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>bought RLC @ $2.00
>bought PNK at $0.18
>bought LINK at $19.32
Someone give me a reason not to KMS right now

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It'll all bounce back eventually, probably december. Or sell it and look for shitcoin gems with what you have left.

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after a series of shitty trades you made me feel a little better. thankyou anon

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sell it all and yolo ftm

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imagine shooting yourself bc your gf broke up with you.
god damn

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Anthony bourdain my favorite person hung himself after his gf cucked him

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At least he's famous now.

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I sold all my shitcoin and yolod into FTM

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Because that 18c PNK will be $5 within two years and make up for all your losses plus more.

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It hasn't moved yet. Are you scared?

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The next time you feel fomo, that's when you know it's the top. You can use that to your advantage.

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Forget about your investment. Live a fun fulfilling year of life and come back to somewhere between 2x and 10x your investment.

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why kill yourself when you could take a person you feel is a negative influence on society with you?

give your life purpose; leave the world better than when you came into it, by removing a negative influence.

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except for RLC, every other coin will recover in time.

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If you kill yourself who will buy my bags later?

>thanks for buying my bags OP

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Why won’t RLC recover?

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When you're a commie basedboy with PTSD and a 2 inch peen you'd kys too if your gf leave you it's the exact same feel as being a pajeet and getting his 400 UNI stolen

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>made two, arguably three decent purchases
>why isn't line go up immediately i wanna kill myself :(
Save your keys, delete your wallet, delete any price tracker, come back when the bull run happens and enjoy your money, you weak-handed mongoloid.

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I won’t because you’re retarded, imagine buying the top. If the bull is running why chase it?

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Why didn't you look at ARPA? You had all year before Bella Protocol...

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Hold them all and in 30 years you'll be floating in $$$$

In a month you'll be in the green with LINK. Can't tell you why but trust me.

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Bud, i bought link at $4 during that pump. It dropped 70%. You just have to be patient

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You should have bought LRC. You got your acronym wrong. Idiot. It’s mooning this week.

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Much like trannies, RLC is too far gone to recover

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Change all that shit into ETH...
And hold... don't KMS...

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This. Link has always had violent retraces. Doesn't help that the market is absolute dogcrap right now.

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>Sold link at 3 dollars

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With that face and hairline he wasn't getting another gf anytime soon.

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I noticed I have the same habit of "buying a coin while it's pumping" and it always results in me getting fucked. I've decided to avoid FOMOing as much as possible, because it always results in me buying in when the coin is topping out in value.

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He lost his job which lost him his gf and bernie lost and he lost the money he donated to bernie and the bank was going to repossess his house so he decided to end it out of spite.

It's not just "tfw no gf".

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Why would you bug LINK after it moons extensively, are you retarded?

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You haven't bought RSR at .03 cents with the promise of 15 cents EOY so you'll be fine.

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RLC will moon tomorrow

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Imagine killing yourself and not becoming a coomer zen monk awaiting the singularity and AI and all of the incredible cooming opportunities it will bring

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If you got advice from here about buying LINK, why would you want advice on here about not to kys?

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I know he was a basedboy faggot, I respect his death because he had the balls to pull the trigger which I will never have.

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>trying to swing
>sold 75k Link @ 0.51
>get priced out 1h later
>bought back in to late
>4k Link comfy edition
>thanks to Sta

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you clearly don't have what it takes.
read up on FOMO and how to beat it. if you can't stop fomo'ing you'll probably even manage to lose money in the coming bull market

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>decent purchases
I'm honestly amazed at how fucking retarded some of you bag holders are.

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now you learnt to not fomo in at all time high price so next trades will be better anon

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Just hold and go take a nice walk outside. For six months or more.

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Anon, it took almost 3 fucking years to break out. And in 3 months it's all gone again

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Cuz the whales have buybacks at 1.30?

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>Hmm, could it be the history of PTSD he got as a veteran from the Iraq invasion?
>Nah, it's his gf and job that's solely to blame
No wonder vets sleep in the street while Americans praise veterans and says everyone should become one, to be "patriotic"

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>100bn supply