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Where did all the bsv shits go?

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havnt seen a craig thread in a while

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still here. but its dumping so theres nothing to gloat about rn.

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dude even their gay red-dot sub is ghost town. like 5 active users on sub right now....can you imagine being this fat alcoholic lying retard?

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let me guess; citadel landlord?

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pajeet ran out of budget

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>note: the "citadel" is a boat in antigua

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they got replaced by XRP shills

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They're even worse then the BSVindians.

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I disagree. While both are total shitcoins, I can tolerate the XRPfags more just because the schizos have more of a reason to believe in XRP rather than the low IQ anons who unironically believe BSV is the real bitcoin

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Both have the same crossover population of insufferable schizo midwits but at least with BSV there was humor in the bants and countermemes. XRP is just forced, tryhard shit imported from twitter.

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Sir plz buy mobius sir thank you sir my family sirs

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right here faggots
what do you want?

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on that note, where did all the PNKjeets go?

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Craig bought a supercomputer to mine bitcoin and claimed to the tax office that it was for research.

Pretending to be the creator of Bitcoin could him with the legal ramifications of his tax fraud.

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Satoshi used a supercomputer to mine during periods of weak network performance around 2010. Especially considering those coins have never been sold, this is not a tax issue and probably counts as valid research purposes considering the large amount of literature produced on satoshi's early mining alone.

I don't think he's satoshi btw.

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