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Future price predictions?

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I wish I was smart enough to decide if this was worth buying rn. supply at 100 mil this year I think (similar to binance token). Goes up to a trillion in the years to follow tho. Idk, what to think

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obviously 0$ EOY
But yea, i wanna know how the fuck we should go about it... to profit!

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$1 is my guess. Wouldn't recommend buying right now...

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yeah it's a really tough question
on the one hand, Uniswap is the most credible DEX out there abd there will be a demand for UNI but on the other hand, thousands of thousands get them for free and plan to dump and we're one of the first ones
I sold mine for a safe and easy 1500$ for now, can't complain about that

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it will be a top ten coin.

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you guys are absolutely scared. uniswap is a top 10 coin. do not sell anything under $5 minimum

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why would there be a demand for uni? what can you do with it beside vote in their dao?

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This. But when is it safe to buy?

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1b shitcoins peaked at $10
chain link is 1b and is $11 now

so uni easy $10

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India is waking up.

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I realistically think it will go to $1 again. You are right the indians are going to dumb hard. Thats like 4 months salary for them.

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Yeah top dex. has been cb pro in volume at one time. This one seems like it's going to be around. I think I'll buy if it hits a buck and just be happy with the airdrop if it doesn't get there.

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The price is inflated right now from whales buying to provide liquidity for the fee%. Everyone who can will be giving them a %

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Holy sheet crypto stimulus for the masses. Long rice and beans.

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idk I sold my 400 for 2.5 ETH

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this is incredible. found 3 wallets I can claim on. sold for 8 ETH.

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you are all fucking idiots. sell now. this shit will go nowhere but down in the future.

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I dont have enough for gas fees.

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No shit, but eth is shitting the bed

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$10 dollars, within a few days.
Everyone dumping right now is gonna be salty as fuck
What they don't realize is that high gas fees are pricing out the pajeets kek

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Lmao literally free money. You'd have to be an absolute retsrd to buy this. Nobody gives a fuck about governance tokens, it's the new utility token. How many people use their utility tokens? Will be the same shit for "voting". Brb paying 5k to vote on a fucking dex about a 0.005% change in stablecoin fees.

Can't believe people are buying these from me

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Tell me why I shouldn't be all in on this coin right now

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Fukc this is the toughest thing ever right now. Sell or hold!

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yeah, im pretty retarded so i think I'm going to hold.

thought they would use as fee token or something like bnb. just governance. huh.

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idk i guess it's just a governance token. I thought they'd use for fees or something.

it'll probably still moon after an intial dump cuz idiots like me are hodling and buying

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Sold for 1.5usdt, FUCK vitalik in the ass and fuck gas fees

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looking good

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meant 1.5k

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seriously who the fuck is buying this? And there are 1 billion minted with unlimited inflation.

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One poo in the loo when india wakes up

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How do i get mine.... do i have to get into a poooll... please help sirs

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Maybe you should read their actual post dumbfuck

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1 bill worked out okay for the Serge. He a titan of the industry rn.

It's best not to think about these types of things logically

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tbf it is pretty useless. ppl probably dont realize there's no actual revenue from it (just like other vc tokens, mkr + comp)

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>just like other vc tokens, mkr + comp
but those tokens went way up anon...

I agree with you. it seems pretty pointless. not even used for fees... that doesnt mean it won't go up

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Too many holders, I sold for 1.5k
yeah baby

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can't go wrong taken free money anon. well done :)

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Same Price as Balancer

20 USD per UNI

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I legit don't understand how the price has held up. I cached out 5 airdrops in the last hour for like 14 ETH....and I'm one fucking person. I have a feeling most people don't even know they have access to the airdrop yet, let alone multiple wallets potentially. who the fuck is buying this right now?

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how to airdrop sir

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You're the dumbfuck if you aren't thinking in terms of fully diluted market cap.

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Yeah I'm not selling until $10 or $0.

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when you go to the uniswap trading page, is there a bright red and purple 'claim' button? you just click that to claim your tokens. I'm wondering if they took it down now....cause I don't see it anymore myself.

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Not seeing a claim button anywhere

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kek. cause you're a moron. I literally just cashed out about $5500 total on this shit....free money. I can't imagine holding hoping for something more....its fucking god damn free money!

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I tried increasing gas on the airdrop and metamask said it failed but it hasn't said its failed on etherscan am i fucked?

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Indian confirmed

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I've been waiting for this shit to approve for like 15 minutes now, anyone else in the same boat?

