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Never say never. If I were a young zoomie looking for a career I would not be looking into one that doesn't have at least a 20 year growth phase ahead of itself. Trucking may at best maintain stay neutral but it will inevitably decline.
Plus as automation kills livery service I would expect big surplus of drivers in trucking industry.
I'm bullish on tech, health care, and trades. Everything else is just going to find a way to get automated.
Personally, I can't wait to see car and residential real estate agents get BTFO.
Redfin currently BTFO'ing agents by offering 1% listing fees instead of traditional 5-6%
The world is always changing it's important to know how it's changing and how to play those changes for your benefit. Instead of doing X because you want to do X it's better to do Y because the job market is moving in a direction that strongly benefits doing Y.

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bullish for GME

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I hope that Battery Day is not like Apples a Tim Flies event. . .

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How's journalism looking?

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I'm actually going to pushback on that as I had typed out a massive reply agreeing with the post before it was kill and I had to post OP. I've got more than a decade of experience in LTL freight, more than 6 years of which have been in leadership roles. I laugh at anyone thinking they're going to successfully automate my operation. Trust me, it's a beautiful dream, but it's a pipe dream. I went into a lot of the specifics as to why, but I'll just summarize as saying it's simply too chaotic, way too fast changing, and carrie's a lot of unique challenges, and I don't say this condescendingly, but that outsiders wouldn't ever think of or quite grasp the level of difficulty of.

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I actually appreciate their honesty about their mishandling of it, bullish for Sony too.

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Not all trucking is going to be automated.

I'll give a real life example.

>Have to deliver to medical clinic with 45 foot trl
>Looked at Google Maps....have to back against 3 FUCKING LANES OF TRAFFIC

I just cannot see how it's going to be possible to get an automated semi to logistically back against 3 lanes of traffic.

There's also food delievery, refueling natural gas stations, gasoline stations, assembling/disambelling doubles/triples trailers...

Long Haul is where I see automation coming in. Other sectors in trucking seem to be OK though. Especially if they're hands on oriented.

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truck driving is easy to automate, it's just a question of legislation. from a technical standpoint we're very close to not needing drivers.

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Realistically what will EOY price be for GME?

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5 years in LTL field here, trucker anon.

These non-essential anon's will never get it. The money making sectors of trucking....LTL....are never going to be automated.

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This, automated trucking will do long haul dock to dock shit, and little else for the foreseeable future. It isn't even a question of the technology, which doesn't exist, it's getting people and regulators comfortable with it on the road with the human factor.

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How passive are these schedule 13G and 13D holders holding 5% or more of GME?
Are those funds completely passive or are they what people refer to as zombie ETFs algos trading with the market?

Worst case scenario, that's basically 84.73% of the outstanding shares that are locked up in the float? More realistically, maybe closer to 60% of float locked up if they are selling some shares, but they have to eventually file that with SEC?
>Institutional investors are required to file an amendment to report any changes within 45 days of the end of the year or within 10 days of first finishing a month above 10% and then within 10 days of any month-end where the holder's ownership increases or decreases by 5% or more.
Am I understanding this right? Like if I was a short seller I should be really fucking terrified right now because there might only be 10 million shares in the float with around 55 million shares shorted in August (probably stayed roughly the same given IBorrow's indirect statistics right now)

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people don't understand how actually complex driving is at all. They also don't get how this complexity plays into the complex world of insurance and companies making vehicles covering their own asses. Imagine getting in an accident with your automated car and someone elses - who is sued who does insurance go after how does this even work? It is madness.

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me too, I expected sony to go this route anyways, but them publicly announcing this just shows that sony is a bro

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Niice, I started on the road as a 2-man helper as a kid so got lucky and got into a great industry, worked my way up got the customers to love me, got a job in ops in the office, worked my way up from there. It really is a great industry to get into if you're not looking to go the college route right away.

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5 bucks.

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>technology doesn't exist

what? many companies have working self-driving vehicles in test-circuits.

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you're about to crash hard face first

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Buy HD

Also any military chads here?

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Mr Satan is correct, but beyond the driving is the absurdly complex process of the warehousing side. No automated warehouse is juggling 3000 pound crates with time and date specific deliveries for conventions, alongside 500-800ish residential deliveries, all with different dimensions, delivery dates and times that change constantly, and delivery requirements. Give me a dark shitty warehouse with 10 bay doors, 2 forklifts and 3 Mexicans and I will tho.

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Whats gonna happen with gold?
They don’t talk about prices on /pmg/, they are fucking retarded. They just share pics of coins.

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> Test circuits
> Can handle the complexity of driving 100% of roads across the country
Pick one.

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It's very straightforward. You get liability insurance that covers self-driving incidents the same way your home insurance also covers liabilities up to 2m+ such as if your window falls on someone or somesuch. The guy who got rammed sues the owner of the car, the insurance pays out. You have no clue what you're talking about. It's even simpler than normal car insurance because cars don't have different personal driving habits and responsibility and likelihood to be drunk.

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Google uses self driving cars for google maps.

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Test circuits are bull shit, I don't even know if customers themselves want an un supervised machine just hauling ass through an open street.

I am sure at some point automatization will become the standard but that's not gonna be within the next 50 years

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I've been selling weekly options for a few months now. On each Friday I judge whether my currently open contracts will most likely expire worthlessly and then already sell contracts for next Friday. I haven't been assigned yet and everything worked out so far.

However, I haven't found a single video guide or vlog about weekly selling. It's always 1-2 months out. Am I doing something wrong?

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I'm 1 year away from driving triples at UPS. I'm about to make 150k. In 2008 I was denied a McDonald's job...still makes me laugh to this day. LTL is where the money is at. These young anons need to understand that.

The automation factor will decrease the amount of traditional long hauling drivers, but if you're asking TESLA to make a semi to back a trailer against 4 lanes of traffic....they're going to be sadly disappointed.

Assembling triple trailers with HOT loads that need to be at POINT B ASAP...good luck without a human to assist.

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>google does a thing that's illegal in 99% of countries
OK retard

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Why are you so resistant to change?

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"Just be a truck driver bro" is the "Just work in the oilfields bro" of ten years ago

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> Very small cars
> 26ft liftgate trucks carrying 20,000lbs of freight, let alone 53ft trailers capable of backing into any warehouse ever
Pick one.

