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We're pumping again :)

Here we discuss all things FTM and share our maymays.


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I hope you bought the dip anon kun

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Ah shit here we go again

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>We're pumping again :)
you mean, we're warming up

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Pleasegodown I need to buy more

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Is my 2MM enough to make it?

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Roosh is a child molester and has hundreds of pictures of naked kids in his PC. He uses Fantom to buy and sell Child Porn.

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If I buy this shit can I stake to earn more?

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Of course.
>Buy FTM
>Send to Opera wallet

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being able to rebalance your debt in seconds makes for a nice minigame to play during these price swings.

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8c eow
43c eom
81c eoy

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>Mint a useless stablecoin


THe fantom faggors waited for 9 months to minth a stablecoin that no one is ever gonna use! Toppest of KEK

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Forgot this. Kek.

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i bought the dip!

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Camry stack?
Suicide stack?
Make it stack?

Assuming a one year hold

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>They dont saw the page

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YFI x FTM confirmed

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If that is actually real I'm crapping and pissing my pants.
Everybody with 100k will make the top 5 richest men in America look like fucking peasants.
1MM holders will have more money than there is printed in the globe.

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Holy shit it's still pumping!

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And we still have yet to get fSwap and fLend.
And on top of that, God Cronje retweeted and said there is a "bridge" coming soon, with the silence emoji.
If this is actually YFI implementation in FF, I have to say congratulations, gentlemen.

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Is staking worth it? Have almost one million on Binance

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what about poor 20k holders like myself?

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It is, some breadcrumb were leaked days ago

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can you share this crouton with us my man

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Was it the lines of code that also had Link in it?

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that one too, if you could post I would appreciate

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Based. Andre just added another defi coin to the meme pile and everyone has been sleeping on fantom for months. This could hit $1 real soon.

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this is about to pump so much in the coming weeks...

i used to have more than double my current stack but that fucking dip lead me to bad choices

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Just went and read the announcement article. fUSD and wFTM are erc20 tokens actually. They said its to port over to ETH. These are going to be added all over to the eth defi contracts soon.

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Just got home from the office. How my bizraelis doing?

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>He's a fantom

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How does 20 million sound?

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Bro those ratios are fucked. 1m suicide 2m make it? It’s more like 100k suicide 1-2m make it