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Look, there are two types of crypto investors. 1) People who don’t understand classical economics and haven’t read Mises/Rothbard etc 2) People who have

The first group doesn’t understand how impactful a reliable stable currency is in every single aspect of life in a third world hyperinflationary country. The second fully understands. If your mom or dad puts $100 in the bank, and the very next day it’s only worth $90, and next month it’s worth $4, you would understand the use case very very clearly. This is not a hypothetical use case. Now that doesn’t mean that Reserve is the only one attempting to solve this problem. However, I made a sober assessment by looking at the backers, connections, and way they are unrolling this. You DO NOT WANT a coin that attempts to solve this problem with aggressive marketing and spamming. They are treading very carefully and rolling this out in a very strategic way. They have to be absolutely sure that the app works in small local markets before putting billions of dollars of marketing, development etc behind it.

At the end of the day, if you don’t know anything about economics, you aren’t really a good fit to hold this project. For those of us who do, it’s an extremely cozy hold.

One more thing, to the “MuH SuPpLy iS 1,000,000,000,000,000” poster... You do realize that the demand for US dollars in an order of magnitude higher than the supply right? Not to mention that RSR is literally burned at a high rate, built into the protocol. Getting in here is like getting into LINK at ICO, or better. I have LINK, PNK, LGCY, RSR and BTC. I only hope to have some of you bro’s on the yacht with me.

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Great dose of hopium. My main concern is with the fartless beans though. Why is the main marketing guy working in a shitty little road side deli where they serve fartless bean soup? I sold half of my stack when this info started coming out.

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Newfags, this is an amateur fudder.

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Fartless beans and hipsters.

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Dude, this shit is dead. Give it up. Your little scam couldn't even reach 5 cents per RSR token.

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I actually made a few of the fartless bean memes. Shitposting is fun and maybe I’m addicted after doing it to LINK since 2017

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I heard the same thing about Bitcoin at $200 and Link at $1.50

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I dare anyone to actually refute my post with a well reasoned argument.

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Start digging, save your people.


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What should we dig into

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250,000,000 sold on Binance, 250,000,000 sold on Huobi. Who was it transferred to before the sale? What for? 2,000,000,000 left. This is probably a good measure of how much time you have left to accumulate.

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Who's address is this? Start connecting the dots.


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Could you just explain instead of schizoposting?

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Oh nvm this is from the slow wallet withdrawal.

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He is implying that there are massive purchases for institutional or exchange liquidity. Many anons here will get left in the dust. This isn’t shilling, it’s just a fact.

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RSR has 10 BILLION ERC-20 coins. If you think this isn't the top, I have an ICO to sell you.

Kleros fixes this.

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Have you no understanding of why it is a two coin system? The rsr token is used to stabilize the rsv. What mechanism do you think they will be using to keep it pegged to one dollar? The whitepaper is five minutes of your life. That's it. After you read it you can go right back to drooling on your shoes if that is how you want to spend your time.

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>My main concern is with the fartless beans though.
Literally the only thing i am concerned about as well.

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1) Reserve burns an absurd amount of tokens with even minimal adoption. Come on anon, if you hold Kleros you should be smart enough for this.
2) I hold about 100K PNK. It’s not mutually exclusive.

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I agree it’s a huge issue. I made the original meme of the AP news Article actually. Inspect element is grossly underused in meme creation.

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Sup senpai. I made that bean can meme and a few others from the Big Moose Deli Yelp page. I also am the one who took the screenshot of the fartless beans in that original insomniac RSR thread. The best part? I never held this shit and never will. I just got tired of seeing this annoying logo every day being shilled. kek.

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I shall include you in the stories I tell to my grandchildren, when they ask me about my long strange journey to crypto riches.

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Man whoever found that shit Is a meme demon. That was some nuclear FUD. It's the only thing that's made my hands shake so far

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>fartless beans
ahhahahahha. thank yo.u needed a good lol

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It was pretty fucking good.

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Was too late with LINK, but I'll join you on the RSR and LGCY yacht parties. Buying more of both with my 800 UNI.

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DMG fixes this.

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lgcy redpill?

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fartless beans made me buy.

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I am planning to hold, but the fuds kinda deterred my plan to DCA-ing on the way down

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I wish I'd sold the top, but only so I could buy back in on the way down. Been DCAing this whole time.

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Reminder you need at least 100k rsr to be invited to the mainnet launch party at big moose

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Tron fork, $700,000 in locked liquidity, tons of major developments and devs leaving Tron for Legscy. Bags are extremely cheap right now. 100k suicide / 1MM make it

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Fartless bean dip on the yacht party?

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Fartless beans isn’t even fud it’s just a funny meme

The real concern is this is the website their lead app developer made rofl

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I think some anon found that the domain was registered like 9 years ago or something. You can't judge any professional based on their work 9 years ago, especially in tech.

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I've literally lost over half my money

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100K stacklet here, will i make it?

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not enough

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hey bro. any more details about the twitter post. they mentioned layer 2 scaling which matches with something you said i think would be coming december.

they mentioned big industry players. got any info on that?

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yes I will post a hint who these companies are. Watch this thread

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Coinbase soon ;)

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How much to make it then rsrdev anon?

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10/10 bantz

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What about pic related fud?

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What does the platypus mean?

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What's FUD about a soft ICO?

