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Just got up inside this biche today
Hello comfy department
Yes that's right I'd like an executive's wage paid to order just so I can clown around all day eating restaurant quality sushi masturbating to disgusting mid-2000s gonzo pornography and opening crate after crate of vintage Pokemon cards it's free real estate
This is what it feels like to be a true enemy of Zion
This is what it feels like to be comfy
Seething genderqueer nolinker Redditors BTFO
Chinks understandably salty
Israel named
Obviously not selling

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how senpai. I have 30k link.

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Zap it into Yearn's yaLink vault

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Very nice anon, I'm still chasing higher yields but it's tiresome, considering getting comfy in a yVault too

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YaLink vault’s daily APY was back up to a ridiculous 81% today on FeelTheYearn
Looks like farming is back on the menu boys

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Dubs unacknowledged

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Huh dubs again
And still no one around to check them
Guess I’ll have to do it myself
But is that even allowed
Probably not
Maybe I’ll get dubs again on this post too that would be kinda cool haha

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Oh well

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You know your fucking yourself by shilling these, right?

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Not much of a shill then am I Einstein

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how can you zap link into it? on the zap page on yearn i'm not seeing an option to zap LINK into the aLINK vault

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Go to zapper.io and prepare your anus for the $85 gas fee

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oh shit $85 at 150 gwei? thats painful indeed
what's the risk like for the yaLINK vault if you know?

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A lot of eggheads are fudding about “potential smart contract failure” but it hasn’t happened yet
Yearn is legit and not some clowned food platform I trust Andre with my stinks

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Unreasonably based

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Do you have all your stack on there?

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A gentleman’s 60%

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>smart contract failure
i'm thinking liquidation is a bigger concern than the smart contract getting hacked, don't you agree

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Yes and the vault is currently down to 2.3 health when it's meant to be at 4. Lately APY has been about 2%. So it basically seems like the vault is slowly dying.

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are you talking about the aLINK vault? it's still showing 13% yearly for me, where can you see this health metric? in any case i wouldn't mind the vault slowly dying as you say and losing the APY as long as I can still pull out my linkies

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Yep, change the setting of 'APY based on' from lifetime to week or 3 day. It's feeding out nothing.

It slowly dying is bad if that health drops further, 2 is pretty concerning as a flash drop could kill it. However a lowering apy is only an issue for those thinking of entering. With gas and the fee people will just lose a lot of link entering right now.

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i don't know anon, for me it's showing 13% on weekly and 28% on 3 days, and gas isn't really that expensive right now it's 100 gwei, where can i learn more about vault health though?

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hers my dick size

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I haven't checked it today, maybe it's spiked today.

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>This project is in beta. Use at your own risk.
>This project is in beta. Use at your own risk.
>This project is in beta. Use at your own risk.

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Okay, where do I start? I want to yield farm.

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