earlier, and stay away from trash like sta, pnk, swipe, etc you know, don't something all eggs in one basked something something
give me a link to a product I can use, right now

>> No.22725610

What coin did you 100x?

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I'll just leave this here

>> No.22725866


Based anon questioning everything good for you bro. You’re right don’t put money on this project right now. Please don’t. I mean it. The less faggots put money on this the better. None of you bizlets deserve to make it.

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File: 1.47 MB, 236x250, 1595705921368.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im not going to post it, if you give me a throwaway email I will send you everything I know but not in this thread
this honestly looks pretty bad but I hope the product works
>yeah dude just dont question things just invest crypto only goes up anon why are you asking questions anon whats wrong with you

>> No.22726029


No I’m telling you bro don’t put money on this. I’m not shilling you this project at all. Why are you even looking to put money if it raises red flag? Fucking retard.

>> No.22726065

this is not a product, .finance stuff is a meme

>> No.22726074

Yes, I locked it up for a year. Might buy some more to mine with or just keep claiming and restaking.

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>this honestly looks pretty bad

>> No.22726210

[email protected]

>> No.22726245

If you keep it locked up long term aren’t you worried about missing a moon? I don’t wanna be like those linkfags and watch it all vanish.

>> No.22726280

holy fuck you are retarded. you can’t even DYOR and are begging to be spoon fed. fuck off newfag.

>> No.22726392

you can withdraw whenever you want, you just lose a big chunk of the staking rewards

>> No.22726519

7 days

>> No.22726596

he meant you can undelegate locked tokens anytime at the expanse of the staking rewards
undelegate is indeed 7 days to claim as you pointed out

>> No.22726602

Fantom will pump so hard

>> No.22726644

These ranks suck. Bishop would be above duke. and Peasant and Baron are both spelled wrong. Some pajeet came up with this nonsense.

>> No.22726664

just bought 1420 FTM :D

>> No.22726704

based lunchmoney stack child

>> No.22726764

almost didn't have enough for uniswap fees why the fuck do I have to pay 10€ for 53€ worth of FTM

>> No.22726784

babby's first ethereum transaction

>> No.22726810

true actually

>> No.22726853

that's why ftm is gonna be huge
almost non existent fees, little grasshopper

>> No.22726860

Tf why are you buying it on that garbage

>> No.22726865

ethereum fees are high right now because of the defi craze and it costs more ether to interact with a smart contract than to just send eth/tokens from one place to another
fantom however has practically 0 fees and it's interoperable with ethereum, so you can see how big of a deal it is. enjoy the spoonfeed

>> No.22726902

What are the odds of it actually working on uniswap to trade tho

>> No.22726905

uniswap is the best for high value transactions, enjoy paying CZ your cuckfee, goy.

>> No.22726907

thanks chads

i don't know better :D

>> No.22726931

i mean if you got it right now you can still make a shit ton even if its a scam since its only .04

>> No.22726983

haven't you heard? andre cronje himself is working on a fantom uniswap

>> No.22727010

Yeah I’ve heard but no coin has done it yet

>> No.22727128

I got my stack up to 10K which is measly, I know. But I just don’t want to sell anything else to build it up. But my gut is telling me otherwise.

>> No.22727249

every beach started with a single grain of sand

godspeed anon

>> No.22727287

On a side note, which the best validator to use? Fantom go?

>> No.22727357

I have mine staked with 17 and Connor

>> No.22727621

>enjoy paying CZ your cuckfee, goy.
It's literally a fraction of the uniswap gas fee, retard

>> No.22727643

only if you're a moron who overpays gas for no reason, you seem to be one

>> No.22727648

>people debating whether or not theyre late

dont think you understand we will be at 0.70-1.00 by the end of the year

>> No.22727703
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I just bought. Of course he immediately got the call that I bought as always. I'm never gonna make it.

>> No.22727706

It’s not going that quick bro

>> No.22727805

when's the AMA

>> No.22727814

>he fell for the AMA
oh sweaty...

>> No.22727862


>> No.22727865

>hes never experienced a real bullrun

>> No.22727878

we're literally dumping upwards. it's over

>> No.22727889

Should I buy more now or wait

>> No.22728388

Digits and during this run it will peak above $0.08

>> No.22728421

Oh shit buying more

>> No.22728681

Over 100k, gonna make it.