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me neither. I wonder if they took it down. it was supposed to only be an airdrop for wallets that have been liquidity providers in the past....but I def was able to claim it on wallets that weren't as well. new wallets. maybe they realized the mistake and pulled the claim button. idk.

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how long is it estimated on the etherscan? mine says 5> hours

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$10 within 24 hrs
Don't just take your free stack, buy more

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still stuck on uniswap claiming

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kek, no. just not a complete retard. this shit has not reason to pump imo. it's a race right now to cash out before everyone else does. $5500 for an hour claiming airdrops is not jeet tier money.

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How do I collect this I feel stupid? I want free money now!

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I don't know if you can anymore desu. can anyone else confirm? I was able to about 10-15 minutes ago, but no longer can.

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Oh fuck, I just logged into my account and it's there now. BASED sir thank you sir a million cows to you sir

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If you've been an LP on uniswap, go to uniswap and it will tell you to collect. Other wallets can't collect.

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That's the question all these farm tokens have to answer. Maybe they come up with something but they really don't owe it to anyone to even try.

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Are you a great trader and successful whale, sirs?

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>confirmation wait time: >5 hours
Fuck eth

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>buy eth on coinbase
>its been over an hour and 30 waiting pending
fuck you jewbase for your gwei limits

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Transaction is taking at least 5 hours, apparently, so I guess I'll find out if it dumps to 0 by tomorrow or moons to 10 dollars. Either way it's basically free, but the burgers I ate for midnight breakfast weren't.

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When should I sell this? Am I dumb for thinking itll go to 3.5 in a few hhrs?

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my man. had dozens of accounts that i used on uniswap to claim shuf and some other tokens and dump on uniswap v1/v2. now all accounts can claim $1k each. rotating through them with max gas, tonight is so fun.

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>doesn't know how to speed up a transaction

these prices are obscene tho. i sold uni while it's in discovery and i might buy back in later but for now i'm just holding the eth because it's too expensive to move.

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haha nice

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Is there a way to get more?

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have more wallets that traded prior to sept 1

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I love uniswap. My position in Unitrade is gonna eat shit tho. Still happy.

$10 roy?

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they broke ETH lol go look at the spike in oending transactions. I paid for fast and its still taking 3 hours to clear the transaction to claim my Uni lol

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so many people claimed so now validation has hit a choke point on ethereum is my guess

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I wish I had more than just 400 tokens.

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so is it only wallets that traded on uniswap

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Holy fuck I paid 650 gwei and it will take an hour to confirm

>> No.22557042

I'm trying to claim my uni but metamask keeps saying I have 0 ethereum for every transaction I try even after I reset.

I have eth in my account, but it shows nothing for transactions. Please help.

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wtf 1200 dollars where to sell

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>1 hr to confirm the fuuuuck

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Took me like $100 to get 1 eth out this. So much gas being burned

ETH is going to moon hard as fuck

>> No.22557221

>ETH is going to moon hard as fuck
so will all the uniswap altcoins once these fees die down


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This could be the big first fuck you to the SEC. Holders of UNI would get a cut of the exchange's profit. I predict slight dump then top 50 mc easy.

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futures now live on FTX https://twitter.com/SBF_Alameda/status/1306445617254690816

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doing the pussy move and swapping for 1/3 linkies, 1/3 eth, 1/3 hodl UNI

>> No.22557383

can't even sell, keep getting this error:
Swap failed: Error: [ethjs-rpc] rpc error with payload {"id":480609306662,"jsonrpc":"2.0","params":["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"],"method":"eth_sendRawTransaction"} [object Object]

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HOLY SHIT guys do we sell? Do we hold?? What the fuck this is crazy

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had the same thing
go in advanced, reset the wallet and wait like 10 minutes

>> No.22557425

is there a deadline to claim your UNI?

>> No.22557439

Dedicated gas tokens must be worth sooo much right now.

Just imagine selling the gas tokens you farmed between 1-3$ for 40-50$ each

>> No.22557481

If this is just getting farmed, wont this just continue to dump? I mean how many people really give a shit about using governance these days?

I really want to know because I am honestly considering buying back in after this dumps from the initial free money sell off wave.

>> No.22557482

I figured it out. I guess for some reason metamask right now is all fucked up on setting the gas prices. You gotta do it manually.

>> No.22557490

3 hours because this thing is going to 0

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>token earns from ETH being removed from circulation
>everyone dumping token for ETH
>jeets priced out

lmfao it could not be better

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What do you mean?

