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raising an entire generation of bagholders

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>Sold 350
>Collect my 3.0eth
>Do what I want with it
>Still have 50 for the off chance it has legs

Wow these bags sure are heavy

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>bagholding $1200 that you got for free

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> worth at least 3 eth for the 400 unis
> Sell 1 eth worth
>Buy another potential 5x-10x
> So simple it might just work

So what the fuck is everyone's problem. I'll sell this garbage to buy more garbage.

The tax fud won't stop me since I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. No future of defy shill since I'm literally participating.

All you phaggots talking about dumb money selling.... Try again bucko.

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honestly i love uniswap
>gonna rek all biz newfags
>liquidity pools
>impermanent loss
uniswaps color palette is exactly that of a pink wojak
seriously though - if you're involved in any kind of liquidity pooling and don't understand impermanent loss...

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taxes. you owe ss/medi/income tax on that money lol.

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this anon is smart
if you didn't take your free ETH you are the smoothest of brains

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Again with the pathetic tax fud. Bro people literally DO NOT KNOW WHAT A DIGITAL CRYPTO CURRENSY IS. I FUCKEN USE EBAY WHICH IS THE SAME SHIT? OK sure

Internet numbers

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your point being? same applies whenever you make any money anon...

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>people thinking they're smart for selling most of their stack and missing out on easy gains

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Exactly. I think these retards are trying to influence sentiment or something to be able to pump and dump higher.... If it does good

If it does not then I got some eth to play with

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>implying I’m ever cashing out
>implying if the day comes that I want to, I won’t cash out using $$ via usps or localmonero
>implying my metamask is in any way associated with a kyc identity
ok kys

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can a rich chad please help me out?
i need 10 dollars worth of eth to claim my uni..
if you send me the eth i will send you 25 dollars worth of eth back..
please add me on discord and we can talk more Calvin#8771 :)

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You don't deserve it

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Why can't free $1200 bags be the new crypto trend?

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Not if you're Canadian and crypto is just a capital gain where the only taxable events are deposit and withdraw...

I actually have pretty rock strong hands and a stomach for some sick levels of gamble, but I couldn't bring myself to hold something like without any clue about the actual token or what it's purpose is. Not too mention once gas prices level out a bit in a few days once the hype dies down, all of India is going to be priced in to sell.

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you tell me, am I smart for selling 400 UNI for 3.7 ETH? reminder I can buy back in any time I would like to, which I don't think I will

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>but I couldn't bring myself to hold something like without any clue about the actual token or what it's purpose is.
you are literally in the top 1% of biz
enjoy your free money

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I got a better idea, give me your address.


You know what they say, give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he sucks a bunch of dicks to get his gibs

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post eth address

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Impermanent loss is a meme, all the original liquidity providers to uniswap just got paid massively in uniswap tokens so it all evens out

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dubs confirm ygmi
elaborate pls

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>deposits $1.9mil worth of ETH
>receives $500k in return
>this is somehow a good ROI over two years
what am i missing

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never gonna happen again though and you couldn't have predicted it

all the pairs for mining should be fine though, but you can get absolutely fucking rekt by IL

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i mean, he only lost 75%, most people here lose 100% regularly. it's why theres so many newfags, oldfags all got rich on bitcoin and left years ago, and the waves of people who came after periodically commit suicide and open the way for yet more newfags.

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Ahmmmmm i want to sold another 130 now, but its pending for 1 hour

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How can I buy some uni swap ? Sound like a good deal

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2017 was fun

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c oinbase

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Fuck off you curry shitting Pajeet.

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NVM did it again and worked instantly

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YOu will be paying taxes on that "free money", cuck.

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guys its rocketing in the last 10mins
getting kinda nervous I sold my gibs this morning

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what kind of a retarded fucking nigger brain argument is this?

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Lmao almost 4.50 on coinbase

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They still have the eth and now have 500k

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>paying taxes
I don't live in a third world shithole. Kill yourself tranny.

