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do ur part make sure that this thread lives up to the extremely high level of quality that weekend /smg/ is known for


>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Bloomberg stream:

>Educational sites:

>Free chart:


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

>Boomer Investing 101:

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

>List of hedge fund holdings:



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I wasted over 1k on dating an asian girl for half a year
make fun of me

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you could have bought great stocks
I spent $100 on a dinner last night though, so what do I know

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What is there to make fun of exactly? 1k in six months sounds par the course for dating a woman in current year

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How do you even spend so much during a pandemic

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>he doesn't execute his trades with an excel spreadsheet

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>olive on pizza
Alright lay against the wall..

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Haven't been on /smg/ in months, what's new?

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Is it too late to jump onboard NVDA and SNE? They're making insane bank these days.

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correction over r-right?

SPX 4k by Thanksgiving right?

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I payed over 100 euros for a dinner aswell, she payed for the movies though...

well wasting 1k on a girl that turns out to be batshit crazy is pretty fucking dumb

I have a very secure job

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gambling never pays

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we have new some new people the past few weeks who are whining about things and reporting everyone.
stocks are down a little from all time highs.

well tell the story man
how crazy did she get
KODK crazy? NVAX crazy?

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that would be 10h of sex with whores
I'm assuming you got more than that, however no variability

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Nothin new under the sun, huh?

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>half a year
Is that really how cheap it is? I was under the impression that 3DPD is pretty expensive

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were you on a fun vacation

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Long EV's, clean energy, vaccine stocks
short super overinflated megacaps that are 30% over their march prices for no particular reason (apple)

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to make it short, I could see through her bs trying to manipulate me. she wanted to make me emotionally depended on her
blamed me for things that where way before we met etc
The only things she wanted to hear were "yes honey you're right", "Im sorry I will never do it again" and "I will do everything for you"

anyway I ended things and she kept stalking me for a while

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Something like that lmao my account got btfo'd from covid and all that fun jazz. very sad, many such cases

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It would've been way more if we had met more regularly
we lived 100km apart

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rip trip guess im anon forever now. I'm guessing all the others died too

so how many covered calls yall on rn

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how many hours of sex total? she sounds cheap, maybe you should renew the contract.

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ah welcome back
were you still doing AMD buy-write at that time or were you holding something else

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How much money do I need to live off dividend stocks? I have 21k USD right now

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yep, panicked when AMD fell from 57 to like 38ish, since I was on margin of course. Went from my 8kish to around 3.5k, then had to withdraw some stuff coz emergency came up; promptly also got fired from job because covid. Been in QYLD since then rebuilding. My account's too low to go back in amd sadly, so I'll probably do some leaps on spy or whatever, especially since it's currently dipping.

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I bought GME

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1 million plus

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I still prefer QQQX / SPXX / KNG (50%-80% buy-write) style ETFs to the 100% buy-write like QYLD

selling calls on all of the underlying, especially ATM or very close OTM calls, it means that there will always be some slow decay like you see in the long-term graph of QYLD. So you must reinvest a significant amount of the divvies just to stay afloat, or the position will decay over time (the yield and the share price). You can see this in the long term graph of QYLD. But if you're going to do that, why not just buy an ETF like QQQX, which overcomes the problem by only writing calls on some of the underlying? you achieve the same long-term goal in a more efficient overall package.
just IMO

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4% rule
desiredYearlyIncome/0.04 = TotalWealth

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get back into AMD ??? I'm thinking I might be selling on monday at a huge loss!?

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Haven't heard of QQQX, but as far as the others, I remember reading the prospectus for all of them, including the one for QYLD; forgot what it was now of course, but at the time I remember qyld being superior to the others for some specific thing. I know there was a competing etf (I think it was proshares) that was also being shilled at around the same time i was shilling qyld, that was pretty much the same thing but less liquidity.
I like qyld for the passivity though, it really is just a buy and forget type thing that you know won't absolutely tank and has a nice monthly dividend. Now that I'm back up though, I do want to take a more active position away from etfs entirely.

I don't think I'll get back into AMD until I'm back into stability with my new job in a few months from now sadly, but I 100% look forward to putting capital in the hands of Su Bae once again.

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when is GOOG going to stop being a piece of shit compared to the rest of FAAGTMANN?

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Have about 10k in a couple ARK etfs, they obviously killed it this summer but should I rebalance now that the market is deflating?

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i have over $200k in wkhs now. i should probably sell, but ARK keeps buying more and more even at $30..
what the fuck guys what to do i'm going bald

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Assuming you use robinhood like the rest of us where it costs you nothing to rebalance, ideally, you should be rebalancing as often as you physically can.
If you happen to know some things about portfolio frontiers/optimization, here's an excellent online calculator I've used before when I was testing le ebic upro/tmf

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RBG death gonna make a difference on Monday?

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At best REITs will give you ~10-12% returns via divs yearly. Non REITs are a bit lower. Like everything it’s risk v reward as real estate can be volatile and is at whims of externals.

SPG for example is high risk but could be a very interesting growth+div combo reit depending on how world events play out.

Here’s a couple more that provide big opportunity for share and div growth


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short abortion

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>Died of pancreatic cancer
Ironic isn't it? She had the power to kill clumps of cells everywhere, except those in her own body.

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Neat ty. I also trade derivatives so I’m acutely aware of risks from over trading, I suppose it’s a little different with stock

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I am contemplating suicide for health reasons
I wonder what to do with all these stocks I have?
Maybe it wasn't such a smart idea to buy them? I thought that maybe I can make a lot of money and use them to get treated in America, but this is now a non option.
So I have no suitable inheritors (my relatives can all fuck off)

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Lmao dayum boi

Historically speaking the market reacts positively to events like this

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Redpill me on this. How much excel do I need to know?

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aww poor baby
hey if u still got money u can go full yolo somewhere

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Depends on how Republicans react to it. If they try to cram in a new justice before election, then market probably will be more volatile.

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Most charities allow stock donations. Do you have a curable disease? Contrary to popular belief most healthcare in the US is not on a “cash only” basis, and you can receive excellent care with basic state insurance

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its connected to interactive brokers via their API so basically its just a nicer way of putting in your trades and you can see your adjust your positions via excel functions which I like
t. excel monkey

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Try treatment. Do the research>>22631610
If there is truly no solution thne yolo it away

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Wish I could date a pretty Asian girl.
Money is meaningless if I can’t experience such a simple yet impossible pleasure

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Nice. How long did it took you starting at zero to learn VBA?

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Disregard females, acquire currency.

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is it terminal disease or degenerative (e.g. alzheimer)
really tough question though, I'd love traveling the world on a adv motorcycle so I'd do that before parting if I could, but each person is different.

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How much do you spend a month on stocks?