>> No.22557584

Nope, nevermind it failed my transaction and there goes $35 fuck

>> No.22557643

This could end up being worth alot more down the line after this initial sell off, no one really knows.

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Bro you would have made it for free anyways. Just be happy.

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Bros I need to make sure that I maximize the returns of this money that was given to me for free, dump now or hold?

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will take at least a week to shake out
I'm holding onto a portion of it to see what happens, but more likely you could just buy back in later for 50c

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kek im getting double UNI because I used Metamask beta on mobile one time to swap for PNK at work

>> No.22557730

Sorry anon $9 EOY

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Governance tokens are worthless, dumped all my UNI tokens and got 250 LINK thanks to using uniswap on multiple addresses. I also paid about .6 ETH in gas fees

>> No.22557761

thats why that nigger above was talking about 5 grand, he swapped on three or four accounts

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This retarded bullshit has proven to me that Ether needs heavily overhauled or abandoned. Its been nearly two hours with a 10 dollar fee and still nothing.Ether is a fucking meme at this point.

>> No.22557778

Is it taking a really long time for it to approve for anyone else? I increased my gas to 600 Gwei and still

>> No.22557795

oh I didn't use it as much as I thought
oh well

>> No.22557805

It would be retarded to sell a free moonshot.
This shit is fire

>> No.22557810

im getting a headache moving between screens trying to get work done waiting on my bux

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the way I see it, I was about to throw $1k into UNI anyways when I heard it was launched and didn't read about the airdrop part yet. I usually do that for launches this hyped.

Then I saw I got the 400. So I'll let it ride. Goes into my DeFi portfolio. If it tanks I can put the $1k I was originally going to put into it and buy more.

>> No.22557849

>only 600
need at least 700 sweatie

>> No.22557852

>newfag can't edit nonce in transaction

>> No.22557911


Sweet Jesus Anon, google cancelling transactions and turn on advanced gas control in Metamask

>> No.22557916


>> No.22557949

>newfag can't edit nonce in transaction

I remember when I had to learn how to edit nonce like a month ago in the middle of a shitstorm rug pull. I was ready for tonight. Eat shit noobs.

>> No.22557952

So 2 of my accounts worked. I have a meta mask that I had not used for a couple months, but its not allowing me to claim on that one. Any reason why? Is there like a certain amount that needed to be used, it is it a recency thing?

>> No.22557971


You had to have made a tx with that account

>> No.22558006

Thanks anon

>> No.22558180

1000$ eoy

>> No.22558307

people who can think further than a day retards. you will always be poor if you think like a poor person.

>> No.22558342

I mean, they could also just be swinging on the absolutely fucking insane volatility right now.

>> No.22558345

Is there a time limit to collect? I mean if there’s no reason to rush to collect now other than to sell them we can wait for the network to chill some right?

>> No.22558358

/biz/ has FUD ready in nanoseconds

>never change kek

>> No.22558362

The price is likely to drop with everyone selling

>> No.22558403

might as well put the claim in and go to bed.

>> No.22558416

Right? $3 *100,000,000 in circulation = 300m valuation

Obviously the biggest dex is worth way more than that

>> No.22558427

and who do you think is buying? as always it's whales who know what its real value is. it will dump short term from poorfags and when they understand it will be too late.

>> No.22558487

Whales aren't smart because they have a lot of money.

I collected my 3 free ETH. Now I'm going to wait a week or so for the price to crash and then I'll size up whether to buy back in. If you read their explainer, they actually discourage passive holding.

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File: 440 KB, 1547x1215, Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 3.25.30 pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


etting a reverse situation on $UNI.

Normally whales start with all the token then shill to sell to the fishes.

Today looks like fishes are selling their 400 UNI at extortionate gas fees to the whales who are wisely adding to their stacks.


This is a double digit coin. Whales are buying UNI in vast amounts.

This coin is top 10 COIN. Keeping buying whales are causing huge gas prices.

t. friendly dolphin

>> No.22558517

of course they say they discourage passive holding--uniswap is desperate to look more like a community-led organization in the wake of SUSHI, which threatened it's existence.

>> No.22558535

> they actually discourage passive holding
yeah just like when andre said "YFI has zero value". it's an iq test, you failed.

>> No.22558542

you guys this retarded?

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>Uniswap's coin is going to zero
Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.22558586

heil'd and i fucking hate those shitskins so much, i had to pay $40 in gas fees just to claim my tokens and good luck trying to trade anything on uniswap tonight because of those stupid curry street shitters. FUCK YOU PUNJAB!!!

