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RSI Anon here. Big buy signal right now on LINK.

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Look at the dates the RSI is at its current levels. All those dates line up with the perfect buying opportunity. Buying link right now is free money

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We're going to $4.

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What happens when we break support?

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it's unbreakable

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why dont eveyrone just trade with rsi
its literally the best indicator

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Time to start the long?

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>rsi above 50
>buy signal
huge yikes

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Uh-oh OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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none of the dumps are as forceful and consistent as this one, this one will leave a mark for a couple of months ($2-3)

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You dont think the stock market and the upcoming us election will fuck with it?

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Wouldn't breaking through the RSI downward be a good thing? Doesn't that mean it is oversold as the RSI goes lower?

t. Not a TAfag

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chainlink will rise in sats

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>Buying link right now is free money

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theoretically RSI can bottom forever if something just shits itself continually, as has happened with thousands of cryptos already.

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i don't know

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RSI almost at 30 on the daily chart. The last time it got that low was during the flash crash in March and LINK was under $2.

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For those who short it for sure.

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Thanks, guys, I feel much more knowledgeable now

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It’s really the only non meme indicator there is

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RSI on the one day USD pair i think is better indicator of when to buy. We still need to get at or below 30 on that for best buying opportunity. after that we wont see RSI that low for a long time, may crab at that price level for a while until entire market picks back up though, but 2021 is going to melt your face. We're almost at the bottom.

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That’s on the weekly. On the 1D it’s at 30 and on 1H it’s at 20.

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lost 100k why cant i feel anything
ta is shit

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Pic related

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What is the usd price at the bottom of that line?

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somewhere between 7 and 8 probably is rock bottom

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Thanks closed my short!

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If you base your analysis mostly on RSI i suggest adding chalkin money flow to it. You want an indicator on board that independent of price fluctuations. Pro tip, if rsi goes over 50 and cmf goes over 0, it is time for a short squeeze. works on all higher an intermediate time frames

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why, oh why, is it when literally any shitcoin starts to do the classic fall from retard ATH that these random copetards start saying the exact same shit? have none of you learned from 2017/2018 at all?

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Thanks anon just added this to my tradingview will check it out. What’s the tldr on how to use this?

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why is it so many discord posters with low quality narratives that look like taken from the same script flood threads. Would you mind being an honest poster for once and not just a drone?

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cope retard. Literally the only coin with any semblance of staying power, btc, is even slowly bleeding towards zero from its retard ATH.

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sorry cmf is not independent from price, that is OBV, which is used to confirm the strategy, my bad. The idea is that both rsi and cmf show over and underbought, while the cmf is slower than the rsi, if you come across a situation where an asset is underbought on rsi and cmf, and both start to go into stronger territories, it is an indicator that its about to go boom, I use obv just as a confirmation to see if it is long term viable. Like if both crossand the obv has rissen it is an indication for a stable long term price increase, as obv shows just based on volume, similar to cmf, with open and closes, the amount of money entering or leaving

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Imagine not using MACD

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why so angry? you are not contributing in any way, go bump one of the slav shit threads
macd is lagtard indicator. It can be useful for confirmations, but I stopped using it, it is just too damn slow

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delet this

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big signal he said, checked the chart...jesus christ dude who taught you TA? kill him and yourself

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I am contributing. I'm outting you retards as coping about your PnD bleeding to death in front of your eyes and all you can do is come up with literal bullshit to make you feel at ease.

You're even going so far as drawing meme lines on meme securities with retard low volume and high volatility. Not only that, every single TA I've seen for this shit has been blatantly so wrong, that the maybe 2-3 that were right might well been noise. You're a fucking retard. Stop being retarded.

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Absolutely seething

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You should see a doctor and have yourself tested for rabies. If you were a dog somebody would take pity and put you out of your misery

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more-macro TA typically isnt wrong as is the case here looking at weekly charts. its usually the short term price movements that mongs get wrong and read too much into. Long term the correlation / patterns are there to use as a pretty decent macro guide

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Whats stopping link from just crossing that line you draw in?

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RSI is the most fucking useless indicator dumb linktards

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How is Link any different from BTC?

It has basically made a new ATH every year

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We’ve all been through this before. It’s the same thing every time. Look at the archive any time Link has dumped. Same faggots doing the same shit. Wait until we get to $5 and Uncle Oldfag will start posting again. It’s really all exhausting.

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could've just bought BAND and not waste 3 years

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Fuck dudes, looks like I'm buying more link at 2-3

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buy pressure theoretically. but even if it crosses that just means it entered oversold territory.

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I haven’t wasted 3 years. I don’t feel like following all this shit. I bought chainlink in 2018 and have made over $100k every year so far. You’re all emotional emotional faggots.

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Imagine trying to shill your way out of losses. should have sold at least at 15.

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unrealised profit isn't making actual money though

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I’ve taken out $100k each year

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God I hate you “gotcha” faggots. No one is doing bad from Link just because they don’t perfects buy each bottom and sell each top.

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Sure you did buddy

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Where can I track rsi?

