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Just took a few dabs and had a few brews and since I don’t have to get up to wageslave for Jews tomorrow I thought I’d go for a stroll. Do any of my other /biz/ bro’s enjoy the night more? It’s such a comfy time, hope you all aren’t letting this dip keep you up, we’ll bounce back soon.

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Used to love this when I was younger, sometimes I'd take the dog with me.

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Yeah bruv, looking at the northern lights here rn and the thin atmosphere because of that makes the stars super clear

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gonna start skating and smoking at night when the temperature cools,

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I want to go walk, but I don’t like breathing smoke.
>t. Californian

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Rich NEET/ self-employed here. I do a lot of /night walks/.
It's 5:40 am here, I got up early today. I will probably watch the sunrise from my rooftop terrace with a cup of coffee. Max comfy.

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Taking a long walk alone at 3am with a bowl in my hoodie pocket is one of the most relaxing things I can do after a day of getting fucked by crypto.

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Isn't it dangerous or illegal to be walking around at night?
We don't have sidewalks here and if you're out dogs and shit will bark at you.

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Do you live in india or turkey? lmfao

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>Isn't it dangerous or illegal to be walking around at night?
What? Where do you live?

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Just went for a night walk. Almost got mugged by a Din'Doo. Watch out for a guy in a red jump suit. "Need a light?" Not my first mugging attempt Jamal, I lived in Baltimore before this and I will cut you. Still relaxing despite living in a shitty diverse area. Reaffirmed my dip buy of ammo stocks.

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I live in NYC and one of my favorite things to do is get high and go running around 8 or 9pm. The temp is nice and cool and there is so much action everywhere you look to keep me entertained. Mornings are for fags.

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*to look at

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God I'm glad I live in Scandinavia sometimes. 90% white and I never have to worry about getting mugged. Even the most "dangerous" part of my city is safe during the night.

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Carry a gun and shoot any shitbull on sight.

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>90% white

thats fucked up, it should be at least 99%

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I am in Jersey. Its a poor area. I'm like the only white guy among a bunch of poos and BerkaDerkas. But they hate Din'doos with a passion and generally don't put up with their shit. Poos and BerkaDerkas are too busy running businesses to put up with Din'Doo games. On the up side, literally no Antifa/BLM faggots. I would get a conceal carry, but Jersey is a "only criminals and police get guns" state.

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Snap some pictures during your night walk so you can visit the places again when you are stuck at work. Feels good.

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I just googled it, it's actually 91%. But I agree.

It's like 98% outside the big cities though.

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browns cant survive in the cold

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I’m a NEET my man I don’t have to worry about wage slavery right now. Lads after a .75 mile night walk and coming home to some munchies, anime, and the coziest blanket their is on the couch I don’t think there’s that many things more comfy in this world.

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dang I'm jealous, might go for that this weekend. I'm a school cuck though

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based /out/ crossposter

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What country can I flee to once I have made it? The american empire will demand I pay taxes forever. Should I throw all my money into shit coin and run?

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on nights when the moon is really bright i take my dogs for a walk around my private community without my head lamp turned on, theres something cathartic about strolls in the moonlight, man. and im in the mountains so theres no light pollution and you can see the milky way. god, its so fucking nice.

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I live in a small town in the middle of the desert so going out for walks at night can be legitimately dangerous because of animals and hazardous terrain. I do like smoking on the porch at 2 AM looking at the stars tho

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Good god that sounds amazing, being outside the (((city))) you can get such a nice view of the stars, the mountains are some of the most beautiful place on the planet. There’s something serene about being in them.
You’ll get there one day if it’s what you want breh.

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Get out of your bubble

I feel you OP high rn comfy cause of biz 0 worries about to rip a fat J get food and fuck my bitch gggggggg life’s great. Peace n love.

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yeah, bro, my house isnt the greatest but its in a great location in a great community. we have some bears around here but i have my ccl and im always carrying. plus my dogs have chased off a few bears at the house this year so im not worried about being ambushed late at night. i usually take my night walks around 12-2 AM, what is your preferred time for /nightwalks/?

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this, the air is literally unbreathable.
and aside from that, if I go outside after 7pm, I am absolutely ATTACKED by mosquitoes.