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i dont work cuz i dont like to work
i dont gather pleasure from going into a job on a daily basis

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i am in no condition to travel, unfortunately
i wasted too much time with the retarded doctors in my cunt

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asian women arent really different from white women besides their looks
listen to >>22631777

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What are the things that give you joy in life? Do you have enough time to accomplish something you find meaningful? Try to think it over anon and take action before it's too late

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Please let me see some green today

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>i wasted too much time with the retarded doctors in my cunt
Based 43%er. Yolo your stocks and do backflips into La Vide or become millionaire extraordinaire.

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unironically... i like sitting on my ass all day (from mid-hong kong and european sessions to late american) watching green and red dildoes come and go

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crypto retard looking to invest into stocks/etfs in order to diversify. have about 50k in crypto rn. advice? what about corona, are the markets expected to crash again?

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It’s Sunday

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Alright then, so I ll assume making money is your goal? If you're so sure the end is nigh then take some measured risks that you wouldn t have taken before. Worst case you lose, best you become richer. Oh and go to a few pros, they ll make you feel better

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read the op

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Could you go fishing, assisted? I never learned how to fish, the other day I looked up some videos and it seemed like a super chill and at the same time exciting experience. Kinda wanna do it now.

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Fuck me.
Hard to keep track of days when you’re funemployed ay?

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Too right man.

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I bought GME, now what?

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Buy Skyrim

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Gamestop stocks skyrim, so im covered

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i don't like fish
is like snek

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I sold my great land gold stocks at 25 bois now I’m in or the long bag hold for Kodak minerals

What other stocks should I look at while I wait for my monthly allowances to come in?

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What are good vaccine stocks aside from MRNA?

>> No.22632386

So we all agree that July and August was just a giant blow off top and we should stabilize around late June numbers?

>> No.22632554

Possibly, would expect to crab until post-election though. Either market shit themselves or go up after the election. It all depends on a lot of factors really.

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hm ok actually AMD might really be on a good way. I don't know why it's falling like this?... kinda bought the top

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For miners? Pure Gold Mining begins pouring in December. Gold Mining Inc. might be a legit 10x if gold prices remain above 1900. They focused on buying properties "low" during the bear market and their board is composed of some of the best names in NA for precious metals.
As far as juniors go, my eyes are on Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp (WSTRF). That is of course a Uranium miner and that commodity more than gold or silver follows the market. I am waiting for a pullback before december before going in. They have a lot of their permitting done for some of their properties and could be producing in a span of a few months. My watchlist also includes Uranium Energy Corps (UEC) and Denison Mines (DNN)

>> No.22632704

Either that or there's another massive panic over something right around the election which causes us to hit March bottoms again.

>> No.22632714

I think I may have found my next great investment. I had alluded to this now time to share. They just launched water futures. We all know what that means for water....

There is a company called sphere 3d ticker ANY. Piece of shit stock. Except they are low-key completing a merger with a company called rainmaker worldwide

Rainmaker worldwide has fucking machines that cheaply (!!!) Extract clean drinking water from the air. They are deploying in hard hit countries and building a "water as a service" company. I'm pretty fucking bullish on this when word gets out. I've done nothing but win in the stock market.

>> No.22632727

Any anons actually invest in 2000 or 2008? How does the current bubble compare to then?

>> No.22632758

Big if true

>> No.22632760

anyone else excited for coinbase direct listing?

>> No.22632766

>current bubble

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Prepare for unrest and volatility

Buy smith and Wesson

>> No.22632829

You know the tech bubble causing unprofitable meme companies to quintuple in a couple months

>> No.22632853

>machines that cheaply (!!!) Extract clean drinking water from the air
It's called a dehumidifier. Low tech: Collecting morning dew on huge plastic sheets. High tech: Phase change heat pump (air conditioner). It doesn't work anywhere that actually needs water enough to use a dehumidifier for water because the humidity in those areas is just too low.
There have been a few scam companies who pushed this shit over the years. You can make profit, but don't be deluded. Sell before the rug pull.

>> No.22632854

ol goyims give me the truth on the following


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what the hell is her problem?

>> No.22632869

This crash brought a lot of new retail into the markets. I got "brought" in with 2009.
2009 was a time of dread and fear. The banks had been overly exposed and noone knew where the bottom was. The economy felt like a shitshow. The 2008 "crash" in hindsight took an entire year and there was a genuine wall of worry until well into 2010. TARP was daylight robbery of the american people but it turned the markets around. I don't think the economy recovered. The Fed also straight up lied about their plans and intent several times until 2013.
Much of the euphoria since April has been from Wall St. using their knowledge of that time. Which was that the Fed's actions, if nothing else, always help the stock market even if it comes at the cost of everything else. Infinite QE was launched so fast to prevent any real capitulation or fear and I think another serious correction would cause an outsized spike in fear since so much money has just piled into the stock market as THE only "haven left". But it won't be like March. It could even be something like a long slow bleed or sideways movement like in 2002-2005.
The rally in 2009+ was hated because it felt like it was decoupled from the economy completely (and it was). This rally since late April has even more reason to be hated.

>> No.22632885

>what the fuck guys what to do i'm going bald
Aren't hair transplants breddy gud these days? Sounds like you've got more than enough money to do it

>> No.22632893

>wahhh wahhh unprofitable is bad!
you're an idiot if you want your company to be taxed. the best companies to invest into are the ones that are in debt with increasing revenue.

>> No.22632928

They have units that harvest 5000 liters a day. They also have technology to convert sea water and polluted water to drinking water they are actually doing big shit with little capital until now you should look into them before you dismiss

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File: 1.83 MB, 480x852, 1600514998905[1].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Describe your trading strategy.

>> No.22632936

no i have no idea what you mean. is that something you think is happening right now? based on?

>> No.22632939

> unironically buy high sell low

>> No.22632942

I wish they could do fucking stem cells or no surgery or some shit god damn it

>> No.22632955

I just look at this thread and do the opposite of what I see people doing

>> No.22632958

Swing trades
Buy puts as a hedge that expire after whatever that deadline is supposed to be. It will drill into the core of the earth if the news is anything but being awarded 100% of the contract
Another parabolic tech stock like W, OSTK, etc. that still isn't profitable. I don't touch those because they feel overly like crowded momentum plays. And those will ALWAYS burn the last ones in extremely badly.
If they have a real pathway to profitability that isn't just the CEOs or analysts having to invent new industries and assume zero competition forever than maybe?

>> No.22632961

too late to get into WKHS on monday?

>> No.22632973

Break down of all rainmaker worldwide technology


With water futures this is a story stock. And I think the merger gives them capital they have never had excited to see what they can do with it

>> No.22632987

Trading volatility and gamma while trying to keep theta low.
Have to use jellyrolls and calendar spreads quite often

>> No.22632997

Based market maker anon. how do you screen for which underlying gives you the right amount of gamma/theta? what parameters do you look for?

