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I promised news, here they come. Pic related. Project roadmap has been updated, XMM will be shifting towards yield farming using the XMMx token, this is big news bros.

XMM is a dynamically deflating ERC20 token



Results available on website


Locked liquidity:
Initially provided Uniswap v2 liquidity (70M / 77M) is locked until 12/21/2021

Buy Momentum:


Price charts:





Impulse token (XMMx):



Balancer Pools:
34% WBTC 66% XMMx:

25% WETH 25% LINK 25% SNX 25% XMMx:

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Is this a good price? Should I let the news settle for a bit first?

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So it was true. All of it. And more. I bite

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That sexy UI is making me coom

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Watch the chart it's a bullish formation, another leg up just around the corner. You won't get a better price

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I just bought a small bag. Buy more a little later to DCA

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Beware of that sour bunch of grapes Asiz in tg group.

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Governance didn't work so maybe this will pump us. I say go for it. What else can we do? Everyone think of something to do next in case we need it. MARINES

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Governance just started I think we can expect it to grow now

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Website blocked as security risk, hmm.

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Oh man it feels so cozy right now

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The more stuff we can pile in the better. Realistically we only need 5c to make it with these stacks so we can push it there by adding defi stuff.
not a security risk its been audited

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Dude, 5c is a really low goal with that amount of holders and the marketcap. It's gonna be a reality within a breeze, not selling until way, WAY more

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Dude is a total karen. Always running for the janny. What a complete faggot

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Selling at 1c is for absolute smooth brains. Anything less than 5x doesn’t get my dick hard, I can’t imagine selling for 20-100% gain in a low mcap coin like this.

>> No.22649634

It touched 4c, 5c isn't much of a goal. Same, I will goes ballistic with enough traction.

It needs people to put liquidity when we are on top to be really comfy

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Firefox flags it as incorrect certification.

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776k, meaning ur gonna COOOM very soon

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How soon can this to 5x though?

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We going up boys 5 cents is fud

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Is end of month good for you?

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I could see this hitting 20c in about 2 months and as more people realize that this project is legit perhaps 50c or higher going into early 2021 and maybe a few dollars EONY. It's hard to find a legit project in right now in this world and XMM is one of those. The earlier you get in the better, but this is a long term hodl. So keep your bags for about a year or so unless some freakish moonshot hits us.

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Okay, what’s a legit make it stack? Like realistically. Not this 1M make it bullshit. If I picked up half Eth and let it sit for a year, is that going to do it?

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It's still profits for you whatever you put in, depends on your cost of life too.

I'd be confortable with a 200k stack or more in case it goes over 20c if you are up for small goals. But a year? Man... those 200k XMM are gonna be worth it

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Why are you black?

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This coin has so much potential, can't wait to see it mooning! Roadmap looks neat.

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I've just read about it and have to admit, I don't get it. What is the point of this?

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SEXMMACHINE ready for action.

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Deflationary coin that you use in a pair with Eth or any other main coin. Constant reducing supply causes trading, generating fees for your defi pool, and more stable coins in your wallet.

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Are you familiar with balancer pools, deflationary coins (check the whitepaper for the variable momentum explained) and the whole of the roadmap?

If not you gotta start by that. But basically the more the coin is traded, the less there is if you ignore the momentum mechanism you get to be bited in the ass by bigger burn, making the coin less vulnerable to swinging whales, so much that it's actually hilarious to watch them get rekt.

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Those big whales won't dump all in once, the less they trade out, the less they burn their own coin. So you've time to cash it big profit.

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It's the same scam as always "blablabla burning tokens bla bla bla deflation bla bla bla low market cap" none of that shit gives it value! Just because i throw a pebble from the bucket every day you're not gonna want to buy a bucket of rocks.

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What is he doing?

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How much for those rocks, sir?