>> No.22728811


>> No.22729092

Half now half later if you are scared it will dump

>> No.22729112

I just wanna buy them as cheap as I can

>> No.22729552

>8 cents
based and fantompilled

>> No.22729667

I picked up 300k ftm as a fomo buy during the weekend dip as the Clchart looks really good. Im new to the project, how does fantom stack up against the other supposed eth killers (mainly polkadot).

>> No.22729691


>> No.22729723

8 cents? What are you smoking anon. We're hitting 1b cap by December. Screencap this faggots.

>> No.22729749

No. Please wait I need to re enter PLEASE GOD NOOOOO.

>> No.22729765

where to provide liquidity_? at uniswap?

>> No.22729790

Buy UNI instead. v3 coming soon. FTM is shit

>> No.22729827

Why not both? FTM actually seems like a solid token, and I don’t see the shilling of it here done in a sketchy ass way.

>> No.22730792
File: 252 KB, 1110x1476, EevAjruUYAAly7e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if someone bought their fanties on the old binance and they're in the US? Just send them to kucoin?

>> No.22730799

43 because they are giving free stuff

>> No.22730854

ahhhhhhhh I just bought a shit load why’s everyone stop talking about it

>> No.22730966

Wait was this just a pump scam up until ama? YOU FUCKED ME

>> No.22731217

Been saying that the whole day, man.
Chinks be waking up and seeing that sweet sweet dummy money.

>> No.22731333

No damn it it has to 50x when I buy 6000

>> No.22731410

Can't argue against those digits.
When's the pump?

>> No.22731426

One more dip then I will be able to tell

>> No.22731631

Are you guys locking up your fantom? Is there a way to do it through MEW with the new staking model or do I finally have to use the PWA wallet.

>> No.22731669

Worst version

>> No.22731733

Staking has given .2 link sirs

>> No.22731751


>> No.22731897


>> No.22731928


>> No.22731947


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>> No.22732000

We really need fresh memes for occasions like this.

>> No.22732100

No I dont have enough yet

>> No.22732175

What’s y’all stacks?

>> No.22732208

15k stacklet here

>> No.22732222

I’ll buy 3000 more if you do bro

>> No.22732280
File: 58 KB, 500x500, A55824B8-E3E1-4623-A835-A5532C12CEA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you guys, now I can finally drop my bags.

>> No.22732304

41k if the price dares to go down a little after midnight.
Can't buy anymore, man. Sacked from job, no neetbux and December is slowly creeping up.

>> No.22732309


>> No.22732356

actual retard

>> No.22732387


>> No.22732567
File: 24 KB, 399x388, 2736390A-D226-4FC3-97F8-4C1C1C894340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AHHHHHH I just looked at how much it’s gonna cost to buy 300k

>> No.22732592

Late to the party, boy.
You had four months.

>> No.22732622

No I didn’t I just got back into it

>> No.22732650

Oh, alright.
Also, that's a mean retraction. Please, make it disappear.

>> No.22733049

>21 posts by this ID
>Every single one of them is a FUDder larping like a scared little wimp who needs to be rubbed on the back while mommy anon tells him everything will be ok.

Very creative. Thanks for the laugh.

>> No.22733200

Where to buy

>> No.22733289

Binance in Europe or Uniswap in USA. Don't know much of anywhere else and if theres a better placethan Uniswap that I can use in the USA someone please enlighten me

>> No.22733374

Binance VPN

>> No.22733665

like use a European VPN? Doesn't every crypto exchange in the world require you to verify residency?

>> No.22733692

I think you can still use kucoin as a burger without a vpn.

>> No.22734198

hmmm, still paired with ETH but at least the fees would be lower since i can do everything on one platform. am i about right?

>> No.22734300

What? 100k was the suicide stack last month.

>> No.22734332

>tfw sold too early

>> No.22734445

Buy back

>> No.22734509

Just use a european vpn i use great britain for binance as a burger works perfect

>> No.22734536
File: 668 KB, 750x1624, E62F5A03-99DE-4110-8798-5103CF6A0F29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least you aren’t this guy

>> No.22734601

Sent (87)

>> No.22734654

Binance wont make you verify anything? Will they still let you trade in USD? How do I even find a VPN to use, is it a paid service?

>> No.22734856

I fear I will get Bogged if I FOMO right now.