>> No.22633010

I wouldn’t buy ath dude. We missed it. Kinda fucked if I put 3000 into that a year ago I’d make a ton of cash

>> No.22633050

Former ge exec brought on as advisor for merger

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We can see in our screens how much theta one thing is comma cost and how much gamma we will receive.
We recently installed a plugin that ranks options and opportunities on their gamma/theta ratio and see if it's an ok opportunity.
We don't care about Delta when we buy or sell something because we always delta hedge it.
If the move is big enough to cover the daily theta cost, we start gamma scalping when we think the profit is big enough to lock in by rehedging the deltas.
Also we adjust the volatility curve (skew) often during the day to adjust to the market.
Just see how many vol points we can get by using a trade and see if it's cheap or expensive vol.
Not gonna mention anything more though about our business practices.

>> No.22633062

Take solace in the fact that second generation+ Asian women immigrants are all garbage without exception. You can either pick one out at their home country or look specifically for first generation immigrants in your own country, but the majority of the Asians you come across are most likely second generations and will just make your existence miserable.

>> No.22633071

based, this

>> No.22633089

Unprofitable and not taking profits in order to reinvest them into accelerated growth are not the same thing. This seems to be a huge misconception in investing.

>> No.22633102

Boomer invest in companies with a good balance of growth and divvie.

>> No.22633114

>They also have technology to convert sea water and polluted water to drinking water they are actually doing big shit with little capital until now you should look into them before you dismiss
Be forewarned that companies like this have existed for decades now and the difficulties of desalinization (economic, practicality, scalability, etc.) are extremely easy to overlook and underestimate. Most of those companies have had to endlessly raise capital like biopenny stocks (and eventually go to zero). If you actually go through the literature on this, the most promising is waste heat from nuclear reactors looking at city wide water needs but even that has decades of work ahead of it.
And that is mostly because the power requirements are absurd to do this at scale and I don't think solar is going to cut it. Much of the work for like village or individual level have been focused on passive systems. Basically just more elaborate and efficient versions of tarps hung between trees.
It certainly has a lot of the trappings of a story stock to really dumb wall st. hedge funds. So that might be worth a swing but I wouldn't long it. I don't long anything without options chains or with a history of reverse splits.

>> No.22633163

None of that technology is new. The efficacy is bounded by physics. I just checked their marketing page and the 5kL unit requires 25kW of electricity continuous. That's about right for an environment with lots of humidity at a high temperature. Like the tropics. With grid power in a region with reasonably cheap energy (15¢/kWh), it comes to around 6¢/gal of water (which is not anything unusual) before final treatment costs. Oh by the way, you can't just use water from the air immediately because a lot of toxic shit gets concentrated. In an arid climate, the system won't produce even a third of its rated capacity. Physics. This is not new technology and the reason why it isn't everywhere is because it's not cost effective.

>> No.22633224

Cashed out

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Same, but I also have 5% of mine in bitcoin.

>> No.22633264

I'm really hoping it goes back up in October when they formally announce their 4000 series desktop CPUs and their new rdn2 graphics cards. It sucks cause I had a good opportunity to sell when it hit 92 bucks but I held thinking it'd keep going up.

>> No.22633268

thnx m8
holding these for now
SE will be huge long term it'll be South east asian amazon

>> No.22633284
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Pathetic. Those with weak wills get weak gains.

>> No.22633366

Are healthcare companies a buy right now?

>> No.22633396

is GOOG a boomer stock?
I am a bit concerned how long it will take for it so reach a new ath

>> No.22633406

>The trouble began Thursday morning, when Mizuho Securities tried to sell 610,000 shares at 1 yen (less than a penny) apiece in a job recruiting company called J-Com Co., which was having its public debut on the exchange.
>It had actually intended to sell 1 share at 610,000 yen (or, $5,041).

lol wouldn't you be terrified of a typo like that

>> No.22633418

That image makes no sense.

>> No.22633472

No it doesn’t pay a dividend so it doesn’t qualify as a boomer stock. The best FAGMAN stock for boomer investors is msft 100%. They just increased their dividend and they don’t go through crazy volatility that the others do.

>> No.22633479

I actually support all the things those faggots want I just don't want niggers, spics, kikes, gooks, shitskins or anyone who isn't White to have them in my country.
lol no. The only things worth buying are tech (TSLA or 3x leveraged ETFs) shitcoins, PMs, physical real estate (not REITs), and guns & ammo.

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>I actually support all the things those faggots want I just don't want niggers, spics, kikes, gooks, shitskins or anyone who isn't White to have them in my country.

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Is the market gonna crash this year? I keep making gains but when cash out and wait for cheapies?

>> No.22633512

Let me grab my crystal ball real quick and get back to you

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>> No.22633524

>third position
>left or right
Kill yourself faggot

>> No.22633531

lurk /biz/ for picks, verify DD on interesting ones, put money on them if they end up good

100% GME right now

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>> No.22633556

100%GME....that's a lot of confidence.

Your guess when the short squeeze will happen?

>> No.22633564


markets are up forever. the possibility of corona crashing the markets (again) died in june. nobody thinks a retest of march lows is possible, except complete retards who don't make money on stocks anyway.

>> No.22633585

Do you think anybody here sees the future faggot?
Probably afternoon elections.

>> No.22633589


>> No.22633601

Asking what people think faggot

>> No.22633614
File: 535 KB, 640x636, 1561167277359.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

proptip, 2008 was a credit crisis crash which usually happens once every 75 years or so. then there's usual meme crash dips every 10 years or so. the corona crash was the 10 years crash for 2010's. you missed out, sorry.

>> No.22633634


same, works wonders. people are complaining that "July was the top" meanwhile I have made great money these last two months and I'm making money this month as well.

>> No.22633638

It’s falling because AMD doesn’t have the marketshare needed to justify present valuations and consultation and competition in the microprocessor industry makes it less likely they’ll get the marketshare necessary

>> No.22633662

>the possibility of corona crashing the markets (again) died in june
what makes you so sure about it?

>> No.22633680


>cash out


>> No.22633694
File: 2.24 MB, 1536x1917, 1600373934439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22633708

what a disgusting whore

>> No.22633716

>credit crisis crash
And what makes you think that crisis has been resolved?

>> No.22633726

if you are implying that you know whats fairly priced and what not, then you wont spend time on this board, but on a yacht.
not a funny meme.

>> No.22633727

Although there's a trend in timeline, none of it is planned out. Next crash could happen when the FED changes their mind and raises interest rates within 5 years (Don't believe the FED, they can always change their mind, unlikely short term).

>> No.22633745

Weekend /smg/ is not a comfy place. This is to encourage anons to do something else on the weekends instead of just staring at the screen until markets open again.

>> No.22633759


because Q2 was way above expectations for most companies and Q3 will be even better because of no lockdowns. there is absolutely no way we're retesting march lows because of corona. it's completely impossible.

>> No.22633787

Nonsense, we're all miserable people trying to make it. 4chan has recommended decent ideas: Bitcoin, ChainLink, WKHS, TQQQ....I look to 4chan for ideas on the weekends.

Also, buy Oshkosh and SHLL.