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Check the ATH LOL

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It was a deflationary token but not just simple deflation, its dynamic. Then we added governance but it didn't do much I guess. So now it will be yield farming. Its real cheap now but I think if we keep adding hot button stuff its got to push the value.

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Think of a deflationary coin that encourages network stability and discourages whales from dumping and/or swinging. Along with those who just dump or people looking to do some PnDboy action. It's like a fren zone booting out all the nonfrens by burning up some of their profits and/or principal money.

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im gonna put 5 eth and see...

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pajeet-tier high school dropout scam

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Let me catch a fucking dip, reeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

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This man is gonna wait, this man is gonna feel bad

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Kek bro this is the floor you gotta hop in

>> No.22650457

I’m going to split the couple Eth I have into a few buys. I don’t want to get justed so I’ll buy a bit today, some tomorrow and so on. I am done getting rugged

>> No.22650481

>waiting for the dip
>we are in THE dip
yes, there is irony in your post.

>> No.22650511

This is the way

>> No.22650545

I still hold majority STA, but also bought some bags of this as well. Why not diversify right? I don't get the view of things that goes "I like this coin therefore I must hate that coin". Just hold both if they make you money.

>> No.22650583

Same. Bought in in the middle of a pump, got some more last dip. I'm comfy

>> No.22650588


Nice! I decided to have most of my ETH in XMM and just some in STA. But XMM will moon before, check the graph

>> No.22650628

you accidentally helped make the point in a way. Did you mean to say pebble -from- the bucket? see that's like the deflation and yet you're keeping the value -in- the bucket. I guess it depends on the kind of rocks desu but you get the general idea

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>Coke and Pepsi
>Miller and bud
>apple and android

Only a dumbass holds stock in just one

>> No.22650656

Apple is actually shit tho

>> No.22650721

Based and android pilled

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Price predictions? How high do you see it going by eom and eoy?

>> No.22650806

2-5c end of month
20-30c end of year

My college major was crypto market cap realism. It’s how I knew to sell uni at $7. Heed my words or be justed

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Finally some sanity here

>> No.22650823

Aye. I like the market cap on this one. Sold some UNI under that price as well. "Be fearful when others are greedy" and all that.

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Holy shit i didn't saw the mcap. Fuck it I unlock some aave and get in

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This coin is fucking bullshit rip off of statera. Fucking code copiers should die. Can’t wait for the market to just you faggot pajeets

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Dude the code is different and way more complex if you had the good sense to at least look at it or understand the whitepaper.

But if you took half the effort you put into not doing that into doing a proper fud it wouldn't look so bad

>> No.22651026

Is STA still good? I heard shit about their developers

Still managed to make a good profit out of it lol

>> No.22651050

you know what, on second thought maybe the pebble isn't the deflation. In your analogy the pebbles are good because if you have a bucket of rocks and you build a stone wall or something, why not take the pebbles from the bottom and put them your fish tank or some shit. And who knows, you could think of something else to do with them. Its more features, bringing more money.
Then you sell the bucket and that's like the yield farming token.
The deflation would probably be like the finite supply of minerals in the land

>> No.22651132

Oh okay. Basically ripped off statera and tried to add some gimmicks. Fucking faggot niggers always steal the white mans shit. Classic Nigerian scam

>> No.22651189

All-time high 0.029$, current 0.01, this can get to 0.10 pretty easily. I'll buy a bag.

>> No.22651204

Thing is, they have a team, people have issue with the team (they are nice but... drama happen) also swinging allegations. So their community is a shitshow right now, and the coin is crabbing

But a dev? The STA dev quitted months ago, they don't have one. XMM on the other hand have a ongoing DEV team, but mostly that, the marketing & community management part is at it's infancy.

It means you are early

>> No.22651270

Take. Your. Pills.

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Where do you fit on this map?

>> No.22651422

Wow! Fucking Nigerians

The sta team is unpaid! Even if they do swing it’s actually good for the ecosystem because every transaction burns and the supply gets lower. Why wouldn’t I expect the team to make money?

