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So he own 1,1mln BTC?? Based court.

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calvin isn't paying 1m btc either

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Give me a quick rundown on this case. I'm not an SVtard or whatever.

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Jew tries to jew satoshi out of half his corn stack by using jew lawyers colluding with jew judge who used to be epsteins jew lawyer

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Kek I want Creg to lose. He'll fork over the coins (finally), Kleiman is forced to pay billions in inheritance tax because he lives in Cuck Florida and this crashes the entire market with no surbibors.

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oh, he'll lose alright, always does
maybe something of a pyrrhic victory for Ira tho in that the bankrupt fat cunt possesses zero forking coin to fork

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Well no if the court rules those coins are his, miners will be forced to move them. Ira is owed those specific BTC coins, not their USD equivalent. He'll have to get them one one way or another if they are deemed his property. Wishing for Creg to lose is bearish as fuck. The pump that BSV might receive might not even be offset by the entire market dump, no real winners in that scenario.

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>He'll fork over the coins
he will fork alright but not how you imagine

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>if the court rules those coins are his, miners will be forced to move them
yes your magical court that has jurisdiction all over the world especially in china huh?
also the court will not order miners to do shit they will order craig to pay in bitcoin or cash equivalent.

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>yes your magical court that has jurisdiction all over the world especially in china huh?
Yeah. Maybe China is difficult, but literally every other country will comply eventually in a literal 10 billion dollar lawsuit. Probably a lot more if this case isn't fully resolved for another few years.
BTC isn't chain splitting over this event, Chinese miners are such huge cucks they'll follow as well. Basic game theory dictates it. They didn't have the balls to even upgrade to the 2x part of Segwit2x. They are spineless in the face of pressure beyond making money in the next 18 months.
I'm also fine with Creg going to jail if he's forced to give BTC and can't. He strikes me as the type that doesn't learn lessons easily. You need to be popular to win lawsuits and/or throw a ton of money at them. Everyone over the age of 25 should know this. Don't start shit if you have low people skills. Maybe a few years behind bars will teach him a few lessons.

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Meanwhile 77% of miners are in china. Craig can't do shit.

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>but literally every other country will comply
1 the court will not try to order miners to do anything because it would be completely baseless and stupid. it's like ordering a taxi company to return stolen goods because the thief took a taxi to the crime scene.
2 the miners wouldn't give a shit anyhow if it's a court order from a different jursitiction.

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also the main reason for not activating segwit 2x is that it was a horrible bugfest and when it's devs went on with the fork anyhow it went to a standstill because of said bugs.

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If you think this is even possible you have zero knowledge of how bitcoin works, which means you are perfect for Cregs scam

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lol this would assume craig has the funds. he doesn't.

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Who cares

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No one know what China will do.
For Chinese he is Satoshi. They dont use twitter so Blockstream dont wash they brains.

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i recognize those characters beside his name
something about big fat liar fraud.

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handcash using threshold signatures


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Craig still wins though.

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Court can't rule on funds that don't exist. They would have to put both Ira and Craig in jail for perjury in this case.

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This is actually fucking huge step towards normie adoption. Congrats to the handcash team, they are really moving the needle on this. Best cryptowallet ever created.

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the delusion

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