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I could easily state it was my software etc blame the company and require tests and double checks into the entirety of the situation. There is also the risk of drivers hitting drivers without smart cars or a vice versa. I could say his car drove incorrectly due to its automated system or your automated vehicle hits my non-automated vehicle. You have to remember everyone won't suddenly wake up with self-driving cars. Also insurance companies will be mightily afraid of these automatic payouts and will likely charge a premium as driver habits can no longer determine your pricing.

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>I could easily state it was my window etc blame the company and require tests and double checks into the entirety of the situation
Get a grip, schizo. You're not even the one paying.

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Not a crypto thread

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Nice! I was hesitant to drive, it's just not for me, but ops is it's own beast where you really don't need a degree to advance.

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I’ve been buying Msft amazon and aapl

Am I fucked

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Who knows but I keep 3% of my portfolio in gold just in case

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Exactly. No degree required. 75k, no debt...There's almost no opportunity like that in the job sector.

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Msft and AMZN no, appl yes you’re fucked. Msft and AMZN are actually growing companies, AAPL hasn’t grown in 5 years yet their stock price has 5x’d since then

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Lol yep, I'm on track this year to hit just under 6 figures, have been moved across the country twice by the same company, and have done some really fucking cool shit the entire time. I'm not going to name drop my employer, but Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi Power Systems, GE healthcare, not to mention Amazon Walmart Dell Best Buy, I handle all their shit simultaneously, there's really nothing like it.

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>outperforms your entire investing career

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Whatever keeps you uninterested

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The GFC lead to a flight to gold and surge in price as treasuries were perceived to be worthless with interest rates at zero (and thus negative in real terms). The end of the gold bullrun was the result of some serious pump fakes from the Fed that started memeing about raising interest rates in 2013 (but only started in 2016 and then had to pull back in 2018). I don't think the Fed can trick people like that again when they are even saying that 2024 is their current outlook, which probably means longer.
Gold's major competitor is treasuries, not stocks, for conservative investors. Stocks will, at worst, track inflation. And treasuries are even more of a dumpster fire now. But unlike stocks, the entire market has been rendered lean from a very long bear market. So there is tremendous upside for miners and royalty companies as they are leveraged to the value of gold (and inversely to the dollar). Many current producers and near term producers were economically viable at $1200 gold/oz let alone anything near $1900/oz which just becomes a huge tailwind for their margins.
Basically bonds and treasuries being trash fuels stock market bubbles and is an engine for commodities in general. The only reason this fails is if the US has a death spiral in deflation. And there are arguments that gold may also be a safe haven asset there (as seen in the 1980s and the Great Depression).

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I am not, I just don't like faggots like you with the nu age mentally of let's run before we can walk.

I don't know what is it about this new generation of "entrepreneur" that want to skip steps, elon musk wants to go to Mars, the faggot can't even go to the moon, they want zero emission cars, lithium is fucking shit for that, they want automatic cars, yeah put on a close circuit and with no Hazard those things look awesome, you know how many faggots this things have killed in real life scenarios?

Stop this fucking nonsense of skipping key steps in human development, we're no where near as sophisticated as we think we are

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Ok...after insurance pays for the 7th claim that month, let me know how that goes.

Then as the customer switches to another competitor that doesn't have delays in their deliveries due to excessive accidents, you can explain to your manager why you lost a 400k account...

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Yes I will on my insurance premium as well as the insurance company itself would want a thorough investigation before just paying me out money. How is this schizo?

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Bruh, the singularity is coming like, tomorrow, I swear.

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How are self driving trucks any better than trains?

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Nice. Good luck with the rest of your career. It's a great field to be in. Hopefully we could convince 1 anon to join the trucking sector....700 billion dollar market. Maybe they can get a share of the pie.

Also anons, I'm really like SHLL (Hyliion). They're likely going to succeed out of all the SPAC plays.

>> No.22659097

They’re not, invest in UNP and CNI

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Always fun to walk through Musk vapor and abandonware memory lane:

>> No.22659116

Trains = Quantity. Trucks = Faster.

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It shows that the concept is possible. From there you only need time and with the rate of technological advance it will probably be in this decade.

Interestingly enough the google self driving car program is called waymo. They are modifying cars by adding a self driving system to them. Waymo one is essentially self driving uber. It is currently operational in Pheonix. Potential moon.

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Lol some janny is micromanaging us.

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we have more roads than traintracks

self driving trucks aren't a real thing though, self driving cars aren't even a real thing, but from a safety and risk management view self driving trucks are an impossibility

musk already knows this, hyperloop is the first quadrillion dollar company but he is waiting for the collapse so he can enslave the niggers to dig his holes for him

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Hestia can't sell because they're on the board. Permit already offloaded some. Scion, Must, Foss are free to to what they want. RC is Ryan. The rest should be mostly etf.

>> No.22659206

self driving trucks can only work on roads with no humans

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When is Apple going to hit a new all the way me high? I need my money back.

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is this good news for you tsm bros?

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hiroshitmo just hired a bunch of fucking JIDF kikes for his janny patrol


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As long as they keep the kpopschizo away I don't give a shit

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No, what's really interesting is that even the CEO of Waymo says entirely self driving cars in all conditions for even regular cars is a pipe dream.


>> No.22659244

That's the idea.

>> No.22659252

Or a dedicated lane. Plus the complexity of driving something like that outside of the highway just won't be capable for awhile.

>> No.22659253

Just sold all my TSM

>> No.22659257

ok good you now understand that it's never going to happen

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Should I go all in on RSG?

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They raised my bill, so yes

>> No.22659357

I'm having a hard time believing truck drivers get 6 figures a year without a degree when reports on median income says 2.9k monthly.
If this was the case why doesn't everyone drive a truck?

>> No.22659361

I'm inclined to start kpop posting out of spite.

>> No.22659373

See how society changes over time.

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Tesla is fucking done in China.


>> No.22659397

I'm guessing the ones claiming to make 6 figures actually own their own truck, they're not working for someone else.

>> No.22659413

Wow, they've already got it driving at the same skill level as an average Chinese woman!

