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You're investing in my SPACs, right anon?

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gme is in the red lol

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Fuck you its the weekend you casual

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Threadly reminder to keep all meta discussion pertaining to people who will not be named on this /qa/ thread

Do not respond to this post and do not feed the OP


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Which are those?

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glad I sold SPCE this poo is up to something and it's not good

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I tried to find some good plays on GME but options are too expensive for calls to be profitable vs risk, and there's no good put or spread play possible due to the garbage spread (almost every spread is unprofitable, those that are have crap RR like 0.2 or so).
I guess the only way to play GME is to actually hold the shares, possibly with a married put.

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Now that trump has btfo bobos wat is next?

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It isn't too late to buy GME anon

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what's wrong with holding shares?

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Betting against the middle class. Same playbook since the GFC

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how much in stocks to get an asian mommy gf

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That makes me feel better for only holding GME shares because I didn't apply for options trading to be activated on my account yet.

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You are overthinking this anon.
Just buy some shares.

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>options are too expensive for calls to be profitable vs risk
>almost every spread is unprofitable
Hmmm if only one could sell options.

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Dude single moms are like a dime a dozen in southeast asia, you want a Japanese one though you are gonna have to be rich as fuck. At least 5 million +

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>US government offers no more stimulus before 2025
>Wrecks prices for US assets
>Splits up FB and Amazon so Chinese companies can more easily acquire them
The Chinese won, eh?

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>After Hours Volume: 332.9K
just ignore afterhours, don't even get your hopes up if it's green, unless the volumes actually mean something.
If we didn't even get a pullback from rallying up +50% this week, it's possible we might already be in a slow almost-unstoppable cascade of shorts covering.

Xbox this coming week.

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>Democrat shutdowns are being canceled.

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From what I've heard in these threads, GME was heavily shorted by institutions in the $6-9 range, since we've already passed this range, and institutions are quick to close short positions turning against them, what makes you believe that the short squeeze will continue?

Quadruple witching day just passed too / institutions rebalanced their portfolios

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i'd like to hear how that's the case other than "he epicly blew out the democrats!!!"

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>, and institutions are quick to close short positions turning against them, what makes you believe that the short squeeze will continue
Read that again.

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You unironically need to /makeit/, the real world is nothing about the stories we were told through anime

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Are the mass Riots next week priced in?

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Can someone shill me the DD on GME?

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The Short Squeeze is a nice little icing on the cake that is the fact that GME is already undervalued, is now being guided by an incredibly successful billionaire that isn't stupid enough to pull a blockbuster, and will take home incredible profits from the console season.
You have NO downside to this investment. It's so incredibly stupid to miss out on this, the only reason people are missing out is because they hear the word Gamestop and think Blockbuster.
Nobody is investing in this thing for 3 years anon.

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What I'm trying to say is that it's likely they already covered (based upon institution short behavior)
If they shorted at $6 they covered before it got to $6.25
Those at $9 witnessing the squeeze would then be more likely to cover before it even crosses $9

What convinces you that institutional shorts haven't covered yet / are letting their losses run?

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How much does stuff like this effect stock? When delta beat the shit outta that guy did they drop?


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I was looking into increasing leverage without going full YOLO, but the best ratio I can get (it's with calls) is like 3x, at which point if the stock doesn't move at least 30% by mid-october you lose everything. With other plays, the leverage diminishes as gains increase

Not sure if retarded or just pretending.jpg

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CCX boi

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People are gonna buy the consoles on amazon, dude.

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Whats the deal with airline stock

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I’ve done the DD and I just don’t see how GameStop has ANY value. Like wtf are they even going to do with mr Cohen?

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I do think that coronavirus / lockdowns has increased demand for Gamestop products, just like we saw with Best Buy, that's fair

Without coronavirus Gamestop would have probably gone bankrupt

Profits from consoles won't be reported for so long - do you plan on holding until then? Or just in the coming months?

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>What I'm trying to say is that it's likely they already covered
Short numbers don't support that.
Ryan moved the stock 30% by buying 10% of the shares outstanding. Shorts have to buy 130%. Longs will continue to buy cause preorders, buy upgrades, off the credit watch...
They're not covering because they can't.
It hasn't even started yet.

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Gamestop sounds like garbage, I have no idea what all this fuss is about.

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The smarter short sellers have covered by now, as evident by the tiny 5-minute spikes Thursday and Friday morning.
But retail shorts keep piling in to short it, whoever thought to short GME this week are underwater now, never mind everyone else who shorted the past year.

We're also using shares available as a surrogate indicator because I don't believe anyone here has access to S3 data. It should still be very close to 100% of the float under the assumption that Cohen is an activist and won't be dumping his shares (he can't dump it without filing SEC either anyways so just reconsider the short squeeze play if that does happen).


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Democrats will seize assets from everyone.

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That's possible, but Amazon just released a statement saying deliveries were unlikely on release date; so many will probably want to buy in person so they get it on launch

Regardless of what actually plays out, the current expectation that people will be buying their consoles at Gamestop will be a bullish factor

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Fuck the institutions
There's no reason for tech to drop this hard, especially Amazon
Fucking niggers

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Actually it looks like there's some harvestable premium on synthetic longs so I'll be doing that. Minmaxing shit but eh, it's free money.

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>No reason
>P/E ratio 113.58

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>go to gamestop
>wait outside for an hour
>get coronavirus and a passing riot burns the gamestop down


>order on amazon
>go to sleep
>play games when it arrives

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100% in 10 years is not lame granted you can achieve with absolutely no knowledge of stocks.
Another thing to consider is that amongst investors that own few stocks some will lose incredibly hard and the other will come out way ahead of indexes, but at a much higher risk.
Having better returns than index funds without taking on significantly more risk is incredibly difficult.

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Progressives will destroy Amazon in the coming years through state enforced unions.

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Why are people so hyped for consoles on release? Fuck all games

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You heavily overestimate Amazon's dominance in e-commerce right now especially when they've stopped doing same-day delivery while Gamestop does that now for vidya shit. Amazon doesn't have lower prices and Gamestop has pretty decent rewards/incentives to keep buying from there. Powerup rewards member card thing should be around 60 million customers from what I remember off the top of my head.

You could ignore the brick & mortar revenue entirely and GME would still be fairly valued. $200 million e-commerce revenue from Q2. GME still valued $500 million market cap company after the Q2 dip. Overall $1 billion revenue for Q2 and GME's past the worst of it already, no more covid/riot cashburn or end-of-cycle woes. ~50 million shares short betting on GME going to $0 and they are already wrong.
Debt isn't an issue either, they have enough cash to pay off all their bonds and be left with $300 million. Basically $700 million liquidity at the start of a console cycle, for a company with a $500 million market cap. Gamestop still gets a cut from digital sales because they bundled $100 playstation store and playstation plus cards with the PS5 digital editions. Also pic related, either due to customer preference or retailers purposely stocking less of the digital edition (pretty smart move).

