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Well /biz/, I sold

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Good job anon

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>he panic sold

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Good job anon... you took profits something alot of us havent done completely yet.

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How are you celebrating?

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Hope that's no more than 10% of your stack.

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Damn nigger you rich.

What you gonna do with all that money, nigger?

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That could've been 2million dollars.

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nice, what are you gonna do with it?

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If only he sold at 19
all that lost profit

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I can hear the vans starting up now

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Dude...The markets are already starting to go up. Look at Chainlink, BTC, ETH, and UNI right now. You shoulda at least waited until morning.

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You’ll panicbuy higher on the way up

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buy dia?

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Status: not confirmed

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holy fuck, it's real

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Well he's gonna put in it UNI obviously. He's not a brainle

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You'll be back

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Did... did you type the entire Tx ID by hand to check it?

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I know...
I still hold 10k LINK for the memes and dreams
I'm going to put my money in stonks now I don't feel rich at all. I'm grieving I thought I'd have at least 10 mil

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you can't even buy a house with that in the us..

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the power of autism

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Lol no. Used an OCR website to convert image to text.

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should've sold at around 17$ but still better then losing another 50% soon. So good on you anon, congrats

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Congratulations anon, Taxes are gonna be a bitch but you did so much better than 95% of the autistic faggots on this board. Don't ever look back, don't ever think "muhhh $18" You truly did good. Pat yourself on the back bro, honestly.

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Bravo. I'm sorry for calling you a Stinky Linky back in the day.

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you would have been, but i dont blame you for selling. im sitting on half a mil now down from a mil and it feels really bad but we 2021 bull dude. good on you for still holding 10k

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Yeah he will be at ~$1 for a nice 500k+ stack.

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You mean you didn't check it? What's wrong with you?

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Kek I'm unironically a neet and havent ever had a job in my life so I think I won't get raped by taxes so hard

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Why not just hold LINK until $100? Why swap a sure thing for boomer stock gambling?

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Buy airline stock, buy google, something like that. Or buy a house. You're a much bigger fish now, do what rich people do and take the safe 2x don't put your money in shitcoins praying for a 1000000x. Lightning doesn't strike twice often.

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>I'm going to put my money in stonks now
KEK. Good job. Right before the markets take a massive shit to manipulate the US election

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seething bagholders

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If link crashes more I have a lot to lose. The original investment was just funny money while I lived on my parents dime in a dorm, but now I pay rent and bills.
Yes, link might go to $100 one day, $81k even, but I can't risk that while I'm living off it. It was very hard finding an apartment with no credit history or income statement

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Yeah. The bags I filled at 0.50 are feeling heavy as fuck rn kek

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Yeah I figure having a 2 or 3x in stonks is more than enough for me and I don't need much to live. Back when I only had a few thousand to invest I thought I'd never get rich off stocks, but with this kind of principle I very well can. I guess the rich get richer ain't a meme.

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Well done anon! And welcome to the club. We made it.

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That's true I'm going to go keep an eye on the crash and that's when I'll buy

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You don't lose anything unless you sell at a loss. Making it with Chainlink requires people to do literally nothing. You did nothing for 3 years, during the hardest period to hold by far, and made a million bucks. I have no idea why you would opt out now of all times when progress has been immense and it's still cheap.
Anyway best of luck. Your 10k LINK will be worth a couple of mil eventually anyway, i guess.

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Ok well good luck and be smart anon

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>imagine the taxes

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Bro find yourself some safe 5%+ dividend stocks with room to grow and live off the interest.

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This could be the dumbest post I've ever seen in my life.

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This is so fucking Reddit you stupid fucking faggot. Chainlink is not going anywhere and by all your stupid ass talk I know you don't make more than 60k a year. Why the fuck would you sell that much LINK at the fucking bottom you dumb fuck.

This shit makes me seethe dude but at least I know I'll be way richer than you soon because I uuuuh have a fucking job and I don't sell my investments at the bottom and brag about it Holy fuck.

t. Not as many Linkies as this guy but more than 99% of anons.

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My living expenses man need around 35k to 50k, if LINK goes to 5 dollars that gives me only 10 years worth of time and def not enough to get big returns in stonks. If I cash out now I can put it into more sure things that won't half or drop by 80%

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You could just spend half on yourself and use the other half on crypto on the bottom, smart contract adoption still has a long, long way to go.

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Pump it

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You can get more than that by providing liquidity in stablecoins.

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Smart man. What price did you buy link at?

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Lmao I'm not bragging about it, I told you I'm grieving and know it ain't makeit money
Nigga I don't have a job or a degree that's why I sold
I value my freedom and not having to go back to living with my parents more
If I had an income it'd be much easier to hold

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Do you realize that if you had put that 2M into any project with 300 replies threads on /biz/ then you would have had over 200M now ?
100k-600k from the lowcaps for every 1-6k investment. 900k from the early proof of liquidity tokens like Unipower and Unibomb which got abused for their initial high liquidity.
3-4M from AMPL clones and 9-12M from YFI clones.
20M from AMPL and 60M YFI.
Your every 1k could have turned into 300k

The final stretch to 200M would had been margin or futures trading ETH or BTC or even shorting LINK. You could have shorted LINK.

We seriously need to tell cultish holders these things more often. The many opportunities they lost by holding.
Holding is for imbeciles with ADHD, 12 children to raise or a 16 hour daily job.
And even then most opportunities appear in the weekends and during mornings and nights.

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This is a buy signal always do the opposite of /biz/

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He still kept his make it stack so I say he did good.

