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>Just realized the true value of bitcoin is 7000 a coin


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7000 Yen?

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it has no value

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Potential 50% drop

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It's not 7000
More like 5000 a coin.

If you're in alt-coins you should be watching out for this.

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>muh curve
The drop in March would have been a lot steeper if BitMEX didn't turn off trading due to a (((malfunction))).

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Trust me on this one.
All of that pumping and dumping is pure excitement, pure hysteria over crypto.

What's really there is that bottom line. That's the true growth of bitcoin. Everything else is excitement money from people that don't really believe in/use crypto.

It's growing, but slowly.

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>psychopath bbc
>the bell curve

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I was 18 years old once.
Shoot me

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how low can you go?

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>Gunsmith Cats
>Danger 5
good stuff

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Why would I try and samefag when my ID is right here? I'm admitting that I overshot. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong about crypto.

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