It's only this undervalued because of market shenanigans by short sellers. They ALL have to buy back in eventually unless they want to keep paying 50% interest.

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Me want to get into they ps5 scalping market @[email protected]

Could probably make ez $50 on every scalp

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PE is not relevant when you look at growth companies, you have to look at forward PE which is around 45. Yes, it's expensive still but if they can keep growing like this until end of 2022 then the stock will look incredibly cheap at even 4000 dollars.

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"Lol GME looks like trash"

Oh my fucken god

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"Everyone shops at Amazon." - Amazon Marketing Department

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when jews do this shit it's called "arbitrage" and is seen as a valid way to make money
when goyim do it, it's "scalping" and is seen as tantamount to criminal

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Not much.

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why do stocks have to be closed on weekends when tis all done by computers anyway

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To give us a break senpai.
You'll learn to appreciate it.

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dude lol, don't buy Gamestop if you don't understand vidya shit then.
I fucking know AMD Zen 2 being on both consoles is FUCK HUGE. I just didn't think to buy GME until the Cohen hype made them much much lower risk.
These consoles blow the fuck out of any PC you can build for $500, maybe even $700, as they're being sold at a loss and also just inherently great price-performance.
This is nothing like the shitty PS4 console cycle. Never mind the fact that both PS5 and Xbox X are backwards compatible right now.

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>would have made all my money back that I lost during Nasdump if I went into WKHS on Monday
>still down 5 grand

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American Airlines (not the company, just in general) are bloated fucken corpses. They're absolutely obsessed about diversity right now which is a big red flag.
Invest in Cruiselines IF you wanna go down that route, its the same thing with less risk and more room for growth. They are also far healthier companies with actual growth.

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The thesis is they are likely to receive a bail out in the next stimulus package as this idea has bipartisan support and is not a hotly contested part of the bill. This will buy them several more months of solvency to hang on as demand builds back up. If they don't go bankrupt they will recover eventually and equal or exceed pre-corona revenues in time. People betting this have developed a firm support level for all airlines with regional outperforming sector average for now. Said support will break if a major files chapter 11.

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This, airline industry has failed to be innovative for some time. Big doubt about their longterm viability and worth. But you can probably make some money on their recovery which will probs be allowed by corrupt bailouts and artificial price games. Look at the recent Kodak pump

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I'm not insulting your trades, I just dont understand why people are so desperate for the new ps5 when games are $70 and theres gonna be like 5 decent games on release. Surely its worth waiting.

>> No.22637744

Yeah but funny thing these consoles am gonna be obsolete'd faster than any console before because of 3080

It really huge mess and disaster for consoles imo

>> No.22637757

>because of 3080
A product no one was actually able to buy and likely won't until mid 2021.

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>/biz/ and wallstreetbets has turned incredibly bearish

Unironically bullish for the actual market

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>What's the deal with Airline stock?

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Meh Same with ps5 and xbox tho
It gonna be marked up to ~600 for most people who want it this year

Like half of all preorders were scalpers

>> No.22637874

i don't play on consoles either but the PS5 showcase was pretty well done.

Started off with FF16 that was basically going to be Final Fantasy Devil May Cry. Ignoring the boring medieval setting that doesn't even look as fancy as FF9, the combat itself is basically DMC since they got Ryota Suzuki from DMC on board.
Then then followed up with Harry Potter and Spiderman. And other stuff I guess, but they really started it off strong.

All with graphics (who cares if it's 30 fps on a livestream) that leaves people frothing since all these people have been stuck with a PS4 that was already outperformed by budget gaming PCs when it came out.
They also sealed the win when they price-matched at $499, when people expected the worst ($599 $599 $599 $599). Doesn't matter if only a few of those games were actually exclusive at that point, the price seals the deal.

i was entertained so i can only imagine how excited the actual fans would be. This is also the year that the corona lockdown happened.

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Although borrowing fees are lower than they were 2 months ago, they've spiked up hard over the past week..
Although, the number of available shares to short also fell steeply..

Do you think fees are rising due to a decrease in supply of shares available to short?
Or is it possible that it's about to turn around & bounce off $10.00?

>> No.22637921

I guess for the normie crowd harry potter and spiderman are their dream games and worth preordering over, guess they forget that they release a better version almost instantly

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I keep telling myself 3 weeks of blood red is enough

But the truth is

We've been blood green for 5 months straight
And the reality is that we could be red for the coming 3-4 months.

My only question is, how do I bring myself to sell everything at a massive loss right now so that I can free up capital, and even if I do free up capital, who is to say I can make the money back in a sideways market?

I now know why people keep saying stocks isn't easy mode, because it's easy mode, until all of a sudden it isn't easy.

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c'mon, you know full well that scalpers and retards fueling them are besides the point. Gamestop gets their money either way. Those scalpers are going to want to eventually use up their reward points too.

There's going to be around 15 million PS5 produced by March 2021. They are all going to be sold out, and Gamestop has more liquidity than their market cap to secure a good chunk of those consoles. The play is to hold until Q1 2021, or cash out sooner if a squeeze miraculously happens (tender offer by Cohen could do that trick if all the institution holders force shorts to cover so they can vote)

>> No.22638004


After battery day im gonna start day trading tqqq sqqq and tesla. Its to risky to hold anything in this market

>> No.22638012

Sell calls to absolute idiots

>> No.22638042

And the worst part is, I had GME LEAPs and LUV LEAPs in my back pocket a month ago but never followed through and just went with fucking AMZN calls like a retard.

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frankly GME just has to do average to fuck over all these shorts with the interest rate as it is. 50% interest means they break even if GME goes to $0, and there's never been a worse time to bet on GME's bankruptcy than now when the balance sheet is healthy, a massive console cycle start, and Cohen lingering around.

Cohen doesn't even have to do anything, just the fact that he's holding 9.6% of the outstanding shares just wrecks the real float of GME. Dunno why the fuck these shorts stayed uncovered even with Gamestop's massive share buybacks.