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Come farm yfbeta OP

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He's not at a loss you stupid faggot

The info is at your fingertips

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Google slippage you mongoloid, you cannot put that kind of liquidity into the trash you trade.

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56 cents average buy in
That's assuming I can catch every moon shot. And I'm in school now I didn't have time to go look at all the moonshots 900k will be enough to provide me living expenses until my own projects take off. I cope by remembering it wasnt my intention to get insanely rich off crypto, trading isnt my passion. It was only a means to an end, which is having enough money to be an artist without worrying about rent

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>dude like if you would have sold at the top and gambled on random Biz Indian scams, you’d be like soooooo rich now

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Real estate. Passive income for the rest of your life with rent. You can retire completely now. Devote all your time to a new hobby/career/whatever.

That's what I'd do no fucking brainer.

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Its a relief really, right anon?

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What is liquidity for 500, Alex?

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Just invest into other projects
there are literally 100s of coins that are better investments than link with bigger returns

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Post you wallet address if you are such a genius trader

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You being a neet won't change a thing. Assuming you are a burger, you are gonna get taxed 15% for $400k, and 20% for the rest. That doesn't even include state taxes.

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I made a loss on uniswap I'm not good at betting
Yeah that's the dream, link has really given me a foothold on life. I am going back to school for game design paid with by link and in the future perhaps I can make some games and get the millions I dreamed of from there. Before link I didnt have much of a future

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Link holders are the dumbest posters on /biz/ so it shouldn’t come as a surprise

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high IQ, watch for november and play your cards right. godspeed. we aint even seen the crash yet, the black swan is on standby.

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Fuck man I'm so jealous. I didn't hear about link until it was average of 3 dollars when I was a new fag in the early part of 2017

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>supporting anon for his decision in panic selling something fundamental to all future commerce
grimy as fuck


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damn what a chad

i know it wasn't an easy decision

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Thank you for providing LINK to the whales. Maybe we can finally go up.

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What price tag is he looking to pay in taxes when is all said and odne? Either way he's still seen more money than your average american will see after 5 years

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Why not put 100k on RLC anon?

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Post pic of hookers and blow

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>Fee: .004696 ETH / $1.745

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>pSeuDoRanDoM nUmBerS arEn'T RanDoM eNuf
You link cultists are so delusional it's honestly entertaining

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And stocks are crashing. Hopefully he waits to buy into that trash fire.

>> No.22674946

What is with this retarded nulinker posting? Link didnt exist until near the end of 2017 and if you meant 2018, link was $1.

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im definitely saving op's pic
there is no way this guy doesn't hang himself in like 3 months

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congrats the irs is happy

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I didnt pay attention to link until you guys were discussing it at three
I came to 4chan in 2017

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Why are you still poor?

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How does it feel to /makeit/ anon? Good because you've got a million dollaridoos or bad because you lost half your value?

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>Nearly a million dollars cashed out

Oh wow I bet he will be so sad.

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You bitch

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Sad you're trying to rain on someones parade when they're cashing in on 500kish post taxes. Especially as a neet. You're like that guy that bitches about the bar at weddings.

>> No.22675026

>need 35k

What kind of retarded place are you living in, faggot? Just take out FAFSA loans and make the government pay your rent, cut your costs while you're in skewl and figure out how to take your 900k and make it 9 million.

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Lol seethe more coping bagholder

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Extremely based. Retard for not selling while it was still a mil though.

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providing mathematical proof that they're random, and having the confidentiality of knowing that the random numbers are not able to be witnessed even by the providers of these numbers is value entirely separate from the difference in financial value between pseudorandom numbers and provably random numbers

>> No.22675040

>losing a million absolute minimum short term by cashing out
he has improved his life obviously, and that's not an insignificant amount of money - but when he looks at it and realizes how much more he could have had? its all relative, retard

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this is fake. nobody who buys that much is that fucking stupid to sell low

>> No.22675060

am I missing something? whats the proof this is a sell instead of just moving between wallets? he didnt send to an exchange wallet

>> No.22675072

You're a retard for selling now instead of when it would've been worth $1.8 million, dumbfuck; it would've been smarter for you to continue to hodl.

>> No.22675079

or the smartest

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thats a transaction not a sell order

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Your fucking stupid. No brain. You havent worked a day in your life obviously and you are so fucking clueless about the world.

You didnt need to fucking sell 100k link just to secure an apartment while you job hunt or neet till link was 100 dollars.
You could have sold enough to survive for a year or two at a time.

You have no fucking brain

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providing mathematical proof that they're random, and having the confidentiality of the random numbers not being able to be witnessed even by the providers of these numbers is value entirely separate from the difference in financial value between pseudorandom numbers and provably random numbers

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pseudo random numbers can be exploited. If you have billions of dollars on the line it becomes a much more serious issue.

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OP said 56c buy in, and assuming no swing trades and it was a long hodl. He's looking at $143k tax bill just from the fed. Not including state tax.

>> No.22675124

I still have 10k LINK guys chill, maybe I could have had more but I have too much to lose now. I'm living in a somewhat pricey place because the other apartments rejected me. And I'm never giving up on the hustle I will still continue school and still continue to find a way to enter the 8 digit net worth club

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my nigga chill this is a larp, OP screenshot is a transaction not a sell order retard

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All in Chainlink here. You never sell. You can get a USDC loan on AAVE if you really need money. I’m earning passive income off of Link and USDC and you sell. Now? Out of all times. I don’t wish harm on anyone but I hope you buy some rope.

