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Why does every thread containing any kind of Chainlink related positivity immediately attract hateful seething madmen who not only LOATHE this project with every quantum fibre of their being but absolutely DESPISE anyone who holds LINK or expresses any enthusiasm for the future of this tech the mere mention of which eliciting fits of bizarre mouth-frothing spasmodic gibbering rage
Why have all of the insightful and interesting posters seemingly vanished into thin air replaced with nothing but violently asbergic crash helmet wearing caterwauling Reddit users with literally the WORST possible quality posts and the most low effort low IQ unfunny fud imaginable
Why has this board gone from being at least somewhat related to the discussion of promising cryptocurrency investment to literally spasticated mental patients convulsing and fitting with some kind of incomprehensible insane vitriol for a project that used to be spoken about with genuine excitement here on /biz/
Why is this genuinely legitimate project that could potentially save many of us from poverty misery alcoholism isolation and suicide CONSTANTLY shit on by frothing incoherent autistic piss soaked FUCKING MANIACS all day everyday with ZERO respite
Why is no one talking about the bullish twitter hype surrounding LINK despite an ongoing economic fucking APOCALYPSE
Why is no one excited for staking
Why is no one discussing threshold signatures
Why does the level of discourse regarding Chainlink on this clown car of a board seem like it’s being negatively astroturfed by an office full of homeless Chinese drunks intermittently vomiting bile and semi-digested labrador INTO MY FUCKING BRAIN every time I want to read a decent thread discussing the progress of Chainlink smart contract oracles

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Sergey betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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well *I* like chain link

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Swingers, discord trannies, fellow ((((humans)))), degens and all other sorts of unworthy scum don't want you to make it. Never read, never sell

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It's called fud, so I can buy cheaper link. Sell me your link, cheaper than it is now.

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If everything seems so bullish why do you seek further validation here? And really after all these years what's left to be said?

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Title of the thread got me excited but this isn’t a uni thread is it

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Literally swapped this shitcoin for Uni earlier this morning. Easiest 2x of my life get fucked

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The token does not need a single dollar from any degen on this godforsaken board. Therefore greedy fucks will fud to try to shake out every last newfag whenever given an opportunity, in order to swing (while shouting that swingers get the rope to scare said newfags from ever trying to copy them). It is what it is, you get used to it.

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Today proofs that Link is dead and gone. Its a old boomer coin from 2017 that nobody cares about anymore.
You should buy statera, its the new comfy coin of biz . It has a better team, better token distribution, more better features and tokenomics like token burn function, better community and betterer memes.

Stop holding this boomer coin while it goes to 0. buy Statera now while its still cheap and early, we are going to 10 eom and 50 eoy

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damn RSI hasn't been this low since COVID dump? Best hopium yet

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Must be something big coming. Every LINK counts.

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DID read, not selling. Enjoyable post, thank you based OP.

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Not your board anymore. Nothing personell, kid. Go back to plebbit and Twitter normies.

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lmao the cope is real. This shit is going to $1, you know it deep down and are SEETHING kek. keep on coping, I drink broke linkie tears. And get that rope ready bitch

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/biz/ is a UNICHAD board now. Fuck stink scam

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Stinkies seething, back to single digits

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Anon, i think i can help you out.

There is always a number of unique newfags on /biz/. The quality of discussion is inversely related to this number. The higher the rate of newfags, the lower the quality. Usually when newfags arrive here alot of lurking is required to get used to certain standards of posting.

However, when NN (Newfag number, or NIGGER NIGGER) increases rapidly, more and more posts drown out any intellectual posts. Posts with many replies will have even more replies, because normie eyes are used to spotting anything with big likes and updoots.

And it will get worse. Those times of digging and discussion are over for now. They will return later on with price increases, but they will not be the same as the OG posts. Dont be sad that it is over fren, be happy that you witnessed it. We are all in this together afterall.

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They just do it for the meme newfag.

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Ok you win
Seriously I’m selling
50,000 link most of it bought between 40 - 60c
I’m so tired of waiting I guess 10$ will have to do
Was planning on holding until at least $100 but that’s never happening is it
GG guys enjoy Uniswap or whatever the fuck that autism is I don’t care I never even used that stupid exchange
Bye bye forever

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You are witnessing a psyop. It's not just that LINK is being astroturfed, but the nature of the astroturfing has changed. Where before it was about making LINK seem like a joke or a white natsoc movement, it's now just mean-spirited but bland and soul crushing. It's meant to fracture the culture around LINK and excise anything resembling meme magic from future price action. It's just supposed to be bots and a new community of zoom zoom to the moon zoomers. When you look back a year, it's supposed to be sterile, banal FUD. Not the shit we used to all be saying. It's disgusting and sinister and transparent. But it's also overwhelming and impossible to talk over. That's the point though. If you could talk over it, the culture behind LINK could persist, and god forbid, go viral and shake some 75x leveraged whale into the poor house. Better to just act like bugs and swarm over us, screaming and shitting and clicking and hissing.

At least we had our frens. There's nothing more to be done. If we poison their FUD threads, they'll just suppress it for what might as well be forever. If we just roll over and hold, the sky will eventually clear and we can silently pass out.

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The post you're responding to is copy-pasted across several threads. It's part of the psyop and social rebrand.

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best post. screencapped it to read over the next year. thanks

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You're welcome. I should have written silently cash out, but I spaced.

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We must make a distinction, are you investing to make money or are you investing because you believe in the tech. Don't let emotions cloud your judgement and also do not worry about external factors, the market, fud things you have no control over anyway. Do you think the current price the market ascribes to Chainlink represent the true value? Ultimately I believe in the Chainlink project, but I still sold at £15, am I buying right now fuck yes. The slow bleeding and crabbing is the shaking of weak hands. Check the big whale wallets they all have chainlink, I have a few projects which are literally for the coming year and after that, Ocean, Noia, and Bolt get these bags to win.

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OP you don't deserve the olive branch the true believers are extending in this thread. go ahead and sell your linkies. i literally don't give a fuck. you are ngmi, even if you choose to hold.
cya fuckers at the yacht party

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glad I dumped my link
saved a lot of money so far
could buy in for 50% more right now if I wanted

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Comp sci here
Not the Linkerinos
Don’t buy those linkerinis
It’s a fucking scam look at my pulsating perspiring semitic forehead
Last night I ironically filmed Deshaun penetrating my wife’s anus with a police baton haha
Hey Morty my wife’s ass looks like a Jewish vaudevillian clown’s pocket it’s art
My wife’s fucking rectum is a post modern commentary on colonialism farting cum all over our heckin wedding photorino
Decentralised smart contract oracles? This year for our anniversarino I filmed my wife farting pepperoni over a Wiccan effigy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg I’m a male feminist
Link is a nazi token Sergei is a NAZI
Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger! Just watched my wife get pozzed by a viral African load it’s so beautiful when I think of the birth scene tribal African drums played at ear shattering volume vomit pouring down my lederhosen as my wife’s vagina blooms from the pozzed negroid seed ITS ENOUGH TO MAKE A MAN SICK HAHA
I asked doctor Shabbo about Link and he said it’s a scam and to buy XRP before delivering twin brown baby boys from my wife’s prolapsed assgina haha thanks for le gold don’t buy link

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