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Believe it or not, Europeans and Japs have ELECTRIC trains. Also street cars are self driving electric cars if you're the passenger. :^)

I'm planning to buy into Canadian railways if they pull back to the monthly average and reverse to an upward trend.

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>I'm 1 year away from creating analytical databases for Arthur Anderson. I'm about to make 52k. In 1978 I was denied a McDonald's job...still makes me laugh to this day. Analytical databases are where the money is at. These young anons need to understand that.
>The automation factor will decrease the amount of traditional database drafters and library workers, but if you're asking MICROSOFT to make a 100,000 cell, multilayered, multi-workbooked database with a referential index in the back and equational references for the cells....they're going to be sadly disappointed.
>Assembling huge databases with recent information that needs to be used for business decisions ASAP...good luck without a human to assist.

>> No.22659432

If there aRe cars that detect when an object is in front of you and automatically put on the brakes, why would it matter if there are humans or not? To my understanding poor road conditions are probably the worst thing for the ai If it can’t detect where the lines are and incorrectly auto merges and such. I’d sooner trust a self driving car than the idiots I see on the road everyday, there’s so many bad drivers who should not have a licence.

>> No.22659435

>class a driver
>2.9k per month
lol no it's much higher than that. must be including wagies like bus drivers and UPS/FedEx van slaves

>> No.22659436

They were always done in China, they just needed the "Tesla is gonna be huge in China" to scam the stock market

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>hyperloop decompression

>> No.22659471

This is an 18+ site. You cannot browse this site as you are not even 12 years old yet.

>> No.22659505

the robotrucks will kill people routinely and thus be a short lived experiment and a giant waste of time

>> No.22659516

But anon, the one who sounds like an underage b& is (You)

>> No.22659519

See that's the problem though, you think of the industry as just driving. The real goal is to start driving, get into ops, get into ops management, realize you can do better and make more yourself, start your own op. I've known 2 people both mentors who did basically that, and are millionaires several times over as a result without stepping foot in a classroom.

>> No.22659522

Take your ritalin, child.

>> No.22659526

LTL trucking, like UPS/FEDEX doubles/triples are the highest paying at 80-180k.

Oversized, flatbed hauling, food delivery (Dominos, McDonalds)...all make 80k+ as well. Go specialized.

>> No.22659530

Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to verify something.
>9,179,001 shares held by insiders
>55,607,353 shares held by schedule 13 holders.
I added up the data from fintel.io, I think the insider amount might be wrong because this doesn't make sense. There's only around 65 million shares outstanding.

How the fuck is it possible that there's only 1 mllion shares not restricted in the float? Let's say maybe 5 million more because some of the schedule 13G holders can shuffle less than 5% before they have to file if im understanding properly.

Then there's 45 to 55 million shares short?

>> No.22659535

Well then you're not making 6 figures as "just a truck driver". You own a business.

>> No.22659546

you can easily make 6 figures driving though

>> No.22659555

NKLA stock price wasn't stopped by their truck being gravity powered. TSLA's stock price may not be stopped by dead pedestrians.

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The problem with AI is that it is too literal for our society

>> No.22659567

Will they? You know that for sure? Is there evidence for such a claim? Or are you just speculating?

>> No.22659569

How does $5,000 sound?

>> No.22659572

Then why doesn't everyone? If you could leave the wageslave zone of 2k a month and become turbo wealthy from driving.

>> No.22659589

Black people call eachother monkeys all the time

>> No.22659593

because they like being shekelbergs best goy

>> No.22659599

lol watch liveleak

chinks don't care about running each other

>> No.22659603

Because it requires being on the road 75% of the time. Most people want to actually see their family sometimes, and with a more normal schedule the wages degrade to more like 60k. Still good, but quite pedestrian by comparison. Living on the road isn't exact comfortable either.

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Trucking is unironically a good choice if

>You own your own rig (true owner operator)
>You drive all 7 days of the week and don't care about being back home for months
>Long haul
>cheat with limitations by driving a pre 2000 truck or buying a glider

You can easily NET $250k to $300k a year, more if you cheat on the last part and drive 16 hours day. Duel drivers can make $600k total easily independently contracting for just FedEx expediter.

I'm getting my CDL and will leave my FAANG job after I buy a rig. Just brainless, easy work. No more thinking. Just listen to music and audio courses and drive.

>> No.22659695


>> No.22659726

No rent, no mortgage...

The only downside is your health turns to shit. You'll gain weight and will eventual be obese with blood sugar and blood pressure problems.

Not worth it.

Go LTL company. Better life/work balance.

>> No.22659789

There are distinctions in types of truckers and most are retards too poor to afford their own rigs and too stupid to cheat and abide by driving restrictions.

Competent owner operators can net almost $300k a year.

Retards driving for companies make $50k a year.

>> No.22659803

Because driving is not as easy as people think it is. Way too many variables that the average normie doesn't think of like weather, route planning or finding mechanical issues.

>> No.22659806

What they don't tell you is AAPL got the scraps, even INTC had to wrestle some 5 nm capacity from bitcoin miners. New iphone is delayed for a reason.

>> No.22659816

Funny thing is even 50K is a pretty high income for a retard so it's still a good idea.

>> No.22659840
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This thing is falling off the cliff.

>> No.22659858

How do I outjew the tax man and pocket most of my gains?

>> No.22659869

Leave the country

>> No.22659884

by moving to Canada and opening a TFSA
or having permanent residency in another tax haven and opening your trading account from there.

something like that, check with your country since I bet the US tries to fuck you over and stop you from doing that.

>> No.22659896

Move to PR under Act 60 (previously 20/22) and live there 183 days of the year.

>> No.22659905

They can still tax you
People with dual citizenship living outside the US pay double taxes to the country their living in as well as the US

>> No.22659921

You'll only pay taxes on dividends. Gains wont be taxed.

>> No.22659926

wow lol what the fuck

>> No.22659930

>dual citizenship
There's your problem, bucko.

>> No.22659947

Well, yes, if you're willing to give up US citizenship completely then yea, you'll never have to pay taxes to the US again. You better pick a good place for wherever you're gonna go though.

>> No.22659953

What are the most based professions outside of truck driver/operator?

>> No.22659954

The state is the worst jew of them all.
Don't fall for the gov meme.