>> No.22675162

I think theres a chance I might have no taxes at all bc i never had an income during the time I held.
I said repeatedly in the thread, I have too much to lose by holding now. Before when I lived with my parents paying my expenses I can easily hold. Well not really, it turned out to be pretty shitty living with family which is why I sold to move out to begin with

>> No.22675169

>selling now
>not at the ATH 3 weeks ago

>> No.22675172

This is the most retarded post I have seen on biz in 2020.

>> No.22675178

Dude wake up its finally over. Try to not be the last one selling.

>> No.22675197

Good job and high iq move
We are easily going to hit 7 but i doubt 5 will happen as that’s where this rocket started

Might want to buy in a 10k stack then for the luls

>> No.22675203

lmao this is the most bullish thing ive ever seen. pretending to sell 100k link to shakeout weak hands and idiots>>22675060

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Nah u wont. Your dumb as fuck. You literally threw away the surest once in a generation oath to wealth whch only a handful of ppl get to crave through without the jew stopping them. Just because you want to pay rent. Literally could have sold 5k link a year for that.

You were at the right tome at the right place and nothing more. You dont have the brain to make it into the 8 figure club. Your an artist by the sound of it and it shows. No business sense. Sorry but this is very frank talk here. If you think you will come close to making what Link will do for you over the next 3-8 years with any other investment it shows how dumb you are and how lucky you were.

>> No.22675216

The absolute state of neets... As I said, it doesn't work that way. You get taxed based off yearly income/capital gains. All those years of you neeting don't matter... If you sold all your linkies this year, all of that is considered income for this year.

>> No.22675220

Post sell

>> No.22675223

Good bye link!

>> No.22675226

>sold the literal bottom

if only you sold at $20

>> No.22675234

Reply meant for this

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Holy fuck you're a retard

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>mathematical proof that they're random
mainnet traffic does not produce "proof" of randomness. I could count the number of shits I take every day and use that as a seed for a pseudorandom number generator and get the same effect.

>> No.22675289

So he makes out a nice chunk of profit at roughly 700+ thousand not bad

>> No.22675326

Get an accountant before you fuck yourself.

>> No.22675334

yep confirmed retard.
>needs 1 mill to live in an apartment

>> No.22675340

Link will bounce at $6

>> No.22675364


Put it into field farming if you want to hodl. Put it into srablecoin farming.

OP PUT THAT SHIT INTO UNI WHEN IT GOES ABOVE 6.50$, MARGIN TRADE 5x , put a stop order at 19$, sell at 16$ , wait for the fucking dip again and open a 6 months old 100x futures. Thank me in 6 months.

LINK won't moon till July 2021 all the way to January 2020 peak.
You are wasting your life with LINK.

>> No.22675371

You have a job though it's different holding for you
Look we will see in 2 years who is right, maybe link will bounce back up to the 100s within a year, but right now I have a credit history for the first time and I want to be able to pay off my first lease
Right time and right place nothing more? I'm obviously smart enough to take the opportunity when I saw it. I saw a future where I make 9 bucks an hour if I stuck with art and that's why I got into crypto in the first place. I'm smarter than the artists hustling for 20 bucks a commission and posting emergency journals when rents due. I'm smart enough to take a programming degree instead of art so I can combine them to make more money.
I mean if you're holding 100k LINK and make many millions in a couple of years good on you

>> No.22675375


There is none. He didn't post proof of a sell lmao This is like that fatty who said his wallet was drained the other day and just posted another address the funds were sent too. /biz is so fucking gullible its sad

>> No.22675393

you sold at the worst possible prices. absolute toilet paper hands. all i can say is good riddance anon

>> No.22675397

Yeah I have already a quote that an accountant can do my taxes for around $249
Nigga did u read the thread I'm reinvesting it into stocks

>> No.22675435


>Discord open at the bottom

Tranny confirmed

>> No.22675446

Well the original plan was to sell just enough LINK for rent, but I made a promise that if it ever crashes to where I have only 1 mil left I will cash out

>> No.22675469

It's more of a stop loss for me, rather have 1 mil now than lose any more. Even a boomer stock like tesla can do an 8x

>> No.22675471

pseudorandom numbers AREN'T enough even in normal non-blockchain contexts. You really think someone is gonna write a key exchange mechanism using Math.random()? Fucking idiot, don't even try to be smart if you don't understand jackshit about compsci

>> No.22675475

>the amount of desperation in getting the OP to immediately invest his mistake into the retarded uniswap shitcoin rugpull roulette
this faggot fucking REEKS of curry and extra chromosomes

>> No.22675510

*strangles you* school clouds your mind just like stock trading and LINK clouds your mind.
When you said projects I thought you were referring to crypto projects you coded/copy-pasted.

Why the fuck would you waste time on school IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING BULLRUN? ARE YOU IDIOTS FUCKING INSANE?

If you had put LINK into YFI you would have had at least, at least 10 million usds
and 2M alone just for yield farming in 2 months and compounding.
Yield farming gives some insanely good APY because it needs to compete with the equally mooning coins of this new generation of crypto. Every yield farming token is pulling 100x's like it's nothing.
100x is the new 10x and 1000x is the new 100x. This is called exponential growth per cycle.

Follow the fuxking money you ignorant fool. Even trash like STA would still be better than wasting time in real life. Even longing LINK right now.

Buy Tulips, MEME, 1969 moon token, NYAN, SURF token, YFI, UNI.

>> No.22675529

i bought it just a month later holy kek. well profit is profit anon, props

>> No.22675543

i take at $17 but better now that at 5

>> No.22675557

You are a delusional stubborn bagholder and YFI CHAD FARMERS and UNI ETH-fee eating chads will murder BTC and LINK.

Natural selection is coming.
Aave -> YFI -> UNI.

Ampl and STA weren't even a player.