>> No.22558591

>This coin is top 10 COIN
Easily. And they just gave it away. Comfy af

>> No.22558599

You do realize most of the token owners are rug pullers, right?
and if they provided a lot of tokens to UNI-V2 token holders then also a bunch of gigantic whales who pooled liquidity when V2 came out.

>> No.22558615

>fudding Uniswap's governance coin that they gave away for free

>> No.22558627

it is inevitably going to dump, why would you not sell and buy back later?

>> No.22558664

yup, the FUD started immediately on here, and on Twitter. Whales are buying huge amounts of UNI with ETH, and lots of 400 minnows are selling UNI for ETH. Cash out some if you must, but hold onto at least half.

>> No.22558685

yeah Id much rather use a service where one anonymous Thai cashes out 18 million

>> No.22558704

It's the next XRP!
Moon at 24 CENTS SOON!

>> No.22558715

because the gas prices are ludicrous right now and there's no reason to jump on selling, unless you're broke and you desperately need the 500 dollars taxes and transaction fees, why the fuck would you sell this token, it has the potential to moon just like the other governance tokens out there. it's literally the uniswap token, why would you sell something this big right at it's inception rather than wait? unless you're poor, but that's exactly what ((they)) want you to do

>> No.22558718

how to profit off governance token?

>> No.22558729

looks like we have a nocoiner here, sorry newfag

>> No.22558758


holy shit, the only people buying are literally buying thousands at a time.. what does this mean, anon? are you really confident that this is by design? are you holding?

>> No.22558770

>mfw I just got free money

>> No.22558774

Uniswap is a jewish scam. Why trade something like ETH to buy worthless foodcoin scams? This coin's going to a penny.

>> No.22558854

you're a delusional retard or you're trying your best to fud here. definitely didn't deny not receiving any tokens, you're a bit upset my fren

>> No.22558899

>it is inevitably going to dump
It's precisely because everybody is thinking it'll dump hard that it won't imo

>> No.22558903

there are ONE FUCKING BILLION TOKENS MINTED you nut. you think we are gonna be riding $100 UNIs in a bear market?

1 big defi player cant even release a product without it clogging the ENTIRE ETH NETWORK.

>> No.22558927

I'm going for it, honestly believe Uniswap could be worth $10B in current market conditions. think it's criminally underpriced here

>> No.22558935

Top 10 coin puts it around 3bil. So around $20 a coin

>> No.22558948

I was around for the ONT drop and this reminds me a lot that. People really excited to make quick $ but could grind much higher than this

>> No.22558967


why do you think one of the biggest DEXs would even bother doing this just for it to be useless and go to 0? doesnt make much sense to go through the trouble for nothing, especially watching whales buying thousands right now.

>> No.22559005

he's right. I sold earlier and got 1.5k after 5 fucking stuck transactions. Its a governance token with 5 digit holders or more, its wise to sell.

>> No.22559008
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Pajeets seething double digits eoy

>> No.22559014
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Mfw uni pays for my ps5 preorder

>> No.22559029
File: 466 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200917-015302_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3rd worlders literally pink wojaking in real life

>> No.22559037

>claimed 800
>sold half, hodling 400
Hard to get excited for a governance token, but TY for the free Gibs bros

>> No.22559041

and whales NEVER make you rich. They can dump as they please.

>> No.22559044
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based ps quintuple holder

>> No.22559051


>> No.22559072

2020 we just entered the awesome timeline, we just had to go through the vortex first

>> No.22559096


>> No.22559121

Trade on binance you fucking potatoes

>> No.22559130

Probably a billion based on YFI and because how powerful DEX's have become. A DeFi project that isn't a scam or dogshit.

So probably around 15x.

I'd say 500m at the least.

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seeeeeething in my skiiiiiiin
these coins they did not claiiiiimmm
feeeeeear is how I fuddddd
these coins they are not reeeaaaal

discomfort endlessly has pulled itself upon me
pumping should be dumping
against my will, the price just keeps on pumpin
it's haunting, now I must seethe

seeeeeething in my skiiiiiiin
these coins they did not claiiiiimmm
feeeeeear is how I fuddddd
these coins they are not reeeaaaal

>> No.22559138

Not selling as everyone and their mom is expecting a crash.
People are selling uni tokens from multiple addresses yet price is still holding. Watch this go up 10x after the dumpers are done. Also biz is ultra bearish which is bullish. Always do the oppositr of biz.

>> No.22559168


>> No.22559170

Assuming average of 350M daily volume and the 0.05% fee switch is turned on to go to token holders that's 0.03 cent a month for each token you hold.