>> No.22659963

the US is real fucked up in that regard. You have to denounce your US residency or be cucked by Jewish tax man forever.

>> No.22659964

Owner operators typically exaggerate their figures. 300k is likely their revenue before expenses like fuel or insurance....which after all of that, the ones making 100-150k profit work 60-80 hour weeks. Fuck that. Working 60-80 work weeks is not sustainable without health repercussions.

>> No.22659966

Electrician, Plumber, Welder

>> No.22659994

Landlord :^)

>> No.22659997

go work an oil rig for 6 months a year and make 3 figures

>> No.22660004

TFSA doesn't work for this because it only starts counting when you become a citizen, i.e. you would not be able to contribute until you become a cucknadian (and that's enough of a punishment to not be worth it), but also will only be able to contribute ~5k or whatever that year's amount is the first year after you are finally a citizen (which can take 10+ years because of legendary cucknadian efficiency).
Also, the 15% withholding tax on dividends is not waved in a TFSA, and trading is technically not allowed in there even though they don't check. Options and margin are also not allowed.

>> No.22660011

Angel investor

>> No.22660014

Why don't all programmers make 6 figures?

>> No.22660018

Friendly reminder if you the states with the least tax on capital gains is Nevada and New Hampshire

>> No.22660024

3 figures for 6 months of work? Lmao

Pretty terrible pay anon.

>> No.22660027

All garbage and pay like shit except when assuming you can work 24/7, 7 days a week, with constant calls.

Only those who live in the likes of cucknada don't make 6 figures desu senpai. It's unironically easy for programmers to get 6 figs starting right out of college nowadays.

>> No.22660030

Because there's too many of them i'd guess but i'm no expert

>> No.22660034

Who's ready for the RBG death dump? It's coming!

>> No.22660047
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People say that timing is a crock of shit. I say timing can help you loads if you have the balls to act when opportunities come up. Housing market took a dump, I acted. Bagged a nice 3 bed,1.5 bath,basement,garage w/nice yard and deck house. Main level of house had been redone (tile floors,hardwood floors,granite countertops,tile bathrooms,gas fireplace). I pay just 400 a month for it. Hell it came fully move in ready. Only thing I added was a dishwasher. Ceiling fans in all the bedrooms and living room, levolor blinds on the windows.

>> No.22660053

That sounds boring as fuck. I'd rather die than be on the interstate away from my home, internet, bed, and shower all the time. Fuck I hate traveling so much.

>> No.22660057

>unironically easy for programmers to get 6 figs starting right out of college nowadays.
I'm assuming the hard part is getting hired over the h1b?

>> No.22660058

Dump? She’s been holding markets back for years

>> No.22660059

Housing market only went up here. Sales went down 20%, price went up 50%. Not even kidding, those are the numbers.

>> No.22660075

I don't know, I'm just talking from experience and I was recruited out of college by some random startup offering 6 figs outright, then got into FANG. Other people I know didn't get recruited outright but still started at or near 6 figs. Lowest started at like 80k.

>> No.22660077

Bro you're retarded, I know one couple that does 1 run, from San Francisco where they live to Columbus OH and back once a week. They get paid 3600/week. If you think their expenses are even close to half of that, you're crazy.

>> No.22660082

Don't say you weren't warned! Her death brings a whole new level of uncertainty to the markets!

>> No.22660090

options are allowed, just not stuff involving margin.

I haven't done it though since I don't want to add fuel to CRA potentially taxing me for misusing my TFSA as a "business income", but LEAPs are definitely tempting

>> No.22660165
File: 41 KB, 458x498, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like you're right.
Eitherway, if you're just selling and buying a few times a year and not taking money out routinely, you usually won't be flagged. Of course, they reserve the right to change your status at their discretion anytime like the kikes they are just to fuck with you.

I've been working 105 hours a week for 2.5 years without vacations and I'm mostly fine so far. Also I get paid below minimum wage even assuming a 40 hours workweek.

>> No.22660167
File: 12 KB, 205x246, neas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there unironically any job that's not soul draining?

>> No.22660175

That's the idea.

>> No.22660185


>> No.22660186
File: 256 KB, 2000x1333, cherry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

weekend edition thank god. I haven't been around in some weeks after things starting taking a shit. Are we expecting more pain? I'm just holding some QQQ and SOXX (sorry boys I can't do 3x stuff). Keep holding? Buy these dips? What's the take.

Palantir on Wednesday, too.

>> No.22660187
File: 249 KB, 550x564, 1599598049204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

went to WSB, actually saw more GME posts than TSLA. What does this mean gmebros?

>> No.22660263

short GME

>> No.22660282

nothing. You're trying to interpret noise

>> No.22660294

Positive feedback loop on pumping.
Not a problem

>> No.22660296

>Shit pay
It's obvious you've never looked into this. Do you even know how diverse a field that can be?

>> No.22660306

Quit trying to Balkanize us Putin.

>> No.22660307

It'll go up or it'll go down.

>> No.22660311

Billionaire philanthropist socialite

>> No.22660332

Sorry, I don't work with trannies.

>> No.22660346
File: 61 KB, 500x500, please respond.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22660351

I think the vaccine nerve damage fud is what will cause the dump

>> No.22660370

My art high school teacher seemed to be chilling all the time

>> No.22660372

Any reason to not be 100% in HD right now?

>> No.22660377
File: 99 KB, 640x426, jeffgarlinlarry_lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22660396

no. we've just been discussing GME to death

>> No.22660398

It's true, the only problem is you'll be poorer than the average homeless person on gibs, while not being entitled to gibs.

>> No.22660407

Yea, being invested in Home Depot. Nothing but comfy gains and dividends

>> No.22660413

You'll miss GME

I hope they pump us

Please do

>> No.22660419

280 seems like a fair price to me, why thinks its worth much more?

>> No.22660436
File: 2.74 MB, 300x200, 1575646058911.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. Fucking second case now of transverse myelitis in a trial size of only 8000, whereas a diagnosis of that in the wild is more like 1 in 250,000 if that.