>> No.22675562

Don't forget to pay taxes. It's almost guaranteed that you will get caught if you put the money into stocks (or any other investment).

>> No.22675565

>I'm living in a somewhat pricey place because the other apartments rejected me.
How'd you manage to get the apartment? What documents did you provide to the landlord? Since you said you had no credit history etc? I'm really curious anon!

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File: 750 KB, 1242x897, 881BC164-081C-403C-8132-8B601552C252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

welcome to the club anon. you dodged a bullet, seriously, you’d have been cashing out $9.50 in a few months instead

>> No.22675590

No projects like my own creative projects. I want to make something cool like fate or arknights. I think if you want to make money you still have to depend on yourself
Yes I missed the yfi because I was holding LINK during august and much "not selling!" And I made a loss on uni, I just don't think crypto gambling is for me

>> No.22675631

I just applied to a lot of places for weeks until eventually one accepted me. The one I ended up staying at has an online application and I think I was approved more because I immediately paid the deposit within 24h and the rent is pretty high. I see people moving in and out often.

>> No.22675674

OP please don't settle for 2-3X when you have a safe 25-50X in the mining stocks over the next few years. please just do some research and buy a good spread of some majors mid-caps and smallcap moonshots you will have generational wealth

>> No.22675716

I'm too paranoid to do that in one transaction would have broken it into quarters in case I fucked up

>> No.22675752


>> No.22675759

You sold into weakness, what the fuck are you doing? And now you're going to re-invest into the most toppy looking stock market ever? Holy shit dude.

>> No.22675760 [DELETED] 

I don't want artists getting a bad rap for business decisions I'm deleting this thread. Clearly if this is a stupid decision it should be on me

>> No.22675767


Who is gonna buy $200M worth of some obscure pajeet scamcoin anon

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>implying seed-based RNG models are the be-all-end-all of random number generation
>implying it's not possible to make a product that incentivizes the continuous generation of naturally-derived randomness
we're ALL gonna make it, nolinker scum included

>> No.22675781

I'm probably going to buy after the election, or maybe even after the pandemic is over.
I'm just not sure if LINK is a "sure thing" anymore

>> No.22675787

Dam almost 100 LINK is like 100 $10 bills

>> No.22675788

technologically integrated autism

>> No.22675793

Now put that all in PNK and enjoy generational wealth

>> No.22675813
File: 205 KB, 1260x554, Screenshot_2020-09-20 Buy These Detroit Homes For Only $100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22675826

everyone here is wrong

what you should do is just stablecoin out and farm at a safe 10%

that's 10% a year bro with maybe 5% risk of losing it all due to smart contract risk/hack/stable depeg

>> No.22675837

take profit never is a stupid decision especially if you remember 2017 euphoria. LINK will not the last chance to make money.

>> No.22675855

Sit down with a financial advisor now retard. You will get assraped if you don't.

>> No.22675860

Yeah I came here right after euphoria and watching people see their wallets bleed out left an impression on me. I just used to think, how can people watch their wallets go from 275k to 45k and not do something about it?

>> No.22675881

I will I havent even started the transfer to my bank yet until I can see a tax advisor

>> No.22675886

don't do shit all with the money until you pay your taxes

>> No.22675904

Even after you transfer its not like the IRS will show up overnight. It might make sense to cash out much less than what you'd like so you can optimize your tax bracket.

>> No.22675917

This is pretty good fud specifically targeting neets. Pretty impressive. Saying link isn't a "sure thing" anymore is a bit much though

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File: 24 KB, 703x326, cashout1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're basically me in January 2018. I cashed out almost everything and most people back then told me it was a stupid decision but we know how that turned out. The same goes for you. You may have just made the smartest choice if LINK continues to shit the bed but most people in this thread are gonna talk shit.

>pic related

>> No.22675935

That's CoinBase, right? They gave you your funds yet?
I'd feel worried just selling my entire stack for $900k at once.

>> No.22675938

If I were you, I'd wait for a second crash in the stock market, then invest into big cap gold mining companies and gold royalty companies who will be dragged down for liquidity. Gold is a bet on the FED trying to intervene with monetary policy to keep everything afloat which is practically 100% as they are forced to protect pensions and the retiring generation. I'm unconvinced other equities will rebound and wouldn't take that risk. I'd probably pick up bitcoin too.

Go with royalties as there's practically no risk compared to the actual miners; they only collect paychecks. This is in my opinion the best risk adjusted play for the next 2 years. Good luck.

>> No.22675991

People that post this don't understand shit about encryption. How the fuck are you going to keep the key secret to share with anyone? If you can secure the key to share, why not use that method for the data instead? OTPs are literally the key size == the data size.

>> No.22676055

Shut the fuck up retard. Imagine selling ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND CHAINLINK with *no actual plan* besides "lol daddy says buy stonks". This isn't a flash in the pan or some bullshit, this is CHAINLINK. I bought at 17 fucking cents and it is TEN DOLLARS. There are new integrations every other fucking day. it is the INDUSTRY STANDARD. Were this not abundantly clear or if OP had an *actual plan* besides "lol gotta make sure I have living expenses covered" which in reality only costs about 5 thousand link per year to be a NEET

Idk man this is biz I set dumb niggers straight I don't care if I look like a bagholder if you want the delusional reddit fantasy of "cashing out" go over there and pretend there's some happily ever after where you do not need to do due diligence, where you can "get married" and not take care of your body and your wife won't start fucking around on you etc.

What I'm saying is stupid fucking posts like this make people think there's an end to the struggle. It never ends, and you're here forever, so let's continue to make the OBJECTIVELY best moves for ourselves and not act like fucking children and cashing out our entire portfolio for small expenses.