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Tracy is based

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This, don't baghold

>> No.22638096

>50% interest means they break even if GME goes to $0,
*they break even if GME goes to $0 in 2 years

I'm convinced some whales or hedge funds are manipulating the price by now on GME to rob the short sellers blind. Otherwise, why didn't we get a pullback after the +50% rally this week? Most retail traders still overlook GME entirely as evidenced by /smg/

>> No.22638099

What price did you get in at? Did you at peast get out profitable? Was bagholding for a while but got out on a pump at a profit. I wonder how many are bagholding from $30+ or even worse $40+. Would suck hard as heck. Especially when a lot of the buyers don't seem to realize that they dont even go to space, it's a literal airplane ride that goes 0 gravity for maybe a minute.

>> No.22638147

It's fine to be totally clueless about everything from stocks to the market to investing, but don't pretend you're an expert in that case. Learn to be humble, zoomzoom.

>> No.22638152

kek what the fuck
wouldn't those LEAPs have been +500% by now, maybe +1000%?

>> No.22638164

Yeah, I think it's over, stocks will never go up again.

>> No.22638225

Yep. What it did the last two weeks is what it will do forever

>> No.22638227

Baggies been putting on some weight

>> No.22638229

If it gets enough attention likely negatice. Not in airline stocks as im not gonna get btfod by a bankruptcy

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>> No.22638258

Which shithole country is that?

>> No.22638263

>through state enforced unions.
They should and im not even a democrat or republican. Have you seen how shit tier the employees are treated there?

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>57,860,000 shares currently short
>64,760,000 total shares outstanding
>Cohen owns 5,800,000 shares
>1,100,000 shares left
>17,074,000 shares traded on Friday

Pls tell me how these #'s add up
Is this accurate?
Are there really only 1,100,000 shares 'unaccounted' for?

>> No.22638331

>>/biz/ and wallstreetbets has turned incredibly bearish
Where? I see neither bullish or bearish mentality for stocks in genetal. Lemme guess you bought a bunch of calls expiring next week and are hoping you can cause a bull run by saying this lol

>> No.22638337

How high is GME expected to climb?

>> No.22638395


Stocks will crab like their supposed to when feds stop getting involved

>> No.22638399

Where is savanon with the sava and galt rundown?

>> No.22638405

Whatever their SP up to and shortly after their Q4 earnings will likely be as high as they go unless there is some earth shattering realignment of what they hope to achieve.
If you are playing LE MEME SQUEEZE, who knows. Fucking circus of a ticker.

>> No.22638427

seeing as interest is so high, how can I loan GME for others to short?

>> No.22638445

high risk, medium reward

it's a retard retail trap who see pre-March price was so high so surely stock price go up after a year when vaccine is out, not understanding the implications of the massive cashburn. Air Canada for example already diluted their stocks to survive for now, never mind massive debts.

>> No.22638475

Well actually people kinda mad @ GME because they allowed blatant scalping of new consoles

But yeah >_>

>> No.22638485

why did the government care if people held goldies?

>> No.22638514

Seems pretty based

>> No.22638533

You only come to /biz/ on the weekends?

>> No.22638550

got in at 14 something and out at 17

>> No.22638569

They will go up. But won't ever recover their ATH once we hit the true bottom in 2 years.

>> No.22638579
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it's worse than that, pic related is a bit outdated but you get the idea.
Volume is high because shorts are covering but more people are shorting the stock, on top of the usual daily liquidity (daily average 5 million)

I don't have access to the subscriptions shit like S3 so I'm just stuck using the bottom as a surrogate on the shorts.

That said, ~100% short of float isn't unusual, basic idea being that a short seller sells to someone who then lends it out to another short seller, which is how you get >100% institution ownership which doesn't make sense. It's happening on DDS as well, but the difference is GME is net cash positive instead of massively in debt like DDS or Burry's other undervalued pick BBBY. DDS still on my watchlist though just in case.

>> No.22638586

Midwit trap, mostly of zoomers.
The entire appeal of airline stocks was that once the industry starts to reach an equilibrium (so there is little return on opening additional routes), the companies start using their excess revenues to fuel stock buybacks.
Guess what airlines don't have right now and what they aren't going to be doing again for a LONG time. There is the added danger that their debt might be so high that bonds/loans are out of the question and they have to raise money by issuing equity.
This is a boom and bust industry that needs the bust to force mergers, acquisitions, etc. to reinvigorate itself. The more bailouts that happen and the more money is shoveled into these corpses the longer the pain is going to be.
You WANT airlines to start going bankrupt for the health of the rest. That would drive up margins and free up possibility of growth that fuels speculation.
Any airline bagholder should be rooting against all these GIBBS unless they are holding the lepers that are basically zombies at this point like DAL, UAL, or AAL

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Anybody else still write "TP" on their shopping list because that's what mom did and it feels embrassing to write out "toilet paper"?

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>The Chinese won, eh?
This century is going to be the asian century, after all.
Only question is how to get rich betting on China. Perhaps in the future /biz/ will have a /csg/ - Chink Stocks General.

>> No.22638603

Reality hasn't mattered in stocks for a while. When reality starts mattering again, it will dump, just like everything else.

>> No.22638607

Been telling you about Tesla for months ameribros. Europeans don't give a fuck about Teslas. The chinese interest seems going down too.

>> No.22638615

they didn't put limits? i didn't bother to check since the website was down the entire time to me, pretty bad honestly if GME didn't do that since it's far far better to lock in returning customers than scalpers with those console sales.
The real money comes from people buying peripherals, physical, used, etc. even digital cards

>> No.22638638

No-one gives a fuck about teslas. It's a giant fucking meme.

>> No.22638643

Easier than you think. Government will backup some companies. (Alibaba, Nio) forcing the competitors to close. They are giving money so people buy EV (but only the ones with swappable batteries: Nio)

>> No.22638644

I would get in at 14 again... I think it will have astronomical valuations at one point. Then the big investors like cham unload and hopefully me too

>> No.22638645

No weekdays. They keep flipping back and forth between bullish and bearish merely cause the line was green/red the last 20 minutes only for it to go the other way another 20 minutes later and the mentality changes again. Kek great indicator anon.

At least at a profit. Was holding for a while months back. Got out on the pump months ago.

>> No.22638652

I only buy TP like once a year
I don't feel embarrassed to write out the words "toilet paper", but it takes more work than writing out "TP"

>> No.22638663
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Divide and conquer.

>> No.22638670

No, scalpers make far more money. Why do you think stock brokers even exist? It's not for boomer longers.