>> No.22651451

You forgot how easy they go on banning people at the statera telegram. I left for a reason. Statera was good fun but their shitty corporate attitude and reddit style moderation made it too cancerous. And I post on Pol so I know about cancer

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Oh boi... i remember now

>> No.22651554

XMMASTER... Okay I'm buying more I got it

>> No.22651589

Dude these make it amounts are whack.

Current mcap say 1M though. Without burn and a 100M MC, making it is 100k tops

>> No.22651634

Yep I have been able to say nigger faggot in our public channels. Its relaxed.

>> No.22651635

I'd say 3 to 4c end of month. Maybe 10 to 20c end of year. With pumps pushing us to 40c sharply going back to the mean

>> No.22651731

Account for burn and equalization of wallets + time. It's so early yet

>> No.22651769

Uhh..... Okay

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Remember to pool once we get to 8-10c, it will guarantee you some long term gains and keep it as the new ground

>> No.22651889

Nice, few holders, nice last ath, volatily, active dev team and good entry price. Not to mention the tasty market cap

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Huge no brainer, at least 110% until a bit of resistance and then break off.

>> No.22652097

Usually don't believe in memelines but this is some nice hopium. Keep it coming

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20c by Christmas

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>> No.22652340


Lol they selling the coin therefore the value drop. They get rich while you stay poor.

>> No.22652347

3 days is a little bit short but with that volume it only needs one YouTuber or big Twitter account to notice and we can break much more than that 110%

>> No.22652397

Agreed, it's not gonna happen overnight but xmm has been acquiring organic growth since its birth. In keeping this trend up we could see some nice gainz without getting youtube PnD fags involved

>> No.22652398

That's planned, if only you knew...

>> No.22652587

Should I wait a little? Fuck idk..

>> No.22652662

STA has vision and the team makes enough by providing liquidity. XMM dev admitted in recent announcement that he is not sure what XMM is. It still can go up, even moon, but it's just too risky

>> No.22652663

I wouldn't this is the price floor right now dude

>> No.22652698

Do you mean when he announced that he was taking xmm into yield farming and will be drawing up and implementing plans for it over the next few months? Sounds like he knows what he wants xmm to be. doesn't sound like a confused person considering the effort it takes to put that plan in motion

>> No.22652714

Look at the roadmap. They know where they are going

>> No.22652863 [DELETED] 

did you read the announcement? there is no wypepe for a reason

>> No.22652925

got a big fucking sack of xmm. looking bright and clear.

>> No.22653046

How much?

>> No.22653115

Yield? Tell me more. How will that impact the balancer pools?

>> No.22653193

Still some eth stuck at binance. Dump it plz while they are stuck so I can buy

>> No.22653307

2 of these don't exist in that shitcoin.

I'd much prefer the based autist dev who's doing more than a glorified team of marketers with a shitcoin that doesn't have it's developer(s) to it anymore despite how much that very same "team" claims to be devs or anything "core" about them.

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>> No.22653490

More please

>> No.22653517

Horny jail now

>> No.22653645

Whales seem to be pretty based, no dumping so far and even most dolphins behave well. They know this is bound to explode over time

>> No.22653681

You just made me buy.

>> No.22653707

It doesn't have to exactly. Or it could. There's voting. This can all be done on-chain.

>> No.22653735

You just got a few ppl buying before you. Stop waiting you mongoloid look at the holders count. It's super early

>> No.22653816

To be reasonable here, 0,007 was the last support line that held up SOLID. You could gamble and hope for a temporary dip back to that, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it. Just my 2 cents.
That being said, 0,01 is still a very good buy-in price

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>> No.22653963

Greed did me good in the past but volume tell me that there isn't going a sell anytime soon. Alright I figure what I put in and buy

>> No.22654025

XMMARINE as soon as I can get uni to go slightly up

>> No.22654037

Yea, no worries mate. 0.007 or 0.01 doesn't really matter in the long run. I'm planning to load up more with my UNI gains, but I'm not that much in a hurry, since I'm expecting XMM to at least hit 1$ in the long run. So still plenty of gain potential left there

>> No.22654089

Uni is kind of becoming a "stablecoin" for now mate... i don't see it going further up as multimillion uni whales are in the field fighting against each other for a better share.