>> No.22633817

>because Q2 was way above expectations for most companies
that was because of fed buying up bonds and consumer credit, wasnt it?
that effect will run out in Q3.

>> No.22633822

Hedging in case of wkhs failure?

>> No.22633831

It was never resolved, the american economy has actually been In free fall for 12 years now. The FED is just creating an artificial asset bubble to cover that fact up.

>> No.22633841

>the american economy has actually been In free fall for 12 years now
gonna need some proof on this one

>> No.22633844

OSK is not receiving a significant portion of business from the USPS deal, stop telling people to buy it. SHLL on the other hand is breddy gud stonk

>> No.22633863

Oshkosh will win the contract. Even if they don't, they won't crash like WKHS will as they're a stable company.

Puts on WKHS, Calls on Oshkosh.

>> No.22633885

>This is to encourage anons to do something else on the weekends instead of just staring at the screen until markets open again.
You say that like the kind of person that ends up on 4chan doesn't just stare at their screen all day anyway.

>> No.22633887

Dude just look around you. Unemployment has been skyrocketing. The divide between the top 1% and the bottom 99 is getting bigger and bigger. 95% of under 30’s are in massive amounts of debt with no job prospects. The dollar is tanking. Not to mention recent events where people are dying by the boatloads and economies around the world are starting to shun America. It’s fucking over.

>> No.22633893


>> No.22633896

>OSK will win because I say so
I'm telling you as someone who is much more in the weeds on this deal that they absolutely will not get more than 10%, and they are splitting the deal with F. It's not going to move.

>> No.22633932

Stop with this Oshkosh bullshit. They may get 10%. They don’t even have a fully running EV truck. Their shit is hybrid. Plus trump told lordstown he’s bringing them jobs and they pence went and unveiled a new truck for them. Wkhs already has working trucks. Wkhs will get the majority.

>> No.22633933

>The divide between the top 1% and the bottom 99 is getting bigger and bigger.
>Unemployment has been skyrocketing.
sure thing, thats why i think that this crisis is far from over. but that has nothing to do with the past 12 years, just like the rest of your post.

>> No.22633942

Literally looks like a homeless ape. What the fuck man.
Americans are a train wreck.

>> No.22633945

6 billion dollar contract will cause a small pump. Even at 33% (conservative), 2 billion will cause it to move up. Plus, they've won other government contracts before and they're working alongside Ford.

WKHS needs a good portion of the contract just to remain stable at 30+.

>> No.22633959

bro it's not even hybrid, karsan is the hybrid

>> No.22633982

Interesting. My software shows me that (obviously not at a very high level). Problem is, everytime I enter one of these trades I find my scalps are not enough to cover the decay - which was why I asked about it earlier. What am I doing wrong?

>> No.22633983

i don't need a short squeeze to be profitable, I'm already +30% up. I'll put stop losses after $15 or $20.

>> No.22633986

>economies around the world are starting to shun America
So the US is gearing up for war then?

>> No.22634001


if you think Q3 has the potential to be worse than Q2 then I see your point of view but I'm just not buying it. Most companies I know and follow is gonna have much better results in Q3.

>> No.22634006

Are you the same fucking moron that said because a stocks price is volatile they won’t get the contract. Based purely on volatile price movement? Lmao

>> No.22634024

All 3 of the bids will receive some business, I'm telling you for a fact OSK/F will be getting a laughably small portion compared to WKHS and karsan. 33% is a retarded pipe dream

>> No.22634062

I've lost $60k, which is like 80% of my portfolio, and my last $20k is 200 Apple shares that I bought at an average of $100 each, right after split announcement.

How do I make it back? I've learned my lesson on not YOLOing weekly calls..

But if I sell my Apple shares and grab ITM LEAPs or something in hopes of a +30% run back up, I feel like I might be buying in the midst of a bear market.

I mean, it's been 3 fucking weeks since that huge NASDAQ crash and we've been going to lower lows. I see people around me making bank off puts and SQQQ but I just KNOW that the moment I buy puts the market will go sideways or rocket back up.

Should I just stop playing tech and grab June 2021 SPY ATM calls or something instead? Or do you guys think the election will bring more uncertainty?

I was thinking of grabbing VIX calls towards the end of October..

>> No.22634081

Are you me?

>> No.22634098

sell calls on your apples till they get called away and then reassess the situation

>> No.22634101

Why not sell weekly covered calls? Not exactly yolo money from 200 Apple shares but you could get 3-400 a week from them pretty easily.

>> No.22634116

Don't know about free fall. More like it was slowly stumbling from 2008. TARP was 100% a gift to Wall St. at the expense of everyone else. It removed a lot of the risk of actual bankruptcy from stupid and careless behavior thus derisking the stock market relative to any historic precedent.
The stock market moons because smart money knows the underlying economy has no safe havens yet. And this inflation in the markets is what has made the Fed think that somehow QE doesn't cause inflation. All of the anxiety about real estate costs, healthcare costs, childcare costs, education costs, etc. are all tied to what people actually pay and worry about. Rather than whatever carefully massaged inflation statistics the Fed is currently using.
The Fed has taken some weird stance where it thinks it can claim that it has not yet fallen into the bottomless pit of QE that has trapped Japan and much of the EU for decades simply because it hasn't taken the mostly symbolic step of negative nominal interest rates.
I think the endgame here is going to be a restructuring of the social contract to come around and give a "TARP" to the american public out of fear of ever more extreme (and dangerous) Bernies or Trumps. Wall St. will absolutely be pissed off because corporate socialism is always preferrable to them than social welfare. Regardless, the effect will be to bring the dollar to the historical mean value of all fiat currencies -zero.
The only assets that are going to be worth a damn are land and commodities. The truly rich will find new asset classes only they can access, like art or antiquities.

>> No.22634138

Point. Guess I just wanted to give it a better spin.
Anyway, sold off my tech 2 weeks ago and parked my shit in PM miners and bought some gme for shits and giggles.

>> No.22634152

Speaking of covered calls.
What are ya guys favorite stocks to run the wheel on?
Also how many of you risky son of bitches are selling covered calls on wkhs? Not going to lie I’ve been considering it but keep telling myself to wait till contract.

>> No.22634166
File: 101 KB, 970x552, Screenshot from 2020-09-19 09-54-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think we can still go down to 255-260 here or am I being too greedy?

>> No.22634200

I sold lots of covered calls on horse from june-july. I stopped in early August because I'm not getting cucked if we somehow shoot to 50, although these October calls are extremely tempting to sell. $3 for the 40c lmao

>> No.22634242
File: 524 KB, 720x886, 1600492946433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it possible to become a millionare by 40 at 30 years old...no money in debt 3k, a sex felon and no expierence in stuff or college or job skills?

>> No.22634249
File: 19 KB, 400x400, thinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any reasons why I shouldn't buy PSQ January 2021 Calls?
Theta is -0.003 with intrinsic value exceeding strike - seems very hard to not gain over the next several months

I am convinced that the market is going to crash in the next 2 months - is there a better option to buy if this scenario were to play out?
[I don't think SQQQ / QID will work, as the leverage will wipe out gains during volatility]

>> No.22634264

You can play with options but it's more likely you will turn your 3k into 0.

