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All of the news, all of the partnerships, all of the links and ties, the Flare drop....

How the heck is XRP still .25?

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Price is actively suppressed by constant dumps. Same as with Link, but worse.

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What if I told you that the big dump for 2020 is yet to come? No New ATH til 2022, no xrp above 30 cents this year. Sorry, anon

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why? What’s the point of investing if they don’t let it moon? Are we just supposed to sit here and lose those potential gains?

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when will they stop? when will we moon?

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What part of stablecoin dont you understand retard. This shit will never increase by more than a few cents. Its like expecting tether to moon its fucking retarded

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xrp will never moon

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That's exactly what I keep saying. A lot of these altcoin prices are being suppressed because they don't want to pay investors. This is because cryptocurrency isn't regulated.

Who sports the cost if $1 trillion worth of XRP is be claimed cuz it mooned? That might answer the question about why these altcoin prices are being supressed.

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How many billions xrp are yet to be supplied? How many are left in the escrow?

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I have the feeling this coin is actually shit but still has potential to make an easy X4 for a bit, and as I'm a lazy fucker I'm still on coinbase and that's one of the coins I can buy there so

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theres 100 billion XRP and Jed McCaleb keeps dumping on holders.

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The idea is they will suppress the price until (1) banks start to buy in significant amounts (this is its primary purpose but banks will be less incentivised to buy in at crazy prices), which in turn won’t happen until (2) the regulatory landscape is clear.

If they stop suppressing and the price shoots up it’ll encourage speculative and retail investors to start buying up supply, which will discourage banks as they’d be looking for a stable asset that’s predominantly in their control.

My own view is that once regs are in place, Ripple will try to sell some or all of their 60ish% to banks directly or to the BIS (or similar) and only once that’s done and it’s in the hands of the finance sector will it shoot up.

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1. It is a central bank coin, used for liquidity

2. Ripple is set up as an organization that can through inflation (releasing more XRP) and deflation (buying back XRP) is able to maintain the price at a stable range.

3. What we are witnessing with ripple currently is it's attempt at showing central bankers that it is a trustworthy organization capable of facilitating international trade. They are showing this off by maintaining Ripple's stability at $0.25 showing that even though most of the current buying is for speculation (which should be highly volatile) the coin its-self is maintaining stability through Ripple's market interventions.

4. The last thing Ripple needs is financial regulations and the greenlight from central banks to begin acting as a market liquidity mechanism.

5. XRP is never meant to be held except by speculators and banks using it as a liquidity pool for transfer and conversion of various other fiat currencies. Most of the market will be swapping in and out of XRP instantly. That being said, because of Ripples proven ability to maintain stability, banks will feel safe using it as a liquidity pool only if the price of the asset only increases or decreases at a scheduled interval, while the rest of the time remaining stable.

6. Whatever your thoughts as to how large of a Market Cap will be necessary to facilitate whatever percent of global currency transactions XRP will account for will decide where you think the price will go. I don't suspect Ripple will release more than 50 Billion XRP into the system over the next couple years. They will need to keep somewhere between 20 and 50 billion at least as a means of generating inflation. Instead Ripple will use revaluation to ensure liquidity during times of mass migration into the asset.

TL;DR XRP will be a stable coin that is market by frequent "revaluations" Some of these revaluations will be steep, while most will be small percentage changes at scheduled intervals.

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Because its pure garbage

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Retail investors simply aren't deep enough to provide any significant price action except during times of mania and massive speculation like 17/18.

The crypto community is still very small. XRP supply is massive. There will be no moon unless you have a serious event like institutional utilization or another insane mania bullrun

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Ripple has news. Ripple has partnerships. Ripple is NOT XRP for the last time you brain dead cockroaches. Hahahahahaha holy shit what is so hard to understand about that?

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>Main product literally needs XRP to work

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You’re not an investor you fucking cuck. XRP is just a shitcoin that nobody uses that Ripple dumps on you to fund their operations. You do not own a stake in Ripple. You are not a shareholder. I swear to god you’re all 16 years old.