Uni isn't a fish game, but props to you for having resisted to sell your unibucks yet, sold them at $3

>> No.22654137

I wanted to time exit from uni right, drop it into xmm and maybe a shitcoin to gamble, but it seems I missed the peak on that. If it goes back around 8, I'm selling and pumping xmm

>> No.22654623

Am I finally early?

>> No.22654638
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Yes, welcome to the cumzone

>> No.22654721

Based and cumpilled

>> No.22654822

Lol at the idiot who just sold 8 eth at loss. Thx I needed that entry price

>> No.22654920

So am i

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>> No.22655069

Need it cheaper

>> No.22655196

Jump on a 50k stack, that's like 2 eth and could probably expect 50grand EONY. The make it stack will be ever reducing with the dynamic burn, we are just about to reach 7% total supply burned.

>> No.22655337

That burn is beautiful. Is it true that whales get impacted the most by dynamic burn?

>> No.22655356

It's complicated but i have seen bots getting fabulously rekt trying to frontrun or swing so i guess whales have to think a bit more before selling

Look : https://medium.com/@xmm.momentum/momentum-explained-fece28e55d17

>> No.22655470


>> No.22655533
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>> No.22655671

What did XMM meant by this?

>> No.22655697


>> No.22655725


>> No.22655742

Someone just sold off a big stack at a 8 eth loss kekek, get burned! now would be a great time to enter!

>> No.22655775

1c stable coin.
No marketing. No capability of marketing.
People saying, "If only you knew..." don't even know themselves lol
Roadmap is a joke. Any time you see a Roadmap with an actual picture of a rocket on it, oh boy... Massive swerve
Dev already talking about starting another project

Statera is a rudderless swingies shitshow,
XMM is just a mess. Stay away from these Deflationary Tokens, anons

>> No.22655779

Why did they sell it at a loss? Too stupid to trade properly?

>> No.22655793

Already have 150k. Buy more or wait?

>> No.22655848
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You are funny, i have spoken with the dev and we have plans on the marketing side, just so you know things need timing and good delivery. We won't do a good marketing campaign without making it really worth it.

That's how wrong you are, and how poor you will stay.

And since you want to talk about statera, remind me of how good their dev team is? Oh right, there is none for months.

I can be a bitch too, it's easy.
Try to research your subject a bit before commenting next.

>> No.22655855

I'd wait. It'll be 10 times lower in a couple weeks and you can buy as many as you want!

>> No.22655862

Fomo in another project i guess, that's a big brain move, not being able to wait for more than 1 day, fomo at loss, repeat.

>> No.22655881

No, Bobo. You won't get me to sell. Be a good bear and go extinct

>> No.22655992

>I have spoken with the Dev
Sure you have, anon.
There's a few phrases in crypto which are IMMEDIATE sell/don't buy signals.
These include:
"I have spoken with the Dev"
"if only you knew..."
"if you know, you know"
"Big things coming"
It's embarrassing.
XMM, like Statera, has potential, but both will be hugely let down by a lack of leadership and planning.

>> No.22656029

What the fuck does no capability of marketing even mean aha these are some smooth brained comments. Build the product before you start marketing, we have an excellent autist for a dev and have now started working on the marketing to really get this thing the recognition it deserves.

>> No.22656056

Which coins would you advise that doesnt fit that description?

>> No.22656088

Ripple, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, etc.
Proven tokens with proven winners in charge. They know how to market, know how to get people buying...

>> No.22656119

>Proven token with proven winners in charge

>> No.22656146

>Bitcoin Cash

Lmao anon, come on...