>> No.22638677
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They literally had to start paying to ship cars from the China factory to EU because all the demand for Teslas dried up

And on top of that a new factory in Germany? The glut of supply will absolutely fuck Tesla. More and more price cuts have already been happening

>> No.22638679

Yep. I bought Tesla at 180 years ago. Sold for a quick profit and didn't give a fuck, I knew at that time that it was a meme to have that price as a fucking cars company. The crash will be epic on that company, bankruptcy incoming in a couple of years

>> No.22638681

that's where the GME long play comes in. It's very likely that GME stops cash burns and declining revenues with all the developments this year. Most of their woes come from the last two years with absolutely shitty management and the end of an extended console cycle.

when GME starts increasing its revenues and stops their cashburn from covid, what do you seriously think GME will be valued at? Their horrendous Q2 was still 1 billion revenue with 20% of it in e-commerce. Market cap was under 500 million at that time. Balance sheet net cash $300 million. Does something seem off?

>> No.22638715

Biggest kicker, airline stocks may cause a market wide panic in October when layoffs begin.
>what do you mean airlines arent doing well look at the green line

>> No.22638730

honestly i can't check since it's sold out but Gamestop usually does the standard 1 order limit per household for releases like this.

>> No.22638734

Yes, Tesla is a big scam with a semi retarded leader who dreams a lot and doesn't think at all. He thinks that more factories will mean more sales and that isn't the case. Tesla was good years ago when competition was pathethic. Nowadays they are at the same level. People doesn't give a fuck if the car has 50km higher range or if it accelerates a bit faster etc. They want a good looking car with more than 250km range. Tesla can't do anything about the giants like Mercedes and Audi.

>> No.22638759

Stock prices are fueled (sometimes to absurdly illogical levels) by growth prospects. You can trade well near book value if it is perceived that you are in secular decline. Which is clearly what has been the fuel behind the massive short interest of GME.
GME needs a pivot that makes sense given their resources into new spaces. The question is, what is it?

>> No.22638774

my guess is that Elon Musk will get out at one point. He always does

>> No.22638794
File: 647 KB, 245x140, Fugazi-Fires-Nobody-Knows.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Commissions. Cold hard cash.

>> No.22638795

Yeah I didn't mention what will happen after the dump. They'll be fine after the dump.
The only thing that worries me is how rocky everything will be. Like if everything dumps at once because people are suddenly like 'holy shit the P/E is 112', what even happens to all that capital? It'll try and flow somewhere.
I'm worried that massive macro trends about large amounts of capital having inflated stocks to ridiculous proportions dumping out due to some crash flows out to goddamn anything. Real estate, PMs, bonds, whatever. If inflation flows out of equities and hits main street, gamestop would implode. I guess this is more or less worst case and if gamestop dies I mean you're going to be eating rice and beans for a couple years.

>> No.22638798

>Tesla was good years ago when competition was pathethic. Nowadays they are at the same level.
which non-Tesla cars are pure EVs at the same level as the Tesla cars?

>> No.22638804


>> No.22638827
File: 29 KB, 213x515, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can tech get it's fucking shit together please?

>> No.22638830

that's why he behaves like a baby on twitter and tv.. he wants them to want him out

>> No.22638833

Fuck off tranny

>> No.22638835

At a low price i can see this. For the time being though just branson doing delay after delay which apparently hes been doing since before 2010. Seems rather worrisome considering he keeps delaying it and diluted shares two or three times in the last 5 or so months for "business purposes"

>> No.22638868

After being added to the S&P 500, I’ve been seeing salesforce ads everywhere. Bullish?

>> No.22638872

In my opinion, Elon is just scamming people with companies to have enough money for Space X.

And don't get me wrong guys, he actually changed the world forcing the competition to make good EV, but it's a fucking car company, you can't expect much from it, look at literally any other company that makes cars. That bussiness it's not really good.

>> No.22638876

SPCE is a scam basically.. because the end goals are nothing but unrealistic "dreams"
Same with the u-boat startup that could only do one ride but was supposed to be the new tourist attraction

>> No.22638890

Don't get me wrong, I'm dumping GME if the squeeze happens. Dumping it with news by Q1 2021 latest which will obviously be a massive improvement from the last 2 years.

I got better plays than GME by then unless it's confirmed that Cohen takes over (and that's assuming he keeps it publicly traded), then maybe I'll re-enter with a smaller position on it.

>> No.22638895
File: 291 KB, 750x1334, A8975A0F-C6CC-46E9-B849-0CA4549E686F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic

>> No.22638903

As I said, nobody cares if the car has 700km vs 800km range. Real world is not a dick measuring contest. 300km is more than enough for 99% of people, and Tesla design is pretty boring desu.

>> No.22638912
File: 48 KB, 653x729, Germany.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is a person, not a business plan. He has enough meme potential that people's imagination runs wild and he leaves the exit before anyone has a chance to react.
>which non-Tesla cars are pure EVs at the same level as the Tesla cars?
Any on this list, for starters. And there are like 20+ coming in 2021 from the real big boys.
Self driving is also like years and years away, but it also doesn't require an electric engine.

>> No.22638916

Precisely. For GME, this translates to the markup on the sales, and/or the amount they scalp off if they allow trading between people.

>> No.22638921

the Tesla logo kinda looks like a dick upside down.

>> No.22638924

Careful with salesforce. It's based on big businesses using their expensive platforms to run, well, basically their sales and services. It's handy for data arrangement and shit, but the problem is that it relies on big business making money.
You drill down in the economy and it's some dude making a chair in a factory somewhere and then buying shoes in the store. If something in this chain breaks, salesforce is useless.

>> No.22638945

Btw, in my opinion Nio cars have swappable batteries, which are a really interesting concept. Tesla tried to make it happens years ago and failed. 30 minutes charge vs 5 minutes full battery swap and the ability to rent the battery, so the car itself is cheaper. Nio will eat a lot of market share at Europe, that's for sure.

>> No.22638954

is it too late for GME

>> No.22638976

>He has enough meme potential that people's imagination runs wild and he leaves the exit before anyone has a chance to react.
surely you've been in the market long enough to understand that's all we need

Just set up alerts for SEC filings if what you're worried about is Cohen bailing out, take your profits. He has to file within 2 days for any changes more than 1%. And frankly, we don't even need Cohen anymore as the rally's already been sparked. The PS5 hype has proven to be much more than Cohen at this point.

>> No.22638977
File: 83 KB, 603x1024, DF72E7D9-6232-489E-8EFB-680C6121231C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This ginsburg shit is gonna tank the markets wont it?

Or will trunp use the empty seat as leverage, and say “pass stimulus for workers and tax cuts” in exchange for not making a nomination?

Or will he nominate, then let the democrats ree and scramble?

Will it affect elections? Blood red on monday now?

>> No.22638979

Exactly, the numbers speak for themselves. Tesla isn't amazing.
By the way, am I the only one that thinks that self driving cars are not interesting at all? I just don't get what's so amazing about it. Driving is not hard at all...