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It doesn’t though. None of those companies ripple works with actually use xrp. It’s not needed.

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Do they not call cryptocurrency buying "investments"? lol

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30 cents? So you're telling me there's a chance...

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This. 100%.

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Jed dumps 5M XRP every day and will do so for the next decade

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>Being this braindead.

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30c, sure, if BTC breaks 12k it may likely reach that. Nothing more will happen until wide adoption, which is very likely, but question is whether XRP will actually be used. Ripple is much larger than XRP.

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You’re speculating on a depreciating digital asset with nearly infinite supply and that has gained zero adoption in 7 years. All because some “schizo” (see: paid shill) told you some made up nonsense. That’s not investing.

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The price is manipulated af

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>ODL does not need XRP
XRP fudders everyone

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The prize is absolutely, unironically, heavily suppressed, no question about it.

Disregarding the 2000$ memes, XRP and Ripple has so much positive news coming out constantly. They have so many connections, and the tech is great, yet the prize is stable. The prize realistically should be expected to be around 10$ at the very LEAST. I really think XRP is suppressed so that big banks and factions can buy in before the switch is flipped, and the prize rises to match the utility. I think XRP will be worth hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.

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At first it was it will never happen, now they are leaning towards, it may happen, but Ripple will use something besides the coin made for ODL...


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>who sports the cost
The exchange of choice what are you on?

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In order to cash in your XRP (or any coin) you have to sell it. The cost is borne by whoever you sell it to.

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... and if there aren’t enough buyers to support the price, the price will drop to a point where there are buyers.

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But by that time, other banks will need to buy in... They will bleed us mortals in order to keep up.


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Not to mention, we would probably almost instantly have special debt cards that convert into whatever asset/currency we want, given what xrp was meant to do.

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it's simple
I mint a trillion tokens
idiots buy
I dump
you baghold and expect that banks (lol) buy your bags (lol) at a premium (lol)

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Agreed. The point I was making was that it doesn’t matter if XRP is suddenly worth $1tn (or 10, or 100...). If it’s worth that much it is because there is by definition demand at that price (and, in line with Ripples goal, of banks start using it globally, there’ll be support at that price).

It was just a bizarre question, as if we’re all going to cash in our chips at some poor bastard’s door.

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Well never sell is not a meme.
If you had enough, and we didn't end the world, you could sell 300 the first year, 200 the second, 100 the third, 50,25,12,6, ect.
It will keep going up in price as the world grows, and you could live off of it for generations in theory. (it may plateau for a decade or so) I am just throwing ideas out there.

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It’s really unbelievable how gullible you guys are. I bet not one of you got into crypto prior to 2020 and I’d be shocked if any of you had ever had a real job.

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To an extent, I agree. If adopted globally, it can only go up (until a replacement is takes its throne). I can certainly see myself passing some on to my sons, though naturally I’ll have to sell some along the way for all the hookers and cocaine.

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>6 posts by this id
how much do they pay you pajeet

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pathetic, and you know nobody at this time even is spending 30k a wop on xrp. I see bullshit like this a lot when I look up tokens

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When it moons you're welcome in my show for rope.

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because its a peice of shit. XRP, ADA, LTC, BCH are all the old legacy coins that are going to be the netscapes of this new crypto bull cycle.

the new legacy coins will be the new DEFI winners that are still TBD

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Oh yea, care to speculate since you know so much?

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Yeah people think ripple has a magic vacuum that can suck all the xrp out of my wallets to sell for 10trillion in one hit

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anon, if you actually believe any of what you wrote, you ARE a retard

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It's all speculation still. Cash still works...

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You need to look at this almost like you would a stock.

Very loosely speaking, if the stock price is stuck in limbo or continually falling, shareholders are unhappy, and vote for a new board of directors or new CEO or simply dump their shares.

For Ripple and XRP, if people see that their token has been stuck at the same price for years, there is no motivation for anyone to buy it as they won't make money, and there is no reason for anyone to hold it if is clear it isn't going anywhere. It is in their best interest for the price of XRP to increase.