>> No.22634269

That’s my support for the initial dead cat bounce. Then a bit of an uptrend to capture a lower high before the real dump/slow bleed down

>> No.22634285


>> No.22634293

>land and commodities
So the redpill here is to get houses and gold?

>> No.22634319

this is just a pre Biden test crash. If Biden wins QQQ will be 175 eoy maybe less

>> No.22634334

That always was the endgame.

>> No.22634339

Although QQQ Puts would have a lot more liquidity, if I could get some 0.05-0.10 contracts on PSQ I could go all-in and see 100-300% gain

Someone pls convince me why PSQ Puts (with the intention of selling after a March-esque sell-off) would not be the best choice

>> No.22634343

Stocks I hold I don't see talked about here you may wanna look into:


>> No.22634354


I'll agree, all 3 seem in play. WKHS is up since Trump mention. Oshkosh has been staying still. I don't see USPS, an old aged entity going full EV. Karsan or Oshkosh will get bigger share of the pie.

>> No.22634365
File: 189 KB, 400x300, 1588618082246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I just dump 1k a month into SPY will that be enough to make it?

>> No.22634389

Gold if the money of Kings
Silver of gentleman
Barter of peasants

If you use currency you’re bartering son. While currency has a time and place when gold catches and takes off, it is the only place that will survive the type of calamity we seem to be on the edge of.

I came from an ex communist country and let me tell you, when times get rough, a ring or earrings can buy you a car when times get tough.

>> No.22634396
File: 385 KB, 2754x1068, redditretard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

enough for a middle-class retirement
but nothing cool like pic related

>> No.22634405


absolutely wrong. there is a strong chance Biden will win, if that was even half as bad as you seem to think then markets would have dumped already. Why hold til election if you think there's 50% chance we're gonna crash and burn, of course you sell.

>> No.22634414

>ex communist country
I ll take a wild guess...Romania?

>> No.22634427

He thinks the dump is over guys


>> No.22634431

WHat the fuck

>> No.22634447

Love Trump, but I want Biden because he will decay the US at a faster rate. Stocks will dump when Biden is elected...easy money $$$

>> No.22634478

it's not too late to get into GME, do your fucking DD and don't overlook it just because it's fucking GAMESTOP

>> No.22634495



lol what is this, your first gf experience?

>> No.22634497
File: 729 KB, 500x359, 1594601233517.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turned a few k in calls into 900k
Well played.

>> No.22634502

Fishing is super chill and if you do it right not to expensive you can get a boat for around 1k with a little motor and make your own live well and a fish finder for around 200 my biggest problem is finding the time to do it.

>> No.22634517

Close anon

Serb family from Croatia

>> No.22634525
File: 21 KB, 400x400, 8ADD21C2-08DF-480C-B632-F0AEFA77FD99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I put $20 in, I’m new and it’s all I have to spend on stonks.

>> No.22634526

What do you think about NAK?

>> No.22634543

it's not me, im just a poorfag holding 1500 shares
pic was just some reddit dude who posted his YOLO. The fact that r/wsb is still largely dismissive of GME and keeps telling him to take profits immediately is incredibly bullish to me too.

The vast majority still don't undestand the GME play

>> No.22634553

Im not that anon but it’s a total gamble on ROD. Approval, it moons, no approval it goes to zero.

With that said I YOLO 4k share at $1

>> No.22634560

Yep you guys had a hard time. Even worse when you live in your enemy's country I'd guess

>> No.22634567

Put it all in on GME
If we win buy the best treatment in the world

>> No.22634585


>$MAG (has gone up by $4 this last week)
>BTG (support at $7 and crabbing up)
>GOLD (Warren Buffet approved)
>AUY (held by many frens here)

This is what I recommend if you want to get into miners. On down days they crab. On Green Day’s they move up 2%-3%. There has been massive consolidation happening as of late, get in the rocket before you miss the moon mission.

>> No.22634597

Is there a page on investopedia that helps with calculating decay on options over a year? I bought 3 calls on KGC 2 weeks ago that expire on jan 2022. Currently in the green.

>> No.22634602

Lads, I received a 30k inheritance 2 years ago and its sat in my bank account getting like £1 a month in interest... I think it's time to invest. I've been holding off buying stock because of COVID and the incoming recessions, I looked at getting a tracker fund in the US market but it seemed the one firm I looked at only did UK tracker fund.

I'd like to put a deposit down for a house in 2ish years so would likely liquidate my fund then and buy a 'do-er upper' and increase my property for that tax free profit.

What do you guys recommend reading to get started in this world?

>> No.22634633

Yeah wasn’t a good time. And I’m seeing similar stuff in the us happening to just how it started over there

-road blocks to certain neighborhoods
-kids in HS or college are almost a militarized political arm of a political party
-pissed off broke people everywhere
-food lines forming
-urban vs rural split in the community
-rabid political divide that’s palpable
-BLM movement isn’t decentralized leaderless angry mob, nobody to negotiate with, no set goals or demands

It’s setting up very similar here. Lots of opportunities to get assets soon if stuff pops off a bit more.

So far even instability and a borderline war is down right comfy in the US though even compared to the “good life” under communist. My sis didn’t even get electricity until 1980 or so.

>> No.22634634
File: 199 KB, 2000x1500, 1A00D1D2-F297-4182-85AF-D231A24A23C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I healthily bought the dip, enough so that i have my leveraged tech in a good spot should the bullrun randomly continue. I will be keeping the rest of my cash on hand and wait for the actual crash now. Might meme around with some sqqq but im honestly more interested in the newest crop of ess em gee meme picks. I want more CLF WKHS and especially GME.

>> No.22634638

i hold 1500 GME shares and no calls, what makes you think i know greek

>> No.22634642

Just buy SPY/VOO and don't look for two years or until you've done enough research on the stock market.

>> No.22634662

I'm sorry anon.

>> No.22634692


>> No.22634697

Is tracker fund your limey word for ETF?
Anyway open a tdameritrade or Schwab or whoever (not robinhood, not the other crap one), you'll have to pay taxes in two countries and pay to exchange your bongbux into burgercerts but that's the price of choosing to stay in the old world

>get started
In which? Trading or house flipping? Youtube for both

>> No.22634712

Just buy as much GME as you can afford

>> No.22634717


I wouldn’t even bother explaining anon. Most people here are from bum fuck Egypt (fly over states) and haven’t seen that real effect of unemployment. Moved out of LA 6 years ago, went back recently and JFC. Tent cities all along the freeway. Tweakers everywhere. Pretty sad people accept this as normal. It’s only getting worse.

>> No.22634719

Shit man, you guys have been through some stuff. How did you make it to the US?