>> No.22656268
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Most Statera memes are reddit/twitter tier but at least it's quality memes, besides there are some patrician truly biz level Statera memes. What about XMM? Why XMM memes lack sense of humor and autism? Is this a good indicator?

>> No.22656304
File: 1.19 MB, 1321x1299, 1598753850428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, i'll gather my autism and get to work

>> No.22656371

So organic kek

Last post had 100 replies and 85 replies were from anon aka the xmm dev shilling on 4chan

>> No.22656386

Okay, I'm gonna stop fudding now. Clearly not gonna get a lower price at the moment :(

>> No.22656393
File: 27 KB, 409x409, Dt0_qDCVAAE5RWy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If i were the dev don't you know i would have better things to do? He is surely a god or something to get on biz all day and manage to progress on the roadmap.

>> No.22656401

Why are you so butthurt dude? Obviously I can't guarantee that some of these posts are not from the same person, but XMM actually has quite a committed community (myself included).

>> No.22656408
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based and transitionpilled

>> No.22656415

Weak fud

>> No.22656439

LOL has he changed his ip 100 times aswell? Cuck. This project has a community that truly believes in the product

>> No.22656509

Why would i change my IP? I'm obviously using the same and answering with the same ID.

You guys are really desperate to get the discount

>> No.22656534

i watch anime and i hodl xmm

>> No.22656602


>> No.22656641

shitcoin going nowhere, quite literally STONKS 2.0, direction change and all, if you were smart you would see this and look for an exit point, if you're lucky you might be able to escape at 1.2 cents

>> No.22656859

Can you quote any recent token?

>> No.22656868

I'm selling when it hits $17.81 by mid November.

>> No.22657052
File: 65 KB, 800x530, begone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This man have shit for brains

>> No.22657118

What you are witnessing here is a bunch of wannabe whales posting shitty fud and playing chicken for the first spot on the next dip. If there is even a dip to make.

Nature is truly beautiful

>> No.22657328

Didn't even noticed it was Megan. Beautiful

>> No.22657455
File: 32 KB, 700x394, 17593220_303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22657523

Obvious curry scam

>> No.22657604

Why do you say that like trannies are a bad thing. Very insensitive

>> No.22657710

bump fo interest

>> No.22657805

And the ones who wait for uni to get a leg up

>> No.22657986

I need to understand this

>> No.22658021

The thing is...

>> No.22658041

Dev is white nigger

>> No.22658052


Read the medium article it explains it nicely

>> No.22658093

Now it look like it is. "sell the news" happened

>> No.22658179
File: 518 KB, 1366x768, 1580560369609.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great website faggot.

>> No.22658253

Kek tranny fag

>> No.22658297

Fucking loled

>> No.22658548
File: 226 KB, 600x625, 961.jpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quality shitposting right here, magnificent bastard

>> No.22659193

That link made me feel retarded but it looks solid

>> No.22659249

>road map starts 4 months before current day, ends short after
nice road map LOL. garbage project managed by a retarded. just look at that hideous logo.

>> No.22659469

The problem is the logo?

>> No.22659513

People just don't put effort into fud anymore baka just jump in now it MIGHT test 0.007 again but is it worth the risk of missing the train?

>> No.22659639

I like when they try desu, it's funny

>> No.22659741

What is the support price? 0.9c, more?

>> No.22659944

Moon soon!

>> No.22660169

I give this some days too see where this is going and I decide whether buy or not

>> No.22660178

the problem is the brand new "roadmap" is just about next month.

>> No.22660331

What's wrong with announcing stuff... seriously mate u aren't even trying

>> No.22660380

More like 1.2c real soon.

>> No.22660549

At this current price I would take a bag just in case. People told me I was dumb to invest in STA yet I made a nice x4 on 1000 dollars.

As far as shitcoins goes, this one is worth betting on it.

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