>> No.22735153

bought a 200k stack 24 hours ago, it's not a PnD right bros...

>> No.22735156


you delusional fucking retard

>> No.22735292

yeah, you really need a big stack of FTM if you want to make it from it and I'm not confident enough to go balls deep into it. hopefully i'll be able to get at least a $500k from my 200k FTM, staking rewards alone would have me comfy for life if it went above $1 and never dipped below it again

>> No.22735301

Yeah he probably had 100 bucks lmao

>> No.22735485
File: 51 KB, 500x517, C8D01CBD-32B6-4C7D-A9F8-1F17F7077A75.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you a pajeet? I dont help third worlders who arent of European blood. Literally type into google vpn and buy one rajj

>> No.22735814

Brothers do I dump all of my UNI for this? Or half?

>> No.22735873

in my opinion you should have dumped it at $8, at this price i feel like it's not worth it and it's gonna recover

>> No.22735974

it's your last chance

>> No.22736337


>> No.22736875

just sold all my link and uni FTM here we go

>> No.22736910

$50 EOY is FUD

>> No.22736944

No he can only get 10k now he prob had close to 100k

>> No.22736975

wtf it's dumping! No nnono this can't be happening aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

>> No.22737518

Zoom out.

>> No.22737725

Which list it FTM on on Uniswap? I've never used Uniswap before, and I can't find the token anywhere.

>> No.22737935

copy and paste this into the token field


That's the contract address for FTM, always get the contract address from CoinGecko when available, here's the listing


>> No.22737943

Just use the contract code

Otherwise binance is much cheaper honestly

>> No.22737952

For the love of God, don't you dare to go down now.

>> No.22737956

Serious question, don't you think FTM is due for a consolidation? Wouldn't it be better to sell now and buy 30-40% lower?

>> No.22737984

don't worry dude the floor keeps rising

>> No.22737990

So do I send the funds to my metamask QR code from my Ledger? I'm new to this DeFi shit and I've never used Uniswap or Metamask before.

>> No.22738015

how far have you gotten? do you have any Ethereum and on which platform? How long have you been holding it?

>> No.22738020

do it, if you think a dump is coming
just don't cry later

>> No.22738064

I already made 30% gains from this lovely pump.
I just want to max my positions.

>> No.22738065

I've set up my metamask. It has a zero balance. I don't have much to spend, and I'm trying to send 0.1 ETH to the metamask from my Ledger. I've connected Metamask to Uniswap, but I don't have any funds in Metamask, but it has a code there, so I copied the code, and pasted it into Ledger to send it to, but I haven't actually sent it yet because I don't want to lose my cash.
I'm just making sure I'm doing it correctly. First 30x scamcoin I've ever bought. Trying to make some extra money.

>> No.22738124

honestly with .1 ETH it's not even worth it unless you're in for a super long term hold but you'll burn up like 1/4 or 1/3 of that in gas fees on the swap. .1ETH is just gas money to hang on to so your'e ready to trade when you need to. and i don't even roll with the big dogs

>> No.22738164

Well, I have 1.1 ETH. I'm afraid to throw it all at it because I might have to cash out that 1 ETH for my rent soon, so I've been hanging on to it.

>> No.22738276
File: 296 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-09-23-12-54-33-94_3ce871bb60cb313382b75690e63e41d0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Send some eth to metamask. Paste this contract code 0x4e15361fd6b4bb609fa63c81a2be19d873717870

Like my screenshot

>> No.22738278

man that's tough, rent definitely comes first. maybe reach for an extra like .05 or .03 ETH for the fees specifically so you can feel like you're getting something off the .1

>> No.22738316

I mean whats the plan with this FTM? Is it another pump and dump shit like YAM or all the others I've seen on here, or is this actually supposed to be a long term project?

>> No.22738429

wtf is wrong with the wallet, it tells me i need at least 50k to withdraw my fantoms anywhere? is this for real? 50 fucking k? how do i fucking get my money from this piece of shit wallet

>> No.22738469

Have to use the binance chain I believe

>> No.22738482

honestly i'm not the one to ask and everybody loves to say DYOR, and I kinda tried. I usually follow the charts and the fact that this is the only thing pumping right now gives me a good feeling and it's a soft pump so it could be sustainable not like the out of nowhere moonshot that UNI was (which I actually wouldnt have been able to get my 44k stack of FTM without). Also it doesnt hurt that you can't farm this one and even staking rewards are kinda curbed to keep the price of the token up. it's been around for 2 years now and from my perspective the upward mobility seems very sustainable

>> No.22738484

Lol 80% down and can only afford 10k, even at his max, that cuck could only buy 50k ftm

>> No.22738490

it doesnt even let you withdraw to the binance chain, it says you have to use erc20, and shows the 50k error anyway

>> No.22738581


>> No.22738686

Just hold, unless you can play the swing game.

