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Imagine not accumulating this easy 10x. You do realize who is backing this project, right anon?

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.86.65 litnu gnitiaw m'I

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Only the smart ones are accumulating. I imcreases my 1m stack to 1.5m thanks to these weak hands

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.elbativeni si VSR fo noitpodA ."otilarroc" naht esrow sisirc a htiw laed ot evah noos lliw anitnegrA

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i;m thinking about thos fartless beans

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Solid and bought more UNI. If UNI keeps going up I can just buy back all my RSR and it won't make any difference to me.

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I'm thinking about where the seed money ended up...

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based retard

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>investing in something that'll reach 20 dollars at minimum is "retarded"
>knowing that you can buy back in because RSR is literally a 9 year hold is "retarded"

Yeah okay faggot, keep thinking you're gonna get rich in a year. The only people with money from RSR right now are the ones who bought it over a year ago when it was still like 0.0001 cents, if you really want to get rich then why not find a 0.0001 cent project that doesn't look like a scam and put a few hundred on that, in a year or two your money will do a 100x easily.

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circulating supply increasing by billions, market cap pumping, price dumping/stagnating. Welcome to the wonderful world of being dumped on, and keep in mind that this is just the start.

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It's interesting to me how certain you are that your ERC20 token that has no actual utility and was airdropped for free to users of an exchanged used primarily for ponzis and scamming will "reach 20 dollars minimum".
You're some combination of very new, very stupid, and a gambling addict. At least two of the three I suspect.
Good luck anyway.

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i held through this exact process with LINK and it paid off. i wouldn't tolerate this if the project seemed at all scammy, but RSR doesn't. ambitious, yes, scam, no.

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Chart shows major manipulation and suppression.
No thanks, I know a scam when I see it.

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Can't believe I traded my 400 Uni for 70k RSR when it was values at $2.44. And RSR has just dumped since

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I've lost like 60% of my money on this shit

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totally differnet to link. RSR is WAY WAY over valued with only 9% in circ right now

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Have you tried asking nicely for a refund?

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Imagine selling assets and not accumulating them

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