>> No.22639022

Yep, I didn't grab GME LEAPs when they were $4 and LUV at $33. Lol. I know now to not put all my eggs in one basket. I could've gone with like a divided portfolio instead of going all in on AMZN.

>> No.22639034

>By the way, am I the only one that thinks getting food delivered to your door is not interesting at all? I just don't get what's so amazing about it. Going to a grocery store is not hard at all..

>> No.22639038

I think self driving cars are a stupid idea. Some people will always fall asleep at the wheel and some people will always try to be faster than they should and then there are always the retards that want to be faster while being asleep

>> No.22639055

Long as the car gets the range desired whoever can deliver the goods at the cheapest price will win the sales. Telsa, whoever. Price wins. Given a choice, Telsa car with 300 mile range costing say $50,000 or a Ford car with that same range costing $30,000 who'd win the sales? Ford would hands down. Saving 20,000 is a hell of a motivating factor wouldn't you agree? Especially if all your doing is the daily work grind. But hey I'm just a practical dude. I could care less about the name on the car long as it gets my ass to the office.

>> No.22639064


Tragic fall of La Goblina Terrible.

>> No.22639082

Sometimes you can't or don't want to drive. E.g.: automated taxis for people who don't actually want to own the car and insurance/maintenance. Automated deliveries, when driving is just overhead and extra risk (plus extra chance of food tampering). Driving to the hospital if you're hurt. Driving overnight on a road trip. People with bad eyesight or disabilities that would allow them to manually override and stop a car in extreme cases, but makes them unsuitable for normal operations on the car. Driving after having drunk. Driving for teenagers who aren't actually allowed to have a license yet, e.g. when the parents both work and can't deposit the kid to school.
Self-driving would be 10/10 world-changing. The thing is, tesla is toward the bottom of the pile amongst the company working on it, they have no expertise on the topic and only the resources to provide proper testing.

>> No.22639087

It's not the same and you know it. Not comparable at all. Home delivery is really useful, self driving cars not so much. (Tesla summon feature is useful though)

>> No.22639092

Self driving cars are a great idea. There will always be retards on the roads but the less of them in control of their cars the better. For example you could change the laws - have MUCH stricter driving punishments and bans simply because driving isn't necessary any more, you get a self driving car, so the ban doesn't stop someone from being a human.

>> No.22639114

Tesla investors think Tesla will be like an iPhone but that also they will have. A near monopoly of the world. Total delusion in the price, it has to end sometimes. Its why “smart” people are so butt hurt by the stock

>> No.22639122

This is the reason for the pivot to "money printing robotaxis!"
From a million mile view, the entire attraction of self driving vehicles is that you can dramatically reduce fatalities, congestion, accidents, etc. for society/city planning perspective provided all of them are automated in this way. For an individual, the effects are minor compared to what everyone else is also getting.
Right now, TSLA's autopilot is killing dozens of people a year. And that isn't a comment on them, so much as the state of the technology at this point. And part of the reason everyone else is being slow to this is to prevent getting reamed by legal or political repercussions of this that can serve as serious roadblocks going forward. The technology just isn't there and won't be for a long time.
Again, I think there is some merit to riding out Q4 here. But I don't know I have much hope for GME after that, Cohen or not. Unless something serious gets laid out.

>> No.22639139

Lol. Reminds me of this sexy old (in her 50s) latina that would bring up money. Broad was hot but clearly couldnt get a husband (divorced and the guys she ended up dating would disappear). She however did give off crazy vibes but may actually just be common to woman nowadays as she was open to a level that only women who consider you close friends would do.

>> No.22639152

That's retarded. A much better take is that self-driving cars could communicate directly instead of through visual and audible signals. Among other things, it would enable far better smartgrids (e.g. you would virtually never see a red light in your life ever again).

>> No.22639164

I didn't mean it like that... I meant it's a stupid idea because it will never be 100% safe and therefore it just won't be allowed in 90% of the world

>> No.22639189

Your points are good, but at the same time, legally speaking you can't drive under those circumstances. (What does stop a drink guy to do stupid things with the car and deactivate the self driving mode?)
Would be very useful if you are really hurt in a life threatening situation though.

>> No.22639199

The bar was never no fatalities. It was always less fatalities and injuries than human drivers. All self driving cars need to get to is better than human. Just consider how safe driving is at the moment, we accept that risk just fine.

>> No.22639230

or if they allowed it they will make regulations that make it shit.. like if you crash you are always responsible because you let the car drive and so you can never be sure if someone wants to run into you while you sleep

>> No.22639231
File: 126 KB, 700x512, 1592239354758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New SA on $CLF


>> No.22639251

It's not about comparability. Its convenience. Humans will squeeze out the most useless shit onto society as long as it produces some sense of convenience which results in less work (even if it is an illusion)

>> No.22639261

What I find scary about self driving cars is that if somehow some motherfuckers manage to hack into the AI, what's stopping them from just killing thousands of people at the same time?

>> No.22639267
File: 426 KB, 506x460, 1468175709531.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not following drake or riri

>> No.22639289

Just curious does anyone have a list of "Honey Badger" stocks I.E. ones that generally go up regardless of what the market is doing? I'm trying to expand my watchlist on those. No SPACs or microcaps

Stuff like Zoom (ZM) Wingstop (WING) Dominos Pizza (DPZ)

>> No.22639294

this. AI is easily hacked and manipulated

>> No.22639326

>Again, I think there is some merit to riding out Q4 here.
yeah for sure. actually I keep forgetting Q4 means March 2021 for Gamestop. That's actually what I meant with "Q1 2021".

fuck, I definitely don't want to hold GME past March 2021 unless new developments take place

>> No.22639337


Not really. It heavily depends on the usage.

For fuck's sake, hacking isn't magic.

>> No.22639363


>> No.22639364

google AI hacking its amazing
hacking isnt magic yes but the results can be

>> No.22639386

> legally speaking you can't drive under those circumstances.
Anon, that's exactly the point. Self-driving is not driving. It's like being driven by a chauffeur.
If you occupy a dwelling and the window one day falls out of its crease onto someone, you are liable for this. Is home occupancy illegal?

>> No.22639395


>> No.22639403

Hacking only get better.
Think about 5g shit, not so bad..
But if you hack three tower, set to full blast and point at someone you could do real damage

>> No.22639421

Part of the problem. The other will be general confidence. TSLA went about this backwards by going for consumer cars instead of freight and trucking. For two reasons probably: PEVs are just not going to work for long range trucks period. And two, because Musk wanted to cloak himself in the mystique of Jobs and AAPL and offer up the appeal of consumer margins despite those being atrocious for automotives. Thus the other memes about TSLA's somehow being "appreciating assets" despite all used sales data showing the reverse.
Long haul trucks spend much of their time driving on very boring roads with occasional outlier events that require immediate attention. But what is nice about them is that you can program the trucks to be nearly suicidal if they ever threaten a passenger vehicle. Its just freight, and likely insured anyway. The reason that trucking will be hard is actually because its convenient to have a human driver shoulder a lot of the liability for accidents. Despite the cost of paying to put them in the driver's seat.