>> No.22634721

Don't buy now - wait 2-3 months for the crash and then go in.
Especially because it sounds like you're a Britbong, and if your Brexit trade deals don't get resolved (which it's looking like it isn't) FTSE100 is going to dump even harder

You need to decide what kind of investor you want to be - based upon your lack of background you most likely want to be a value investor; I would recommend reading anything by Warren Buffett / watching interviews of his; look at the portfolio Berkshire holds and look at the stock selection to get an idea of what you're looking for

If you had the time to dedicate to a lot of research & watching markets only then would I go more aggressive into swing trades / options

>> No.22634726

Good because I bought 10 contracts for 2023 and 1k shares we shall see where this goes.

>> No.22634734

>Bitcoin going up
>Green Monday


>> No.22634748

It's EV $$$ next week boys.

Tesla Battery Day
SHLL merger on 28th

>> No.22634757

horse is winning the biggest share of it, if you dont believe me check the chart

>> No.22634761

Is this passing Cunningham's Law??
Zero objections??

>> No.22634827

At the moment the *massive global recession* hasn't been priced into markets yet. Extreme care recommended. Get set up with a broker, get your cash in there, get ready for the crash, and then buy cheap.

>> No.22634834

it hurts

now it's going to take weeks to get options enabled to my account because i never thought i'd touch it before, but i could have at least had it ready back then to at least buy LEAPs. i fucking hate myself.

>> No.22634856

Isn't the USPS contract priced in at this point? It's doubled in a month.

You're hedging bets that USPS, a entity known for being backwards is going to be leader of innovation in the Logistics industry....

WKHS will get some of the contract, for states like California...but the rest are going to the other bidders.

>> No.22634860

I'll read up on them, thanks!
I think so regarding ETF, my focus is on trading, I back my ability on house flipping as I'm northern and a bit of a handyman.
I'll look into GME
I was expecting a crash, in the UK we've had a scheme going where people have retained their non-existant jobs and that's coming to an end and we've just gone back into restrictions. My focus will be on the US market I think, the UK is no longer the powerhouse it used to be IMO and Boris J is not making friends in the EU.

I'll give value investor and these terms a read, and obviously Warren Buffet.
Yeah, I've been waiting to invest low, I know it will be a long hold for markets to recover.

Thanks for the replies!

>> No.22634866

>(which it's looking like it isn't)
>t. i have no idea how negotiations work

There's only two points left to resolve and that's fishing which is minor and social security. Stop overblowing shit just because you're clueless

>> No.22634940

it might very well be priced in but the FOMO and short squeeze released upon announcement absolutely is not priced in

>> No.22634973

Is rona spiking in euroland too? I should just Google but anon stories are more fun

>> No.22634994

Wars have been fought over fishing

>> No.22635007

UK cases have risen but deaths are incredibly low, it seems they've moved from avoiding a strain on the NHS to no new cases. The herd immunity plan is out the window.

Funny thing is the gov were paying us to eat out at restauraunts last month to boost the economy by covering 50% off the tab and now young people are getting blamed for the increase in cases.

>> No.22635051


By undeveloped societies who had no concept of free trade agreements. If you're implying the UK will go to war over fishing rights, you're desperately grasping at straws in an attempt to disprove my point. Whereas if you're being facetious, I can appreciate the irony.

>> No.22635061

I have AUY and sold GOLD during the buffet pump. Mostly because I think the smaller producers have more upside now. BTG is on my watchlist. I think Silver will really get moving after the smaller gold miners have. AG is my exposure now because I think its being unfairly beat down when it refused to sell its silver in Q2. Which was the right decision, in hindsight.
>This is what I recommend if you want to get into miners. On down days they crab. On Green Day’s they move up 2%-3%.
I mean a lot of them are doing that. I am getting the same thing with KGC and EGO. LRTNF (Pure Gold) has also done that and I think it will really get going in December.
I mean everything except the small juniors is doing this. As a real bull market does, rather than just Tech companies in the stock market. You just have to not pick stupid things and you get carried upward with the rising seas. I also don't think the pump fake that the Fed did in 2013 will work again to cut the wind from its sails.
There are literally dozens of other options that are already moving. NAK has the potential to be one hell of a ticker but commodity tickers have very consistent patterns and you have a lot of time before you might want to enter it.

>> No.22635068

>deaths are incredibly low
So, incredibly small chance of another lockdown then, correct? Pity, traffic was amazing during that time.

>> No.22635107

>"This happened back then in the good old days, which means it will happen now"

>> No.22635116

Maybe you're not using enough volume in options
Keep in mind we trade products with a combined value of over 1 billion USD every month alone and we're not one of the biggest in the market.

>> No.22635134

You are correct. It can still go down quite a lot. I think we won't find march lows, but we might reach all the way to at least 33% above march lows.

>> No.22635177

Half flippant half serious, plenty of first world nations still have an irrational cultural thing about fishing (Nordic countries, Japan, SK, SEA in general)
War won't happen but it could be a sticking point despite being seemingly trivial

>> No.22635195

CXW and GEO, any good? PE 7.04 and 9.2 seems undervalued.

no ethics fags pls

>> No.22635203

With Christmas approaching and the normal flu deaths about to rise it wouldn't suprise me if there was a winter lockdown. Offices are opening again too so all the old fucks are gonna be back in confined spaces again. It's not the death figure the UK gov is concerned about but new cases strangely.

>> No.22635221

Dollar cost average into index fund(s)

>> No.22635229

The Lutherans look my family in as refugees in the US. My family fled all over the Balkans but everywhere we were the “other” people. To Serbs we were from geographic Croatia, to Croats we were Serbs, to Bosnians everyone must be beheaded for the prophet.

We came to the us on a loan for the plane tickets, my parents started working making wreaths for a landscaper for the holidays and the rest has been the American dream for me.

These clown ass college kids have no idea how good they have it or how they are being programmed from above. I escaped the Balkans, the country I went to is being Balkanized. Since I’ve seen this play before it’s time to stack the chips and make the best of it on the other side.

>> No.22635232

When there's a gold rush, sell shovels.

>> No.22635266

Sell puts.

>> No.22635278

Or they see the waters around their countries as theirs and want to harvest the goods they see as theirs lol. How is that irrational?

>> No.22635319

The entire thing for every country is about trying to keep the hospitals from being swamped with sick (but not necessarily dying) people

>> No.22635352

Calm down Sven no one's come to take your trosc

>> No.22635355

The NHS is nowhere near swamped, GPs are twiddling their fingers as you can't even get appointments with doctors as people are told to stay away from your doctors. Local lockdown rules have been implemented but there police are doing fuck all to enforce it. Need more people to get it before christmas hits to avoid a mass death of old people (not the worse thing in the world for overinflated UK property prices)

>> No.22635381

In 2000, everyone said the same thing.
>You need to look at revenue.
>Debt is good, they are just growing.
Most people don't understand that most of the debt isn't for growth. It actually is wasted on R&D, bloated administration, and operating expenses. A lot of tech companies that crashed in 2000, did so, because their debt outpaced their growth, and they lost control of it. Or they were just straight up scams. Same thing is happening now.