And that's not even calling out OP on being so fucking lazy he can't even go be a server or something, there are so many bullshit jobs where you just show up 20 hours a week and try to fuck the girls there. Idk biz am I wrong here?

>> No.22676068

$2mil and didn’t even take profit. Kys

>> No.22676087

Yeah it's not that easy to just hold this time around, I have more to lose. Before this I lived in two very crappy situations just so I could not sell. The loss of potentially getting tens of millions of dollars compared to loss of losing my current residence is disproportional, I'll take the 1 mil now.

>> No.22676106

well done op you can do many things with that money and buy back in if you feel the fomo. I'm picturing ath for the rest of the year with a retrace into next year before the real moon bull continues into 2022.
I haven't sold any yet but I have enough money for the rest of the year might have to find work next year or sell 1k of my stack. Either way the future is bright. No one else in crypto is doing what link are doing and stocks are being propped up by the fed.
Hedge into metals as well. Buy some silver and gold just in case SHTF

>> No.22676110

If you were sitting on that much Link at $20 and didn’t sell then it’s your own fault for being a fucking retard.

>> No.22676117

Not wrong. Extremely based. Checked.

>> No.22676158

>Why the fuck would you sell that much LINK at the fucking bottom you dumb fuck.

well, it's called "capitulation" for a reason, and it's why I sold last month because I knew it was coming

>> No.22676164

Yeah if it bleeds out to <1 dollar I will regret not taking a mil when I had the chance. Look it's not like I sold the whole portfolio, I still have 10k.
During this link has been crashing, boomer stocks have been making 50% to 20% returns. It's not some vague idea of what stocks to buy I know which ones I'll buy. I can definitely live off <200k a year, so the remainder will keep compounding.
And if I do take a bullshit job (I'm a fulltime student right now) and link crashes to 0, I will regret not taking a million when I had the chance. Part of envisioning the future is envisioning if I have lost it all

>> No.22676179

Lmao you are retarted

>> No.22676191

I’ve got 75k I’m about to sell too what the fuck is wrong w these piece of shit losing more than 50% of its value in less than a month like wtf

>> No.22676198
File: 225 KB, 1357x884, DA79ED82-22D6-444A-962F-F7F63F9C0D1D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmfao I love this timeline
Nobody has the balls to hold something so obvious just because we as humans are so feeble and weak to our impulses

>> No.22676209

Checked and spot on, anon

>> No.22676218


>> No.22676229

Grats on selling, but I don't know how anyone who came out of viewing smartcon not feel bullish. But you did point out that you live off your link stack, so I guess it makes sense. best of luck!

>> No.22676232

I don't think swift is using chainlink anymore that's part of why I sold. I think they are developing their own system

>> No.22676234

based and tough love pilled. reading OP and the people encouraging his terrible decision has me nauseated with disgust

>> No.22676245

What? You can buy houses anywhere that's worth living there and still have enough to get dividends on to live with.

>> No.22676249

OP you made the right decision, you shouldn't feel bad.

>> No.22676278

Not wrong. Based af.

>> No.22676279

Congrats anon on the million then.
SWIFT is real, but it doesn’t matter to convince you since you’re gone already.

>> No.22676280

Why are you thinking that ?

>> No.22676281

You’re an idiot this has nothing to do with link. Link literally sucks shit when did any useful security ever ever ever fall 50% like this. Every fucking day down 10%

>> No.22676283

>Even a boomer stock like tesla can do an 8x
don't invest in tesla anytime soon unless you want to lose all of your money

put your $$$ into SPACs (do research into what this is if you aren't retarded) and I guarantee you'll moon

>> No.22676291

>You don't lose anything unless you sell at a loss.

This is what happens when you're infected with the HODL! mind virus


If you have shitcoins worth a million dollars and they go to $0, you still effectively lost a million dollars. Only a fucking retard would even attempt to argue otherwise.

>> No.22676300
File: 122 KB, 804x1001, fs - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Selling the bottom....

>> No.22676303

>cashing out 1 milli of a worthless memtoken is panic selling
kek absolute state

>> No.22676305
File: 44 KB, 340x511, 1597118272575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> swift fud
discord tranny confirmed
find sophia op

>> No.22676323

NGMI twice anon.

>> No.22676325

Having their logo removed from the site
Coming out announcing they are developing something with no mention of LINK or smartcontracts.
That's the fud that did me in

>> No.22676328

what a fucking idiot you literally had 2 months to sell at $16-18

>> No.22676330

Is it too late to buy link? Have I missed it?

>> No.22676344

SWIFT isn't the primary reason people bought link though. It got most to look deeper into the project because of SIBOS, but not the main reason as to why people started buying.

>> No.22676350

But if you're holding from $0.20 to $1000 and you cash out at your exit price, you didn't "lose money" every single time the asset price went down. Your money was simply locked into a system and was waiting on 5000x returns with fluctuations in the meantime.

>> No.22676354

You're telling me you sold a million dollars of link because they changed a picture on their website?? Fucking wow

>> No.22676360

dont kick him while hes down, man. thats life changing money for 88% of this board. the only thing i may have done differently would be reinvesting in another solid project that i have faith in. $NUTS is looking interesting imo.

>> No.22676364

That's because I was going to keep holding until 10milly or even 100mil, I said if it bleeds down to 1mil I'll cut my losses so it looks like I sold the bottom.

>> No.22676382

Confirmed larp.

>> No.22676392

You did well, don't worry about it. But you may have sold the bottom. Still, you can make lots of money with that cash while LINK decides what it's doing.

