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TSigs released within the next 2 weeks.

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It's not going to affect the price at all

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and what will that even do?

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Priced in

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Who ?

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Priced in

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People were saying “mainnet soon” since 2017.
Nothing is getting released.

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no they won't. The team is notoriously slow to deliver new products, I honestly don't expect tsigs until 2021/2022

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thomas literally said sooner than people think

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reduce gas prices for nodes by 1500x

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They literally said "soon" when they released the initial paper over 1 year ago, fuck off

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If you listen to thomas's recent interview, he says Staking they need to figure out the right balance for economic incentives-wise to make sense, implementation isnt the difficult part.
for t-sigs, he said that is coming very very soon. sooner than people think. they realize they need to release it to capitalize on the DeFi boom.
so fuck off, eat a dick

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what the fuck are you talking about

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Thomas is addicted to Strawberry Frosted Poptarts.

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based. On the staking part, I'm pretty sure the coding or technical part is already done. Like you said, they need to figure out how to actually implement it. That's what Ari Juels is working on

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youre both fucking delusional lmao
remember when "Mixicles" was almost ready?


>The result of the collaboration is an academic paper, published last Tuesday. But unlike some academic studies, left to languish in a dusty journal, Mixicles is already fully functional, Nazarov assured us. So how does it work?
>Sep 9, 2019

Im sure tsigs will be "fully functional" for over a year before getting released lmfao

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why are you so angry at a coin you don't even own?

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because I used to own it and got tired of all the fucking lies.

Can you explain to me how a "fully functional" product doesn't' get released for over a year?

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Thinking about it that is absolute bullshit... how the fuck has barely anything been done

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yikes, imagine being this cucked. Sergey never delivers. Name one time in history he has

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why would you say something like this to your brother? anyone with a brain knows what's actually going on, so why try to cause fear and damage that certainty?

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>Im sure tsigs will be "fully functional" for over a year before getting released lmfao

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So you were jilted? You used to love LINK and couldn't let go of the emotions after you moved on. So the love became hate. Show tits or GTFO.

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Already merged into the master branch right?

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Mainnet has been out for a year nulinker nigger.

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Oh so they're going to release it last year? Because that's when the link discord was full of tsigs predictions.

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If i were dumping 5 million dollars worth of scamcoins a week i would say that too.

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He literally said before EOY. I hope new linkers keep selling though we need to capitulate harder.
>pic rel

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This. We thought half this shit was going to be seen end of 19. The team are absolute chancers winging it with feature creep.

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>because I used to own it and got tired of all the fucking lies

did you take your daily estrogen today?