>> No.22635414
File: 187 KB, 1643x1643, 1578457200443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone give me a quick rundown on HOW you profit from trading stocks?
It all seems like an incredibly complicated ordeal that you also have to pay taxes + processing fees on.
How do you guys do it?

>> No.22635440

The idea is to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed before they're already overwhelmed, lock down is preventative

Hospitals in some hotspots in the US (places in Florida, NYC) were overwhelmed
I get that theirs a weird under utilization of hospitals going on as a side effect but that's not some sort of counter proof if the efficacy of lockdown

>> No.22635485


the recession is over, we are already growing.
2021 will be a full year of growth according to litrerally everyone.
what recession are you talking about?

>> No.22635509
File: 75 KB, 841x777, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

then make picks on tech shit that's growing much faster than their debt, or even better, reducing their debt.

My plan is to go TSM:AMD 50:50 after I'm done with GME.

>> No.22635529
File: 49 KB, 1162x602, MoneyVelocity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the recession is over, we are already growing.
The Fed tricked people in 2009 with this. It won't happen again.

>> No.22635535

Florida was overwhelmed? Ya and there were blizzards and sub zero temperature down here too.

Suck some more cock faggot

>> No.22635537
File: 8 KB, 233x216, avg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you think that I'm going to allow some FRENCHMAN to have a go at our national fish & chip reserve you are mistaken!

>> No.22635541

How does a regular person do it? Research a company, their sector, their market then buy low sell high

How does SMG do it? Pray to kek, but high sell higher, write options without knowing what they're doing, make 8000% on a $3.50 investment, then negative ERROR DISPLAYING COLUMN SPECIFIED ENTRY IS NaN dollars then end up 120% overall

>> No.22635547

most wagies make enough to cover monthly fees on a good platform. Then you just make plans on a stock that shows obvious signs of going up to sell it after it makes you enough money to still keep some, after paying taxes and fees.

>> No.22635591


if you have no clue then follow these two steps;
>buy index funds with low fees
>don't sell

>> No.22635601

Wait until a real crash and long Nvidia, chinese EV and Amazon

>> No.22635624

The only thing worse than Saturday is Sunday.
Fuck this shit.

>> No.22635627

That explains why you aren’t dating her anymore.

>> No.22635632

Most people don't. Even if they get lucky a few times, eventually they get cocky and lose. Look at point A and where you think it will be at point B. Ignore the short term noise in between

>> No.22635692

Also do the EXACT opposite of what what biz tells you to do- myself included

>> No.22635809

Of you compare the stock market rise to the amount of “QE”, then the market is WAY DOWN compared to pre-Obama levels.

>> No.22635817

>buy low sell high
It can't be that dumb, right? I though that there was much more to it.
So it's literally just guesswork or at least some educated guesswork. Say, there's a firm that I believe will launch an impressive product that will undoubtedly make their stock value go up by a few percent in the following months.
In order to make a profit, I simply need t o buy some stocks at their current low price, hold onto them for a bit, and then sell them when I'm sure that I'll get a nice profit margin that covers taxes + fees. I thought SMfags were smarter than cryptofags.
how do I make a profit if I don't sell?
I agree that it's a losing game but I really wanted to get into the details on why some are more sucessfull than others.Since everyone is using the same tactics, it MUST be more than dumb luck, right?
that goes without saying.

>> No.22635840

>how do I make a profit if I don't sell?

You sell eventually but the point is not time to market. if you hold index funds for 10-15 years you are almost guaranteed profit but if you panic and sell at a loss your done.

>> No.22635845

Where did you move 6 years ago?

>> No.22635852
File: 984 KB, 1063x876, palantir.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any folks going in on Palantir on Wednesday? I am thinking of putting half down on Wednesday and another half down in a week.

>> No.22635865

>how do I make a profit if I don't sell?
selling is a jewish scam

the way to get rich is to continuously buy good companies, "dips" today will look like nothing in 10-20 years, and you cannot guess them anyway.

>> No.22635867

no, thank you. I'd rather have something feasible that I can invest in like real estate or land.

>> No.22635912
File: 234 KB, 397x355, skeptical frodo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>funding Big Brother shit

>> No.22635950

These people are monkeys and cannot explain it to you.

You buy a percentage of a company, which corresponds to a percentage of their profit. Hold long enough and the profit pays your initial investment without ever selling. "dividends".

Exactly how rent from a property is essential its dividends. Selling is an additional, optional step.

>> No.22635977

My race is my nation, nigger.

>> No.22635985

>chinese EV
Is it worth to buy XPEV and LI if I'm already invested in NIO?
XPEV just seems to copy Tesla and I feel like you barely even hear about LI anymore... NIO on the other hand seems like the clear leader to me.

>> No.22635994

buy high, sell higher
winners are usually always at their ATH

>> No.22635997

just leverage your cash, you dont have to buy anything. just sell spreads or puts on things that trade flat and collect cash for selling insurance

>> No.22636026

that's the whole point..

>> No.22636037

Why do you think google and apple and fb are so valuable? They are intel collecting machines for big brother.

Look up what google did with Pokémon go and how it was farming for foot fall traffic to Businesses that paid google.

>> No.22636073

Threadly reminder to keep meta discussion regarding people who will not be named on this post
Don't reply to this post

>> No.22636112
File: 271 KB, 500x246, pingpong-ep6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have bad luck so if dubs we get red monday
screenshot this! kek wills it!

oops! guess it wasn't dubs! sorry guys, looks like Monday will be green ahahah. darn!

>> No.22636121
File: 72 KB, 780x356, 485D6EF5-B55B-4361-B4A2-0B14C97B1300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yes goy indexes always go up, buy the diparino it always goes back up even at ath valuations in every way measured.

>> No.22636132

sounds cool but it's only good if you already have money to spend.
Say, if I have 100k in savings and put 10k into an index fund, 10 years later I might have a nice, 1 or 2k profit margin but it might be nullified due to taxes and inflation.

>> No.22636159

that's why you don't go all in at the height of euphoria. if someone was DCAing in from 2000-2015 they would make a lot of money

>> No.22636174

when everyone starts dumping the dollar for the yuan...maybe then you'll start to understand the severity of the situation

>> No.22636177
File: 53 KB, 557x994, 2020-09-19_8-42-28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22636180

if you're adding to your portifolio every month your average price won't be equivalent to the top of the bubble, also you'll average down with the crashes.

>> No.22636199

learning the (legal) tax tricks is something else entirely.
Can't believe all the idiots who come out of school and waste their tuition deductibles immediately on their first year of working instead of saving it for the their top income bracket.

also im going to be so fucking pissed if Canada changes their mind and starts taxing our capital gains and dividends in TFSA withdrawals. Other anon last night was right, this shit is too lucrative not to tax eventually.

>> No.22636214

Stocks are somewhat resistant to inflation, because inflated prices means inflated profit and also inflated stock.