Both coronaviruses in the same family as covid. Most dumbfucks have never even heard the word coronavirus before this year, but the truth is we've been trying unsuccessfully to make vaccines for them for DECADES. There was almost a viable vaccine for SARS, but it failed in the animal trial stages I think because it caused a cytokine storm upon reinfection that KILLED THE PATIENT

>> No.22660442

My prof just leaves all the work to grad students and leaves early everyday. Some leave the lectures for grad students to teach too
Once you're tenured you're set for life

>> No.22660444

Just stop paying taxes

>> No.22660461

Why would you back a truck up in 4 lanes of traffic

>> No.22660464

Growing dope, anon

>> No.22660473

This is really terrible fucking news. what the fuck is this timeline. Covid for 2 more years confirmed

>> No.22660489

3600 a week for a couple sounds right for a team. For single, no.

>> No.22660491

I hope covid kills every boomer and nonwhite

>> No.22660514
File: 131 KB, 773x1291, EiXfq_BXkAAZWeT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol tsla

>> No.22660516

Once you're prof you get paid a fuckload to do nothing at all. Before then you have to bust your ass doing slave-tier work on clearly illegal slave wages, but you get to work on something fun, interesting, and that will actually have the potential to advance or change the world, which is fulfilling and therefore almost, ALMOST worth it.
The counterpart is that like in any other managerial role, you won't really be doing anything related to actual science as a prof, you'll just be guiding people and writing grant requests but you're not going to be doing any research. As a result, old profs are usually very, very disconnected to the way modern research works and what is and isn't useful or known in the field in some cases.

>> No.22660533

We have never made a human corona virus vaccine. But we have safely and completely vaccinated rhesus monkeys For covid which gives me hope.

>> No.22660540

I just bought my first 50 shares of GME on thursday but it stopped moving Friday, why?

>> No.22660555

Covid will 'vanish like magic' exactly as trump said sometimes next summer (in truth it's literally just the flu and will never truly end, but the cases and deaths will hit near 0 once all the numbers stop being faked for gibs and politics, and once all the people so old and weak they'd die of you breathe on them finally kick the bucket. It will be just like the spanish flu, or any other such event).

>> No.22660556

Dont care about work life balance. I'd just do it for 10 years, spend nothing and then retire. I could eat cheaply and healthfully enough by using a sous vide in my truck. Ideally inflate taxes (yes, actually pay more in taxes) toward then end so I file for and obtain the maximum SSDI benefit giving me another $3050 a month (at current levels, it rises based on the CPI), free healthcare for life and allow me to withdraw from my retirement accounts without penalty (disability status confers the same as being 65+).

>> No.22660557

If no vaccine herd immunity is the only answer. Might as well yeet your grandma off an overpass. Too early to call though one vaccine down couple more big contenders to go.

>> No.22660566

Yes but I wouldn't say anyone is a Chad for being in the military.

>> No.22660575

Some businesses are on one way roads like in downtown areas and the only way to get in the business (and eventually out) is to backup against traffic.

>> No.22660581

You guys don’t actually have faith in GameStop as a company right? You’re just riding the hype? Both new consoles are coming out with diskless poorfag versions so how tf will GameStop make money when everyone’s buying off of the xbox or ps5 store platforms?

>> No.22660591

I can borrow $600 a month on a 0% interest rate and only need to start repayment in 3 years, should i take the free money and put into spy?

>> No.22660621

Yes, though I’d wait till Dec.

>> No.22660624

>should i take the free money
Obviously yes, it's not even a question.
>and put into spy?
TQQQ or bust.

>> No.22660641

>everyone is buying this poorfag bmw version with no CD reader

>> No.22660656

They look better everyday

>> No.22660675

They drive rigs with electronic monitors and usually lease or finance. I said NET and that means after expenses, brainlet. $300k is easily doable without even tanker or hazmat jobs. Smart owner operators keep their mouths shut because bragging about exceeding DOT regulations and reducing nearly all tax liability online is one of the dumbest things someone can do.
I know a couple that makes $10k a week gross with tag driving.

>> No.22660689

Well, you do you anon. To each their own.

I'm going to work 8-10 hour days. Get 8 hours of sleep, work out, swing trade, hookup with hot girls & retire in 20 years.

>> No.22660695

short it if you think it's a pump an dump

You make ton of money if you're right

>> No.22660696
File: 76 KB, 930x1024, 1600373523099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm all in

>> No.22660705
File: 188 KB, 388x511, 1579521680514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is literally how nature has always functioned. I don't know why people are so stubborn on fighting what humanity literally deals with for the entirety of it's existence. Look at the people dying - they're weak and need to be filled. That's just how nature fuckin works. The strong live on and the weak die, it's been that way since the first fucking cell. Why do they think we need to invest so much time, money, and effort into saving the weakest of the weak? Literally nobody does from Covid19 unless they're already knocking on death's door already.

>> No.22660710
File: 59 KB, 911x683, 5f049aee191824466b1282c5[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who /ready for Palantir/ here?

>> No.22660723
File: 845 KB, 1125x1112, AE998616-49D9-4BD9-BC27-FD4858AAAB71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

20k ready

>> No.22660754

Redpill me on palantir

>> No.22660755

Stop simping for niggers

>> No.22660786

Long the surveillance state.

>> No.22660790
File: 984 KB, 1063x876, palantir.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely ready. Do I put half down on Wednesday, and half down a week from then? Does it even matter? I plan to hold for a long ass time.

>> No.22660792

Disk is 90% of the preorders

>> No.22660809

Fear plays an interesting role in our lives.

>> No.22660815

>Circling the boobs

>> No.22660848

$1,000 EOY, just like chainlink

>> No.22660878

I work in a hospital. We got 84 patients. Couple of these are asymptomatic patients here for other shit but the rest are here for covid. This shit chews through old people, fat people, and chronically I'll like nothing I've seen. Herd immunity would would cost us greatly especially because re-opening to 2019 levels would cause mass drug shortages and hospital bed shortages.
Nothingburger fags are talking out their ass.

>> No.22660898

>My guess is the 4D dojo supercomputer recognizes that the trans woman is not a human and therefore sees no reason to perform evasive maneuvers.

What did they mean by this?