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lmao I just realized that total circ will never be anywhere close to 150m this year, because so many thousands of wallets were used and burned for scams and rugs

This shit's going to $50

>> No.22559205

Current marketcap 63 million

If this shit goes into 1 billion accounting for the inflation its over 10x

Do you actually gaining wealth?

if you're not buying this of third worlders right now whats wrong with you? For most of you this is the first time you have had such a competitive edge.

>> No.22559220

Coinmarketcap said current market cap is 430 million


>> No.22559256

I bought what I could. 2400 will have to be enough for now

>> No.22559260

How do you burn wallets?

>> No.22559291


Circ is nowhere near 150m, so actual mcap is likely more around 60


Burn private keys

>> No.22559323

send wallet to 0x0

>> No.22559334
File: 213 KB, 828x1114, 1598961085669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they shouldnt even be allowed to have internet access

>> No.22559339
File: 635 KB, 1125x2436, 4A8A6EC9-B9CE-497B-A235-EFC348A25E07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22559355

Didn't know you could burn private keys. How?

If that's true it be good payback for all those scammers altho they'd still tend to have more wallets than the average user.

>> No.22559357
File: 275 KB, 750x458, bizpepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using coinmarketcap and not using coingecko in 2020
>never going to make it


My figures are based on the current circ and future inflation, easy 10x

>> No.22559364

I sold already but I'm waiting to buy back in. How low do you think this will go before it heads upwards? This airdrop was released late at night. Most people don't know yet. Figure I got till afternoon tomorrow to buy back in before the upwards movement

>> No.22559382
File: 138 KB, 1530x1023, PajeetOnTheMove.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22559393

Damn, learn something new every day.

>> No.22559399

>Didn't know you could burn private keys. How?

Well, the simplest method would be not writing them down because you're only going to use the wallet for a couple of tx's and you don't want anything connecting you to them in the slim chance there are legal consequences

>> No.22559420

>I created registered uniswap
posts like these deserve their own thread

>> No.22559435

dont listen to me anons follow eth.devs and smart people on twitter if you want to make it and they are buying it by the bunch by all accounts

>> No.22559437
File: 96 KB, 913x913, 1599569724718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22559469

I got like 25 addresses. Sold 5k UNI and am keeping 5k. Smart or not?

>> No.22559472

account recomendations ?

>> No.22559487
File: 30 KB, 927x648, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just dca lightly right now. Don't see how this isn't severely undervalued rn, but going to be lots of sell pressure over the next 48 hrs.

>> No.22559501
File: 1.16 MB, 498x388, 1600115473936.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take Uniswap to Kleros court, bloody basterds

>> No.22559526

whales are buying 80 eth worth at a time kid...id say it will offset the heavy selling

>> No.22559540

Of course. You're so lucky to get so much. I'm just holding my 400 tokens. Feels comfy as fuck.

>> No.22559551

Got two wallets qualified, sold one so I can sleep well tonight.
Also sold 150 $meme for 3 eth and that's now worth over 150 eth, so don't do what I do

>> No.22559575

Why do you guys have so many wallets? Why would you need more than one?

>> No.22559576

Is it normal for transactions to not show up in etherscan right now after 4 hours?

>> No.22559582


The buy orders in Uniswap are kinda spooky desu. Feels like I should just hold.

>> No.22559606

The vast majority of people are selling their free tokens, everyone thinks it's gonna dump. In reality, I expect this to moon hard once most people have sold and whales have eaten up all the cheap tokens like fat pigs. I bet you the unfortunate nature of humans (greed) will make it so a lot of people actually lose money fomoing back in as they see the price rising and potentially panic selling at a loss if they end up buying the top. Many such cases

>> No.22559610

what the actual fuck is going on with the price?
i though i was winning selling at 2.48.. now it's 3.00 only a few mins later. Can never win haha

>> No.22559615

Any wallet that's ever used uniswap can collect. I collected from 15 wallets already. This will dump hard within the next 12 hours

>> No.22559632

If you own a dog or cat, I’d like to tie it up in a garbage bag and throw it in a river.

>> No.22559661

i think Kanye standing up to his corporate overlords and asking for mass prayer from his twitter followers might have shifted our timeline not even joking

>> No.22559662
File: 343 KB, 727x657, uni breakdown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whales split their wallets up a lot (I am not a whale). Pic related, btw, shows the circulating supply. Just click on "UNI" on the top right side of Uniswap... Opens this popup.