>> No.22676394

They don't want to be associated with LINK anymore and the announcement that they are developing something is further salt to the wounds. It's pretty bearish to me. Link has to scramble to replace all those name brands somehow with generic dollar signs

>> No.22676414

Oh so thats why they got rid of the BTC logo?

>> No.22676440


Anon, I...


>> No.22676449
File: 154 KB, 438x438, 1af.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there is no way you believe this

>> No.22676477

When you see Ari Juels and Sergey speak, do you seriously think they're just fluffing things to keep a scam going? Really?

>> No.22676479

I like the way you seethe moon faggot

>> No.22676480

That's a year ago.

>> No.22676489

they probably changed all the logos because they rebranded the entire company, and also its much more visible now

>> No.22676502

SWIFT does use Chainlink. That's already known. Chainlink all the time mentions them as one of the large enterprises that uses them.

>> No.22676520
File: 154 KB, 1280x593, YahooLINK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you believe the website changing if bearish get a load of this

>> No.22676521

I'm open to the possibility that this is a scam again, it could be a long con and in the end fail to deliver a product but get away with hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, while something else develops to take the place of chain link. Of course, I still have some skin in the game, 10k just in case it moons.

>> No.22676537

why would the former head of RSA, probably the most prestigious cryptography position in the world, choose to be the Chief Scientist of the newly formed Chainlink Labs, unless something major was brewing?

>> No.22676541

buy ftm

>> No.22676542

Sorry mate, I got nothing for you. Congrats I guess?

>> No.22676545

Not a partnership just a possible use case.

>> No.22676552
File: 22 KB, 383x383, 1599065099987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> chainlinklabs still mentions swift in every single job advertisement
> muh missing logo
why do trannies feel so strongly about logos? is it an identity thing?

>> No.22676554

But why wouldn't you want to advertise to investors the companies that back you? I think its past the stealth phase now of "we don't want to pump up the price"

>> No.22676566

>surest once in a generation oath to wealth
Why hasn't decentralized tech made any headway in mainstream business?
Why is BTC, the king of crypto, still languishing as any form of payments? 10+yrs and counting
>smart contracts are the future

Why doesn't the tech board on this website talk about the actual tech? There is never a thread. You would think if this tech is the future, /g/ would dedicate a regular general to blockchain tech or just a thread once in a while. But there is none and if there is one it gets shredded

>> No.22676583

If this is true and many people believe it, the price wouldn't be dumping.

>> No.22676603

So they're going to use that other oracle network that connects real world data to blockchain, then?

>> No.22676605

It's never been about investors but if you weren't a fucking larp you would know that.
Weak fud

>> No.22676650

This. Ignore every jealous seething faggot screeching at you. You made great profits OP and did great. You can easily make that again considering you have the skill to do it once.


>> No.22676676
File: 107 KB, 489x744, big lesson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thinking the herd knows what's going on

>> No.22676681

you were in the thread where an anon posted screenshots of the official website removing the logos, how tf is that a larp? thats a valid fud

>> No.22676688

you should of sought the advice of an accountant before you planned to sell. You could of asked a 'hypothetical scenario'. maybe you could of mitigated some of the tax hit

>> No.22676729


>> No.22676740

Well if LINK does what it will do, 1k is fud and 10k LINK is more than enough to make it. The price of LINK would go hyperbolic because of being locked up in nodes and diluted across chains.

>> No.22676769

i miss the old internet..
in some ways it was much better

ty for your service marine.

>> No.22676778

SWIFT is developing their own solution in centralized way, enough for most financial companies.

Decentralized is not always the solution. You can see snowflake, got 60B marketcap while most crypto companies with same use case are dumping every day (like OCEAN).

>> No.22676816
File: 88 KB, 600x400, JPA0412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> group think
> market dynamics
> people think that band is a competitor to link
> belief
lmao this is yet another discord psyop confirmed.
five Sammy salamis have been deposited into your transsexual fund

>> No.22676830

Whoever hired you needs to pay $0.20 extra to get someone that is actually literate in English.

>> No.22676880
File: 3.04 MB, 300x360, Ass.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice OP. LINK isn't even a /biz/ coin anymore, we're hitting UNI now. Are you gonna increase your UNI stack?

>> No.22676889 [DELETED] 
File: 2.58 MB, 1920x1080, [Twice X arena] 트와이스 아레나 래쉬가드 화보!-2RyDkAn7LzU-[00.30.458-00.33.333].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22676908

Im from EU, I have better things to learn now.

Its ok anon, I already sold weeks ago. LINK is a nice project but this last pump was a coordinated PnD by chink whales (Like EOS last year)

>> No.22676920

If this is not a larp then LINK is bullish as fuck right now

>> No.22676946

No i'm pretty sure you're going to get raped and even audited since you never claimed income once in your life and just randomly declaring ~$1m capital gains.

>> No.22676969

>inspect element
>don't screenshot so it looks authentic
hmmm im not sure

>> No.22677022

>game design
every game takes 100s of hours to build
no one will play your first 3 games
you might get a story written about 4 or 5
still going to be motivated after all that sun cost?
wish i just wrote how-to books and got a job where some girls work. coding is an awful life

>> No.22677039

double 69

99.999997% certain OP did inspect element, do a fucking video of it and you'll get the shitty crave you so much wish for op.

>> No.22677087

Bvlgaria is not EU and getting paid $0.50 an hour to talk shit about Chainlink is not a real job, Aleksi.

>> No.22677104

Confirmed for LARP by the fud brigade, no one is this fucking dumb. So fucking desperate to get us to sell lmao.