>> No.22660917

actually none of those people are dying from covid and youre passing us down what your co worker drama is that you overheard

nobody has covid the test is fake

>> No.22660930
File: 286 KB, 644x478, maxresdefault.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck dude. Its like you don't understand whats already been taken over. There is nothing - nothing - that won't be superseded by the robots. They are going to completely take over the planet as early as 2030 and live in the global warming / acid ocean world to come without any doubts and you can screen cap this

>> No.22660936

No. Have you had any itm and still not be assigned ?

>> No.22660942

Kys faggot

>> No.22660950
File: 77 KB, 681x1024, EA1D71D6-9A24-4F8D-BB23-63F793580720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have the fastest internet connection possible in my area and I’d still rather have the physical version. Why wait hours for a game to download when I can just go to the store in pop in a disc? There’s also the option of letting a friend borrow a game if they wanna try it. Can’t do that with the digital version unless I give them my PS5 and that’s not happening. GameStop will be relevant for a few years. Will the stock go back to the highs it had 5 years ago? Probably not. If they get bought out, they may be to continue to be relevant, but I’m just in for the squeeze.

>> No.22660955
File: 705 KB, 1200x1017, 1559946408536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22660959

its a self fulfilling fake meme they give out false positive tests and then everyone bites into the hoax and says ya we all have covid now my grandma was sick once

>> No.22660996

Too bad you only had 5$

>> No.22661010

gonna open x5 from any recent valuations. good luck

>> No.22661014

>why doesn't everyone want to drive a truck for 8+ hours a day.
Think i'd rather kms
I like going to the gym and the little routines I've created for myself

>> No.22661028

i think a lot about this. for thousands of years people were just farmers/gatherers. we are adapted to that life evolutionarily. modern life and jobs are highly unnatural. people just want to farm and chill

>> No.22661030

>12% failure rate at 5 years

>> No.22661052

buy short term calls, buy long term puts

>> No.22661062

AMZN puts middle class in cagie
PLTR enforces the cagie once they go home
24/7 cagie

>> No.22661071


>> No.22661077
File: 279 KB, 840x879, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Alfa Romeo that high

>> No.22661093

what's the point of this? aren't you just left regretting forever like if you only put in more money or something
it's better that you had never known

it's like my friend who sold AMD at $15 because it kept crabbing even though he understood the DD, he hits himself all the time for selling then and he only ended up buying back when it was $45. He'd be almost 7 figures by now instead of low 6-figure if he had stuck to it.

>> No.22661104

You claimed to be in the tech field earlier so I'm sure that's a lie kek.

>> No.22661108

This will never stop upsetting me. Fucking kikes.

>> No.22661183

No, everything expired OTM so far. AAPL two weeks ago was a close call, though.

>> No.22661289

I got into a tech startup straight out of college. Then I went to FANG. Then I said fuck it and went back to school, since the working conditions were miserable despite the high pay. Now I'm doing a PhD.
Clearer now, retard?

>> No.22661300

Despite their recent downgrade and downturn of their share value? Pass.

>> No.22661314

And yes, the trannies were one of the reasons I left FANG.

>> No.22661324

Every trading community is EXTREMELY bullish on GME now
(/biz/, WSB, stocktwits, yahoo finance, investing.com)

It feels at this point that it's almost inevitable to go to $12 this week just based upon this massive change in sentiment, regardless of any fundamentals - people expect "price go up" so they buy.. like a Dutch tulip bulb

As tech crashes over the next few weeks, traders will more and more be looking for the stocks that are remaining bullish through the sell-off..

It could be a massive, coordinated effort by smart money to pump up GME on all these different trading communities, so that they can exit at ~$10.00 with their 5 million share positions..
One would hope that the wisdom of the crowd / anonymous nature of /biz/ autistic Bears would have composed a well thought out argument as to why it should tank; however, lately whenever someone tries to speak badly about GME they are insulted

>> No.22661348

how was the on-call? that is one of my biggest problems with working in tech, on-call is bullshit

>> No.22661383

Imagine my TSLA gains on Tuesday

>> No.22661390


>> No.22661394


>> No.22661402

Gamestop will not even exist in 2-3 years, theyre losing money every day the doors stay open.

>> No.22661404

don't treat GME like it's a regular pump and dump
it's a pump and pump and dump (but dump still higher than first pump)
regardless, we've been discussing it since 3 weeks ago so we're all pretty comfy with a low cost basis.

that said, a big pulback is never out of the question. GME is particularly volatile because the real float is very very small.

>> No.22661459

Microsoft is the true ultimate play, right?

>not overvalued in the short term because of covid
>has a nice dividend
>will profit the most when AI takes over the world
>91% of robinhood analysts say to buy it

Tell me why I shouldn't go all in

>> No.22661460

The guy who built Chewy mopped up something like 9% of the shares and probably intends to turn GME into an ecommerce business. They also have $11/share CASH to do so.

>> No.22661467

Is a shame freight dropped off and the money isn't that good anymore. Plus it's filled with 3rd worlders and pajeets

>> No.22661486

its gonna be a "sell the news" event

>> No.22661498
File: 95 KB, 1042x958, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's a solid bullish case for GME too, it's retarded to say GME is going to end up like blockbuster when it's really in a crossroads of becoming either blockbuster or netflix.
But that's besides the point because Ryan Cohen is likely just going to buyout GME and it won't matter if GME really ends up being worth $400 per share in 5 years (lol) since he'll keep all those gains for himself as he takes GME private. The most we can hope for is the $50 moonshot.

Keep in mind that GME has already expanded its ecommerce to $200 million revenue this Q2 without Cohen being involved. Purely just because of covid and amazon slowly losing its dominance (no same-day delivery anymore). Gamestop's online deals are pretty good too.

Did you know that Gamestop does digital PC games too now? There's a lot they can do if they don't fuck up the new app either. They have massive brand presence even if it's negative right now.