XRP is not like most other cryptos. As far as I am aware, they are the only one working with central banks and world governments. Once they get all their behind the scenes regulations and "plumbing" installed and everything is good to go, and all these banks and governments are using the XRP token, the price of the token will rise.

Coming at it from another angle. There are 100 billion tokens. Say all 100 billion are in play, and none are in escrow. At the current price of .25, there would not be enough XRP for a bank to move significant amounts of money. SWIFT transfers around 5 trillion dollars a day, and Ripple wants to replace SWIFT. Current price of XRP(25 cents), and current supply of XRP (45 billion tokens), they would only be able to move around 11.25 billion dollars a day. Again, the price of XRP needs to go up, and it will, once every central bank, state, province, country, begins using it, hence the "flip the switch" memes. It won't be a slow and steady pump.

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Oh and I forgot to add. Once regulations hit, and crypto exchanges are forced to delist 90% of the shit coins that currently don't do anything, where do you think all that money is going to flow? It'll flow into the crypto that has been given the green light by the policy makers. Institutional and retail investors will feel more confident investing in a regulated crypto market as well..

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Imagine holding XRP and still not knowing about the enormous dumps Jeb will be taking forever

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We all know. Thanks for the input.

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?? Don’t be retarded. Read what I wrote. Fetch some crayons and work it out.

You are not selling to Ripple. You are selling to the market. Think about BTC. Why is it worth 10.8k (which price supports a market cap of ~200bn)? Because there are people willing to buy it at that price. If the there are enough people willing to buy at 12k and enough people unwilling to sell under 12k, the price moves to 12k. Vice versa at 8k and the price would move down. Satoshi/BTC Inc., are not buying up bitcoin. Buyers are.

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Wrong, it already did, a few years ago.

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This is pretty common with companies. CEOs and higher ups at companies like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, BlackRock, etc. dump shares all the time.

New bitcoins are continually mined, sort of the reverse.

Yeah Jeb dumping his shares isn't helping the price that much now, but keep in mind Ripple does buy XRP on the open market. I am not saying they are buying his XRP back, but it's not all one sided.

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When do the regs happen?

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As of an hour ago, we got a bit of a tease from Coinbase stating that there are updates coming to their User Agreement starting "November". I imagine other exchanges will follow suit.

Regulations are supposed to be completed by the end of this month, hence the massive push of news and regulations over the last little bit.


It's a lot of filler, but some of the parts that stood out to me were:

>Update our agreement to remove an obligation on Coinbase to help you move or sell Digital Currency that we no longer support.

>Clarify our policy on Supported Digital Currencies.

To me it sounds like they are getting ready to be able to legally block or delist certain cryptos that don't meet regulations.

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Bruh even worse, everyone I know are Robinhood traders and especially family members. No one is watching crypto even smart people, the only people I noticed have it are suffering.

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But they already pick and choose what coins are allowed to be traded on their exchange, is this actually necessary? There has to be something else going on, but I'm definitely going to be pulling my money out of a few DEFI coins just in case.

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To be honest I think I'm ready to just give up crypto completely and move on to the stock market. Price suppression is going to drive 'everyone' out of Crypto eventually.

I was ready to believe that Crypto is the future but the more I read and hear and see, the less I feel anything except Bitcoin is worth putting your money into at all and precious metals + the stock market is the only way to make money unless you're super lucky and catch a moon before price suppression stops it.

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IOTA too anon.

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I think it’ll be a bit of both. Immediate jump when a few big banks start using it, followed by a gradual climb as more and more banks get onboard and start to up demand.

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Will XRP holders be allowed to sell coin in market place or will they be given an option like acredit card to purchase things based on the coin/fiat value?

If there are two switches, first being initial banks/government adoption, and second switch being the rest following suit, What pricwill xrp be during first and second switch?

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I don’t think there is a second switch. XRP is intended for wholesale. I think XLM is for retail.