>> No.22677110

so Ari Juels, a high-impact researcher at an Ivy League university, decided to spend time doing work for a scammy startup? the reputational risk alone would stop this

>> No.22677129
File: 172 KB, 800x800, chainlink-swift-cube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this. it's in every job advertisement on their site right now.

>> No.22677132

make sure you pay your tax or else you will be with nothing later. just pay 25% and not worry about IRS.

>> No.22677161
File: 12 KB, 250x200, 1600628104076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just sold your ticket to financial freedom and generational wealth. Fucking fag. Stay poor.

>> No.22677163

Is there software for crypto taxes?

>> No.22677165
File: 387 KB, 1898x426, therapypepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based. Reminds me of May when I loaded up on silver after gold popped to ATH levels. How fucking stupid can the market get. You can literally chart gold vs silver over 75 years and see every time gold mooned silver followed months after. Meanwhile gold only silver Fudders were in every /pmg/

>> No.22677181

well done anon, i mean that unironically.

>> No.22677187
File: 567 KB, 600x595, 1507802141651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>100x up from ICO

>> No.22677275

You need to pay taxes. They are extra harsh on those who never paid taxes before.

>> No.22677424
File: 540 KB, 1876x924, chainlink_logos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Having their logo removed from the site
You should have sold 7 months ago then

>> No.22677425
File: 221 KB, 1200x1611, download (9).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whats your ssn?

>> No.22677474

an anon sold a few months ago at ATH $5 and he had a few hundred thousand LINK, he made a couple million. everyone said the same then, except OP is 2x that sell point.idk why its so hard to believe since many anons have held since 2017

>> No.22677483

>TEEs exchange the OTP
>decoder can be anywhere, but requires input of the OTP for accessing the desired data
correct me if i'm wrong, but it should be that simple
reason why you wouldn't use this method for the raw data is the same reason why you wouldn't issue the data unencrypted anywhere else, i'm pretty sure

>> No.22677499

Don’t forget to pay your taxes goy

>> No.22677573

>2 or 3x in stonks
Stock market fag here and I have some bad news for you anon...

>> No.22677625

>putting half a million dollars into yield farming scams that get hack on a weekly basis
It’s adorable how socially retarded neets are

>> No.22677640

well done, ignore all retards saying you sold the bottom..they are saying that already the past week and price is just dumping LOL
goodjob anon

>> No.22677641

Cringiest thing I’ve seen on biz since 2017

>> No.22677778
File: 321 KB, 1800x1200, 1596362360922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only a fool would capitulate at the bottom.

As the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted.

>> No.22677795

Damn bruh, you fukken dumb

>> No.22677815

dangerously comfy pic and one off

>> No.22677824

>chainlink waffle iron
Would buy

>> No.22677839

houses are shit in the US anyway
more like cupboard than a building

>> No.22677916

>Young with $1MM and 10k LINK
Fuck everyone telling you you're an idiot. By the time you're in your mid 30's if you're smart that $1MM will actually be retirement money, can easily 5x it on safer investments over the next decade.

Nobody knows what LINK will do and you still have 10k so if it moons you'll still get a nice piece of the action. In the meantime, you've secured your future. Just don't beat yourself up if it goes to $20 again within the next month.

I'm not endorsing selling but you won't regret having a million dollars from nothing, I guarantee that.

Good luck to you, anon. You will make it yet.

>> No.22677987

Capped. This is going to look utterly insane in 5 years.

>> No.22678020

guaranteed you are 18, but this is bait isn't it

>> No.22678061

>Nobody knows what LINK will do
I love these newfags. /biz/ knows exactly what LINK will do and it's why we're all in, and OP is going to kick himself.

>> No.22678112

I'm a fucking ICO buyer, faggot. Tell me what the price of LINK will be in one month. I fucking dare you. I will screen cap it and take a royal shit down your throat by re-posting 1 month from now.

>> No.22678165

How did you sell almost 100,000 Link for a fee of $1.75? What am I missing?

>> No.22678196

>1 month time frame
let me guess, you're black

>> No.22678221

Your a fucking retard for putting your money in cash

>> No.22678236

lol u gave the larp away

>> No.22678241

That's not a sell that's him sending it to a wallet to sell

>> No.22678256

so should i buy link now or not

>> No.22678266
File: 50 KB, 430x287, 48EDC1E2-CDCA-4F1F-B19D-12C1D49BCD93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

C-c-close enough

>> No.22678282

yes dear,, click the buy rn

>> No.22678330
File: 35 KB, 711x633, 1562213924161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guys there's definitely a link psyop going on right now

>> No.22678338

Good the faster we shake these faggots out the sooner we can move up again

>> No.22678422


>> No.22678471

this is amazing and finally solid evidence that a person can still successfully breathe and type even with a 0 IQ

>> No.22678511

Good god anon. There’s maybe 3% of us that have cashed out more than 100k and have been here since 2017. I laugh at anyone saying “better pay taxes” or “hahahah you gotta pay taxes on that bro” ...umm ok I’ll pay taxes and come up while you worry about another mans taxes just to make yourself fee a tad better you are broke and missed out.

>> No.22678530

dumbest mother fucker on 4chan lmao

>> No.22678535

>you can't even buy a house with that in the us..
This is just blatantly incorrect lmfao

>> No.22678591

>I think theres a chance I might have no taxes at all bc i never had an income during the time I held
0% chance. Not 0.2% or 5%. 0% chance that you don't owe taxes for 2020 after this sale.

I agree that you should let a pro handle this, but if you want to DIY it, look at the long term capital gains rules.

>> No.22678605

Dude... you owe taxes on realized capital gains regardless of your employment status. You'll also owe an extra 3.8% NIIT on top of your federal and state taxes as well.