>> No.22661512

Maybe, maybe not
It seems more unlikely now with coronavirus putting a damper on their initial plans of becoming more of a community gaming place; however if they transition to more e-commerce (which it seems like they are at 20% now) [which Cohen can help with] they might survive

Regardless of long-term prospects, due to how small the float is, with potentially 10s of thousands of small traders buying & holding, in the short run it seems hard to dump; short fees are now >30% again making it less likely an institution would take on a huge short position

>> No.22661549

Didn't do any on-call, I'm not IT. However, despite the contract saying 37.5h workweeks (they put it lower than 40 so they can get away with modifying what benefits they give and don't give at will, since they have obligations at 40), I was expected to work 60h+, and it was seen as 'lazy' to work less than that regardless of project progress, workload, or deadlines (of course, on the other hand, working a 70-100h week to rush a deadline was not seen as working hard and was completely ignored, even when doing the work other team members were supposed to do). Also, there was far too much office politics and the SJW shit prevented anyone who wasn't a minority woman from getting bonuses proportional to their results, and promotions. White men were last up for anything, and their work was reattributed to the minorities every chance possible in 2 out of the 3 local teams.
The hiring process (for which I was one of the interviewers for our team) automatically screened any male applicant out of the process because there were 'too many men' in the org. Plus being parked doing gay recommender systems, ads, and chatbots instead of anything actually relevant, with no way to change teams (see politics) or project.
Around the same time, every company big or small was hiring only for shit like that and none for actual project that would actually be worth spending even a minute of time on. Most companies were also trying to scam applicants by verbally promising things that were not in the written contracts.
And yes, the trannies. We had "only" 2 mandatory trannies. Needless to say they did nothing good except scream trannyshit all day every day through the company facebook-clone, and were receiving special treatment to make sure their feefees never get hurt.
Overall, it was mentally and psychologically draining, unchallenging, felt like there was 0 mobility, and everyone was pretty much cartoonishly evil.
But hey, pay was great!

>> No.22661580

>It seems more unlikely now with coronavirus putting a damper on their initial plans of becoming more of a community gaming place
bullish for GME
that shit was retarded. It doesn't hurt to do a trial of it in a few locations BUT it's so dumb to try that shit when what they should be doing is focusing on their basics. Cutting SG&A costs, increasing the scale of their e-commerce shit to further cut costs, continue to de-densify and close down more stores (stop the bullshit with 2 gamestops in the same mall) to cut more costs and concentrate profits into the remaining stores, continue improve rewards/incentives to retain more customers

They are definitely work on those things, but at the same i wonder like why the heck they're slacking on other things. What is Reggie even doing for Gamestop right now?

>> No.22661631

M$ is basically the worst placed major company in the AI race, they'll benefit the least when the next few breakthroughs are out.
Facebook, amazon and china are poised to benefit most: china because they can reinforce their draconian dragnet and make their citizens walk like robots and achieve anything they need with ruthless efficiency and no cost to themselves, facebook because they have the highest level of expertise, ironically (because you never really hear about them), amazon because they get the most overhead reduction from this and will became an even more essential part of the modern world, providing all shipping and even basic item production.
Google MAY be able to gain from this through deepmind, but that's extremely unlikely since they took over the deepmind org and removed suleyman (and coincidentally, have achieved precisely nothing since then).

>> No.22661688


>> No.22661692

When will amazon be 1 million a share?

>> No.22661713

When the dollar is only traded on OTC markets

>> No.22661764

is it too late to buy SHLL?

>> No.22661780

Does anyone have the picture of the graph showing short interest % for GME?
I can't find it anywhere online
(the one where it shows it going to 100% then back down to I think 85% most recently)
[Trying to figure out the biggest spikes in short-interest dates to compare to price chart to figure out entry points & key margin call future prices]

>> No.22661800

Just go to high short interest

>> No.22661815
File: 6 KB, 232x218, happyjack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you were one of the first bros to start shilling gamestop around $4.50

dont worry bros $100 soon

>> No.22661865

So, uh, wuts the deal? Do I start a position in GME with horse profits? Or SHLL? Or do I buy more NAK?

>> No.22661895

GME is safer than NAK. Just don't go all in like a tard.

>> No.22661902

The problem with that was an issue of time. How long has Gamestop spent at the 3-5 dollar range, and why would anybody care to baghold this stock? I think normally people just want to get in for the action.

>> No.22661906
File: 928 KB, 1242x1635, 88B5C7C7-375C-4A6D-9BD9-6D9CC586A361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GME looks tasty right now shorts must be nervous.
Here is a list of all the top shorted stocks. Good place to look for the “next” GME.

>> No.22661920

Is it really a $10+ stock?

>> No.22661966

It's a 20$+ stock with a chance of 50$+

>> No.22661978

I 100% best it goes to 12 at least
Anyone else have any guesses on the highest price GME trades at before it dumps to Zero?

>> No.22661980

In early august it was showing signs of an uptrend and breakout that's when I started going in. I wasn't expecting it to breakout and double this quick DESU, was more expecting a november takeoff but it looks like we've launched early.

>> No.22661996

That shows the current (but I don't think it's even accurate, I think it's around 85% from what I remember, but I could be wrong)
With the timeline graph of short-interest % I hope to be able to go "okay so it went from 60 to 70 September 2018.. September 2018 price = $16.50" (implying that there would likely be more resistance at $16.50 level, and then after passing would continue a squeeze)
A lot of other implications from any information / things I haven't even thought of yet

>> No.22662015

If they pivot correctly, they're easily a $100 stock. If they fail to pivot, they're a $0 stock. However I'm seeing they're going more toward eCommerce and we don't know what big reg is doing yet, which could be another ace up their sleeve.

>> No.22662019

Where is coom cat? The meme power of GME depends on him.

>> No.22662027


did the bubble burst

>> No.22662050

Just a normal dump as can be found in any crash ever. What, did you really think we had a record-breaking recovery speed on top of record-breaking no-second-dip?

>> No.22662056

Buy apple because retards buy products. Microsoft because Microsoft. Wait. Profit

>> No.22662062

So what's the deal with NAK? I bought it after Trump tweeted about it but no real news still

>> No.22662092

I did. 50% of iPhone users are upgrading this year. I’m just fucking pissed off if I started buying this shit 4 years ago I’d be rich

>> No.22662110
File: 193 KB, 512x640, AABC1A1D-0AB0-4989-B327-FC1120D702D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They should merge with shit like cdkeys.

>> No.22662113

>Can't handle bantz
Calm down man, I was making a joke pivoted off of your joke. Is your PHD in autism?

>> No.22662126

I didnt notice. I sold my tech for GME

>> No.22662129
File: 30 KB, 720x482, 0FC24E69-8826-42E8-A1C0-DC9E9996D776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come this doesn’t happen to giant stocks? Is it happening now?

