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/Pol here. Just got my stimulus check. I never thought of my future until now. I have a decent job but not enough. What should I invest it in?

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Anything but link

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crypto is pretty unsustainable, however, I do plan on investing on a little bit.

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so fuck the guy above you then?

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fuck off and go back to your shithole you smelly newfag

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>Asking shit before even starting
Never gonna make it, go back to being an incel in your autistic hugbox

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unless you are looking for a wooping 3% a year or have the balls and knowledge to trade options and futures

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Lol go all in link now

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The HoloCoin (JEWS), obviously

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EOS is by far the patrician choice

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Dont buy chainlink btw it's a useless erc-20 token

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>imagine thinking everyone is an incel.
I could say the same thing for you faggot.

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The EOS.IO ecosystem entered the market with the goal to simplify the programming and integration of smart contracts and the development of decentralized applications (Dapps).

One of the most amazing aspects of the EOS.IO platform is that it virtually eliminates transaction fees through its unique structuring. Additionally, the platform is hugely scalable. Reports confirm that EOS.IO can outperform major credit cards such as Visa in terms of transactions per second. In this way, EOS provides the perfect foundation for Dapp developers.

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Don't be a /leftypol/faggot an anon who finds his way from the degenerate stormnigger shithole to /biz/ is to be helped

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EOS combines many of the most admirable features from some of the most popular blockchain in existence. Developers tout that the protocol has the security of Bitcoin, combined with the ease of programming found in Ethereum. On top of all of these impressive claims, the platform possesses scalability that surpasses Ripple’s capabilities.

Together all of these features make EOS one of the ultimate Dapp platforms available today. Supporters of this revolutionary protocol have even dubbed EOS the “Ethereum killer.”

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shoo shoo trannies

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XRP was, is, and will always be, GARBAGE

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I don't hold this for shits and giggles. We are going to fund literal genocide of Jews with this

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Chainlink is shit


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can someone give me an actual explanation as to why I should invest in link?? or at least send me articles about chainlink.

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Why not watch the video I posted on LINK? At least it will give you one perspective to consider. You should get both sides of the story before making an investment decision.

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that is a fair point.

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Read the whitepaper. Decide for yourself based on that alone. Ignore absolutely everything else, including the FUD here. It’s 9/10 times people who hold massive amounts of LINK, trying to get you to either sell or not buy at all.
You’re not too late to make some decent money. As a fellow /pol/ack I want to see you make it as well.
Read the whitepaper and decide.

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>Posts Zeus video
>Is shilling EOS
Don't waste your time listening to 2 hours of drivel based on a report that was written by /biz/lets. Just google chainlink and start reading, faggot. No spoonfeeding.

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Physical Silver

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uni / link / ocean

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Good read. Thanks anon.

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so what does this mean?

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Coinbase Pro
400 UNI
hangout with us

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sell signal

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That's a man.