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>CEOs and higher ups at companies like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, BlackRock, etc. dump shares all the time
they sell existing shares. they are not creating new shares out of thin air and selling them on the open market. that would be more like a public offering which is rare and even when it does happen its a tiny fraction of the market cap. once again, XRP holders are all children with zero business or financial knowledge.

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he's full of shit. regulation is already here. why do you think Binance kicked all americans off their main exchange and moved them over to Binance USA which offers a much smaller subset of coins?

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nobody is suppressing the price of XRP dude. you've been brainwashed by paid shills to think XRP is something it is. it has been bleeding for years on end because there is no buy pressure and the supply is constantly increasing. all the "schizo" shit is literally coordinated shilling. no question about it.

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>8 posts by this id
How much are they paying you pajeet?

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It's probably been discussed, but have we considered the 3 years of stagnation in XRP up to now was the "dead" period referenced in related picture?

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I understand what you are saying. Ripple is releasing (his) tokens from escrow so he can sell them (dump them) on the market.

My counterpoint to this is that he is selling them at a significant loss now compared to what they will be worth. Would you rather him dump them on us now at 25 cents or when the price is much higher? And secondly, Ripple has openly stated that they are buying XRP back on the open market, which does offset some of his selling.

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Every single XRP thread.
You can cover your eyes and ears, but the market cap is still there.

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and it is not an issue, never has, never will be

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What is a good price to earnings ratio?

A higher P/E ratio shows that investors are willing to pay a higher share price today because of growth expectations in the future. The average P/E for the S&P 500 has historically ranged from 13 to 15. For example, a company with a current P/E of 25, above the S&P average, trades at 25 times earnings.

>As of today Tesla's PE Ratio for today is 970.63.

>Zoom Video Communications PE ratio as of September 14, 2020 is 440.23.

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I just can't help myself XRP fags are too retarded and they are destroying my board with their reddit faggotry. please go back and never return to biz and I promise I'll stop fudding your shitcoin.

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>he is selling them at a significant loss now compared to what they will be worth
that is your own incorrect opinion. these tokens are worthless so anything above $0 is a good deal for him. if he really thought they were going to be worth so much he wouldn't be dumping them. also, as the dumpee, it really doesn't matter at what price he sells cuz it will always be the same percentage of the total supply.

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>Thinks Regulation isn’t in infancy
>Doesn’t know how ODL works
>Is in almost every XRP thread with “token not used” and “thin air” replies
You really don’t want people buying this. Really makes me think.

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except ripple it self doesn't control escrowed xrp.

>> No.22523150

the only paid shilling here is by you, literally on stand-by to answer any new reply on this thread with some fresh FUD.

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I only go on 4chan to read comments from people like you. You are well informed, well spoken and I wish all the best to you. I only stumbled upon crypto 2 months ago but when I researched XRP I knew it was the real deal. Anyways thanks for sharing your knowledge and input.

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>literally 45 BILLION tokens
Yeah better fill those bags up, retards. With something so rare, it’s gotta be valuable!

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Why are people buying this shitcoin if it isn't going anywhere? Isn't the purpose of buying cryptocurrency is to make profit off of it yet people buy XRP and lose money all the time?

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Iota friend. Our time is coming.

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And so which do you buy and hold?

>> No.22523837

>100 billion is “nearly infinite”
Are you an adult?

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We'll all be dead first due to war, famine, and plague before XRP moons past 40 cents.

>> No.22523975

Ripple aren’t creating new XRP. They’re selling existing XRP

>> No.22524109

As much as I don't like XRP I've been filling my bags because if anyone is in talks and making moves with the institutional investors, it's XRP.

>> No.22524135

>How the heck is XRP still .25?
its a tool for jewish liquidity
aka, it depreciates over time to milk the goyim

>> No.22524198

False. It was $3.87 in the last bullrun.

>> No.22524641

Do you have any interesting info on Iota? There's hardly any threads about it on /biz/

>> No.22525225

iota used to be HUGE here in 2017 it was like neo

>> No.22525289

Do your research anon, and you will find what you're looking for. Start with the board of directors for Iota.