I'm in a quite similar situation as you, I sold 70k of an 80k stack at an average sell of $13 during august. I owe about $190k in taxes on it. I am using a bit of the proceeds as down payment on a house, the rest is in BTC, PMs and miners for now. I think bitcoin to $100k in the next two years is the surest moon across all asset classes. That said if stocks tank hard enough I will start peeling off bits of my corn stack to buy the dip on boring index funds with.

>> No.22678628

You actually are considering putting your money in stocks and hold crypto. pls you can’t be serious

>> No.22678646

>I'm smarter than the artists hustling for 20 bucks a commission and posting emergency journals when rents due.
Are you a furry artist by chance? Because that's literally all furry artists to a T. Post your FA if so.

>> No.22678653

> he sold the bottom
holy shit you're retarded

>> No.22678708
File: 589 KB, 1578x1994, B4567833-3408-47C6-8F16-BE40D0DD4E29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good job anon. I just sold 50k at $10 which was about 20% of my stack. Comfy bought a house and am waiting for $100 before I sell again. I wouldn’t have sold so much if I were you, but don’t let the haters get you down. Also don’t blow it all right away and reinvest in something profitable.

>> No.22678725

what does this have to do with link?

>> No.22678734

Definitely talk to a tax expert on getting some of that written off. Don't just pay it at all without thinking

>> No.22678904

??? I like to buy low and sell high and if stocks dip enough to be worth buying up, then fuck yeah I'll buy them. Ideally eventually I'll have a multi million dollar diversified portfolio of metals, stocks, crypto, cash, and real estate and I'll balance it every year - that is, sell some of the things that went up and buy more of the things that went down.

But you can keep jumping from uniswap hypecoin to uniswap hypecoin risking your net worth on a series of potential rugpulls if you prefer. You do you.

>> No.22679252

checked and based

>> No.22679396

lmao imagine selling now

I can't believe my constant fud got some whale to sell, feels good man

>> No.22679411

>leaving the crypto golden bull run for stonks

>> No.22679480


grats on the profit anon!

>> No.22679489

Lmao they managed to shake someone with 100k stinkies out god damn

>> No.22679507


you can't be fucking serious. stocks have underlying that you can analyse, Link is a ponzi scheme, price entirely dependent on the greater fool

>> No.22679512

incredibly based. heres the thing though - he was always meant to sell at this point in the trajectory and you cant really be that upset or tough on him for doing this because he doesnt understand that the risk/reward of holding is much more in his favor than he thinks. its actually good that guys with stacks of this size are liquidating now because theres no way the number of people holding 50k+ bags right now will be making it to 8 figures in the end, its just not feasible. there can only be a few hundred besides the mega whales, and this guy is doing his part making sure thats a reality

>> No.22679525


Now all-in Bitcoin, buddy. 10 mil by the end of next year.

Let's fucking gooooo!

>> No.22679551

>its actually good that guys with stacks of this size are liquidating now because theres no way the number of people holding 50k+ bags right now will be making it to 8 figures in the end, its just not feasible. there can only be a few hundred besides the mega whales, and this guy is doing his part making sure thats a reality
Completely agree. I’ve seen several 100K whales get shaken out over the past month. Makes me think I’ll genuinely be a multimillionaire with my modest make-it stack.

>> No.22679560

why wouldnt you just stake it in yalink or get a stablecoin loan on aave for 50k and farm something 100% apy and live off that? dumbass.

>> No.22679575

how long to shake all the weak handed out
october will be brilliant

>> No.22679615

I think some of these guys just don’t get the project. Crypto doesn’t work without something like Chainlink. The entire space. I don’t see how you could watch us climb all the way to top 5 without anything launched or adopted at all and think “yeah I should sell 82K of this token for muh rent.” I’d be mowing my dad’s lawn and washing his car and begging him to let me live in his basement for a few more years. It’s not like you’re gonna be doing shit with corona around. Absolute brainlet move by OP. Really hope it’s a larp

>> No.22679637

Is there a way to avoid paying the 3.8% NIIT like with a trudt in your parents name? It says common trusts are exempt from the NIIT.

>> No.22679648
File: 11 KB, 229x250, 1599821449968s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Well /biz/, I sold

>> No.22679649

When you admit to having a 5-10k stack, why are you shitting on OP? He's already made it and STILL owns more link that you.

>> No.22679721

>buy house
>get shot

>> No.22679736

Jesus christ... he actually sold due to low level fud about swift....

>> No.22679744

i have a 42k stack

>> No.22679821

What about the fee? I paid 75 euro for a uni to Eth switch. How is this million dollar transaction 1,75 wtf fuckcck

>> No.22679823

Buy back at like 8 dollars, seriously

>> No.22679827

You could have got a job too moron

>> No.22679850
File: 416 KB, 640x800, 1598232709227.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Im a millionaire and still have a make it stack
>boo hoo woe is me

>> No.22679887
File: 301 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>progress has been immense and it's still cheap.
Hahahahahaha! Wtf are you on about? The coin is now top 8 or whatever it is, at $9 with by their admissions at Smart Con literally 0 practical progress towards the staking that every link holder has been banging on about being the fundamental reason for any future price increase (because "fuck hype, fuck normies", etc)

>> No.22679932

Will it bounce back? I bought in at just under $7.

>> No.22679965

Plus he said he's poor and bought 93k LINK with "funny money" at a cost basis of 56¢. That's over still over $50k. Where did this supposed poorfag get $50k? Total larp fud.

>> No.22680300

i don't get this either. he's a neet but got $50k to toss at link. wut?