>> No.22639427

ok googling it won't get good results.. I was watching some video about hacking neural networks.. wich is how the AI works.
For example you let the AI paint pictures on a website out of some output. You can hack that website and the AI will basically paint the picture you want it to pain. A entirely different picture. That is the amazing result I mean

>> No.22639431

i don't think the markets will give a shit

>> No.22639456
File: 23 KB, 274x274, 1600483349614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus christ anon that no how hacking or wireless works

>> No.22639467
File: 165 KB, 560x886, shitty signature.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because holding goldies instead of gambling in the stock market is like shorting the U.S. dollar which makes you a communist

>> No.22639484

>renault zoe
>starts at 21k€

are people really taking out loans to buy cars like these? jesus christ

>> No.22639493


The next Tesla AI nightmare will be something in the physical world that is designed to make the car crash

>> No.22639506

communists don't even have food, how can they have gold

>> No.22639518

Threadly reminder to keep all meta discussion here and not feed the trolls

>> No.22639560

It sounds like you don't really understand what's going on, sorry bro.
There are a number of viable attacks on machine learning algorithms.
One is to retrieve data from the training set. IE; using the direct output from the algo you can add random noise to images to direct the algo to produce one of the training set images.
With a car, this is not a feasible attack as you do not have access to the algo's rating systems.
Another is to cause it to reclassify one object as another with a similar noise technique. For example, add noise to a set of images, and then using a genetic algorithm select the one that's closest to the outcome you want, and repeat the process until you find a match. This is more viable but you need direct access to the algorithm, again. The most feasible attack for this would be to get your own tesla, open up the circuitry and access the algorithmic processing (which is extremely difficult and if they employ any level of encryption or obfuscation is nearly impossible) to generate an image that the car will recognise as a street or something. then paint it on a wall, roadrunner style. The car will recognise it as a road and drive into it. ... So long as the other sensors don't tell it that there's an object ahead. It's an unfeasible attack. It's patched instantly though.
This isn't comprehensive, but without direct access to the algorithm the attacks aren't feasible. Remember, the car is driving along as it gets its information, so you'd have to, for an attack on another car, use that as the input. It's horrendous to actually attack.

>> No.22639650

One of most know A.i. hacking events was nazi Tay-chan hehehe

>> No.22639661

looks pretty good, will add

>> No.22639665
File: 299 KB, 664x850, 1579390486262.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do these motherfuckers just get on the internet and tell lies like this? Does it not tarnish their """credibility""" among the people who unironically follow them? The responses are funny though

>> No.22639692
File: 1.09 MB, 1080x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything in the muh ethics, muh safe ai, and muh adversarial example themes are complete bullshittery. It applies identically not only to any kind of software in general, but even to humans. Moreover, the methodology is always complete and utter garbage, and the conclusions never actually hold (they're mostly made up from grossly incomplete analysis).
The real danger with self-driving is actual, real hacking. In the case of interconnected cars, it would be being able to broadcast fake car locations or fuck with a gps used by the self-driving car to force it into an arbitrary location, or somehow tricking the sensors through similar actual hacking (e.g. ota pirate firmware update) to make the car think it has to veer immediately, or disabling brakes or manual controls in general, etc.

>> No.22639699

Ugh how long is this shit going down I don’t know if I should take it and wait or what

>> No.22639718

>Or will trunp use the empty seat as leverage, and say “pass stimulus for workers and tax cuts” in exchange for not making a nomination?
Very unlikely. Republicans will not pass up opportunity for supermajority on scotus. That justice seat is far more valuable than saving a couple months of stimulus negotiations.

>> No.22639751

Not only it will never be 100% safe, 90% of people aren't able to buy a car with that technology anyway. I'm from Spain and a lot of people still drive cars from 20 years ago that bought from someone else.

>> No.22639768


Who cares about Roadrunner walls.. Tesla relies to much on new ideas and is lacking quality. People always find a way to break shit. I give it a couple of years and we will see the first "tEsLa sUpErMoDdD"

>> No.22639781

>Self-driving would be 10/10 world-changing.
Once it gets so advanced governmemt and insurance companies are okay with no human at the wheel in case of emergency. That's a long way off. Talking years after the tech itself is proven safe enough.

>> No.22639791

Ironically enough the self driving car has non-visual sensors so is less likely to be fooled by a painted street.

But yes, more traditional hacking is a much higher threat. EG; reliance on GPS is a massive risk, reliance on networking is a risk, that kind of thing. The ideal self driving car should have no external dependencies. Sure it can use GPS to help navigate ,but if it gets spoofed it won't drive off the road but just get lost. What keeps it on the road should be a closed system of sensors and processing that controls movement, and then GPS/maps is just used as a general guide.
Updates.. should probably be done physically using signed blobs at dealers or at home. There's a decent risk of the fake update, of an evil maid attack on your car.. but I mean if someone was going to try and hurt you by modifying your car there are so many other things to do that you don't need a perfect system, just one harder than cutting the brake cables, or some other shit.

>> No.22639801

fuck I dont want QQQ to actually drop to 240. it'll be years before it sees 300 again

>> No.22639803

i wouldn't count on a reliable bull run until after the election, if trump wins. if biden wins, it would probably take longer for the markets to settle

>> No.22639816

I put $20 on GME should i put more?

>> No.22639826

How far will TQQQ drop brahs?

>> No.22639859

As an info security professional I assure you someone will fuck up one of the port settings and there will be a place to get a foothold into the system, using a tool like masscan anyone can scan the entire subnet of cars across the world for vulnerabilities in several seconds. But I don't think the markets care about infosec at all, otherwise Microsoft would be bankrupt

>> No.22639870
File: 1.78 MB, 325x252, 1492723509309.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not wanting years to accumulate discount QQQ

>> No.22639874

20? You actually meant to type 20, not 200 or 20k?

>> No.22639891

2-3 years at best, with rallies of hope on the way. Economy is still crashing since 2008 if you adjust to inflation. This is way worse than we expect.

