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guys im not joking. what do i do with 150k if i want to be rich?

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Donate it to your local church and be rich in God's grace.

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Get the Thailand Elite Card.

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Hold link, but you won't because you're fucking stupid.

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Same, it's all in stonks and index funds.

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I have approx. 40k omg, no savings, and <$500 in my checking account right now.

So hopefully that.

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Hold ETH and Polka, nothing else...

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which ones breh

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Hold Bitcoin, nothing else...

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Buy some RSR.

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30% gold/silver bullion and paper, 30% crypto, 30% gold and silver miners, % 10% Fiat for expenses. Short the USD

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All in LINK

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Start a small business from something you are good at/know well.

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I'm at $1MM. Most of it is from work.
My advice would be to put most/ all of it into a VERY well-diversfied stock portfolio and/ or passive index funds. And then just be patient. Don't try to time the market or stock pick too much (there's a 95%+ probability that you're not smarter than the markets). My portfolio:
> 74% stocks/ index funds
> 10% real estate (my home)
> 6% crypto
> 10% cash (want this to be 0% long term)
I will probably put 3-5% into gold/ gold stocks soon for diversification.

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but 150k is nothing

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How old are you? I think $150k is a lot of money if you're young. Don't underestimate compound interest. Most middle class wagies don't even have $150k to invest when they're in their 30s.

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im 32

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I have 140k in boomer index funds and 10k in crypto. I guess not too bad for being mid 20’s familia

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Nothing special, vanguard shit. It's after tax money I'm holding onto to do something with just not sure what and just trying to keep up with inflation for the time being.
>health care fund
>tech fund
>generic reit fund

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oops replied to myself

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$150k is not bad. If stocks return 10%/ year on average you will double your money every 7 years. And on top of that there's the money you save (and invest). Don't forget that money grows exponentially over time.
It obviously depends on how much you save, but you could be at $300k in 4-5 years. That's $21k-$30k/ year (7%-10%) in passive income for "free". Not too shabby.

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It's fine advice, but you won't get rich doing this. 1 million is also 'nothing'

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What the fuck is compound interest you fucking boomer. Name a fund that provides interest rates worth a flying fuck

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$1MM is lunchmoney compared to the average anon on this board

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thanks bros

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Nice. Outside of inheritance fags, very few people have that much in investments in their mid 20s.

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This. Real interest rates are negative

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so what then?

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Buy real assets. Gold bitcoin land

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real estate and maybe gold

Buy real things. It’s easy to buy paper and that’s why everyone does it. You think there’s ever any easy money? No.

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You get UBXT, its still at a very low mcap now. Get it on serum or sushiswap

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>You think there’s ever any easy money?
some people are making easy money well the smart ones who cash out are.

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Oh I thought we were talking about real life not Vegas. My bad carry on

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invest it

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but the odds have been in the favor of the players for the past 6 months like by a lot. i was just too stupid to take advantage

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> you won't get rich doing this
You will over time. If you think 7-10%/ year is too low then investing just isn't for you. Go gamble at your local casino or hope you strike gold gambling on shitcoins.
> 1 million is also 'nothing'
Nothing compared to what? It's more than 95%+ of people around my age in my country have. A 2x from here and I will be set for life. $2MM at a 4% withdrawal rate is $80k/ year with zero work. That's enough for me (and most other people who aren't normalfag turbo consoomers).
> What the fuck is compound interest
Not a boomer, google it if you're interested. It's one of the most important concepts in investing.
> interest rates
I assume you're talking about bonds? Interest rates are at 0% (or worse) in most of the world. You have to invest in risky assets (stocks and real estate) if you want a decent expected return.

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Put it all on red, no wait black. Go all in baby YOLO

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oh you think stock growth is interest

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So? The equity risk premium is at >7%.
Real estate is not any more real than owning a piece of a company (stocks).
It's fine to have a few % in gold or crypto, but you shouldn't overdo it. Gold has a beta of around 0 and a real expected return of around 0% long term. Gold is fine for diverisfication, hedging and preserving wealth but it's not good for building wealth over time.

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>t. Cuck

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The term "compound interest" is used about any return on investments.. If you wanna learn some basic personal finance then use google or investopedia.

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Multi-family home in a slumlord area.

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What are dividend payments