>> No.22559665

One in the hand is worth two in the bush

>> No.22559674
File: 106 KB, 1000x1000, 1600269953625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.22559718

This. Smart play is holding/buying now and holding long. Maybe buying at dips and selling at spikes but probably not worth the trouble. This coin already has a great history, can't think of any reason it won't go to 1B eventually.

>> No.22559734

I got this shit for free and only one account fuck it im gonna hold onto them and see where they go. Imagine waking up tomorrow to $30 per UNI tho

>> No.22559767

I see.Thanks!

>> No.22559790

how much tokens will be generated each day?

>> No.22559795

Realistically $10 for a market cap if 1.5B.

If platform continues to develop and see new features and users then can be up to $50 throughout next bullrun.

>> No.22559838

You anons almost made me sell at $2 because pajeets would wake up.. yay

>> No.22559905

>been in crypto since 2016
>only ever used binanace and kraken
>decided 2 week ago to buy a shitload of the PNK dip
>had to use uniswap for first time
>September 3rd 2020
I’m not bitter at all at missing biz’s first free lunch. Not even slightly. After all $1500 is only that, just a free lunch.
>Fuck you guys

>> No.22559956

same dude and it makes me sick, but I could use a little win right now.

>> No.22560009

>Realistically $10 for a market cap if 1.5B.

Keep in mind, lots of those wallets have been abandoned forever by pajeets after whatever rug they were involved with was up. Millions will never be claimed.

>> No.22560050

I missed it by one day... ONE FUCKING DAY

>> No.22560077

imagine not trading like a madman to learn from your mistakes and become a better trader so you can get rich in the GBR

>> No.22560087

>why would there be a demand for uni? what can you do with it beside vote in their dao?
Same as every gov token. Uniswap governance holders will control the future of uniswap.
>Brb paying 5k to vote on a fucking dex about a 0.005% change in stablecoin fees.
Imagine having such limited vision. You really don't get it? Do you need someone to explain it to you?

>> No.22560099

uniswap will be over 1b its not about governance its about hype.

>> No.22560138

The big whale buyers are centralized exchanges wanting control of uniswap

>> No.22560143

YFI is arguably even more useless. 1 Billion in it.

Truth is you can't do a lot with crypto. These DeFi coins provide some of the most use case we've ever seen.

Coins designed to make money.

>> No.22560155

>lots of those wallets have been abandoned forever
I doubt that. Why would you abandon a wallet?

>> No.22560195

every other day there's a post from a retard who lost his private key

>> No.22560220

yfi and uni will pass bsv by EOY

>> No.22560251

listed on coinbase and binance already, must have had days warning. Likely lots of insiders were ready with large buy orders and are taking from the 3rdworldfags now. Wait till americunts who missed this start fomoing in tomorrow morning.

>> No.22560290

no warning at all
CBpro needs to see if liq. criterias are met otherwise they won't list
totally caught off guard by based hayden
this is historic

>> No.22560366

Guys do you think it will pay off to pool in order to get UNI?
Or will I just get rekt by impermanent loss again?

>> No.22560425 [DELETED] 

lmao imagine think whales are on your side and aren't going to manipulate the fuck out of this while shorting

>> No.22560443

lmao imagine thinking whales are on your side and aren't going to manipulate the fuck out of this while shorting

>> No.22560491

>only used 3 addresses on Uniswap
kill me

>> No.22560508

this is one of the most fair distribution that has happened in this space, you utter moron cockroach bbitch ass

>> No.22560532

This. And it's one of the most important aspects in crypto.

>> No.22560691

Only used two :(

>> No.22560810

Smart. Only had like 8 uni addresses and the rest were kyber...REEEE

>> No.22560823

So we could get the uniswap airdrop.

>> No.22560837

Wow I don't think airdrops are scams any more. Thanks Biz

>> No.22560847
File: 363 KB, 805x808, 1599332852271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never used uniswap

>> No.22560853

I've felt this way before

>> No.22560861

its dipping jeets must be waking up

>> No.22560928

What do you think gives STONKs their value? Governance over a business. Uniswap generates 20 billion dollars a year in trading volume. Do the math faggot

>> No.22560953


>> No.22560964

Looks like being a schizo paid off

>> No.22561001

>tired as fuck
>hour confirmation
guarantee when i wake up tomorrow with my shiny 400UNI in wallet this shit will have crashed to 0

>> No.22561006

Actually just realized I have 2000 more. I'll check for more wallets. Absolutely based shit.