>> No.22639913

This but unironically
Food is one of the few things everyone needs so often that physical stores are the way to go
Not like with the all the stuff only one out of 1000 people buys where online retailers actually make sense
Food deliverys are pandered zoomer new age meme cancer
>Just like self driving cars, the only good in autonomous driving are self driving trucks

>> No.22639923
File: 91 KB, 268x300, apan-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im poorfag

>> No.22639926

I dont have more money to accumulate with

>> No.22639946

>But I don't think the markets care about infosec at all, otherwise Microsoft would be bankrupt

>> No.22639953

whoever wins will have to deal with a second wave of COVID and have to explain why we are not going back to normal soon. They are talking about 3-4 years now like it's nothing. People are so eager to accept their fate. Unbelievable that we live in a COVID world now. It is like the plague

>> No.22639978


>> No.22639987
File: 103 KB, 225x300, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tesla's problem is precisely that it refuses to rely on even proven ideas, let alone new ideas. It uses old things and ignores good practice such as redundancy.
Roadrunner walls are how you trick tesla's, as an example, except you paint some adversarial noise (but if the algorithm updates between the time you paint and the time the car sees the image, it already stops working). The point, however, was that even humans get tricked by this shit. This isn't "hacking". This isn't even "a flaw in the algorithm". It's an optical illusion. Pic related for another class of examples that can lead to the same sort of issues. The point is, it is impossible, from the data, to tell which one is correct, because there is not enough data. It's like asking someone (or something) to draw the 3D shape that represents a picture of an object. Said object is a square on the picture. Well, is it a pyramid seen from the bottom? A box? Just the square? You cannot possibly know that, because the data plain isn't there. If one human draws a pyramid and another draws a cube, is one of them retarded? If you stick a bait on a hook in front of a fish, is the fish's brain deficient for eating it? (No, it was tricked. Only reasoning could have defended against this, not better visual acuity). Did the driver who was on the highway while the nignogs were retardedly "protesting" criminally deficient for trying his best to honk and stop but not being able to stop quickly enough because it was not possible to see the protestors from that far away? If I take a bird, kill it, stuff it, and use it as a kite, is it "visual hacking" because you'll not see the difference between that trumped up bird and a real bird unless you look at it for a long-enough time to notice it's not obeying normal physics?

>> No.22639992
File: 20 KB, 375x300, 1462053738020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then you should be investing in education to earn more money instead or praying for short-term financial gains with stocks.

>> No.22640005

go stand next to the highway and beg for money until you can buy tsla

>> No.22640020


>> No.22640021


>> No.22640022

Yeah assuming they're networked. Just don't network them, that's what I'm suggesting.

>> No.22640043

>even humans get tricked by this shit. This isn't "hacking"

Hacking humans is called Social Engineering

>> No.22640065

Hehe in me city we has huge begger racket going
There was big professional begger syndicate that would reserve best begging spots for themselves and literally beat up legit homeless people who took they spots

>> No.22640093
File: 171 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20200919-113929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm feeling pretty euphoric right now and you guys are the only ones I can trust with a screenshot like this. My account finally stabilized at a six figure amount after removing tax for capital gains. The principle was $23k starting in January. I switched to TDA in March. 60k in realized losses not shown. Most plays were TSLA monthlies and other tech calls. I'm going to shift into selling way otm TSLA weekly puts you can pull $500 to $900 a week on those. We're all going to make it.

>> No.22640107

>Ironically enough the self driving car has non-visual sensors so is less likely to be fooled by a painted street.
Yes, but all I've been mentioning is to try to get it through the brainlet's head. A visual analogy is far easier that way. In practice you'd use the same technique with different modalities. If it was infrared sensors you'd use heating elements, if it was xray you'd use hollow and solid objects.

>The ideal self driving car should have no external dependencies.
True for security, but not for practicality. Better to have many redundant systems and proper isolation. GPS gets fried? You can notice there's no road where you're trying to turn. Sonar thinks there's nothing ahead? Camera and lidar say there's a car ahead, stop right now.
Any kind of network access will always be a shitshow though.

>> No.22640137
File: 121 KB, 847x385, 1596435966743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22640140

smg unironically discussing buying GameStop because there are new vidya toys that you all play is truly the state of the board these days. You’re all fucking hopeless.

>> No.22640142

thats a cute white and gold colored dress

>> No.22640145

Sadly they're already permanetworked, and always will be. They use that to force patches through. Also it's not the only problem: charging stations can upload programs to cars through the charging outlet, and they must connect mostly through apps on your phone for payment and status updates.

>> No.22640175

Given how little the average normie and the average company understands or cares about computers, they are going to be networked anon. If security gets in the way of normies streaming spotify, TSLA enforcing DRM and locking people out of their cars for OEM part replacements, or the DOJ tracking people, security is gonna need to go and networking is in.

I highly doubt that anyone in the markets right now care about this. NKLA skyrocketed after the CEO talked about how the trucks are 'HTML 5 super computers, which allows us to make our own chips'

>> No.22640180


>> No.22640181

good work anon. were all gonna make it (except tinny fuck that fag)

>> No.22640192


>> No.22640208

Social engineering is a kind of attack, not a hack, and not a hack toward a human. Even brainwashing isn't 'hacking', yet it's far close in effect.

>> No.22640266

>'HTML 5 super computers, which allows us to make our own chips'
I wish you were making this up

>> No.22640309

It is the most common case of hacking

>> No.22640360


If I call up someone from the government to read me some digits on his computer. And then I will do stuff to this computer that I would not been able to. They will call me a hacker although all I did was trick the idiot

>> No.22640400

You are hacking the computer, not the human. The human was merely the weak link that was targeted by the attack. Stop talking about shit you know nothing about please.

>> No.22640413
File: 37 KB, 279x402, movieposter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People call it hacking to put the blame on pic related and make themselves feel better about being duped.

>> No.22640423

Hmm, self driving cars become a thing. Fully computer controlled. Some people get paid to be "problem solvers". Normally a silenced 22 is the tool of the trade. Now thanks to self driving why risk the trouble and effort when you can just hack your "target's" car to have a little "accident"?. Your client is happy, you've gotten well paid, and the problem has been dealt with no one tracing it back to you.

>> No.22640457

>you would virtually never see a red light in your life ever again
What about pedestrians?

>> No.22640466
File: 2.35 MB, 1920x1006, 1590974249788.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aside from not getting a reference is there any downside to quitting a job without giving a 2 week notice?

>> No.22640487

you imagine hacking to be way cooler but it's not, sorry

>> No.22640502

They will probably use manual input to request traffic changes, which would signal the network to adjust the cars' trajectory, hence avoiding red lights for cars for the most part, and limiting red lights for pedestrians (who will still have to deal with red lights though).

>> No.22640512

But tech is fine right

>> No.22640520

why are people so hype for new phone release?