Also, on average (based on historical data), your 10k should be 20k in 10 years. Not that bad.

In addition, any losses on one stock that you sell can be used to offset the tax on the stock that you profited from.

>> No.22636239

the only asian pick I'd bet on is TSM.

>> No.22636242
File: 17 KB, 326x287, advice for cowboys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started at the end of 2010 when I was 21, and it was fantastic for me, because I was new and starting from a real low point. Everyone was telling me that I was stupid for investing in Intel and Sirius (turns out SIRI was one of the best stock of the decade), but I thought they must be wrong, because we are in a low point that will recover. Turns out I was right, and 45 year olds didn't know as much as I thought they did. Now I am 31 and worth far more than most people my age and everybody I actually know except one person (she is one of the people in charge of distribution to Japan for Disney, so she is well compensated). I still don't talk about stocks though, I learned a long time ago not to talk about money with the average person, because they don't understand it, and it confuses and enrages them

>> No.22636280
File: 573 KB, 733x534, JamesHaley.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've asked this three times now and haven't gotten a response yet..
I feel like that's an indicator to go ahead.. if it was a bad play I feel like I would have been called a retard by now

>> No.22636288

sounds interesting. thanks, anon.
>100% profit in 10 years
I know /biz/ likes bullshiting people so I refuse to believe it unless you post proof

>> No.22636291

I'm a eurofag whats a good and simple way to get into stock trading
I only did crypto so far and was using binance

>> No.22636311


buying ATH has historically been a pretty good idea. it's counterintuitive but it's true.
this anon is right;


>> No.22636329

Europeans are socialists and should not be trading

>> No.22636337

Indexes can average out 7% compounding. 1.07^10 my friend.

Of course it's not set in stone, and there will be data that varies. Just look at NASDAQ comp, you would actually have +335% in 10 years.

>> No.22636386

that's very useful info. Thanks, anon

>> No.22636391
File: 636 KB, 1200x1047, 1599772800797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buying ATH has historically been a pretty good idea. it's counterintuitive but it's true.
>winners are usually always at their ATH

>> No.22636428

100% in 10 years is pretty lame.

That's what people got holding safe bluechips like MSFT and TSM over 1-2 years even through March dip. And are these companies any worse off with corona? The opposite. TSM even gives out 2% div yields.

Then you have the crazy 10-baggers like Tupperware stock going +2000% within months, and even Overstock, and shit. Even anons here bought into WKHS when it was being shilled at $5, now where the fuck is it at? Just have the knowledge to filter through all the garbage, *AND* verify the fucking DD yourself, don't just bandwagon in. TSM was also an /smg/ favourite back in June, gave a solid +50% over a couple months and it's not even a risky play, heck it doesn't really give a shit about the current market dump and just stays glued around $80.

Next one is probably GME, but I'm skeptical on the CLF shilling. The NAK gamble is way too risky when GME is still currently low-risk / high-reward.

>> No.22636429

Yep. Marjet is not a good place for scruples.

>> No.22636505

It’s a good idea If you can keep wage cucking and dca at the same rate, that isn’t always possible, and it’s much more difficult as jobs dry up, like they are now.

The dca idea is great with a steady unwavering income but that simply isn’t possible. I start to dca when I see cape ratio get reasonable, and when we’re peaked or close I go cash and convert to other undervalued assets at that time.

Real estate was great to me from 2012 until now. I just cashed out and am waiting, I think commodities will be this next rounds horse to bed on. Tech is smelling like decay and the medicine needed to keep it alive (cheap money) won’t go on forever as people have wised up since the tarp robbery.

>> No.22636506

Yes you are right, 100% in 10 years is kinda lame.

Seeing as he is asking about the basics, he will most likely want to do as you said, hold safe bluechips for the long term and forget about it.

If you average out periods of stagnation with the booms, 100% is easily achievable for the "check back in 10 years" investor.

If you are actively looking for gems, you will be obviously chasing alpha, which also comes with higher beta.

>> No.22636520

blue chips can become the next IBM and Xerox, you never know

>> No.22636524
File: 28 KB, 720x439, Accuse Merchant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'll be honest, I am a complete mong. Had a brief look at the Khan Academy and Investopedia links, and was immediately overwhelmed by not knowing exactly what I need to learn about, let alone learning about it.

Can anyone recommend an idiot-proof website or sources for investing/trading of any kind?

Got myself a nice little lump sum to do something with that isn't rotting in a (((savings account))).

>> No.22636571

That's a different topic about the importance of diversification. With a little DD, once you have made a decision there is really no need to keep checking every week.

>> No.22636613

wtf is in the background in this picutre

>> No.22636615

>he still thinks global lockdowns had anything to do with the fucking hoax beer flu
huge cringe dog

>> No.22636642

>you never know
are you for fucking real? do your DD properly. A lot of shit in tech is basically forecasted for the next 3 years at least. Things don't happen overnight.

For example, you don't touch INTC because it may the next IBM because of their absolutely horrid roadmap and not even meeting their vague targets on it. But I wouldn't be worried about AMD even if it looks like it's massively ""overvalued"" right now (PEG ratio says otherwise and they're already positioned to dominate against Intel for another 3 years as more and more contracts expire with Intel not having 7nm ready for them as initially expected).

>> No.22636650

This anon gets it

We were getting protests world wide, this was to quell that and people bought it

>> No.22636680

Did you realize these gains, yet? Maybe take a couple $200,000 if you haven't, just for safety

>> No.22636697

Is it even worth selling tech calls that expire in 11/20 and 12/18 at a -90% loss or do I just fucking pray that tech somehow rebounds 10% in 1 month?

>> No.22636719


imagine what a faggot you have to be to post your stuff on reddit

there are only 2 groups of people that post on reddit
- retards
- narcisstic psychopaths who are larping their asses off

>> No.22636720

It’s a clear down trend sell on an “up” leg of the nasdaq

>> No.22636734

Buy all the indexes and forget about it. Unless you want to spend a few years and dedicate yourself to this, don't bother.

Trying to find the next Amazon is how people get shilled and burned to the ground. You will see one punter that gets lucky believing he knew it was coming, but chalks all his failures up to just "bad luck".

Selective bias.

>> No.22636746

thats not me, it's some reddit YOLO dude who people thought was crazy the entire time.
Turns out there's really no way for GME to go up but maybe slightly up because short sellers are retarded and shorted the entire float and anyone who's shorted the last year are all underwater.

Anyone holding GME shares/calls would be a fool to take profits now.

>> No.22636754
File: 70 KB, 640x458, 1594431837064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

really sorry I have to tell you guys this but r/wsb sucess storys are 99% lies and now pls go back

>> No.22636782

dude fuck off

>> No.22636801

ngmi if you don't use r/wsb as a negative indicator

>> No.22636825

New @[email protected]




>> No.22636827
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yeah sure.. reading reddit all day long because you don't like it. YOU BELONG THERE.

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