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I am financially ruined

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Every time BSV decreases $1, my net worth decreases $1000.

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Lol strap in were going down

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Plugged and ready to go.

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LOL this used to be me a while ago, but am still accumulating so soon it will be more.

But it goes both ways faggot

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Wait so ho many do u have?

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1000 BSV...

Lol maths escapes yous

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>Craig is the real Satoshi
>$158 USD
>Sept, 2020
My absolute, unironic, literal sides

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my hands are tired, friends. will craig ever prove anything to anybody? doesnt need to be public, but something to get key builders on board

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Sirs, let us offer up a prayer for the dear departed soul of this lying abbo cunt. And the repose of the financial well-being of Brother Calvin. May they ded long time, Amen

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wrong pic lmao
lost causes indeed

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>Sept 2020
>he still holds BSV and thinks he'll make it
s-sstop, please-I, I can't s-stop laughhhingggggaaaahahahahahahaahahaha

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i have made my bed, now i will lie in it.

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always check your bed for liars before jumping in

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Checking in.

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>doesnt need to be public
holy shit do you not understand the propose of cryptography?

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Adam Back is probably the real Satoshi, either him or Hal

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