>> No.22640525

Go project somewhere else, underageb&, like on redd!t.

>> No.22640540
File: 147 KB, 1389x917, PSQ-Jan21-$15Call.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone pls explain to me the downside of buying this?
>PSQ January 2021 $15 Call @$2.50
$2.50 + $15.00 = $17.50
Current price = $17.33
Theta = -0.002
How is this not 'guaranteed' to PRINT 100-300%?
Nasdaq is going sub 9,000 with 99.99% confidence - how can this Call go wrong?

>> No.22640544

They can fuck you on background checks for law enforcement or government jobs if they feel spiteful.

>> No.22640562


Not really, and it's not like most jobs check references unless you're doing gov, managerial or c-suite. Or some college kid with coffee fetcher internships.

>> No.22640573
File: 437 KB, 953x959, 1571247247847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22640577

ur dumb if u wanna live in that world
more power for big corporations wow thanks

>> No.22640591

What do you guys thing about Leap Puts on Netflix?
Can they really compete with Disney and Amazon? What edge do they have?

>> No.22640601

It is 4chan autism. Blame the markets for making anything remotely resembling fundamentals not matter for entire sectors.
The GME autism is at least a play based on what would have made sense back in February. Is there any fucking reason for OSTK to be a 3500% return for having 1 good quarter since 1999?

>> No.22640617

Pls someone call me a retard before I go all-in Monday

>> No.22640622

Market goes flat instead of up and down for months.

>> No.22640670
File: 438 KB, 1392x788, 1600283659797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New thread
New thread

>> No.22640694
File: 383 KB, 600x600, 1587088053744.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are dumb as fuck... I hope you lose your 5000 bucks very quickly

>> No.22640738
File: 159 KB, 710x720, confucius-say.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's just no way
>30 million unemployed
>unemployment running out
>Fed can't do anything
>No stimulus this close to the election (Dems want things to get worse)
>Greatest deficit in history
>Greatest national debt in history
>Greatest consumer debt in history
>Election year
>Election disputed before voting begins
>Now SCOTUS uncertainty & national unrest
>Markets valued pre-covid levels
>We were in a bubble pre-covid, even worse now
>Going into second wave, countries are locking down again
>Global pandemic will be worse in winter months

>> No.22640800

Even if it went flat perfectly from now until January (118 days) the theta decay is so small that it'd only lose $0.50-$1.00
[seems very low-risk for very high-reward]

>> No.22640814

modern unions are cancer and just used as political tools. The way collective bargaining is done needs to change.

>> No.22640837

Apple end of year stock value?
I want at least 5 responses.

>> No.22640847

>Why yes, I make new threads at 250 posts.
>How could you tell?

>> No.22640855

actually looks like a decent play, IV is pretty low with some time on it. I'd average into it and not go "all in" but it's definitely a better play than degenerate weekly SQQQ calls.

>> No.22640861

Damn all that is bullish af my guy.

BTW oil is making a second bull run next week. Abdul confirmed it.

>> No.22640933


>> No.22640984
File: 80 KB, 500x483, 500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don't fight the fed
>Money printer go brrrr
>Trump will keep everything afloat

A year from now we will all be laughing at the people who fell for this blatant manipulation by the tutes.

>> No.22640987
File: 22 KB, 496x476, China-Corporate-Debt-Bubble.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How many unemployed in China?

>> No.22641008

$103 after going down to $90

>> No.22641027

so you guys are shilling gamestop to people right?

>> No.22641082

no, we are now shilling NAK and BLNK to people. those are the new GME and WKHS

>> No.22641122

This will not be a good thing for economic growth - low fuel costs have been the one thing "keeping" inflation low
How is it going to help the economy as a whole having everyone pay more?
>US oil companies will benefit!
The whole economy will be paying more = less profit

China is the only country (right now) that is back on it's feet [coincidence?] Things are back to normal
It won't matter if every single other nation on Earth is going into recession.. Due to globalization and the interconnectedness they will eventually be dragged down too

>> No.22641139
File: 364 KB, 564x1086, 1587007622869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't wait

>> No.22641153


>> No.22641350

Me moving onto GPRO

>> No.22641366

So stimulus is now kill for politics

>> No.22641667
File: 669 KB, 3557x1813, EZj4J9VAAA07rv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only open positions right now are BABA, MA and FB

I don't think we will crash again, but I honestly don't see us breaking these ATH for some time. MSFT, AAPL and Amazon are at the absolute limit of their value. They pumped for so long and way too hard for their improvements in their fundamentals.

Don't get me wrong, if MSFT hits 180 I'm all in, but I can see a major crab for some time. AAPL at 120 is a joke when their numbers didn't really improve much since 2018. It will be worth 125 again, but realistically that's a job for the year 2021.

Most tech stocks are too expensive right now or at least stretching the boundaries of their realistic and historical values. I just slowly buy some things I see at fair value right now.

>> No.22641729

There are lines in front of gamestops
Ive seen it myself

>> No.22641755


>> No.22642069
File: 72 KB, 1024x996, 1536616644798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stepped away from stocks
>Got into Crypto
>Gained $1500, was pure green
>Tried again
>Lost $1700
>Lost $200
>Can't get out of the damn crypto at my stop loss, every uniswap transaction I run fails

All I feel is regret

>> No.22642098

At least I'm up 7 thousand with my stocks.
But this is really a sickening feeling. Playing Crypto is like smoking a crack-pipe.

>> No.22642114

I think it's too late for me to get back into crypto.. been out years and the thing is too advanced and still sucks

>> No.22642120
File: 69 KB, 960x960, whendoweseethegundams.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>66 page opinion
he literally wrote an essay topic on "Fuck You" goddamn lmao

>> No.22642142

I hate how it's "You can make all of this money" and you do, but then it twists again and says "Give me all of the money I gave to you."

>> No.22642205
File: 32 KB, 550x742, worldwide-distribution-of-games-market-revenue-from-2015-to-2019-by-segment-and-screen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$60 SNES game in 1991 is $114 today.
$50 N65 game in 1996 is $99 today.
Everyone who cares isn't buying consoles. PC and consoles are both losing out to mobile long term.

>> No.22642234

Its only just begun
Shorts piled into the rally

>> No.22642355
File: 50 KB, 516x339, 2020-09-19_13-19-17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I'm assuming those numbers are using the vastly understated ((((CPI))))

>> No.22642571

I got in at 9.51 after calling the GME shills retard so yes, this is the top.

>> No.22642651

>always assume you’re in a bull market until proven otherwise

>> No.22642684

New thread >>22640621
New thread >>22640621
New thread >>22640621

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