>> No.22738727

Not sure anon
I've never moved less than 50k

>> No.22738785

why are people always so scared when they see a small drop? it happens literally all the time

>> No.22739208

theres no point swinging with the gas fees, it's just not volatile enough. you'll just end up losing your ticket

>> No.22739293

Unless you use an exchange

>> No.22739311
File: 7 KB, 275x183, 1600637271044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not sure what the market is going to do next
>lock my money into coin I just heard of
No, I'm swinging it on Binance.

>> No.22739342

not an option in burgerland

>> No.22739343


anyone swinging now is seriously risking such a big shot at this. fucking risky but if you guys know what you're doing then godspeed.

>> No.22739442

Get their online wallet and send your FTM to a delegator to stake

If you lock your tokens for a set period of time you get larger rewards

Minting is just financing but I’ve not really bothered with that yet
Just go to the Fantom website and all the info you need is very easy to find

>> No.22739730

KuCoin works in burger

>> No.22740687
File: 198 KB, 725x929, 1489723458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22740864

ok thanks for replies. can you just not do anything with your coins? buy them on binance and hold in binance?

>> No.22740877

FTM anons
Thoughts on Polytrade as a Uniswap alternative?

>> No.22740915

Yes of course.

>> No.22740958

Is there a minimum period for staking/delegation? Figure if I've got $5000 in fantom I might as well stake it.

>> No.22740989

Don't listen to the fudders and non-believers anon...but your final price is 2x too low

>> No.22741118

This will beat Yearn's ATH by eow

>> No.22741123

I just use uni, man.
Aside from the shitty gas fees, it never failed me. If it ain't broken, why bother?

>> No.22741641

Prince checking in. Looks like we're all gonna make it.

>> No.22741658

Bishop here. See you at the AMA frens!

>> No.22742387


>> No.22742419

man that mega red candle

>> No.22742432

Fuck sake its dipping again anon. Damnit I thought I did good on the last dip fuck fuck..

>> No.22742457

Binance posted 50x futures and is shorting am Fantom into the ground laugh

>> No.22742472


>> No.22742872

Kleros > FTM. fantom is a literal vaporware scam. community coin by 2023.

>> No.22743073

Comparing FTM to Kleros. Kek. Back to street shitting you go pajeet

>> No.22743110

Shet it’s already recovering I want more cheapies

>> No.22743123
File: 741 KB, 2048x1802, fantomfinance-2048x1802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

incase anyone needed a cheat sheet for FTM

>> No.22743158

Should we be worried about the circulating supply? It probably means it won’t go above $1 right

>> No.22743173


>> No.22743186

if you think the current marketcap of btc is a permanent ceiling then sure

>> No.22743492

get lost retard

>> No.22743506

I spent a lot on ftm. I know I shouldn’t be but I am.

I need to put 5000 on it.

>> No.22743561

I'm holding at 90k. Missing out on this last dip but I dont want to FUD out just yet. Hope i can still get a good return.

>> No.22743568

It’s going to a dollar at least .50c

>> No.22743798

is this a reason it isn't worrying? obviously value of btc is likely to go up, but i'm doubtful of all these btc to 100k brainlets

>> No.22743843

I think if it reaches $1 it’ll be the same market cap as link and link used to be 2.5x higher top.

>> No.22744045

sweet Vishnu we have a winner

>> No.22744067

put all I had into ftm. 2549 stack's all I got. If I can at least x1.1 it I'll be happy

>> No.22744090

if it gets to 0.8 you've already made a 2x

>> No.22744140

Very nice sir you will bring water to your village just hold

>> No.22744588

ADA was at $30b+ mc last bull
Anywhere near that would mean $10+ FTM

>> No.22744748

56k stacklet

>> No.22744759

It Not Matter how Big Man stack...
It Matter man Have stack...