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It’s not fud if it’s true. And again, who would pay me to fud xrp? That doesn’t even make sense. I just want you to leave this board, go back to plebbit, and never, ever come back.

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It’s an absolutely massive supply of coins is my point. And yes I have an engineering degree and work for a well known cloud computing company.

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Wow is this shitty MS Paint image really the reason all these noobs are buying dead shitcoins like XLM and IOTA? It can’t be......... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHJAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA my sides

>> No.22525443

Get a load of the engineer with a job, guys. Pack it up. We're cooked.

>> No.22525454

There is a reason it only maintains top 3-5 all the time.

>> No.22525518

Because it's pegged at 1/100th the real price of a silver unit, which would be pegged at 1/100th of a gold unit, by the schizo story surrounding XRP

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What's the P/E ratio for XRP?

>> No.22526552

Wowee! Cloud computar company! How new and exciting! You must be a genius!! How many JIRA tickets have you not touched because you aren’t smart enough to repro them?

>> No.22526594

Because they are not done with Stocks yet.

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Good fucking find anon

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o fuck lmao

>> No.22527872

Most of the partnerships were hoaxes.
It's never going over 30 cents again.

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That is generally how scams work, bro.

>> No.22527893

XRP to the moon!

>> No.22527921

>Muh suppressed price!
Except....it's not. It's a centralized shitcoin with zero adoption.
Big banks aren't going to hand over the keys to the kingdom to some shady no-name company thats never done anything noteworthy like Cripple.

>> No.22528406

peak cope
no fucking bank will ever buy your bags at a premium
you are a complete and utter retard that cannot comprehend this idea no matter how fucking hard people try to explain it to you
they have minted XRP out of nothing, so there is absolutely NOTHING impeding them from just minting XRP2 again out of thin air and then putting it in the hands of banks who invest in the security
if however, XRP were to be an actual security, than it actually entitle you to have some share in what they're about to produce (ledger technology, banking technology, or whatever the fuck they want to build)
but because it's NOT a security, you're out of fucking luck you brown manlet smelly brainded indian

>> No.22528661

IOT engineer here. 100 billion is in fact no where even close to infinity! Cloud engineers BTFO

>> No.22528753

>Any crypto is tangible
Based 16 year old flexing hard

>> No.22528856

XRP is not being made for you and me, its being made for banks, governments and corporations and uhnwi. these types of people don't want to buy expensive shit, they want to buy it as cheap as possible.

the best thing is that its so cheap anyone can join in on the wealth transfer but not everyone will, we are allowed to join not everyone will stick around.

>> No.22528935

and that was brad garlicnose

>> No.22528936

Why is this coin still worth a whopping 10 billion? When is it going to drop out of the top 50 coins?

>> No.22529034

Never, will maintain #3 soon #2 eth gets swallowed up by fxrp and the entire market cap is added to XRP before or during the switch. it will maintain there until they want to filp the switch at that point it will kill bitcoin and take the throne.

>> No.22529076

I don't think you kids realize what "the switch" is exactly
What if I told you the marketcap of most cryptos was going to get swallowed up into the black hole of XRP and IOTA
Quantum computing.
What happens when SHA-256 is broken?
ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of that money is going to flow into those 2
just you wait

>> No.22529226

Treadwell Stanton DuPont broke sha256 in 2018


>> No.22529342

This gets me incredibly hard, you have no idea.

>> No.22529404

SO it's like amazon shitting on everything?

>> No.22529704


>> No.22529956

and the only crypto that's quantum secure from the ground up that has worldwide governmental and business testing and partnerships?

>> No.22530598

Only a complete retard would ever buy XRP. It's completely worthless.

>> No.22530621

Banks using XRP is a 2016 meme.

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I just cross referenced all the known info. XRP is real holy shit

>> No.22530867

Of course it is real lol.
Anybody who says different probably has large link holdings or they are trying to cash in on shitcoins. They see success as an overnight 2x, and not a long term investment.