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>Using Metamask and Uniswap
>Can't exit the crypto UNI at my stop loss
>It's stuck on pending, 99% of the transactions end-up saying failed
>Lost 400 dollars even though I successfully swung WAIF coin due to ignorance on what slippage really means
>Gained $900 yesterday, but it's all gone today

I'm done with crypto because of this. It makes me sick to do this.

If I can't even run when I need to run, I'm not doing it anymore.

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buy signal

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You got humiliated by your own stupidity. I wonder how you're not dead by forgetting how breathing works.

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You know you can literally trade it on Binance and Coinbase? You do? Do you?

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I don't think exchanges work much better than metamask and uniswap. The only one that does that is Coinbase, and most of those coins can't rival the value of Uniswap coins. You may as well buy stock at that point.

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>loses 400 dollars and won't learn about how ethereum tx's get processed

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mistakes are you learning. if you dont lose money at first to some dumb shit your not initiated yet. now you know what slippage is, keep at it and youll get there.

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Remember to pay your taxes!

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>bought WAIF
You deserved to lose your money tranny.

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How do you set stop loss on uniswap with Metamask? Can you also set buy/sell limits?

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You can't. You have to set it up in your brain and watch the coin and sell out.

It sucks and it's hard.
It dominates your entire life.

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at least stocks are somewhat based in the real world.

also, they are easier to understand for the common man at least on a certain level. For instance, boeing is down big time right now due to bad press and the virus. When they're price goes back to normal in a few months or a year or so you will have almost tripled your money.

can't go wrong with lithium investment, due to lithium ion batteries going in cars and electronics.

these are just a few examples. i tried crypto but i never had a clue what i was really investing in, just some nebulous computer language backed by literally nothing but speculation.

stocks have stood the test of time. i'm a total noob but this has been my experience

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>Gained $900 yesterday, but it's all gone today

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That's what's so terrible about crypto.
It can slip and split on you in a matter of minutes. You can be down 50% of everything you own and then up 50%

It's signing up to suffer even when you win.

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This is the future of finance my friend, better get used to it.

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agreed, if you're not obsessed with it and spending all your time on it, it's no better than the lottery really.

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>falling for blockchain jew

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as someone spending all their time on it, i mostly agree with this. averaging into BTC isn't so bad for boomers but if you want to play the shitcoin game you better buckle in.

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Apparently all I had to do was reset my metamask account.

I've done too many trades. Easily pages worth.

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And there it goes, back on etherscan.

I just solved a serious issue. I'm happy I didn't find out during a serious dump

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I'm done today.

That sudden freezing made me sick.

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the team that didn't complete Ghost.. kek. is going to.. build a.. lmao I can't even get it out

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Pay more gas, and allow more slippage.
Also, dont fucking panic sell. Learn to identify the top, you won't have problems selling when people are still buying.

Also, time in the market usually beats timing the market.

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Thanks for the advice. And I do pay more for gas. I can't handle letting my money slip.

The slippage kills my swing trading though.
I bought WAIF at .00070 with 3.4k, it pumped to .00078, and I lost $400 on that trade because of the slippage eating everything going in and out of the coin. I think it's just because it's an ultra-low market cap coin

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>time in the market usually beats timing the market.
this is absolutely false when trading shitcoins

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Weak handed faggots have to go back

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How is this possible?

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Inexperience to slippage. I also had a serious issue with selling at my stop loss on UNI. Got burned.

I lost $900 because of all this. And a couple of uneventful trades as well.

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I just went all in OCEAN protocol just now though.
Hoping that this will be the one to get me to where I want to go.

I've still got hope for Crypto. I made $1,500 but didn't sell and got hurt. But that means I have potential.

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You need to learn more OP otherwise you will certainly lose more

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I've learned a lot from failing CRV trade.
I went to bed and I woke-up and lost $900. The only reason I'm not crippled is because Uniswap gave me $1200 the next day.

I learned to sell before i sleep. To swing and to have a 6% stop-loss and follow it at all costs and to not listen to how I feel

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Personally, I see that I have roughly a 50% win rate.

But if I cut down on my losses by exercising a stop loss, I'll be nothing but be in the green.

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Enable advanced gas controls
Use gasnow @ highest gas
Make slippage tolerance 2%

You're an idiot if you couldn't figure this shit out on your own

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