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>Gets free money
>Complains about taxes

Imagine being this much of a whiny bitch lmao

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... And? I pay taxes on every dollar I make regardless. This is a part of life (even though it is bullshit). I don't pay taxes until I realize my gains though, I never cashed anything out into fiat.

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You have literally no idea how taxes work.

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$3.50 on binance i'm a go fuck myself

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I dont know shit about this memecoin. Do I sell it and buy stocks?

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Tax pussy

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4.46 on coinbase

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Who said I'm complaining? I don't live in a shithole so I don't pay taxes on this shit. I'm just making fun of tranny amerisharts who are getting cucked.

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the ROI on holding ETH over that 2year period would far exceed 500k you absolute smoothbrain

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do you have a mental disability?

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Only third world shitholes don't make you pay tax because they don't expect you to actually have anything to tax in the first place. Notice how morons like you never post where they live because they'd get laughed out of the thread almost instantly.

Most of the smoothbrain europoors think americans pay some god awful 40% flat tax because they're too retarded to google when the reality is it's more like 10-15% for anything over 40k and a year of holding

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Make me.

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>Alice contributed 100 LINK and 100 USDC to this pool, giving her ownership of 10% of the pool’s total assets, notwithstanding any new deposits to the pool.

>On Jun. 1, 2020, the price of LINK is now $4. If LINK is worth $4 and the constant K is 1,000,000, that means there are 500 LINK and 2000 USDC in the pool.

>Alice owns 10%, so she can redeem 50 LINK and 200 USDC—ignoring liquidity provision fees earned—as of June 1. This is worth a total of $400 ($200 of LINK and $200 of USDC). Compared to her initial investment of $200 ($100 of LINK and $100 of USDC), Alice made a pretty sweet return. But let’s put this into perspective.

>What if Alice didn’t provide liquidity and just held her 100 LINK and 100 USDC? Today it would be worth $500 ($400 of LINK and $100 of USDC). Further, what if Alice actually had 200 LINK, but sold 100 of them for USDC so she could partake in liquidity provision? She would have 200 LINK, which would now be worth $800.

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This didn't age well

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>just lost 120 swinging

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They're farming on the ETH pair.
ETH is gonna crab forever at this point, it's not dead in the water because it's the mommy of smart contracts. ETH as itself is garbage, fuck it doesn't even follow its own ERC20 standard

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i have so many more accounts to claim

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the point im making is if this retard held his eth instead of locking it into a liquidity pool at $117USD - he wouldve done a 2x by now
meaning he'd have 3.6mil instead of 2.3mil
this is literally how IL works
pic related

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The entire purpose of liquidity pools is to make money when crypto is crabbing sideways

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and in this case, did it work for olm8 that cucked himself with 1.8mil worth of ETH?
im not against yield farming or liqpools - but uniswap is retarded - newfag brainlets that didnt witness the 2017 bloodbath are going to get rekt
the smart ones will take their free gibs and put it into projects with use case and PoC

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If its gifted I doubt you're taxed on it

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Being happy now with my double nationality so I can just traslade my gains to my Mexico account and cash out in small amounts. Slow but free of taxes hehe.

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Uh oh. Anon, you do realize Canadians get pretty rammed in taxes..right? You are aware that every crypto-to-crypto event is taxed, along with staking/airdrops/free money, and everything else?

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bump for free money and wtf do we do with the uni

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Put it in one of the UNI pools and make free UNI. Keep doing that until UNI reaches $10+ and convert half to ETH. Do same with ETH. Rinse repeat.

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Christ, tried to put some in the eth/usdc coin bit to farm, but 1.5 uni a week, and 50 cents a day really doesn't seem worth it

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wey pero con bitso o como? sin KYC solo se pueden sacar 4500 varos al mes. Bale berga

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You have to stake in pairs right guy?

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clearly its not just the coin at this point

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Better hope that second nationality isn't American. Americans are subject to a "world tax" ke. If the IRS finds out they will buttfuck you, and since you're dual nationality you're already more likely to be flagged for an audit for this very reason.