>> No.22662150

Sounds like how NAK cultists describe NAK.

>> No.22662152

There are IDs on this board, noob. Epic pwnz'd!

>> No.22662188

Ah I see. I know GME dipped to 80% on here and then went back over 100 the past trading few days. Not surehow accurate it is. Maybe having a paid account on trading view or something would get you that info

>> No.22662192

Army Corps of Engineers could release a Record of Decision (ROD) any day now. Permits could take years after that. There is heavy, HEAVY risk to the mine project if Democrats take control in November.

>> No.22662202

I don't know much about NAK but it's a gamble on gov decision. The gme trade is based on a combination of fundamentals(book), sentiment/catalyst(console cycle), share structure(shorts) and Cohen(buyout).

>> No.22662235

All I had to do was buy stocks over the years but I was raised by poor parents and didnt know anything

Gta 5 going crazy. Buying stocks. Went up 400% since then. Everyone is using photoshop super popular. Buy stocks straight to the moon. Everyone is using iPhone and going crazy. Buy stocks straight to the moon. Jeff bezos is becoming a mega millionaire everyone using amazon. Buy stocks goes up 600%. Everyone using an iPhone they release laptops watches music. Buy that stocks go straight up. Microsoft released Xbox everyone uses windows huge ass platform. Buy that stocks go way the fuck up. Google is fucking everywhere buys YouTube owns the internet goes way the fuck up.

All I had to do was put like 50s in there couple hundred over the years here and there keep adding more to it and all of it would of just shot up to the moon with no doubt and no risk.

Now those companies run everything and profits and revenue are flatlining and everything is the same. I missed the chance and now I lost too many years of my life I have to gamble everything and now the market is fucked because of corona unemployment those companies running the world inflation people going broke no money to spend


>> No.22662242

>legitimate side effect
Pick one and only.

>reeee how could this dump stocks
Yet "good" news comes out and you believe it should cause a pump. You know it's a 2 way street.

>> No.22662260

I have both and they’ve been red for a month. I can’t fucking WAIT you n word

>> No.22662264

>every trading community is extremely bullish on GME
But who was it that shorted into the rally then?

>> No.22662298

'smart' money / institutions (always)
Retail traders account for I think 2% of all shorts

>> No.22662310

If you're a short-selling institution, what makes you think it's a good idea to short a stock that is already 100% shorted? How does any manager say "Yeah that sounds like a good idea" and sign off on it?

If you're a short seller, why have you not covered by now? Do short sellers cover and new short sellers enter the market so the short float stays the same?

>> No.22662319

Yeah, same here but I also bought more, niggatello

>> No.22662330

Open your eyes, morons. It's 99.9% certainly FUD.
That does NOT mean the vaccine works, but I am advancing that it's almost guaranteed that one of the competing, larger companies (think merck) may have sabotaged astrazeneca trials. I maintain that there will never be a corona vaccine but yes, I also concur that it's fake.

>> No.22662334

I have a spare $1k sitting around. What would be a good time to put it into TQQQ? Is it going to go down even more on Monday or has it hit the bottom of the correction?

>> No.22662337

Everybody and their mother shorted GameStop. Both retail and institutions.

>> No.22662353

The thread will tell you when it's time to buy. Just keep an eye on the thread. You will see at least 3 different posters using different methodology explaining why the bottom is in.

>> No.22662373

How important is diversification when you're starting out? Should I invest in sectors I'm not knowledgeable about just for the sake of diversification?

>> No.22662437

Just go tech, boomers can only try to manipulate the market for so long

>> No.22662455


>> No.22662472

Why isn't there a Brit/biz/, lads? I hate how these generals are US-centric.

Someone make a Brit/biz/. I would but I don't have the autism to keep making them.

>> No.22662476

>Should I invest in sectors I'm not knowledgeable about
Absolutely not.
I recommend picking a sector you're familiar with and trading exclusively that sector while keeping an eye on general market conditions and macro.
Don't jump from sector to sector. You can make money by specialising.

>> No.22662515

>They just share pics of coins
Kek. Its like when som3 yoituber said he sold his silver for like 30 an ounce. He had a bunch of subscribers mad at him. Shows how unconfident they are about their rocks

>> No.22662525


>> No.22662539

It's not. I hold three stocks, all tech. 2 video game companies (£FDEV and £SUMO) and an online fashion retailer (£BOO).

I'm expecting big gains from Sumo Group and Boohoo on the 30th.

>> No.22662541

Algos? ~100% short interest is not unusual. Look at DDS. The difference is GME is not going bankrupt and algos/retail can't/don't understand the massive cyclical nature of Gamestop. It's not like normal retail.

>> No.22662567

I said Brit/biz/, lad. I don't care about Europe.

>> No.22662568

There's no stock market worth investing in in the entire world except the US stock market. Even if there were good stocks elsewhere (protip: nope, good stocks elsewhere list themselves on US stock exchanges instead), volume is too small to make trading any reliable.

>> No.22662593

I wish nintendo was on NYSE

>> No.22662608

Likely. Important information being "entire"
Unlikely that they got it all and its semantics eg
>apple booked the entire REMAINING capacity
If true their phone is likely more delayed than theyve suggested

>> No.22662612


>> No.22662619

How much higher does WKHS have to go if they win the USPS contract? Sitting at 50 shares rn

>> No.22662641


>> No.22662654


>> No.22662663

Pretty disgusting desu.

t. Would consider moving to a different 1st world country if i got rich and renouncing u.s. citizenship.

>> No.22662675

3 years from now

>> No.22662730

That's the equivalent of selling wkhs early.

>> No.22662879


>> No.22662946

I know some math grad students who would disagree with you there partner.

>> No.22662963

do you think there’s enough cases like that to save the industry lol

>> No.22663085

there’s no way bmw is that high

>> No.22663150

i want a squeeze so bad lol

>> No.22663210

There are plenty of reasons to whine about academia, it's not exactly a lavish life. You think they'd be in academia if they didn't like it though? Of course not. And of course they'll complain about it, and rightfully so. It's a kind of "no pain, no gain" thing, except the pain is optional, the world just forces it to exist for no reason.

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