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Website of road side deli is 7+ years old anon. Even though marketing guy was co-founder and website master of this fartless bean dispenser, he was fairly young to actually open this business by himself. So i assume it's a family business.
Website itself may be barebones, but once you get into webdev and IT, you gonna learn a lot if you have motivation. 7 years for webdev is more than enough to go from junior to senior developer.
I also found little article made by him about why people voted trump back at 2016. Im reading it right now, might be fun, might be cringe, might be based:

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"Misophonia Empowerer?
Misophonia is a hatred of sound.

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Wait this article...
>Date: Nov 7, 2016, 1 day before election
>back when everyone was sure Hillary gonna win
>actually unbiased research why people vote trump
damn he was onto something???

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it has 10000000000000 supply buy AMPL instead sirs

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from medium blog comments

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So he tweeted this to Trump. What am I missing? There is no indication that he ever got a response back.

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This is nothing, just shared what I found.

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Any new theories on the Papua New Guinea thing?

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how much reserve to make it?
I have 16k and I bought at the top. I can load up my bags again but not until it hits the bottom

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Not so fast. This is a shitcoin that will NEVER moon but the fartless beans meme is pretty funny and I may buy some just so I can join fartless gang. That’s your only hope pajeet.

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It might drop down to .012 but dont get too greedy.

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Explain to a financial retard what "get left in the dust" mean in this context?

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Every time someone makes an rsr thread it drops 1/4 of a penny.

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Did finance make you superstitious or were you always that way?

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So the burning is how they get the farts out of the beans?

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Talking about fartless beans brings out the devs. Bullish.

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It means that this project has so much growth to do that if you're not careful you'll wind up a bitter little poorfag.

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You leave Gita out of this.

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5 crypto companies
that will come soon, as the tweet and I myself said. App development is progressing nicely

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Thanks for the hopium my friend

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LINK - understandable, you need an oracle
Kleros - you need it to uhhh sue someone?
TRON - uhhhhhhhhhhhh you want to dump another 100b to another chain?
Statera - whyyy???
DeFiat - uhhhh staking RSR???
what the fuck is all that, you just took all /biz/ memecoins you could find you stupid LARPer

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if you're RSR dev better tell me how the fuck this mobile app works in Latin America?
Like cool transfer USD through crypto, but WHERE do i deposit USD and WHERE do I withdraw them??? You're not an exchange aren't you, and I believe Venezualians hobos aren't interested in transferring simple mere digits between their phones?

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here's the actual truth about RSR

it will fail and it will fail big
enjoy getting dumped on seed investors who bought at $0.0004

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you got some wrong but let me elaborate further on that means. Some of these companies took interest which means we have the chance of working with them. I know you cant comprehend this but we are not only gonna steal their products, no we need them as business partner to grow as a company.

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Highly informative post from you. Thank you for sharing and I will increase my bags after reading.

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this is the absolute worst larp i have ever seen
im actually pissed at how low effort this is, good job anon

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I am known for making bad investments or rather picking the wrongest of times to do so. I read about crypto in 2017, didn't invest. FOMO'd in early 2018 after I thought it had crashed. Lost a lot, let it rest for 2 years.
Now came back for the DeFi craze late August, picked the wrong horses again. Didn't get crazy gains.

I want to invest in PNK and RSR. Do one purchase, be done with it and come back in 2 years to collect my 100k. When do I buy? Now? I can afford around 50-70k RSR.

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Probably not make it, but you will have a very solid return on investment in under 12 months. .30 conservatively, $1 bull case by EOY 2021.

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hell yeah let's fucking go. I'm trying to get to 1 million by the end of the year

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This is a great entry point. I would DCA here but start with like 50% of your stack. I FOMOd in a bit weeks ago. Buy PNK too for sure and at least a handful of LNK.

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>tfw my cold wallet's got more Rissies than some exchanges.

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Based. What are your sell targets?

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all i know is that rsv will on-ramp billions of new people to crypto and to crypto exchanges completely bypassing most if not all regulatory restrictions.

imagine not knowing that rsv allows people to on-ramp with paypal. it's the only fucking project that accepts paypal payments and converts it into crypto. why is biz so fucking retarded as to not be all in on this yet? LOL you people are a joke

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I wish I was larping

>> No.22599035

Kucoin or kraken
Idk, you’re just larping anyway

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Do I buy LGCY or RSR with my free 400 UNI. Already at 1.2m RSR so I should probably diversify

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Billions of people? You think half the world is going to get this?

>> No.22599291

Get a nice LGCY moon bag. Or some PNK if you haven’t yet. I have a million RSR too

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over the next 2-5 years i think 1b+ users is a guarantee

everyone wants dollars anon, the demand for the dollar is almost limitless especially during these uncertain times. nobody wants to stick with their local currencies and have it crash 80% over night, and so if they see a viable option to opt out of theirs they will. argentina is a prime example of this, their currency crashed over night and their government is limiting how many dollars they can purchase through their central banks. think about that for a moment then imagine the mass movement of people that will be entering the dollar in the coming 2-5 years but have no way to do so through the regular banking system.

trump will win 2020 and make the dollar extremely strong compared to the rest of the fiat in the world. you understand this much right?

then look at what reserve is going to do in places like angola, they're going to on-ramp over 5 million new users almost over night with the 7mobile deal they have and that's just 1 partnership in 1 country.

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all right, thank you anon. ill take your word on this one. i bought a meme stack of 100 LINK in 2018, my 1 decent investment.
I will buy 500k of LGCY as well, because you are shilling it here.
If I make a small fortune thanks to you, I'll come back and celebrate you with a screencap

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