>> No.22561061
File: 278 KB, 470x810, ddf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This kills me.
How can you be mad about money you didn't know you even had 24 hours before now?

>> No.22561088

How the fuck do I buy UNI as an American?

>> No.22561112

I just used my free UNIs to buy 5000 XRP

see you on the moon bitches!

>> No.22561116
File: 11 KB, 216x234, feelsgoodman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I'm finally gonna make it off my /biz/-induced mental illness
Thanks for putting me through all this shit and nurturing the degradation of my once sound mind. Are 10k enough to make it?

>> No.22561125

bros how do i transfer uni over to ftx/binance/coinbase?

>> No.22561127

i started on august the 30th but just checked my wallet on etherscan and i dont have any uni tokens, oh well

>> No.22561144

If you can't figure this out yourself, you should not be here.

>> No.22561158

Open a Binance US account? Or buy some eth off coinbase. Create a metamask account, Transfer the eth to your metamask, then use metamask to buy UNI off uniswap.

>> No.22561180

You have to claim them. Instructions on how to do so are literally everywhere

>> No.22561218


>> No.22561225
File: 14 KB, 478x523, brainsplit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I set my gas max to 0.017
I think I made a mistake.

>> No.22561235

and what happens if i dont claim them

>> No.22561335

nobody has any use for any of these worthless tokens anon. the entire thing is unraveling

>> No.22561336

its not like BNB which actually has a usecase, lower tx fees, UNI is just for governance
the distribution is a very nice idea here, but i dont think the price will go higher than this to vote on a DAO

>> No.22561393

I cant trade any coins on uniswap right now wtf. You cant sell this shit thats why its pumping

>> No.22561409

Til they vote for UNI holders to get a portion of fees

>> No.22561412



>> No.22561418


>> No.22561428


Mind = blown

>> No.22561492

governance means you can add fees that redistribute to uni holders you dumbasses

>> No.22561506


>> No.22561519

More likely CZ will buy up a majority share and vote for all fees to be sent to him personally.

>> No.22561566
File: 8 KB, 183x183, 1461710223566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek if true

>> No.22561615

It's not crashing you stupid fuck. It's just fluctuating.

>> No.22561622

You get paid fees, lad.

This is like a traditional stonk. If Uniswap remains the go-to AMM, fees are going to be astronomical even with scaling. This will pay a healthy dividend in a world were holding fiat literally costs money (negative interest rates for the retards out there).

Why do you think whales are gobbling this up at these prices?!

>> No.22561662

i wish i understood how this shit works.

how can they just give everyone free money? fucking amazing.

>> No.22561681

This is the governance token of the highest volume exchange in crypto you fucking retards. Selling now is the dumbest fucking thing you can possibly do. This will easily 10x from here.

>> No.22561694

This doesn't pay fees like SUSHI does you FUCKING retard. god i need to go to bed I can't handle the streetshitters right now

>> No.22561695

Before it climbs to top 10

>> No.22561706

Should I just put my ETH address?

>> No.22561711

They gave people free tokens and the market decided the price by the amount of buys and sells. The market decided it's valuable because more are buying than selling so it's rising in price. This money isn't coming from nowhere, it's coming from people buying into it.

>> No.22561712

That's what governance means in all practical sense it means the token holders can vote to enact more fees that redistribute ETH to them

>> No.22561741



>> No.22561764

Chill, brah. It's all going to be fine.

>> No.22561776



>> No.22561836

If my first uniswap interaction was after September 1.st I don’t get any tokens?

>> No.22561862

how did people get these tokens? i had literally no idea this existed until 10 minutes ago, and i'm on /biz/ every day.

>> No.22561875

It's called Modern Monetary Theory.

>> No.22561909

No you piece of shit lmao
How new are you
I guess 2 weeks new.

>> No.22561971

Fuck shitcoins I am now a uni maximalist

>> No.22561990


What if the ETH gas fees get too high and the chain too congested and ETH drops like a rock and UNI skyrockets because whales start to gobble up anything in sight, but the SUPPLY WILL BE LIMITED PROMTING TO BUY EVERYTHING AT WHATEVER PRICE BECAUSE THEY PLAN ON VOTING FOR REDISTRIBUTION OF FEES

>> No.22562027

>cz and whales finally gain control over uniswap by hoarding governance token
>forked lel

>> No.22562104

Why does the approving process take forever ffs

>> No.22562127

Gas too low. This was a huge hassle to fix. I had to cancel it with the nonce trick, then send it to another wallet for selling because the original wallet was stuck on "approving" on the uniswap page.