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You do realise that crypto is a zero sum game, so, there are thousands of people doing bad from link. Keep larping newfriend

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Yeah but he's doing well and has realized hundreds of thousands in profits. You're still a "gotcha" faggot. Although after this post >>22694587
I don't know why anyone responds to you seriously. Could have also bought a lottery ticket and not waste 24 hours, stupid linktards!

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Here’s my current coinbase balance nigger.

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Crypto isn’t a zero sum game because there is enough price manipulation to make that the case. A lot of major price movement is the result of wash trades.

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non-ta crypto amature here.
added to my bags at about 8.90, though I could only grab about 35link.

if we are still in the same range or lower ill buy more next week.

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ok congrats, still hate LINK and hope it goes to fucking 0

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Is this guy seriously bragging about falling for the hold meme? The absolute state of stinkies

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I’ve held my way to two investment properties, $100k cash, and over a quarter mil in crypto in 2 years.

I make $9 per hour at my job. It’s hilarious how pathetic you capitulating faggots are. I’ll be a millionaire within 5 years thanks to Link. No high school diploma, no inheritance, 23 years old. This makes you faggots seethe and it makes me even more comfy.

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I’ve also held through Link dumping more than 50% like 4 times now. This is honestly the best part about it because it lets me keep buying in at lower prices. Link is the greatest thing to happen to me financially. Otherwise, my life would literally have remained the trash that it always was.

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Based, this price movement seems fucking sketchy though. I'm positive we'll recover by Jan.

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> no 10y chart

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It's as brutal and bloody and miserable to endure as possible and purposefully designed to shake out as many weak hands as possible. They want your LINK more than I can adequately articulate in words. The only thing that makes them seethe harder than not selling is buying more.

People like us aren't even supposed to have heard of LINK let alone own stacks of tens of thousands. People who hate CZ for dumping the price now don't realize what a massive debt of gratitude they owe him for listing LINK (for free, without being asked by the LINK team) and allowing us to accumulate huge stacks.

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My rebuy order is $2. You should know what you are doing.

Corona + Elections + World Reset + BRR stopped

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It’s not sketchy to me at all. I think it should go back to $7.50 and crab there for a while. To me, the pump to $20 was the sketchy part. Reminded me of what happened in 2019 with coinbase. Completely unrealistic super pump, and now we’re going back to a more realistic price.

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>tfw liquidated at $5.90

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Buying all the upcoming dips or all in the floor

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If you compare Chainlink to other top 10 cryptos, then having a mcap of $5bn is very realistic. You got some crypto.com coin, then bnb, then polkadot which nobody even uses, then bcash and finally xrp. Only thing XRP has going is the massive amount of normie bagholders with their qanon conspiracy theories while the founders keep dumping xrp on the regular. Chainlink at rank 5 is very justified. Also we already crabbed at $5 for like 1.5 months back in May or something. Everything is so fucking sketchy and manipulated when it comes to Chainlink. Why do they release fud articles during hype pump phases? Can't they just let it pump to $30 and then dump it down? It's like we are 200lb against a 300lb fighter. There's never a timeout. A constant fucking struggle.

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Welcome to biz

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>Can't they just let it pump to $20 and then dump it down?

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Oh yeah, the contract-hedged sellers are going to take their foot off the gas and allow it to be walked up? They need some breathing room now that the legitimate volume required to wrest control and liquidate them is too low for their comfort? How fucking gracious of them.

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>I really care a lot about your financial well being
Wow what a guy. I’m glad biz has heroes like you to constantly remind (beg) us to sell. I’ll just take that at face value and sell even though you said the same thing at $1, $2, $4 and everywhere in between. You’re a licensed financial advisor right?

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You know every single one of them either knew about LINK from the start and sold at $4 or they are newfags that bought the top and got justed. Not one of these niggers giving financial advice has more money than me. Not one.

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>crypto is a zero sum game,

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That girl is fucking nasty

>> No.22697585

Her inner nigger is starting to show through

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This is pretty good. I think btc will consolidate above weekly 20 MA and we will have an alt season towards early 2021. Then alts crab around with retraces when btc yeets above 20k untill final bubble in 2022/2023. Link reaches ethereums market cap in the last bubble and thats when you sell. easy money

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Hold on let me catch my breath from laughing at you last night. He actually redrew the line and reposted this. Ahahahahhahahahaha holy shit the utter cope. Hahahahahaha

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U said it would go up weeks ago and it plummet here lmao

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there is one other that i've seen mentioned twice on biz in the past 3 years that is more accurate as an entry indicator on W and D.

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What is RSI? Can I smoke it?

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Haha, triggered

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this is good; but it's the LINK/BTC pair. LINK's fiat value could still fall a fair deal lower in tandem with bitcoin.

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Seething shitskin lmao

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Chainstinkers are fags, who could've guessed?

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That face looks so fake it is traumatizing.
Pls delet

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>200,000 down to 100,000
>soon 100,000 to 50,000
>eventually 50,000 to 0

Please keep coping. It's hilarious.

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This is the roadmap. Air knows this, Sirgay knows this, the banks know this, everyone with a large bag knows this.

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it all makes sense now
thank you for this

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