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It's not too late to convert your LINK into XRP.

But it will be too late soon.


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link is gonna brd hard soon, but xrp is gonna brd even harder

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xrp just entered a coma, anon

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I fixed the pic, sorry about that. Anyone have any requests for edits? I feel like making some.

What makes you say that?

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Shut the fuck up retards honestly link and xrp have been my worse choices part from Kava coin so basically fuck up on your shit your wizards are leaving

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make him pink for starters

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How about this

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what was this guy's deal?

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should make a blown up version.

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Give him an xsg logo, new mascot

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here you go

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I was just in another thread telling everyone that I exited all my chainlink position. Im looking at other new opportunities.

This XRP token looks interesting, is this the next /biz recommendation? I'm IN

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Hahah thanks

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Are the XRP hodlers the new Flat Earthers? I mean, it attracts mostly conspiracy theorists who can't even tell the difference between Ripple and XRP. Not to mention the 60% of market supply being held by Ripple to dilute and dump to fund their more lucrative projects to banks (xCurrent, which doesn't use XRP).
XRP is basically free money for them.