>> No.22562136

Because God hates Fags

>> No.22562167

someone keeps adding and removing $500k+ buy orders on binance. CZ, is that you?

>> No.22562190


>> No.22562197

You're treating "money" like it's magic. Think of it this way: if a million clones of that gamer bathwater girl suddenly appeared and began offering free pussy, would you wonder how that works? People give it value because they want it. It's circular but that's how it works.

>> No.22562199

I'm literally stuck with these coins cuz I can't move them due to gas prices lol. Etherium is hot garbage technology

>> No.22562201

How many gwei should I spend in order to claim those tokens for fucks sake
Even with $35 the transaction isn't going through

>> No.22562224

What's your gwei?
I only had $16 in eth to do the transaction so now I can't even sell this shit if I wanted to

>> No.22562237

The forks already exist. I'm moving to the loopring fork because of the .001 gas fees thanks to zkrollups.
If cz and /biz/ decide to up the fees and distribute it among uni tokens holders, there's no reason to use uniswap when other exchanges are already cheaper.

>> No.22562239

Good work zoomers keep pumping eth fees while you scramble for some shitcoin gibs.

>> No.22562287

>sold 200 for $700
>it dips to $2.25
>feeling smug
>it goes up to $4
>feeling retarded
>it goes back to sub $3


>> No.22562306

is it actually uniswap that is buying up all this UNI and keeping up the price?
Once they have enough voting power and the price is in finally in the dumps, they vote to split tx fees with holders and the price pumps again

>> No.22562319

It's whales and moonbois that sold at $2 and realized they fucked up

>> No.22562390

look at the 24h volume. and now tell me this wont be over 1b mcap the next 2-3 days. selling pressure will just diminish as time passes

>> No.22562454

This will be an even shorter PnD than gemswap
SELL now

>> No.22562467

also likely cz and the cex bois, this is their chance to buy governance of the biggest dex

>> No.22562474
File: 9 KB, 474x266, 23232323232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can't break these hands

>> No.22562485

we are at around 450m mcap at 150m tokens airdropped. sushiswap was almost at 300m? kek hf on missing out faggot

>> No.22562498

>the indians and other pajeets of the world can't really cash out because of at least three different txs which costs around 100$ rn
>the main selling pressure is euros and asians as of right now
>americans are still sleeping

i have a feeling it will pump when americans wake up, then crash, but it will be above these levels we're seeing now

>> No.22562509

This is the coin of the highest volume exchange in crypto.

Why the fuck would any of you sell now?

Just look at the marketcaps of similar coins like COMP or Yearn or even the scam that was fucking BZX.

Hope you weak hands got your ropes ready for when this goes $500+ million mcap in the next month

>> No.22562566

Is your eth tied up in a pending transaction?

>> No.22562568
File: 300 KB, 929x1175, 1599431287749.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm proposing a vote to limit supply

>> No.22562585

How do you claim tokens, I have 5 wallets I’ve used on uniswap to provide liquidity and buy

>> No.22562598

It took fuckin long to send eth, to approve uni and now im pending in eternity in the transaction while the price is crashing ffs give me my free money

>> No.22562630

Same, I lost $150 from eth fees due to failing transactions and the new transaction. Free money is great but the stress levels trying to use the Etherium Network is why I stopped doing this a long time ago and stuck to exchanges.

>> No.22562639

just log into these wallets and visit the uniswap app. there is a popup which let you claim your UNI tokens.

>> No.22562679

Fucking bitch fucker why uniswap don't want to give register token to me you fucker bastard

>> No.22562871

This shit even fails when i want to send UNI to binance

>> No.22562927

Every time it fails it devours a portion of your fee depending on how far it got before it failed by the way. Etherium 2.0 better fix this shit before the government starts getting involved in crypto more than they already are, cuz this is an actual scam.

>> No.22562953



>> No.22563097

Trying to figure out the gas limit is what trips me up. Basically grab the gas price to guarantee < 30 seconds and add 50% to your gas limit or maybe 75%. It'll be expensive as fuck but the alternative is getting fucked in the ass by Etherium's scam network.

>> No.22563115

Oh and also when using Uniswap trying to cash out of a coin that's crashing, there's something called slippage, set it to 5% no higher no lower. Or it will automatically revert your transaction.

>> No.22563328

1. why is the gas price high?
2. why is the volume of UNI high?
Easy, its because people are SELLING
once the pending transaction congestion is cleared this will be ~1 USD. THEN YOU BUY IN.

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