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Listen up bitches. If you wanna be cozy like the feet in these feet warmers then you need to buy YFV/VALUE.

Currently making $1500 in vUSD every 24 hours which is around $700 if I liquidate. What, you want gains like that? Buy YFV then and do your own research and don’t be a tard.

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Holy shit now thats some VALUE

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>vUSD every 24
How do you liquidate vUSD? Have they said a god DAMN THING about what the fuck vUSD and vETH and vBBCNIGGERDICK does yet?

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You can do it on Balencer.

Na not yet, I imagine it will be some kind of stable coin though to make actually holding YFV an incentive. Currently the protocol is to farm YFV and then to dump YFV to make profits. Now how about instead you are farming vETH and vUSD which are pegged to Ethereum and USD respectively. Wouldn’t holding YFV seem much more safe then?

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The telegram is packed full of crying pajeets, so I feel kind of bullish about buying now they have lost everything. How much lower will it go though

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so should i buy and stake or what bros

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Those pajeets are fucked brother. They were never in it for comfy gains. They were in it for the Y brand and hoped for a quick profit.

You should buy and stake but I’m not telling you what pools to do it in and I’m not telling you the most efficient way to do it either. I can see on the YFV website there are a couple of smart people around staked properly. If you’re smart you’ll figure it out. If not stay poor you cuck.

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pls tell me what pools fren

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I'm pretty comfy in the link yfv pool riding out this market dump

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I can’t. Otherwise everyone else will dilute my profits. And everyone else will do the same method as well. You’ll probably find out in a few weeks when it catches on but pools will be diluted then.

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ok but can you tell me anyways

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The one with the highest apy

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k post your stack then mr larper

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only if there were demand for veth/vusd which there isn't

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>buy it
>and then do your research

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I can sell my vUSD stack quite comfily, I’ve tried.

Anyway, the demand should come from it being a stable coin. I’m confident the devs will be able to keep it at a 1:1 ratio.

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