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Guys, I am seriously scarred from crypto. I put in $5k a few months ago and I lost over half. Only by uniswaps mercy was I able to regain that because I had 5 wallets and managed to 1600 out of 2000 around $7 thankfully. But here's the problem. Literally every single move I make in crypto is fucking decimated and bogged into oblivion. I have learned some expensive lessons. I don't buy into pumps anymore. I don't sell the bottom. I research a project before I buy it and know where the bottom is before I buy it. I do everything I should be, but for whatever reason literally every single decision I make gets fucked. I wanted to use some of my profits from Uni to try and 2x JUST an eth which I've never done before. I researched a project, thought I was buying the bottom, and then BAM. Massive fucking dump. I even follow reputatable people's advice and TA analysis on twitter. I watch their previous predictions and shills pump into the heavens, but as soon as I choose one they shill, it fails and I never see it mentioned anywhere again from them. I can't do this shit. I'm going fucking insane. Why the hell does this keep happening? i'm afraid to buy anything now because i KNOW as soon i do, it will dump and never recover. I got so fucked over by YFV, RSR, Chart, and a huge variety of other shitcoins over the past few months. you can't imagine. Please. How the fuck do I play this godforsaken game?

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Put your money into Link and forget about it until next year. It really is as simple as it sounds.

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Investing without holding is like buying food and eating it right away, only a true investor would freeze or fridge their food for months before eating.

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Are your hands made out of paper?

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That is the most retarded sentence I’ve ever read in my life. Shit analogy faggot.

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you need to realize how rare 2x actually is. take modest gains anon. no one is entitled to double their money overnight. if they do, it's luck.

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Perhaps wine would have been better?

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OP u have to learn how to hold bro.U wont get anywhere chasing pumps. If you want a safe and sure fire bet. Just go all in on link and hold for a year. You'll be ok.

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Only solid gain I've ever made was turning .6 eth into NYB, riding it to the top and getting 5ish eth. Lost half of that on coom though.

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all of crypto have dumped like fuck for the last three weeks son. dont be hard on yourself.

unironically this

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>I got so fucked over by YFV, RSR
Yikes. You poor man!

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Crypto isn't for pussies, I initially invested about 25000€, which dropped down to under 4000€, which with chainlink went up to 400000€ and now back down to 200k. If you can't handle the game, don't play the game. Or read Marcus Aurelius or something, stops you being overly obsessed with muh precious shekels like some longnose.

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true but its a long term work, its very hard to not care

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it doesn't help to "do research" if you're retarded, anon. there are people in every shitcoin ever that have done their "research", they're just too low iq to understand what the fuck they're doing.
for example, how can you be "fucked over" by RSR? did you buy the absolute top? also, if you "did your research", you would know RSR is one of the truly long-term plays, so what did you do? did you sell already you fucking retard?

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How about this then?
Investing is like an anus.

If you try to dump before the turd was made inside you... then nothing comes out.

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Find multiple projects you personally believe have long term potential, check their team, partners and use cases.
If the price dumps, buy some more at intervals of -25% or whatever % feels right.
If they receive some hype it will likely temporarily pump, so sell part of it on the way up, and buy again once the hype is over.
Also realize nothing is certain, always account for the worst case scenario whenever you invest.

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i absolutely did not sell, and i won't until next year when it's atleast .50c. it's just the principle of me never getting in early on good projects.

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Invest in some bottles and diapers, call up a femdom and ask for babification/humiliation because that is what you deserve. You were fortunate enough to find RSR, but too foolish and impatient to let it grow. You planted a seed and upon waking the next morning and finding there wasnt a magic beanstalk in its place, you curse the ground and condemn god. You are a fool.

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if rsr ever gets to .50c, then you _are_ early, you mongoloid.

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Buy LINK and just don’t touch it. Learn self control.

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OP wake up when September ends

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>following the advice of others and doing research and developing instinct
>letting the current value of his portfolio affect him
ngmi anon, try to look at the big picture, invest in fundamentals not technicals and hold good projects.

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>did """research"""

buddy this is a long term hold. are you actually bothering to READ and think about projects? invest your money and just leave it, the losses you've made will mean nothing once something like RSR moons. patience anon.

t. 100k bag holder

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Wait until you have $50k+ riding in crypto and watch it fluctuate $30k+ a day

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If I had $50k right now and would have the choice, should I put it all into Link or RSR?

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CHART has literally existed for 2 days just be patient

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Ultimately RSR is a better hold. Link still has room to run and is an excellent choice but with RSR you are still so early so the gains will really add up with some time. Do the research and you will have confidence. It is the confidence that enables the wise to sit tight during the storms.

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Fr CHART has some great features in the roadmap. If you lost money on a dump, you need to buy more IQ points

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Ok i will tell you how to win, first it comes from the understanding that everything in life is rigged, food, water, governments, entertainment, markets etc, then you need to use this knowledge to your advantage and look how the powers that be intend to fuck society next, in this case it is a move from traditional working mechanisms to more a smaller detached society with access to all the social media in the world but no real face to face interaction. If you want to make money, make a risk triangle with stocks, crypto three sections the bottom section least risk put 50% of money in here. You could invest in BTC, ETH, DOT, EWT or non crypto assets like SPACS or the ANT group IPO all these will make you a return over a given period. The second section of the triangle is slightly more risky with a greater return, TRB, XDAI, AKRO try and invest in crypto across a wide range of use cases, Oracles, DEFI etc. Finally the top section this is for moonshots, (insert retarded yield farming food project) Whilst doing this have a steady passive income and study and do weights winning is easy, practice extreme accountability for you own actions, that way you can't blame failure on anyone else but yourself.

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You're where I was last summer, except I only put in $2k and made a 50% profit. Suck it up. You'll get all your money back in tax refunds and stimulus bucks.

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*hits pipe
Anon, wat?

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Buy the rumor, sell the news.

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September is always a very bad month for crypto, has been for years now. If you are investing for the long term then don't worry too much about it and just wait. You will be back in profit by December. It's when you start to thrash around and swing trade to avoid losses that you are most likely to wreck yourself.

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>Or read Marcus Aurelius or something
Cringe and ledditpilled

Read Seneca instead.

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crypto is literally gambling anon, don't invest more than you're fine with losing

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You see my friend, crypto itself is a huge risk but what is life without risk. Some risks are just worth it, my investment in Rio DeFi is paying off, each day I am motivated to take more risk, that's the only way to succeed and I undoubtedly understands the mechanics of how crypto works lol, you should prolly look into Rio DeFi too

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free advice for you, op.
find a whale (or mini-whale) with $5kk in assets on etherscan and follow his moves. Better if you find more.
The one I'm following got 200k worth link @10.40, I did the same. Do what you want with this info.

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i don't really think that's a good indicator. I watched whales on AMPL sell at $200k losses consistently.

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September is for buying opportunities.

Also this

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if they did it to several millions, then they probably know what they are doing. For sure nobody can have 100% succes trading, it should be > than 50% tho

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it's a fucking chart. what are you going to pay for, governance on deciding pink and blue candles?

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Just don't buy anything shilled. Look at new coins. Everyone comes here or twitter after bagged. I'm buying -redacted-

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or look for posts with no responses/dead on coins that aren't flavor.

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Seneca is a verbose repetitive faggot. Epictetus is best stoic.

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Where do you find out about new coins if not on places like this?

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Where everyone else does who shills upon you. Find your sources and hold them close anon-san.

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